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Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) contact with Institut Florimont from the ITU amateur radio station 4U1ITU

Image by ITU Pictures
Dr Hamadoun I. Touré, Secretary – General, ITU speaking at the event prior to the Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) contact with Institut Florimont from the ITU amateur radio station 4U1ITU. © ITU/F.Scotti

Radio City 96.7 Tower – from Richmond Street, Liverpool

Image by ell brown
Views of the Radio City 96.7 Tower from Richmond Street in Liverpool.

Built 1969 as St John’s Beacon. It had a revolving restaurant.

Refurbished in 2000 and reopened as the Radio City 96.7 radio station.


Get A Vacation To Live Life

by izqrdo

Peoples life is shrinking around office desks and monotony is seeping slowly in the lives. Holidays are must for any individual to remain sane in the fast lane life. But todays successful people also want to remain free of any bondage of relationships. That is why their life is lonely. But they even enjoy the status and freedom of being a singleton. And it applies to their way of holidaying too. Tourists for singles holidays are increasing day by day. And even UK single travellers are no anomaly.

The pattern of enjoying vacations is changing. Gone are the days when vacations used to be the medium to refresh and strengthen the relationships or friendship by spending time together. But now single traveller holidays are the new way to widen the social circle. Single traveller is the one who ventures out to explore the world on his or her own. They go on holidays for single and travel freely as a bird. People now pack backpacks and forget the world to discover a new world of single people on singles holidays. They share their unique experiences with each other.

Everybody has his or her own reason to travel. Some people go on tour for singles to meet new people and learn from their experiences. They want break from the boredom of some trying relationship or just want to see new and eager faces of other singletons that are on their own. The chance to meet interesting people increases on singles holidays abroad.

Holidays for solo are becoming preferred with both the single travellers and the companies. There are companies who specialise only in arranging tour for singles. Singletons want to explore the world uninterrupted and that is what companies try to provide for them on single holidays abroad. The exotic locations of East Asia, Caribbean islands are quite popular among UK single travellers. Some other popular holiday destinations are Greece, Las Vegas, Australia, Thailand and so on for singles holidays abroad.

Even the mention of going to altogether different country on single traveller holidays sends thrill and rush to the nerves. And todays people living in the fast lane always look for such adventure and excitement in their lives. The whole industry of holidays for solo is not only expanding it is changing or should we say developing every other year. It adapts itself according to the demands of the market. And the market is becoming young and more experimental. Single holiday abroad has not remained untouched. Single travellers ask for new and fresh to see and explore every time.

So holidays for single are an obligation for an individual to rejuvenate the senses and to get a brake the monotonous hum-drum of lives.

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Books Verses the Internet

Christmas is a lovely festival as we receive various gifts from our friends and relatives. Internet also offers wonderful gifts to the book lovers and enthusiastic readers. Yes, this is the time to purchase ebooks at discounted price. You can purchase ebook on any topic including history, novel, children books, social books etc. at best price. Without going to shop, these books can be purchased at unbelievable price through online stores.

Even the books published by the best sellers that cost around $ 30 will be sold only for $ 10 or $ 12 during festival season. So, purchasing ebook during this festival season saves you 50% of the original price. The easily downloadable ebooks are getting popular in recent times, as they offer real solution to your problem. Numerous people in the United States prefer to purchase books during the New Year eve, as they are able to get their required books at affordable price.

Is there any reason to purchase the ebook and read it afterwards? The main reason is to get complete attention when you are reading the ebook. So storing it in your computer and reading it later on is better than the one that we read online. We may lose concentration while browsing the net. We may not have the steady mind to stay in one page and read the content. So, understanding power is less when you are reading books online. At the same time when you read a book after disconnecting your net, you can understand as well as complete the book quickly.

So, what about the libraries that offers free books? Definitely when you are getting the service at free of cost, you should nod your head for this. Even I have the practice of visiting libraries and reading at least few books every week. But, I am comfortable with the ebooks, because here you will get the ebook on any topic that you require. Even internet offers some ebooks at free of cost. You will get solution for all your problems if you can spend some dollars. Since, the ebooks are digital and easily downloadable you can purchase it immediately as soon as you make a decision.

