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Nice Radio Station photos

A few nice radio station images I found:

Best Wishes Scoopy

Image by RussellReno
Scoopy History

On Sept. 4 1943, Bee readers were greeted by two cartoon figures on Page 1. One was a bee waving a newspaper, the other a bee talking into a radio microphone. In between was a photo of the world famous animator Walt Disney.

Anxious "to lend personality and a familiar identity to all the products" of the McClatchy company, an accompanying article explained, Eleanor had approached Disney about creating some logos. Disney, who did not ordinarily accept commercial work outside his own studio, agreed to take on the assignment if the company would donate ,500 to the Army Relief Fund.

Eleanor agreed, and thus was born Scoopy (the newspaper bee) and Gaby (the radio bee). Scoopy would come to adorn the frontpage mastheads of all three papers, while Gaby was used on radio station promotional material.

Over the years, staff artists added – with Disney’s permission — Flutey (for the company’s FM stations), and Teevy, (for the television stations.) At least eight other variations of the character have appeared periodically over the years to celebrate various holidays or mark company promotions, or been used on company merchandise.

Each of the Bee newspapers also owns a life-size Scoopy costume which is donned to make public appearances.

Monrovia radio station

Image by CDC Global Health
Sign posted at a Monrovia radio station. Hand shaking is an important cultural tradition in West Africa that has been halted due to concern for Ebola transmission.

Photographer: Ben Monroe

For more information on Ebola and what CDC is doing, please visit:
CDC in Liberia


Danger gentrification zone

Some cool radio station images:

Danger gentrification zone

Image by crowbert
perhaps the hipsters are there for the colors.

?????????? ????????? “??? ??????”

Image by varfolomeev
Christmas party for the journalists of radio station "Echo of Moscow"

Adam Ritchie / The Lights Out

Image by sooz
Friday, April 18th, Upstairs at the Middle East

I hadn’t seen them live in a really long time. Long enough that they didn’t play any of the songs I knew. The new (to me) songs were great. If you like rock and roll, this is a great band to check out. You can hear them on my internet radio station at Exploit Boston Radio.

Photo by Sooz /


This photo is licensed under a Creative Commons license (read).

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Lastest Radio Station News

Old Wagoneer Headed West

Image by Phil’s 1stPix
Even back in 1998, this classic Wagoneer was showing her age… all the bumper stickers are from defunct radio stations, cancelled TV shows, long forgotten presidential candidates and obscure catch phrases.

If you look closely you can make out a "Where’s the Beef?" and Dukakis/Ferraro bumper sticker (Which is upside down- so the owner must be a republican)

Johnny Lightning 1981 Jeep Wagoneer
Greenlight C-10 Pickups


DecHow to get a tree off a radio station

Some cool radio station images:

DecHow to get a tree off a radio station

Image by TheSeaPea

Retro Radio Station

Image by HA! Designs – Artbyheather



A few nice radio station images I found:


Image by Multimedia Photography & Design – Newhouse School
Peter N. Toby, 38, at home with Baby-Girl Ture, 30, and their son Rdriffa T. Toby, 4. Toby spends each morning listening to Truth FM radio station for leads.


Intelligent Radio Frequency Identification Of Parking Management Programs

by kengo

As social and economic prosperity, people’s living standard rising Traffic Tools has gradually become an everyday necessity. In recent years, various types of vehicles, especially the rapid growth of private cars has become an important indicator of economic level of increase, while the construction of transportation infrastructure, vehicles Security Management is the construction of each city planners increasingly face an important issue. The program design is based on the current international epidemic, the growing importance of domestic industries? RFID (radio frequency identification) of the mature and successful development of applications for the. It is not imitation of, interference, against fighting, quick recognition, intelligent identification of various types will no doubt provide a new depot management Solutions .

1. Project Features Project is the biggest characteristic of a mature combination of smart card technology, wireless Communicate Technology, advanced software technology, the organic integration of a variety of mature technologies, applied in practical engineering requirements.

In the management station, application contactless smart ID card to access the automatic vehicle identification management, smart card management system of information management is the management of various types of foundation and direction;

The user of the vehicle identification and rapid non-contact automatic identification of the user compared to ensure the security of personal property, as well as the normal entry procedures simple and fast.

Internal network via wireless bridge, or the Management Centre of information sources and the sub-center management system combining processing terminal.

2. System Function The device in two parts: Part of the microwave signal recognition device, the import and export of communications devices, which can be installed above the entrance in the control of vehicles. The other part is Electronic Tag, the system for each user is equipped with a parking tag after registration, it can be installed in the appropriate location within the vehicle windscreen, the module internal identification code. When the vehicles arrived at the cell entrance

6 ~ 8 meters, the Vehicle detector To detect the presence of vehicle, start import Communicator, testing of vehicles coming within the electronic tag identification code (ID), ID in the form of microwave load and launch the Communicator, Communicator in the information database that comes with pre- the owner ID tag within the code, indicating that the tag belongs to the depot, the brake automatically open quickly, the vehicle can pass without stopping, the system response time is only 0.9 seconds.

