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NYC – Queens – Astoria: Kaufman Astoria Studios

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NYC – Queens – Astoria: Kaufman Astoria Studios

Image by wallyg
Kaufman Astoria Studios was opened by the legendary Adolph Zuckor in 1920 for the Framous Players Film Company, which evolved into Famous Plaskers-Lasky and then Paramount Pictures, of which he served as president until his death in 1936.

Over 100 films were produced at Astoria during the Twenties. New York was the center of the fledgling film industry, and Astoria was the Mecca of the Silent Era. The main stage, basement stages and exterior backlot were heavily utilized, with up to six feature films in production at any given time. It was here at the Studio that the moving picture industry developed many of the techniques that were to become the conventions of production. From Valentino, Swanson, the Gish sisters and W.C. Fields, Astoria was home to the great talents of an exciting new industry. With the advent of "talkies", production at Astoria blossomed. Drawing on the wealth of writing and acting talent of Broadway, the Studio profited from its proximity to "the great white way". The Letter, the first all talking feature film shot at the Studio, earned an Oscar nomination for actress Jeanne Eagels. The talking film debuts of Claudette Colbert, Edward G. Robinson and Tallulah Bankhead were filmed here.

The Marx Brothers moved from Broadway to the silver screen in Astoria to produce their first two films–The Cocoanuts (1929) and Animal Crackers (1930).. In addition to the scores of feature films produced at Astoria, the Studio was home to the famed Paramount Newsreels ("the eyes and ears of the world"), and Paramount¹s prolific short film divisions. By the end of this period Adolf Zukor, the man who built the studio, had already moved out to California, as did much of the film industry.

At the start of WWII, in 1942 the United States Army Signal Corps Army Pictorial Service took over the studio for the making of Army training and indoctrination films, during which it became known as the Army Pictorial Center. In 1970 the Studio was declared "surplus property" by the Army and turned over to the Federal Government. In 1972, the Government offered the property to the City University of New York for use as the campus for LaGuardia Community College. The city budget crisis, however, did not allow the development to occur. Production returned to Astoria in 1975, with the leasing of the Studio for the production of Thieves and, the following year, The Next Man. he Studio was formally re-opened in 1977, under the auspices of the Astoria Motion Picture and Television Center Foundation, which acquired a lease for the property from the Government.

In 1982 the title to the Studio was transferred to the City of New York, and in 1982 real estate developer George S. Kaufman in partnership with Alan King, Johnny Carson and others, obtained the lease from the City. Kaufman proceeded to renovate, expand and revive the landmark into a full-service, comprehensive studios capable of handling any type, size and style of production.

Today, KAS is the location for major motion pictures, independent film, television shows and commercials. Telvision show credits include Sesame Street, The Cosby Show, MTV Unplugged, and Angels in America. Motion picture credits include The Wiz, The Warrios, All That Jazz, Arthur, Ragtime, Hair, Brighton Beach Memoirs, Radio Days, Money Pit, Ishtar, Fletch Lives, Glengarry Glen Ross, Scent of a Woman, Age of Innocence, and Carlito’s Way. It also houses the studios of WFAN, the nation’s first all-sports talk radio station.

Famous Players-Lasky Studio, now Kaufman’s Astoria Motion Picture and Television Center, was designated a landmark, as Paramount Studios Building No. 1, by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission in 1978.

National Register # 78001897 (1978)

NYC – Queens – LIC: P.S. 1 – hallway

Image by wallyg
P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, an affiliate of The Museum of Modern Art, is the oldest and second largest non-profit arts center in the United States solely devoted to contemporary art. From its inception, P.S.1 has championed the alternative space movement through its cutting-edge approach to exhibitions and direct involvement of artists within a scholarly framework

Founded in 1971 by Alanna Heiss as The Institute of Art and Urban Resources Inc., P.S.1 was primarily dedicated to the transformation of abandoned and underutilized buildings in New York City into exhibition, performance, and studio spaces for artists. Today, P.S.1 operates two internationally acclaimed spaces for contemporary art: P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center in Long Island City and the Clocktower Gallery in Lower Manhattan, both of which contain museum- quality galleries and extensive studio facilities. In addition to its renowned exhibitions, the institution also organizes the prestigious International and National Projects series, the Warm Up summer music series, and the MoMA/P.S.1 Young Architects Program with The Museum of Modern Art. It also runs WPS1, an Internet art radio station founded in 2004. P.S.1 has been affiliated with The Museum of Modern Art since January of 2000.

