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Westbourne Christmas Decorations (2)

Image by Lex Photographic
I wanted to capture some of the magic of Christmas before the lights were turned off until next Christmas. I’ve really loved driving to the Radio Station down virtually empty streets decorated with Christmas lights. Personally, I think they should be left on until at least the first snows of Winter…

CD stacks

Image by Ko:(char *)hook
A great deal of it was terrible, but there were more than enough real gems to make it worthwhile.


The Notion Collective, Station Identification

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The Notion Collective, Station Identification

Image by Northern Spark
Station Identification is an interactive exploration of the Twin Cities’ radio landscape, which will be broadcasting (and receiving) live radio feed from the Foshay Tower observation deck. WNYC, KNOW, KCRW, KUT, KEXP, WHYY, WWOZ, WBEZ, WOLX, WORT — these are letters that may mean nothing or everything to you depending on where you’ve lived and what you’ve listened to. As radio call signs, they can be as much a part of a city’s landscape as lakes, rivers, skyways, and freeways are.

Station Identification explores this relationship by transforming the Foshay Tower’s observation deck into a radio compass. Each radio’s placement corresponds to the direction that station is broadcasting from, providing audience members a connection between what is playing and where it is sourced. Walking through the space — an open-air deck encircling the tower’s peak — is like scanning the radio dial with your feet.

Additionally, Station Identification welcomes participants to respond to their experience using a temporary Internet radio station located on the deck. Accessible at:, we are broadcasting live throughout the night, both participants and remote listeners can tune in to this radio programming inspired by and made, in part, for its very own location.

Presented by Northern with support from W Minneapolis—The Foshay
Photograph Patrick Kelley, courtesy Northern


Image by tigerschmittendorf


Watch Out For Fraud on the Internet

The internet is full of wonderful information, educational services, as well as a great place to connect with people. Scams on the internet create a dark world that can ruin your online experience. If you are not Cyber Street smart you could end up the victim of one of these internet scams.

One of the scams on the internet is getting more attention these days. The Nigerian scam. You will receive an email that states an introduction from some poor retched rich man who needs to have a large sum of money transferred out of the country. In exchange for transferring the millions of dollars to your personal account he will offer you a small percentage as a thank you. You agree, the nice person you are and think wow what a great way to get some easy money. The problem is you don’t see a dime and your account begins to be emptied as you are charged for many fees that are needed to handle this large transaction that never comes.

There have been many a poor soul fall for these scams on the internet and never been able to retrieve their lost funds. The greedier you are the dumber you become. It is amazing how some of us fail to realize that there would be no need to trust a stranger with that amount of money in this day and age. But still many will agree to it and fall for the scam, losing everything they own at times in hopes that a stranger will send them thousands of dollars in return for their kindness.

Any email that you receive that is similar to these scams or other scams on the internet you should report to the proper authorities. It is best to not open any emails that you are not familiar with the sender. You can end up in loads of trouble as there are new scams on the internet being created each day.

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A Comprehensive Review Of Emergency Weather Radios

There are many different advantages associated with emergency weather radios. Regardless of where you live, or the emergency conditions that you may be subjected to, weather radios have the capability of providing you with the detailed information that you need in order to preparing for situations that could potentially endanger the health and safety of yourself, as well as your loved ones. Many individuals that have experienced severe weather conditions in their area such as tornadoes and hurricanes have successfully made it through such dangers by adhering to the alerts issued on emergency weather radios. Throughout this guide, you will learn important details pertaining to weather radios.

An emergency weather radio uses the nationwide network of a variety of radio based stations known as “NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards” or “NWR”. When you incorporate a weather radio into your home, the broadcasts that you receive will come from an office that is in near proximity to your area. The office is a branch from the National Weather Service. This service offers warnings, various types of watches, an assortment of forecasts, and other types of information that directly pertain to potential hazards that could directly impact yourself and your loved ones. This information is offered twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Many individuals enjoy the benefit of receiving detailed weather information at any time of the day.

Many individuals believe that emergency weather radios only offer information pertaining to weather hazards. This is the number one reason why many fail to purchase weather radios. These individuals typically live in an area where the weather is fair and they believe that if an emergency arises they will be able to acquire the information that they need through other means such as a television news broadcasts or a standard radio. However, weather radios provide in depth information around the clock on more than just weather emergencies. They also provide information on natural disasters, chemical related emergencies, and other types of public emergencies.