2.1 System Components By the body on the electronic tag attached to the garage entrance of the sending and receiving antennas, tag readers, launched by the reader control Video camera , The background and internal communications network management platforms such as composition.

Central control room equipment (computers, management software, etc.)

Entrance equipment (import of radio equipment, railing, vehicle detector, etc.)

Export equipment (basically the same equipment and entrance)

Tag (with the same number of registered vehicles)

RFID reader antenna controlled by the continued firing of radio search, when the vehicle through the storage transceiver, the vehicle transceiver is triggered, the only show that can be emitted through the vehicle identification code information (such as license plate number, vehicle Type type, vehicle color, license plate color, bank account number, unit name and user name, etc.), and also identify the test receiver, video store information, a storage management station transceiver to receive signals, transmitted to the computer system by processing carried out data management and archiving, reference. For information storage (storage) or information contrast (the library), confirmed by blocking the entrances of car railings control action.

2.2 Function RFID technology Parking lot Management, security provides independent, non-stop system services, to ensure that only authorized vehicles to pass through. Parking services and costs to achieve a digital collection management system.

Can be achieved on all vehicles in the control site;

Vehicle computer-based information management In the case of unattended, the system automatically records the time and access to vehicle license plate number

System parameter settings Transport of non-registered users

The problem of vehicles from time to time the police;

Collected by portable reader to fully grasp the situation and the vehicle garage seat information;

Accelerate the search and delivery of vehicles in a timely manner;

Strengthen the delay control of the vehicle rental management fees;

Provide a complete record of playing every time.

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Sojourn To Hill Stations Brings The Best Of Kerala Tours

The clouds come down to meet you at the enchanting hill stations of Kerala. Backwaters and beaches are not the only examples of heavenly beauty in Kerala the state is also blessed with rolling mountains, pine forests, cascading sounds of waterfalls at its gorgeous hill stations. All Kerala tours must include visit to these ultimate abodes of serenity where the mist- laden mornings are covered with the warmth of genial hospitality and undulating forests are covered in the company of a fellow traveller belonging to another pole of the earth. These less traversed routes of Kerala tour packages are picturesque romantic settings igniting the spark of intimacy amongst lovers.

Explore Kerala hill stations to get charmed by countryside magnetism, refreshing winds of its low hills, comfort of its hut style accommodation, thrill of staying in its tree houses and of course those breathtaking vistas. Some of the famous hill stations of Kerala are:

Munnar: Its valleys redolent with tea and spice plantations, crisp mountain air gushing through its rolling mountains, Munnar is where travellers visit to escape the sultry heat of South Indian lowlands. Mountains wrapped in blossoming foliage meandered by quaint water bodies looks almost surreal. The homesick British would make it their home during summers as a result from the dense forests and gorgeous meadows the tilted roofs of Victorian style edifices are still visible. Visit to Munnar thus gives a memorable experience to ones Kerala tour for it adds tranquillity and old world charm to the vacation.

Kottayam: Stretch of greenery spread between Western Ghats and backwaters, Kottayam is famed for its spice and rubber trade. On Kerala tour packages, after a long aquatic experience with the states seashores and backwaters, Kottayam brings a refreshing change; a bookish town which appears to have emerged from the pages of a fiction book, Kottayam is flanked by Victorian architecture such as churches, seminaries and prospering foliage.

Devikulam: The sensational cliffs exuding emerald hues and its lakesides echoing lore of gods and goddesses, Devikulam is a tiny hamlet situated at an altitude of 1800 m in the state of Kerala. The lush landscapes, verdant tea plantations filling the air with sweet aroma and the cascading sounds of its waterfalls filling the valley with rhythmic sounds, Devikulam is most rightly named Pond of Goddess. A visit to the hill station laces Kerala tours with memories worth cherishing for life.

Laid-back and tranquilizing visit to hill station in the region adds rejuvenation to Kerala tours. While vacationing in the region one can further enhance the experience by opting for a soul-stirring Ayurveda treatment. Ayurveda is an ancient traditionally practiced science of medicine; it has been scientifically proven that its therapies causes no side effects and can treat various ailments. Simply enjoying an Ayurveda massage on your vacation adds delight to your languid vacations. These hill stations in Kerala too have great massage parlours offering Ayurveda massages done with natural herbs and oils. So, on your tours to Kerala dont forget to indulge in a beautification Ayurveda therapy for a complete effect of Keralan countryside fun.