In 1976, Heiss opened P.S.1 Museum, now P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center in a deserted Romanesque Revival building that served as the first school in Long Island City until 1960, when it was shuttered due to low attendance. In October 1997, P.S.1 reopened to the public after a three-year renovation project by Los Angeles-based architect Frederick Fisher, including a new large outdoor gallery, a dramatic entryway, and a two-story project space.

P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center and the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) formalized their affiliation in January 2000, bringing together a leader in cutting-edge art and the world’s foremost museum of modern art.

Smoke From The Fire At Guinness

Image by infomatique
Today there was a major fire at the Guinness plant in St James’s Gate plant in Dublin city centre. According to reports from local radio stations the blaze broke out when building materials being used by workmen to repair a felt roof with a torch caught fire.

Crews from six units of the Dublin Fire Brigade and aerial appliances successfully battled to bring the fire under control and stop it from spreading to a nearby ammonia plant.

Dublin Fire Brigade reported that it took 15 units about three hours to bring the flames under control. Two firefighters were in stable condition at the nearby St. James Hospital after inhaling what colleagues suspected was ammonia gas.


Seven Second Delay – Live @ The UCB Theater 8/8/12

Some cool live radio images:

Seven Second Delay – Live @ The UCB Theater 8/8/12

Image by jvdalton
Seven Second Delay – 8/8/12 – UCB Theater 7sd-1684


Uses Of Live Stock Market Updates

Stock markets have become such huge sources of income that everyone wants to be a part of them. However, it is not so easy because of the tricky nature of such markets. The investors cannot reap quick gains. It is also tougher when you have no understanding of the market.
In India, there are two large exchanges called BSE and NSE. All the investors just carve to make quick gains through them. Therefore, stockbrokers help people in carrying on their trades in such markets. The stockbroker is the only person authorized to carry out the trades in the market. Therefore, when a broker conducts a transaction on your behalf, he is paid a commission on its amount. But, the brokerage differs from one broker to another. A person should be aware of investing in the market. Although there are a large number of public limited Indian companies, investors should only invest in the securities of those registered. Investing in the securities of unlisted companies does not result in payment of dividends. So, unlisted shares are not even dealt in. the brokers are not allowed to use the securities of such companies. The stock exchange companies dont regulate the transactions of such companies. When the investor is going to invest in the securities of companies, he/she can get benefits of known trading. This can only accrue when he is registered with a secured investment company. He can then get live stock market updates about whats happening in the market. He is not going to be in a position to lose ever. He knows when to quit the sales or purchase of a certain kind of stock. He wont lose even though he has not researched himself about the stock. So, he can easily gain so much through constant information updates provided to him. He can also be informed about equity research reports. He knows what a company holds in the future and how will it perform.
These days even jobs in investment banking that do so much benefit of the stock market. They can help investors in knowing what the right kinds of securities are. Since the aim of investment bankers is to secure the right sources of finance in companies, they are cautious about investors. A person with an investment banking job is likely to earn a lot.
The aim of an investment banker is to see that he/she has carefully analyzed the entire industry. This way he knows what the future prospects of a company are. Therefore, he can even help in an analysis of the financial statements of the company. Such managers also help companies in raising some cash. Therefore, they conduct competitive analysis of any market before a company enters it. They also analyze the various organizational structures, feasible for the company. The aim of a marketing associate is to see that the company is easily able to hire new job candidates. So, meeting such a person helps the manager in knowing about its prospects and proceeding further.

marketing associate, jobs in investment banking, live stock market updates

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Zenith Vertical roller mill used in the construction of cement grinding station

Divided by cement production process as cement clinker factory, grinding station and the

preparation of four types of plants. Grinding station, including: cement grinding,

homogenization and preparation of cement, cement and bulk packaging manufacturing processes

of enterprises. LM series is mainly used for a variety of vertical roller mill slag, limestone,

barite and other minerals in the milling process.

