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Live Happily Ever After With Realistic Expectations

by kengo

Whether we admit it or not, we all think were going to fall in love with Prince (or Princess) Charming and live the rest of our days together in a Disney fairytale happily ever after. And we take the words happily ever after literally.

Truth be told, I dont know anyone who has lived happily ever after all day, every day, day in and day out as the Disney fairytale romances suggest. However, you can live happily ever after if your relationship is based upon realistic expectations. Here are few examples:

1. No two days of your relationship will be same.
Just like no two snowflakes are the same, no two days of your relationship will be exactly the same ever. Dont fall into the trap of thinking every day our relationship is going to be a fairytale come true.

2. Great relationships endure stretches of less-than-great moments.
Just as a beautiful garden requires days and weeks of rain without any sunshine in sight great long-term relationships endure hardships. During these stretches of less-than-fairytale moments in your relationship, remember there cant be a rainbow without the rain. When your relationship appears to be experiencing a drought of special moments and sunshine, remember your garden and the fact that it requires many sunless days until it finally blossoms too!

3. Relationships undergo seasons of change.
Just as we experience rainy seasons throughout the year, our relationships also undergo seasons of change as well. Its just not as easy to predict when these changes will occur or what they will look like. Therefore, it is important to remember that true intimate relationships do not just happen and they do not just remain the same. Relationships are constantly evolving and they require attention and nurturing throughout their evolution!

4. You will go to bed angry at times.
In spite of what other relationship experts tell you, you will go to bed angry with each other at times. Dont think your relationship is doomed the first time this happens. Its okay. Sure, you dont want to make it a habit, but its certainly not the beginning of the end either. Sometimes we do more harm than good if we try to talk about issues that are upsetting us and the distance a good nights sleep provides often puts things in a much needed and better perspective.

Life isnt a fairy tale, but if you have realistic expectations about your relationship and your significant other, you can live happily ever after.

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26 Archos Dvr Station (7th Generation)

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Glasgow Univeristy Magazine Article from May 2000

Check out these radio station images:

Glasgow Univeristy Magazine Article from May 2000

Image by Subcity Radio
Glasgow University Magazine, Feburary 2000, p.10-11 by Lynne Hamilton

The New Wave

It was 10.30 am, I was standing in the windswept wastelands of Pacific Quay, soon to be super-tech development under the shadow of the SECC’s great shell. In the corner of this semi-landscaped field stands Four Winds Pavilion; spot on as the location for Beat 106 FM HQ. A freshly converted tram-shed that emits “bright, young and trendy”, its brand new inhabitants hope that Beat 106 FM, the radio station will do the same.

It burst live onto the airwaves at 1.06 pm, Friday November 19, 1999. Station’s Head of Music, here in the the eye of the storm, still recovering after a tempestuous weekend; the station;s first on air. Since he moved back up north from London and Radio One 10 weeks previous, life has been pretty much non-stop; now that his baby’s up and running, he already seeing what can be done to make it better. born of an idea that formed in the minds of, among others, Ewan McLeod, Stuart Clumpas (head honcho at DF Concerts and King Tuts) and Wilkinson himself, over two years ago, that weekend’s long-overdue launch must be making each and every one of them a proud father.

It may have been a turbulent birth here at Four Winds Pavilion, but to the public there was no more than a warm welcoming gust of good music, intelligent presenters and a sense that something better was coming to Scotland’s airwaves.

“We wanted to prepare the ground”, said Richard. They didn’t want to blow all their funding on a big gimmicky bang only to fade away a month or so later. “We couldn’t compete with the sort of things Radio so, we just let things tick over.: The exclusive Beat 106 gigs and club nights at the end of January, consolidating the station as the best new contender for Scottish Radio’s crown since… well, a long time.

Wilkinson himself himself rolled off the Glasgow University production line with an ordinary degree in Electronics and Music, a course that didn’t excite him much; apart from one occasion sin first year. He met an art school girl in one of his classes – “this is a really sad confession” – and followed her to a Guardian meeting. He stuck with the journalism (the relationship must not have happened then, eh?), and “started writing really crap record reviews”. One thing led to another and in 1995, following the lead of Sweet FM and Ton and a Half (the Art School station, named after its 150-year anniversary), he set up SubCity radio with a £20,000 grant from the SRC. Some may know the rest as history but here’s a brief summary. SubCity, operating on the 28-day Restricted Service Licence, won the Radio One award for best student radio station in November 1996, and in Febuary 1997 Steve Lamacq and John Peer broadcast Radio One from SubCity, alongside Richard and his pals; a formative experience for them all. :Steve had had a few ciders, and we were in their hotel. I was being my “I’m so against playlists’ self… I just want people to come in, play whatever records they want, and try to develop their on-air style. One thing Lamacq said to me was that, doing student radio, I was in such a fortunate position, to not be restrained, and that what I was doing was one of the biggest luxuries”.