Surya Mishra is a traveler who likes to share his experiences. All the articles published by him will help you understand India better and answer all your holiday queries regarding, Kerala Tours, India Tours, South India Tours Find tourist info on travel packages, travel destination, and much more.

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Live in Boot Camp-Did Anyone Get the License Number of That Truck That Hit Me?

by wallyg

Live in boot camps accommodate clients who need intense supervision and accountability for eating, sleeping, and most of all-training correctly. A firm commitment is required on the part of the client in order to comply with such a regimen. Customary in the fitness industry, services are prepaid upon signup. Financial commitment plays a strong factor in following through once the self-doubts begin.

FIVE hours of exercise daily?

How much exercise is an unfit, overweight person capable of participating in, anyway? Scenes of obese contestants on the Biggest Loser TV show bring up these questions. What is not shown is the behind the scenes pre-conditioning workouts that basically get you in shape to start getting in shape. There is a progression to the activities as with any good fitness program. The program begins at the level of the participant’s capability.

Did anyone get the license number of that truck that hit me?

Then it hits you. You wake up and, “whoa!” You really feel your body. There will be an initial period of muscular soreness that will come in waves of delayed onset. That is, not so much the next day but the day after that will be when you feel the most discomfort. Movement is the best remedy for the soreness and you will be getting plenty more movement. Depending on one’s attitude toward the body discomforts, this can be an encouragement indicating that results are forthcoming. Some people will feel guilty for letting themselves go physically and they will view the discomfort as self-punishment.

Support and encouragement are necessary to get through the second week.

Usually, after the first week in a month long program the client starts to realize how much effort they have made and they become overwhelmed at the thought of continuing. This is a natural stage that many go through. However, the first stage is the most difficult. The initial accomplishment in making a change for oneself is what carries them through the hard phase. Then, the body begins to respond.

Hey, I see a muscle when I flex!

Most individuals can recognize results within a week to ten days. Muscle tone, and excess water weight changes become apparent. Then, within 2-3 weeks there is no doubt that the mirror is becoming a daily friend and your best encouragement. Others will notice and comment at this phase about the noticeable difference in your appearance.

The results you begin to realize at this point will make your program self-perpetuating. Once you have established the 3-week habit, plus gained the know-how and confidence in your new health regimen there will be no turning back.

After all, you have worked hard and are worthy of results to show for it. Why would you give up your goal? Giving up usually doesn’t happen after a person has actually learned to live in bootcamp. You will actually make different choices based on maintaining your hard-earned efforts. Your confidence will soar; you can hold your own in any gym or exercise group. You are a live-in boot camp graduate and have the stuff that it takes to keep it up.

Debra Stefan is the founder and director of “Live-In-Fitness” residential services in the greater Las Vegas area of Henderson, Nevada for weight-loss guests offering weekend fitness getaways to 30-90 day programs enabling behavioral change for a fit lifestyle. She is the first to offer a residential weight loss boot camp Biggest Loser retreat program outside of the institutional format. 

Expertise includes certifications in Personal Fitness Training, Group Exercise, Youth Fitness, Senior Fitness, Golf Fitness, Jumprope Coach, and Master Yoga Instructor. She served 2 years as a full-time resident instructor for the Integral Yoga Institute of Los Angeles. 

A classically trained dancer, Debra performed in the Tropicana Hotel’s “Folies Bergere” and MGM Hotel production, “Hallelujah Hollywood” in Las Vegas, Nevada. She was a top finalist in the Ms. National Fitness premiere competitions 1985–1986, special guest performer in 1987 and NPC National Physique Committee expert judge.

Debra made headlines and became a local fitness icon when she broke the 1981 Guinness Book of World Records with 10 hour Jumprope marathon as a public fundraiser for Muscular Dystrophy. Additional jump rope achievements are as follows: 

Accredited Jumprope instructor-UNLV’s Athletic Department & School of P.E.

Nevada State Board of Education Accredited Jumprope Instructor for P.E. Teachers

U.S.A. Jumprope Federation -Coach/Tournament Director

AAU- Amateur Athletic Union- Coach/Tournament Director

Developed “Henderson Star Skippers” AAU Jr. Olympic competition/show team

1981 Guinness Book of World Records- broke record with 10 hour Jumprope marathon 

Today she has 37 years of professional involvement in the fitness industry and continues education to stay current with the ever-evolving industry. She is a true veteran fitness professional.





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How to Live a Life of Abundance

by wallyg

The world we are living in constantly creates abundance of everything, every minute. They all surround us-abundant wealth, abundant health, abundant happiness, relationships, opportunities, yes, abundance of every one of those things a person can ever wish to have.

Indeed, it’s been estimated that there are enough building materials in the United States alone to construct a befitting house for every man, woman, and child alive today.