Increasingly widespread use of slag, fly ash will be used in its powder form.

Therefore, all new cement mill grinding station to be considered in the end, the former

library located slag cement (or fly ash) and slag powder library (or fly) measurement scale,

in order to match with a cement mill by “all” of post- into the cement silo. This will not

only improve the quality of cement, but also a significant increase compared with production

of cement grinding station. LM series roller mill cement grinding station core equipment in

recent years in product quality, equipment, process, technology, etc. are improved to some

extent the construction of the cement grinding station to resolve the problems.

Grinding station’s location is important, because vertical roller mill with a certain

degree of particularity and facilities, LM series of vertical roller mill manufacturers free

of charge to help users Zenith crime scene, the production process, on-site supervision of

installation and equipment operation training. Zenith vertical roller mill technical

personnel proposed to establish the general mining area near the raw materials of cement

clinker production line, in the vicinity of large and medium cities is close to the sales

market for the establishment of cement of cement grinding station, thus reducing

transportation costs. If the clinker production line built around the city, due to about 1.6

tons of clinker per tonne of raw material, we need a 60% increase in transportation costs.

Conversely, if the grinding station and clinker production lines with built near the mining

of raw materials, most of the mixed wood waste generated by the city, these hybrid materials

to be transported to the cement plant was built near the mine, the grinding into cement and

then transported to urban use, increased transportation costs. Therefore, in the grinding

station building near the city has its social and economic benefits to save transport costs.

So, in recent years, many cities around the establishment of a cement grinding station.

Roller mill cement grinding station is the main process equipment, LM series of strong

vertical roller mill crushing, crushing, high efficiency, and running stability. To a

certain extent, reduce the power consumption or increase the system output, to a certain

extent to solve cement production is low, running instability concerns. Also in the process

is concerned, relative to the closed circuit grinding mill is only open process save some

investment, maintenance and management convenience. But the closed-circuit grinding easy to

adjust, change and water quality of raw materials adaptability stronger. New grinding

station, from a number of companies to buy clinker clinker production, the clinker

grindability must be different, this time closed-circuit
grinding mill production and the fineness of

cement for easy adjustment and changes little advantage over open ground. Some recommend the

use of open-circuit grinding process of the experts believe, because the
cement mill grind open process with

closed-circuit grinding wider than the particle size distribution, and thus lower water

demand for normal consistency, concrete mixing station welcome. Choice of which method, the

cement plant can be based on the actual situation of their own choice, LM series of vertical

roller mill of the two processes are not strictly required.

In fact, the options have their pros and cons, there is not a perfect solution, the

key is when the owners to choose the goal must be clear. Select the program to be considered

advanced and mature, but also consider the quality of employees can fit. Such as the one to

save tons of cement from the lower operating costs, power consumption, the choice of the

final vertical roller mill grinding system is certainly the most advanced. On the current

level of technology, consider the grinding station has a running cost advantages and to

ensure the quality of cement, endorsed grinding station should be closed-circuit grinding

roller press + form grinding process.

The resources come from shanghai zenith company,if you want to more info about Vertical roller mill,please visited:


Techniques to Live an Improved Life

Attitude makes a lot of difference, do you think so? That’s where everything begins from. Without a healthy and fine attitude, we head towards failure before we even begin. It makes a huge difference in whatever we do. The perfect attitude helps a salesman to achieve his monthly target; a student can score A’s on his or her exams; and an employee can efficiently deal with the official work. In every situation, it is possible to win with the right attitude. There are some basic techniques to improve your attitude.