There are many different types of emergency weather radios available on the market today. In order to choose one, you must consider your lifestyle, your budget, and your overall needs as they pertain to protecting yourself and your loved ones. If you travel a lot, for example, you may benefit from weather radios that are portable in nature. If you live in areas that are known to experience severe weather such as Florida, you may benefit from a radio that has a large number of functions and alert features. If you are on a limited budget, you will likely benefit from radios that simply turn on and off and run broadcasts accordingly. There are many different models and features in emergency radios that will benefit you in numerous ways. Taking the steps to prepare for an emergency situation is essential to surviving such a situation. By evaluating and choosing among the many emergency weather radios on the market today, you will increase your chance of survival.

At Shortwave Radio Gear we take pride in offering a versatile selection of top-quality shortwave,emergency powered, emergency weather radios, and two-way radios for every level of listener from the first timer to the seasoned radio enthusiast.

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General Information – Radio Control Toys

Every child on this planet at least at some stage in their lives is on the look out for radio control toys. Toys such as cars and boats have always been the top choices, but of late and with more accessibility through technology the air has now become a new frontier in the ever-expansive world of radio control toys. Although these days these types of gadgets seem to be attracting more and more the attention of older gentlemen, and in some cases could be the perfect father son outing.


If you have ever dreamt of flying your own helicopter, then now is the time to get off of your seat and purchase your very own remote control helicopter. Models such as the 3CH shark helicopter can take off into the big blue yonder at impressive heights of thirty meters making your aerial space of play immense. You or your child can enjoy watching your aircraft fly all over by using the power of your fingertips. In most cases these radio control toys are constructed by highly resistant alloy materials, which ensure that it can even survive an unfortunate crash landing.


But what happens if you decide to use these radio control toys for a far more professional reason. To most independent moviemakers the possibilities of aerial shots are slim to none. Yet with slight innovation and the correct radio control toys, those limitations are a thing of the past. By strapping on a mini cam to the front of your helicopter or zeppelin you would be able to easily achieve shots that only remained in your imagination up to date. Many independent moviemakers find that this cheap alternative gives them more creative ability when making their own independent films.


These toys are inexpensive taking into consideration the amount of detail that goes into the engineering behind these gravity-defying toys. Some of these toys range under twenty Euros, which makes it absolutely affordable for the average Joe. Apart from all of the aerial activity these toys provide, also aquatic fun can be acquired through purchasing remote control boats. There are many people that participate in remote control boat races putting their very own and unique aquatic craft to the test. Itâ??s not too difficult to manage one of these vessels but it does take some getting use to, the weight and the size of you ship can affect the response time to the remote control device.


Any type of remote control toy is deemed to be a superb gift to any loved one, and that also includes you. If a hobby or a productive past time is required then do not think twice to get your hands on one of these brilliant toys. There are literally thousands of models, and in some cases characters from your favorite movies available in remote control. The trick is to look around and find what suits your needs and desires the best. Soon enough you can be racing along dirt trails, floating on your nearest pond, or join the birds in the sky with your very own remote control helicopter.