So, a free library can be utilized but you may not get the book that you want to read. Whereas internet offers you all types of books including books on topics like â??grooming your dogs, dietary tips, how to invest money, etc.â? Books are available for all type of people and all age groups. Now you can purchase academic oriented to entertaining books through internet at discounted price. So, if you own a computer and internet connection, then there is no necessity to get out of your house to visit any of the stores to purchase the book you need. All the books are available in the internet stores and you can place order and download it immediately if it is an ebook or digital book or get it delivered at your door step, if it is a physical book.

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Living in a Big City

by kengo

Thousands of people rush into cities each year. Some come for education. Some come for shopping or sight-seeing. Some come on business. But most of them, attracted by the job opportunities and modern life, come to stay.

There are some advantages for the people living in a big city. First the people who live in a big city can enjoy the miracles of the latest technology of the human being. Most cities have some facilities of popular science. People can go there and understand science knowledge. Second, the big city can provide many conveniences in transportation and traveling for the people who live in the big city. For example, they can travel with the magnetic suspension train whose maximum speed can attain 400 km per hour. They can take the subway to work every day. Another advantage that city people can enjoy is that they can live more convenient and entertaining. There are a lot of supermarkets in the city. When you need something, you could just go and buy them in supermarkets. As for cultural recreations there are many cinemas and concerts halls in the big city.

However living in a big city has some disadvantages. Population and noises, mostly from factories and cars, severely affect people’s health. As hundreds of people rush into big cities, the population of cities has rapidly mounted which results in crowed buses, a lot of traffic jams, many traffic accidents and poor housing conditions. Frequent traffic accidents threaten people’s lives.

People may have many opinions about living in a big city. Some would think city life is too boisterous and roaring, whereas others may enjoy it. It all depends on one’s personal point of view and experiences. As for me, I was born in the big city, and I am used to everything here. So I will choose city life.

I think living in a big city is much more convenient and comfortable because the transportation is very good and you can go anywhere easily and fast. There are lots of big malls, supermarkets, banks, theatres, parks and so on. Every coin has two sides. There is much more pollution and noisy in big city. Too many people make the city crowded.

People enjoy city life chiefly for its conveniences. To begin with, the city provides fast transport, with roads and buses leading to every corner. Then, there are department stores and shops all over the city, where you can buy all kinds of goods you want. Besides, hospitals and other services are all with easy reach. Indeed, whatever you need is, you can easily get what you want.


However, cities are confronted with many problems. One is the housing problem. For example, it is not uncommon for two or even three generations to share an apartment. Another is noisy. Finally, there is the problem of competitive atmosphere. For example, people who have been in the apartment block may well be strangers to each other. In short, the city is only a place for business, to be visited occasionally. It is not an ideal place for permanent residence.

A village is composed of small population that is not advanced whereas a city is very advanced and has large population. Life in a village is completely different from life in a city. This difference is like distinction between earth and sky.

These lifestyles are totally different from each other. It is hard to find similarities between persons of different characteristics and same as with life in villages and cities. Cities are getting more advanced everyday and it has forced people to leave their village pride behind and become more city oriented. City and village life has characteristic that are similar and different.

Village life and city life are somewhat provincial. People can’t think of a life beyond the boundaries of their village or their city. Villagers think that villages are the best place to live, and people living in urban places think that they are more fortunate. There are some similarities between both locations. Children in the villages have their desires and ambitions like city children. They also want to be something in their lives. Villagers, like urban people, are hard workers.

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WPBZ-fm 103.1 The Buzz

A few nice radio station images I found:

WPBZ-fm 103.1 The Buzz

Image by librarianfinsen
I was an on-air personality on this radio station in West Palm Beach, Florida 1995-1998, 2009-2010

Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) contact with Institut Florimont from the ITU amateur radio station 4U1ITU

Image by ITU Pictures
Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) contact with Institut Florimont from the ITU amateur radio station 4U1ITU. © ITU/F.Scotti


Secrets To Living Longer

by kengo

Which are ways to live longer? Does the gene decide the duration of your life? Being born in a family with history of longevity, you have more possibilities of living longer. But just basing on this, a longer life is not guaranteed completely.


You can start with attitude. Being a positive e thinker can not only impact the quality of your life, but can contribute to how long you can live. In 2002, researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., found that optimistic people decreased their risk of early death by 50 percent compared with those who leaned more towards pessimism.