Rather than thinking about failure think more about success. We are our own worst critic and it’s not at all difficult to be hard on yourself as you wish give your best performance all the time. If you think hard enough, you will be able to find at least five things at this moment to prove that you are doing better than before. It may be jogging an extra mile, scoring better grades in a tough exam, or navigating your way better through the software of your job. When you think about how you are performing, it helps you to gain that confidence in yourself which finally improves your attitude.


Read books that inspires and motivates you and listen to such CDs. This will feed your spirit and mind and with positive attitude. I always buy empowering CDs and also subscribe to a monthly book/magazine that highlights the best speakers in my networking business. Remember, readers are leaders and leaders are readers!

Express Enthusiasm

Everyone likes to associate with a person who carries positive attitude. A positive and enthusiastic greeting gives people a sense of belonging in this world. When you are asked, “How are you?” then just answer with “Great!” When you express yourself this way, it puts you in the right frame of mind.

Lighter Side

Life gets serious sometimes but the only the positive people in life can see the lighter side of it. They tend to fall and slip while walking but act as if they are dancing. Use humor in your life that helps to see that it’s just a passing cloud. Humor, jokes, funny anecdotes not only reduces the stress but fills you with more positive energy and this improves your attitude. So always see the lighter side to improve your attitude.

Regular Exercise

People who exercise daily reflect a positive frame of mind. You are not required build six-pack abs or lift heavy weights to get the benefits of exercise. Regular exercise gives you positive feedback in the weight management, release of endorphins, and a sense of doing that’s uplifting and positive. Try out a 30-60 minute exercise session. You will really feel great!

These are some basic techniques to build a positive attitude. There are many techniques like these. Just begin with these techniques and on your way you will find yourself more of them to improve your mind frame and life.

Pankaj Mistry is a freelance professional copywriter and content developer. He has won couple of awards for his concepts and themes for various topics. You can contact him at:

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The Brutal Secret About Internet Marketing

If you were like me, you probably read a few books or bought a few packages that tried to teach you how to do Internet Marketing. Yet, no matter your efforts, you failed.

Marketing in general is a skill that is all its own. That is why college students spend 4 years trying to get a degree in it. Marketing a product online can be a daunting task, where do you even start? We see so many advertisement’s in different forms on the internet: pop-up ads, flash videos, reviews, banners, text ads, there is just so much to take in.

So many different ways that we can reach a large, diverse and dynamic audience. You need something more than that. You should have something to get you started. Something to lay the fundamental building blocks of your internet marketing campaign so that you can build upon them.

Here are some points to keep in mind

Write about your products and publish your articles in multiple directories and blogs.
Use advertising like Google and Yahoo to get your product seen.
Start your own blog and focus on driving to it.
Word of mouth, email your friends and family. You will surprised how just the simple word can do a lot of the advertising for you.

If you look at the major of people that market their own products, most fail or are scammed when it comes to internet marketing. Why? Because they don’t research. They buy a product that is lousy, insufficient or perhaps just doesn’t even exist. Consequently many will give up as a result of this, leaving the world of internet marketing as a failure. It is said only a few people out of the thousands of new recruits to affiliate marketing will succeed, 90% will fail. This is because they end up being scammed solely because they do not know any better.

Internet marketing offers you a great chance to make your presence felt on the World Wide Web, whether you own a business or are an individual, you can really increase your exposure to the internet market by doing some homework. In the beginning you are going to have to use trial and error to see what works best, but once you find that one thing that works time and time again, do not change it. Use it over and over again until you are forced by the market to change your strategy.

Art Saborio is an avid reader and comes from many years of marketing internet experience. He has more free information on internet marketing at ===>

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Radio Vida

Years and years pass by and the Radio is still booming. The World’s population is climbing daily. All of the people in this world and there is NOTHING to listen to on the radio! Stop, turning the dial on your radio, the answer has finally arrived.

The problem is with finding a decent radio station is that all of the radio stations now are too flooded with traffic. With so many people listening at once there’s no way you’re going to hear what you want because everyone is requesting something else to be played. This is where Radio Vida comes in. Radio Vida which is Radio Life in English, is a growing group of Spanish radio stations all over the world.