Living Healthy – 3 Secrets to Healthier Living

Life is all too short.  Find ways to really live and enjoy it to the fullest everyday will help you make the best of every precious moment of it. Here are 3 secrets to living a longer healthier life.
Eat Well – What you feed your body determines how you feel, how you look, and how you feel about yourself. And all of these and directly related to how much and well you are able to really enjoy doing the things you love.
The term eating well has been used so often, it’s sometimes hard to define exactly what that means. A balanced is first on the list. This includes fruits, vegetables, high fiber, multi-grains, and lean meat, fish, and foods that are low in sugar and salt. Organic foods give you the assurance that chemicals have not been used in growing or manufacturing, and sumptuous taste is well worth the additional cost.
For those of us who love to eat, this kind of diet can sound limiting and even harsh. But a walk down different aisles of your supermarket will yield a pleasant surprise. There are delicious vegetable burgers, tasty low fat hot dogs, and dozens of yummy choices for dessert that are lower in calories but not in flavor. Gelatos, sorbets, and frozen yogurts are just a few delicious alternatives waiting for you to try.
You’ll find that a body that you thought was losing it, can look healthier, and younger again as you start thinking outside the box about the foods with which you fuel your body.
Keep Moving – A hundred years ago, daily life demanded physical activity. There were very few cars, elevators, escalators, washing machines, vacuums, or any of the other modern conveniences that make our lives so easy now. So there was no need to go to the gym because daily living required constant activity.
Now with vacuums that move on their own, multi-car families as the rule, subways, high rise buildings that demand use of an elevator, and remotes for everything, you can go through a whole day without moving very much at all.
Lack of movement may seem like a convenience, but is really hazardous to your health. If you don’t use it, you lose it has never been more true. What do you lose? Muscle tone, endurance, and energy are greatly decreased with limited activity. 
But with such a busy lifestyle, how can you work in activity without adding hours to the day that you just don’t have? Use half of your lunch hour for a walk. Park further away from the store and walk. If you love to work in the garden, do it often. Consider getting a bicycle and riding with your children. Dance with the vacuum as you clean the house. And my personal favorite, get a dog and go for a walk every day.
Breathe Fresh Air – An 88 year old perky friend of mine keeps her house absolutely frigid. Even in the winter her windows are always open just a little. She attributes her long life and good health to breathing fresh air. Wow I thought.
But where does one get fresh air these days? Depending on where you live, opening the windows may let in more pollutants than fresh air, but the concept of always introducing new indoors is a healthy one.
If opening your windows is not a possibility, a high efficiency particle arresting (or HEPA) air purifier is and excellent solution for keeping the air inside your home fresh, clean and healthy.
HEPA air purifiers can remove pollutants as small as .3 microns includes household dust, dust mites, mold and mildew spores, pet dander, and bacteria and viruses. All of these are known to trigger respiratory conditions such as allergies and asthma. And filtering your air 24 hours a day is even better than opening the windows because it allows you to keep the temperature comfortable all the time.
Making changes in these three areas of your life with make living healthier fun, and will make life more fun to live.

An excellent HEPA air purifier to help you live a healthier life by removing pollutants from your air is offered by– the HealthMate Air Purifier
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Superconducting Filters In Base Stations And Other Network Optimization Td’s Role

0 Introduction Superconducting technology is considered of strategic importance in the 21st century high-tech one, in energy, information, transportation, instrumentation, defense and other aspects important applications. Currently active in the world are in the application technology of superconductivity.

Superconducting filter using conductor at very low temperatures (-200 or so) when the conductor made of resistance similar to the principle of zero band-pass filter, used in mobile Communicate Base station receiver front end, significant improvements Mobile base stations Uplink performance, improve base station receiver sensitivity and lower band, the band all kinds of interference, thereby improving the signal transmission quality, extend coverage up to enhance signal transmission rate.

Of superconducting filter in TD-SCDMA base stations and other network optimization in the role of China is actively developing TD-SCDMA system and the 2G network optimization system is important.

1 mobile communications uplink and downlink analysis

1.1 Mobile communication is mainly limited by the uplink

Mobile phone base station transmit power is much greater than transmission power, and mobile phone base station receiver sensitivity and receiver sensitivity is almost the same. Therefore, mobile communication is mainly limited by the uplink, uplink coverage area are often less than the downlink coverage area.

In addition, as users continue to increase, mobile communication network is bound to increase the number of base stations. This allows access to the base station receiver interference and noise growing and increased the burden on the uplink.

1.2 to improve the general approach to the uplink

General approach to improve the uplink are: installation of the base station transmitter output cavity RF filter to suppress the base station transmitter spurious radiation. Base station receiver uses diversity reception mode, and also used in the RF input of the cavity filter to improve the receiver sensitivity and inhibit a variety of band interference.

However, the filter cavity Q value can only be reached around 5000, relatively large passband loss, stop-band attenuation is not enough, the transition zone are not steep. Therefore, this method can not effectively solve the problem uplink interference, the base station receiver in-band interference and background noise is still relatively high, the base station receiver sensitivity and capacity utilization is not high.