Also stress can affect the immune system and cause a variety of health issues. You cannot avoid stress in your life, but knowing how to handle the stress and remain positive can help contribute to a longer and healthier life. Did you know that owning a pet can help in handling stress? Rebecca Johnson, a professor of gerontological nursing at the University of Missouri at Columbia, showed that interaction with pets does, in fact, reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol.


And having a pet may add years to your life. One of the first studies in this arena, which appeared in “Public Health Reports” in 1980, showed that the survival rates of heart attack victims who had a pet were 28 percent higher than those of patients who didn’t have an animal companion. “The health effects seem to be very real and by no means mystical,” says Alan Beck, director of the Center for the Human-Animal Bond at Purdue University. “Contact with companion animals triggers a relaxation response,” he says. Another factor in living longer is not being overweight. Research shows that obesity can lead to medical conditions, including diabetes, heart disease and various cancers. So powerful are certain lifestyle choices that recommended diets along with maintenance of physical activity and appropriate body mass can, over time, reduce the incidence of cancer by 30 percent to 40 percent, according to the American Institute for Cancer Research.


Avoid smoking and eating too much sugar. Both of these weaken the bodies immune system which can contribute to health issues.


Exercising at least 30 minutes a day has shown to strengthen the immune system and may increase your chances of a longer life. And last of all learn how to life each day. Don’t take things so seriously that you are angry and negative as this affects your overall well-being.


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Jeffrey Kinseth

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The Brave Defence of The Mission Station at Rorke’s Drift

Rorke’s Drift is situated 46 km southeast of Dundee and is the place of certainly one of the most well-known conflicts in the Anglo-Zulu war of 1879. The area in and around Rorke’s Drift is unspoilt and relaxing. Irishman James Rorke had originally set up a trading post almost 1 mile from the drift (crossing point) on the Buffalo River and was known to the Zulu warriors as KwaJimu (Jim’s place). Later, a mission station had been established by the Reverend Otto Witt of the Swedish Missionary Society. Witt built up a little church, mission house and livestock kraal at the foot of a rugged hill which he called Oskarberg.
Lord Chelmsford, had ‘requisitioned’ Rorke’s Drift prior to his traversing of the Buffalo River. He employed the house as a hospital and the chapel as a storehouse. All through the battle it was used as a medical facility. The defence of the mission station of Rorke’s Drift quickly followed the British Army’s loss at the Battle of Isandlwana earlier on the morning on 22nd January 1879. The devastating Zulu attack on Rorke’s Drift came rather close to defeating the little garrison, and the British accomplishment is held as without doubt one of history’s best defences. The 11 VCs given for valour at Rorke’s Drift are more than for any other military action of all time.

As Lord Chelmsford, the commander-in-chief of the British military in Natal, crossed into Zululand on 11th January 1879, his forces set up camp on the other side of the Buffalo river, 10 miles to the east, underneath the mountain at Isandhlwana. Three columns crossed into Zululand, from the Lower Tugela, Rorke’s Drift and Utrecht respectively, their goal being Ulundi, the Royal capital of the Zulus. On 9 January 1879 the middle column under Lord Chelmsford appeared and made camp at Rorke’s Drift.

On the morning of 22 January 1879, the main Zulu impi launched an attack on the British camp at Isandlwana. Lord Chelmsford had taken part of his force off in an alternative direction searching for the Zulu army. Hopelessly outnumbered, the British and local forces were slaughtered by the Zulu warriors with only close to 50 men get away alive. The remainder of the 1,000 strong force died. Later on that day, over four thousand zulu warriors commanded by Dabulamanzi attacked the small garrison of the 24th Regiment at Rorke’s Drift. These Zulu warriors had not been involed in the fighting at Isandlwana and wanted to prove their courage in battle. Cetshwayo had explicitly directed his Zulu warriors from crossing the Buffalo River which acted as the border between Natal and Zululand. Irrespective of this order, the Zulus grabbed the weapons off the bodies of the British dead and made for Rorke’s Drift. It was manned by 97 ready troopers, housed 36 wounded, 14 valuable natives, 5 officers and two lieutenants, one of which was new to the region. The Battle of Isandlwana was arguably the most humiliating defeat in British colonial heritage and only hours later that day, at Rorke’s Drift, 139 British troops defended their position against an intensive assault by more than 4,000 warriors.