Radio Vida is a great set of stations for all listeners alike. You don’t have to be a ‘radio only’ kind of person to enjoy the music played. The number one thing that Radio Vida aims for is the happiness of the listeners. If you were to call in and request something they would be sure to get to it before they stopped playing for the night.

Of course, you don’t have to listen to a great radio station if you didn’t want to, after all it’s just that racket in the background. WRONG! Radio Vida is much more then just some music playing in the background. Radio Vida is becoming a way of life. The question is will you jump on the train when it comes your way, or will you let it pass you by?

Radio Vida has stations all over the world. Portugal, Spain, including areas in the U.S. such as California and Arizona, as well as various other places throughout the world. In some places Radio Vida has changed their programming around a bit to present the truth of gospel as its main objective.

Well, what kind of music do they play at Radio Vida? It is all Hispanic music, mixed into the Hispanic music is a portion of Pon Tu Mirada en Jesus. Also thrown into the mix at Radio Vida is El Tiempo de Dios. Now, not only is gospel music being played, but also music concerning health issues and problems. So now that you have proof that these stations are filled with everything the Hispanic community wants, tune your radio stations and enjoy the music.

Many radio stations have watched what Radio Vida is doing and are starting to follow. Stations such as, Radio Arte has begun reaching out to teens in the Hispanic community. They are the first bilingual (Spanish/English) youth-operated community station in the U.S., being in Chicago. The program was completed one hundred percent by the youth. From broadcasting to reporting, teens get the perfect dose of what they need. Well, what else do I have to tell you. Radio Vida is out there just waiting for you to grab a listen. So go to, now and listen to one of these amazing Spanish gospel music, you will not be disappointed, that’s a promise!

Cristo La Roca

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10 Companies Within One Year Stationed In Japan Die Chang

The morning of April 28, chairman of the Japanese Ministry of SMEs, Chao-chuan, vice chairman of the British Group, philosophy, Kawasaki City, Japan led the business delegation visit Chang investment environment and investment cooperation between the two sides signed a letter of intent. According to the agreement, within one year of 10 branch companies entered the Japanese mold Chang, within three years, a total of 30.

 Japanese-owned enterprises fell in love with Chang Mold Industry

 Sichuan Vice-Zhe, said the scale of the Japanese manufacturing industry is slowly reduced, and human resources are limited, so many Japanese businessmen and customers think of mold development in China. At present, the Japanese part of the mold companies in China, especially Guangdong Province, such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Huizhou, set up a branch.

 Sichuan Vice-Chul Chang and his party last year to study, to be a good investment environment and attract mold industry booming. At that time, the two sides had reached an initial intent.

 April 28, Chang’an Town Committee member Li Guanzhou and Kawazoe letter of intent signed in investment philosophy. Under the agreement, Japan Hajime British Council and the Small Group Ministry, will lead the Japanese to come to Chang-an excellent mold set up branch companies, initially planned for the next year, 10 companies entered the Japanese mold Chang, three years, a total of 30 Japanese companies gradually die Chang entered.

The morning of April 28, chairman of the Japanese Ministry of SMEs, Chao-chuan, vice chairman of the British Group, philosophy, Kawasaki City, Japan led the business delegation visit Chang investment environment and investment cooperation between the two sides signed a letter of intent. According to the agreement, within one year of 10 branch companies entered the Japanese mold Chang, within three years, a total of 30.

 Japanese-owned enterprises fell in love with Chang Mold Industry

 Sichuan Vice-Zhe, said the scale of the Japanese manufacturing industry is slowly reduced, and human resources are limited, so many Japanese businessmen and customers think of mold development in China. At present, the Japanese part of the mold companies in China, especially Guangdong Province, such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Huizhou, set up a branch.

 Sichuan Vice-Chul Chang and his party last year to study, to be a good investment environment and attract mold industry booming. At that time, the two sides had reached an initial intent.