2 superconducting filter is the best way to solve one of the base station interference

Superconducting filter is to use conductor at very low temperatures (about -200 ) resistance is approximately zero when the surface characteristics of the filter is made, the Q value of up to 10 million, higher than the filter’s Q value cavity nearly 20 times. Therefore, the superconducting filter passband with minimal insertion loss ( 60dB) and very steep transition zone (-100dB/400KHz). After the superconducting filter

with the same working conditions in the ultra low-noise low-temperature release (LNA) (Gain: 12dB), with very low noise figure (

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The Rise of Broadband Internet Services

The Internet has today become more indispensable than any other technology products in the computer world. The internet users are on the rise world over. As a developing country occupying an important position in the BPO segment, India has built up great state of the art infrastructures like Communications, Internet and development centers. Internet is the backbone of the IT industry and the outsourcing domain. As recently as 2003, India was struggling with the dial-up internet services, offering poor reliability for exchange of multimedia content and vital data. Apart from the cost of the services, customers often found themselves at the wrong end of the stick, facing connectivity problems and slow connections.

The Broadband arrived with a bang around the year 2006. Along with the state-run BSNL, many private players like AirTel, TataIndicom, Reliance and many more, arrived on the scene. Competition , tough one at that, led to charges hitting rockbottom and facilities provided going up day by day. Today an average Broadband internet connection with speeds exceeding 2mbps, is available at a price of around Rs.900/pm(Around 25 US$ ) with unlimited downloads. The reliability of the internet has doubled and the speed of audio/video downloads exceed 1500kbps for an average domestic user. Streaming videos have become a reality. People are watching TV programs over the net and watching cricket matches on the net have become fashionable.

Gone are the days of the painfully slow internet connections. Today because of the Broadband and Wi-Fi revolution, many of the educational institutions have opted for online admission tests, resulting in quicker admission processes. Online shopping and bill payment customers have more than doubled and increasing number of netizens are joining in. The culture of netbanking is spreading slowly and the security concerns connected with netbanking are being resolved to the satisfaction of the internet-banking users.

The rise of the Broadband Internet Connectivity has generated renewed vigor and enthusiasm amongst the knowledge-seekers in that today the Internet in Indiat provides huge business opportuniities. Online marketing and online businesses are on the increase. India too have joined the rest of the world in promoting Internet-related businesses in a big way.

PKP Iyer, Editor, Excellone Technologies ( ) and Java Development India ( ). Our company offer Technology solutions using Java such as SPRING, J2EE, J2ME for Software Application Development and IT Outsourcing services from our offshore software development centre in India.

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Internet Usage And Education

For all the advantages in terms of convenience, speed and delivery that the internet has provided to the average consumer and household, there are increasing concerns as to its influence on social conduct and etiquette. These concerns are centered on the fact that the premise of the World Wide Web has been outweighed by its impact, and despite its supposed benefits to individuals and families alike, it is often citied as a prominent factor in decreasing values and social behavioural trends.
The fact remains that while consumers can purchase and internet users can seek information through the vast resources of the internet, there is less and less need to venture into the outside world and communicate with other human beings through traditional conversation. This type of secluded environment in which young adults are thrust can contribute towards a restricted and introverted outlook on life, and in extreme cases develop anti-social behavioural trends amongst users.
Internet Usage and Education
One of the primary concerns around internet usage is its influence on the education of teenagers and young adults. With regards to the vast resources available on the World Wide Web, there are two schools of thought. One would consider that the diversity of information and opinion is beneficial to further education, and actively encourages the development of a considered point of view. However, there is a further notion that the internets depth of resource and often uncensored nature is confusing for impressionable minds and often contradictory to curriculum teaching.
One of the main issues is the increase amongst supposedly uneducated individuals who use to internet on a daily basis. While academic progress and ability is no guarantee of intelligence, those who have endured a lengthy and structured education are generally considered to be more rounded in terms of their knowledge, assertiveness and social integration.
Over 50 percent of all internet users over the age of 18 are without a high school education. This statistic is revealing, as it suggests that more than half of people who use the internet on a daily basis may already be lacking in knowledge of education structures and particular types of human interaction. This arguably renders them vulnerable to the vast information streams and outlets available on the internet, as they may be less equipped to judge informational resources against what they have learned in their formative educational experiences.
An Increase in all Age Ranges
Certainly, all age demographics have seen a vast increase in internet usage since the year 2000. The most extreme instances of more frequent usage are featured in people aged 30 and older, whereas the figures for adults aged between 18 and 29 have continued to rise steadily in the same time period. This is alongside statistics that suggest that an ever increasing number of teenagers aged between 12 and 17 are using the internet, with varying levels of censorship and parental guidance.
There are now nearly 3 times as many internet users over the age of 60 as there were at the turn of the century. This figure is indicative of the enhanced prominence that computers and the World Wide Web plays in contemporary culture, and the simple fact that the older generation of society are being coerced into using the internet in order to perform standard and everyday tasks. This trend in usage in also displayed in the demographics between 30 and 49 and 50 and 64 years old, with percentage increases of approximately 30 and 40 respectively.
The 18 to 29 age demographic has witnessed a 20 percent increase in internet usage since the year 2000, which while being a more gradual progression is still indicative of the rising trend. This age range is the most vulnerable to diverse and uncensored internet resource, as people in their late teenage years and early twenties are still developing maturing both mentally and physically. This means that they are still maturing in terms of their mindset and social etiquette, and an overload of visual and written information can be overwhelming and counterproductive to opinion forming.
A Social Consideration
There is little doubt that the internet has brought huge improvements in the access that society has to information and purchasing methods. However, questions remain as to whether young and immature minds can cope with such a powerful tool and its diversity of conflicting information. The main issue is that sensory overload can confuse values and under developed opinions, and actually confuse any decision making process. Secondary to this, it is arguable that the more activities that an individual can conduct online then the less time they will devote to social interaction and traditional communication methods.