Something that is nearly always disregarded is that the Battle at Rorke’s Drift could actually have concluded in the same devastating way as Isandlawana, but for one particular critical factor: Rorke’s Drift was a depot, so the British troops who defended it were able to make use of a near limitless source of ammunition. It is believed that somewhere between 20,000 and 25,000 rounds were fired in the course of the defence of Rorke’s Drift, the overwhelming majority of the rounds having missed their targets entirely and so, conservatively speaking, each and every 25th shot fired by the men of Rorke’s Drift led to an ultimate Zulu death, and each 50th shot was a kill shot. The British knew the Zulu warriors were on their way however they elected to stand and fight. Wounded men would had to have been laden onto horse-drawn wagons and Zulus would quickly have engaged them in the open. Instead, they opted to fight on ground of their choosing.

Together with having numbers that crushed a force five times bigger hours earlier, the Zulu warriors also had the Martini-Henry rifles captured off the British dead, presenting them an even larger advantage against the British.

Henry Hook plus 5 other privates were instructed on the afternoon of 22nd January to defend approximately 30 patients not able to be transferred away from the temporary hospital at Rorke’s Drift . Defensive lines were constructed connecting the 2 complexes â?? the hospital and the store room. Inside this border, an additional line of defence was built between the two structures and this was significant during the battle. The Zulus attacked the hospital setting fire to the roofing. Hook and others struggled for several hours, actually digging through walls and eventually getting virtually all out of the hospital and over to the inner defensive line near the store. Wave after wave of warriors with spears and rifles crashed against the makeshift lines of defence at Rorke’s Drift. The conflicts raged all night and by morning the British defences still held strong and the Zulu warriors in the end withdrew.

Following seeing the aftermath of Isandlwana, Chelmsford believed that Rorke’s Drift had fallen and it was only the sound of cheering from the garrison convinced him . eleven VC’s were awarded to the defenders of Rorke’s Drift. Colour Sergeant Frank Bourne was among five men to be awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal and the unusual honour of a commission. Having said that, his army pay was his only money had he believed he could not financially afford to become an officer thus declined the offer. Fittingly, he was the last survivor of Rorke’s Drift to pass away on 8th May 1945 â?? VE Day. Lieutenant-Colonel Frank Edward Bourne OBE, DCM was 91 years old.

Rob Atherton

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Forums For Internet Marketing

The Internet is crammed with different types of forums. Some forums will entertain you, some will get you ideas about specific fields, even some forums will facilitate your to create a network. Currently a days, most of the Web marketers are using forums to market their web site, products or services. Net marketers like forums to build reputations, to drive sensible traffic to their sites and to sell their products.

By knowing what you’re doing, you’ll market your websites, products, services through forums. The primary thing in forum marketing is finding a best forum to join. As I said on top of there are lots of forums over the Internet. You wish to pick out the simplest forum, that fully suits your business. Selecting the most effective forum for your business may be a simple means, but promoting your product with that forum could be a tedious process.

1st of all you would like to grasp that, most of the forums strictly prohibit the promotion of websites, product, services, as a result of they’re created mainly to supply one thing smart to folks, not to market websites, merchandise, services. So you ought to not immediately start posting about your websites, product and services once joining a forum. If you do this, you may get banned from the forum. As a result of it is like spamming. No forums like spammers.

Thus the primary step is finding a best forum. Best forum is the forum which has heaps of posts, good Google page rank, etc., Page rank is important, because most of the forums over Web is do-follow forums, thus if you get a backlink in an exceedingly do-follow forum which has some good page rank, it will increase your search engine ranking. When finding a best forum, read the TOS of the forum, weather it enable signature link. As a result of, you are going to push your business solely by means that of signature link. Some forums allows signature links, but they will not allow affiliate links in the signature. Therefore use caution while joining the fourm.

While making a signature link, be sure that you are adding your website keyword as anchor text. This will helps you in obtaining a good backlink from the forum. The following step is to creating posts in forums. It’s terribly important step. You wish to reply to the post in skilled manner. You must not reply, in one or two sentences. As a result of your reply reflects your experience. If you make a sensible reply, peoples think that you are sensible in that field and that they will try the signature links. If you create a one or 2 sentences reply, then you’re losing smart customers. Thus reply to the post in professional manner.