 It was also proven a few years ago that the entire world population could comfortably fit into the land area of the U.S. state of Texas, with each family occupying a Texas-style mansion! (If you the reader need proof of this, I have it)

Meanwhile when you consider the number of the homeless in the world as well as the cost of relatively little pieces of lands everywhere, you’ll end up with the impression that we are seriously short of space and materials.

You see, scarcity is all in our minds. And the key to living a life of abundance is to open your mind, your eyes, and your ears. Abundant life is possible. But you’ll have to change the way you think and the way you perceive the world. Abundance is a state of awareness that you alone can awaken from within you.

The first step towards living a life of abundance is to understand that it comes from within and then manifests outwards. It requires you to give some attention to your emotional state.

It is a known fact that our emotional habits enable us to approach life in a certain manner, which in turn attracts certain events, situations, individuals, and relationships that are in congruence with our general outlook in life.

Say you’re someone who distrusts people, one is anxious, depressed, fearful and pessimistic. There’s every chance that these emotional habits will attract to you experiences that are in line with your emotions. Your thoughts affect your emotions, which in turn affect your actions and behavior. So be careful what you think and say to yourself.

Living abundant life does not necessarily mean being wealthy. Yes, abundant wealth inevitably comes to those who follow abundance principles. But that’s not the primary aim. Indeed, great wealth without abundance mentality could still leave a person miserable-or haven’t you heard of billionaires who committed suicide?

Ok hear this: in January 2009 both the New York Times newspaper and The Wall Street Journal featured the sad story of Adolf Merckle, a German billionaire who took his own life following what I would call a massive loss of perspective. At death, his net worth was in excess of $ 9 billion! So wealth doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you’ll live a life of abundance. But you’ll need to appreciate what is available to you.

It means cultivating gratitude. A life of bitterness, regrets, and self-pity repels abundance. If indeed you have things you sincerely feel you should have handled better, acknowledge it, then forgive yourself and move on positively! Just don’t dwell on it perpetually.

It will also help if you list those things about you for which you are thankful. They don’t have to be grand achievements or possessions. And the list doesn’t have to be long-4 or 7 items may be OK. Go through the list before retiring to bed each night.

Even if at the moment you don’t think you have a lot in terms of material possessions, living your life with the abundance principle will do two things for you: one, it will increase your level of happiness and, two, it will prepare you to take advantage of opportunities when they do present themselves-and they will, since the world abounds with abundance. So don’t dwell on your present condition-especially if it’s miserable.

Stop seeing yourself as a victim. Allow yourself to entertain thoughts of joy and happiness. Continue to think positive thoughts and hold positive beliefs. Always be grateful for the things you do possess now-whether big or small. Whatever you have now can be used to make your life rich, abundant, and rewarding.

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Top Trendy Bars Near St Pauls Tube Station

London has a rollicking and rocking lifestyle of which visitors would love to be a part of. The bars form part of this routine and help you in enjoying yourself to the utmost by giving a wide array of drinks, dining options with great music and dance all under one roof. St Pauls in London is one such perfect venue for large number of trendy and hip bars at its disposal connected by St Pauls Tube Station. Have the time of your life at these bars while staying at nearby hotels in St Pauls . Some of the top most bars near St Pauls tube station are:

Balls Brothers
Famous throughout London, this contemporary bar serves excellent collection of cocktails from wine, beer and champagne to its guests. Known for its friendly staff the bar also serves continental delicacies which are much cherished by visitors. You can also hire the venue on weekends for a private party and get together. Having its own wine merchant is another esteemed feature of the bar. It has branches throughout London.

Davys City Vaults
Another swanky and well furnished bar it is known for its excellent collection of cocktails. The staff is very warm and friendly taking care of all your needs .You will find yourself riveted to this place which also provides great value for your money. Trace it down Foster Lane in London.

The Saint
Located in Paternoster Square and in close proximity to Saint Pauls Cathedral and London stock Exchange, this plush place has a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. It keeps changing its menu and announce new offers every now and then at very affordable prices with a bottle of wine at just 16.75 pounds. The bar remains closed on weekends.

City Pipe
City Pipe sited at stylish Foster Lane in London is elegantly designed with well furnished sitting facilities and services. The menu includes traditional British food and live jazz music is being played to soothe your senses along with an assortment of exotic wines. Some of the interesting items in the menu include shrimp, rossetto, crayfish sandwich, spicy herbed meatballs among many others.

A huge bar and restaurant which is spread over three floors and can house up to 440 people, it has state of the art decor and well laid out menu kept to suit different types of budget which is perfect for your excursion in London. With live music sway your way into the bar till the early hours of morning. Kids are welcome during the day at lunch only.

John Rodricks is an associate editor of a website which offers hotels in St Pauls . The travelers can pick from a varied range of St Pauls hotels near St Pauls tube station

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