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Fantastic DAB Digital Pure Radios

by kengo

DAB digital radios offer a number of advantages over traditional AM and FM radios – they supply a far greater choice in radio stations, the capacity to pause and rewind live radio, and they remove the typically frustrating hissing and popping that comes with other radios.

Pure Digital are a main manufacturer of DAB radios and are widely regarded as the leading business in this region. They’ve developed some extremely innovative and creative designs for DAB radios that have become increasingly common in recent years.

This article provides an overview of four of the most well-known digital Pure radios currently offered to acquire.

Pure VL-60907UK Siesta

The Pure Siesta is substantially cheaper than many of the other radios on the market and is perfect for those who want a quality radio with out having to invest a modest fortune. It’s especially suited to the bedroom as it is tiny and takes up minimal space on your bedside table.

Despite its small size, however, it still provides wonderful sound high quality as well as the volume can easily fill a huge room.

A nice feature is the big LCD display where the brightness automatically adjusts itself according to the quantity of light within the room – this ensures that the radio’s display isn’t too bright when you are trying to sleep at night.

You can also set the volume of your alarm which is helpful as it ensures that it wont be too quiet to wake you, or too loud to make you jump out of your skin!

Pure Evoke 1S

The Pure Evoke 1S is really a quite popular DAB radio – the sound top quality is great and it has a quite cool retro look to it.

It’s a extremely well designed device and its appearance is in fact of similar top quality to radios that are far a lot more costly than this 1.

The menu system is well thought out and quite simple to get the hang of – you’ll most likely be able to begin utilizing it straightaway, as opposed to spending ages working by means of the manual.

This radio genuinely is worth the investment and is some thing that you can proudly show off to your pals!

Pure Digital Oasis

The Pure Digital Oasis is really a personal favourite – it’s created to withstand outdoor conditions and consequently has a bulky and strong design.

The sound top quality is excellent and it is possible to pick up a wide range of diverse stations from the antenna. This radio is also waterproof which means that it can potentially be employed within other rooms in the house such as the bathroom.

It really is a really versatile radio and provides excellent value for dollars – well worth a look.

Pure Move

The Pure Move is a lot more portable than the other radios and is ideal should you need to listen to DAB radio whilst out and about. The audio high quality is very high as well as the battery life is first-class – even after regular use you will almost certainly only have to charge it once a week.

The menu system is easy to navigate and the controls are intuitive to use.

This truly is a very cool radio and is perfect for those who want to take their radios out with them. In summary then, these are just four of the very best radios currently around at the moment – there are several others and new ones are continuously being released.

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