 April 28, Chang’an Town Committee member Li Guanzhou and Kawazoe letter of intent signed in investment philosophy. Under the agreement, Japan Hajime British Council and the Small Group Ministry, will lead the Japanese to come to Chang-an excellent mold set up branch companies, initially planned for the next year, 10 companies entered the Japanese mold Chang, three years, a total of 30 Japanese companies gradually die Chang entered.

Plan to build industrial park to attract Japanese enterprises

 The delegation’s trip will also bring all the preferential policies Changan Town, mold companies to transfer back to Japan for the Japanese enterprises to Chang-an investment ready.

 Sichuan Vice-Chul said the investment cooperation signed letter of intent indicates that the two sides started cooperation in the mold industry. The next few years, Japanese companies and Changan Town, die mold industry will be larger and more cooperation.

 It is reported that Japanese enterprises to absorb presence, Chang plans to build industrial park. Meanwhile, the town will help establish a perfect mold around the industry, such as heat treatment, welding, as well as mold-related industries such as materials, parts processing, machinery equipment, service and support.

 Produced by the index

 Zhao British Group

 Headquarters in Hong Kong, now has dozens of subsidiaries, the annual output value of over 600 million Hong Kong dollars. Group subsidiaries are mainly distributed in Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong and the Mainland, many subsidiaries operating in Shenzhen.

I am an expert from China Crafts Suppliers, usually analyzes all kind of industries situation, such as seafood tool set , garlic presses.

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Record And Archive Radio Broadcasts With Radiologger

by kengo

There are many situations in which it is necessary to record and archive radio broadcasts, whether they are terrestrial ones or online ones. RadioLogger provides this essential ability for radio stations through an exceptionally reliable solution. Recording and archiving radio has never been so easy and reliable as it is with this complete solution for radio programmers. RadioLogger provides you with the ability to have a complete and reliable archive of all of your radio broadcasts so that you can refer back to them at a later time if ever this is required. There are many situations where an archive of radio broadcasts is needed for either legal reasons or other reasons. This software has a low CPU and system load so it has minimal effect on the performance of the computer that you are running it on. What’s more, RadioLogger can run unattended so that it can get on with the work for you with minimal input required while it is working.

RadioLogger is useful in situations such as if you need to provide archived broadcasts to solve a dispute involving advertising tracks or anything else. The program can record 24 hours a day making it the ideal solution for most radio channels which are indeed broadcasting around the clock. Even if you do not need to archive all of your radio broadcasts, or you do not even run the broadcasts around the clock, RadioLogger provides the flexibility that you need. It can also record radio broadcasts at specifically defined times and intervals. This feature only takes a matter of minutes to set up and once this is done, the software can be left unattended for as long as you need it. You don’t have to worry about it bogging down your system performance either. It does not have any effect on the quality or reliability of your radio broadcasts either, so it is the ideal solution for any radio station, including online radio stations or broadcasts in public venues.

RadioLogger can easily be configured to run at specific intervals, automatically starting and stopping recording as required during certain times of the day. If you have Windows 7, you can also record directly from the playback device without needing an additional stereo mix input. All of the programs other features work with Windows Vista as well. Both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems are supported for maximum performance and versatility. Even more impressively, the program is provided with support for a wide variety of other languages, so using the software in your language is easier than ever. The flexible configuration options make it user-friendly as well, requiring no special knowledge on the part of the user. The software will keep a detailed history of all of the radio broadcasts which have been archived. It can also automatically delete old records which are no longer required. All of the latest compression techniques are required and archives can be stored in the format of your choice on the fly. This allows you to save a great deal of disk space too.

To find out more about RadioLogger, visit and download the demo version.

David Jackson is a radio broadcaster and writer who is currently working on a series of articles about radio broadcasting and radio automation software


Nice Live Radio photos

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Seven Second Delay – Live @ The UCB Theater – 10/19/11

Image by jvdalton
Seven Second Delay – 10/19/11 – UCB Theater