Don’t disappear from the forum when creating some sensible number of posts within the forum. It won’t be nice. Visit the forum consistently, thus that you may get some sensible friends and customers there. If you became a trusted and valuable member of the forum, then your website will flood with traffic and sensible customers. Thus, forum promoting is the best way to push products.

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Internet in Business Marketing

The internet plays a very vital role in the success of any company simply because of the internet intelligence that is now integrated in several online software and programs. Not only is it one of the cheapest means to get the message around and communicate with a large audience but it also holds several creative means in which to captivate the necessary clientele.

In business marketing the objective is to not only identify and attract the target audience but also to keep them interested. This is where the internet plays a very important role and companies and businesses nowadays are well aware of the power of the internet.

Initially it is with the identification of the potential client through tracking and tracing of internet activity, these companies are able to identify whether or not the user may be interested in the company’s products or services, after which one may gather the necessary contact information to get in touch with this user.  The user is then contacted by the company, either through a public post, email, video or telephone through which the marketers will be advertising their products or services. Usually, so as not to bother or annoy the potential client, these marketers will send a less direct means of advertising such as a flyer, link or email where the business information is supplied and the user may contact them whenever they please. In other instances, the company directly contacts these users to inform them of their goods and services.

These means are a far stretch from the conventional advertisements on paper and media as the companies have an advantage of being able to identify the interest of the potential client beforehand, unlike with the traditional means of merely marketing their products and advertising without knowing the real interest of the audience they are presenting to.


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Basic Facts About Internet Banking

Commercial banks supply checking and savings accounts, credit cards, and numerous types of loans to consumers and companies. 1 of the major costs of supporting these accounts is the servicing of customer inquiries and transactions. Net banking supplies a means to both decrease the cost of this servicing and to supply greater customer service.

Facilities for customer self service have been around for a minimum of 40 years. Telephone based systems, which still exist today, had been the earliest form of this. They’re adequate for basic transactions, but the spoken interface becomes inadequate when dealing with many choices or huge amounts of transactions.

Visual display systems had been tried beginning within the early 1980s. Several experimental devices and interfaces had some success, but widespread adoption of these systems never happened. It took the combination of widely offered personal computers with access to the World wide web, as well as the world wide internet, to make this approach successful inside the marketplace.

Most banks right now have some sort of Web banking systems. These are implemented making use of the world wide internet. For so-called World wide web banks, these systems are the primary or only customer interface. Most of them at least support customer inquiries, bill payment, and transfer of funds between accounts.

Customer inquiries at a minimum allow clients to check their account balances. In most instances they’ll also be able to see recent activity on their accounts. They may also have the ability to take a look at recent account statements. Some systems will enable them to view copies of recently cleared checks.

Bill payment systems at a minimum will enable consumers to make payments on accounts domiciled with the bank that holds the account being accessed. In most instances they’ll also allow payments to be made to other banks and to companies in general. They might or may not enable payments to people. In a lot of cases repetitive payments may be established, so that, as an example, a mortgage payment for a fixed quantity might be automatically generated on the identical day of each and every month. It is usually the practice to need that the linkage to the payee be established just before any payment could be made.

Transfers between accounts typically enable cash to be moved from the account being accessed to other bank accounts. This might be limited to accounts at the domiciling bank, but some banks permit funds to be transferred to other accounts. Likewise, funds can usually be transferred to accounts owned by 1 or far more of the owners of the account being accessed. It might also be possible to transfer money to accounts owned by other persons.

Other transactions could be feasible. The customer may have the ability to stop payment on a check. They may possibly also be able to reorder checks. The fundamental principle is that for typical, reasonably basic transactions, it is a lot more economical to enable customers to do their own transactions than to require the customer to work with a bank employee to do them.

Security is usually a concern with systems like this that access funds. Customer authentication methods, including signing in with a userid and password, must be reasonably robust. Logging and tracking of customer activity wants to be thorough, to ensure that within the event of a security violation, the scenario can be investigated and resolved, and hopefully the perpetrator may be identified.

Internet banking is really a classical example of a win win situation. It makes things better for both the customer and also the bank. It’s also an example of a kind of system that would be significantly harder to implement with out a universal network like the Web.

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