From this luxurious position, he headed southwards after a stint at T in the Park, to spend a year and a half braving the perils of early breakfast shows, and the hell that is mainstream drivetime radio, all at Radio One itself. He doesn’t rule out ever heading back down that way, but for now Beat 106 is what he was made for, its seems. “It;s been fantastic.”

And so to the future; the aim is not to create a “tartan Radio One” but something that can fill the gap in the Scottish – and for that matter British – market. Wilkinson breaks out the music industry weekly’s singles chart, scoring off at least five of the top ten that would not receive airplay at 106; that would not receive airplay at 106; “Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Five, Shania Twain,…Westlife” 9this last uttered with pure contempt). The key idea here is “heavy rotation but no “pop” element…It’s a national radio station, we don’t have the luxury of being too out there.” The specialist side of things is, nevertheless, well catered for, with the weekends being practically devoted to dance (including Slam on Friday nights and the Jengaheads on a Sunday), and Jim Gellatly heralding a “more upbeat and accessible evening session” from 7pm until 10pm. Monday to Thursday. Gellatly is the man for you young band hopefuls out there – his “personal interest” according to Wilkinson, being Scottish acts. But like the bedroom DJs Beat 106 hope to uncover, you’ll have to make the effort to get hear; “obviously, we’d rather the talent came to us,” says Richard. I asked if SubCity would be involved in this grassroots side of things: “co-existence-wise, there has to be a recognised filtration system, a way of giving budding DJ talent the opportunity to make it.”

As Richard says: “…it’s a complete evolution process, and a case of being aware of what is not being played and what is not being represented. It’s about being inclusive rather than exclusive, it’s about making people feel welcome,” judging by the storm on the airwaves which the station has already whipped up, all this talk may be more than just hot air.

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Image by van.brussel
Great billboard ad for a radio station shot at the Bijlmer, Amsterdam.


Image by U.S. Pacific Fleet
KUPANG, Indonesia (May 30, 2014) Lt. Brian Chaplow, assigned to the U.S. Seventh Fleet Band, conducts a live radio interview at the RRI Kupang radio station to promote awareness and upcoming events in Pacific Partnership 2014. Pacific Partnership is in its ninth iteration and is the largest annual multilateral humanitarian assistance and disaster relief preparedness mission conducted in the Asia-Pacific region. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Stephen Oleksiak/Released)


Self Storage Spaces, Storage Facilities London From Space Station

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Space Station provides all the storage facilities you would expect of a leading self storage supplier plus that little extra that makes them special. Space Station offers Self Storage Space facilities. Self storage is a Secure Storage solution to storage needs. Self storage offers both personal and business users a storage solution that they can basically control themselves.


Tips to Cut Down on Living Expenses

by mallix

It is important to have a thorough and close look at your spending in order to cut down your expenses. This will help you to have an idea that what is necessary and what are the things you can manage without. Remember, you have to consider even small items that can mount up your expenses. For instance, if you daily take a coffee for £1.20 on your way to work, it will cost you about £24 per month. These small things can cost you a lot.

It is important to add up the cost of all the things such as newspaper, snacks, coffee, bus or taxi fares, drinks, sweets and so on, you buy over a month. This will give you a better idea of your expenses on these things. Your aim should be to identify the things which you need and those which you don’t need.

The Replacement Technique

It is not always possible to cut down all the things which are not of sole importance. There are things that you buy for pleasure or happiness and can’t afford to cut them. There this replacement technique works better for you. The replacement techniques suggest you to look for cheaper alternatives for your things instead of cutting them down from the budget.

Let us start from a newspaper. People read newspaper for different reasons. Some read it for current affairs news, some for stock market or shares news, some for sports and some for entertainment. There are alternatives available to keep yourself up-to-date with latest news. For instance, if you want to know about shares, you can check them free on the Teletext or Ceefax pages on television. If you have a computer, you can get the news about stock market from many different websites such as or on Financial Times’ website, i.e.

You can also read newspaper online as all the major newspapers have their own websites such as The Guardian (, The Independent ( and The Times (

You can also visit some local library if you don’t have access to the internet. Almost all the libraries get their copy of daily newspapers. They will not cost you anything for reading a newspaper there.

You can also save a lot from form daily morning coffee. Instead of buying it daily, it is better to invest in a vacuum flask. Make coffee at home and take it with you. This will save you a lot of cash which you can spend on anything useful.

Similarly, you can save a lot on snacks and lunches. You will be surprised to know that it will cost you hundred of pounds on these snacks and lunches. It is better to spend few pounds on a loaf of bread and two and three different sandwich fillings with a bulk pack of assorted sweets or crisps than spending in a café shop. You can make your lunch at lunchtime and if you have a microwave oven at your work place that will be a great bonus for you.

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Patsy Elshire, Houston Hometown Jamboree

Check out these radio station images:

Patsy Elshire, Houston Hometown Jamboree

Image by bunky’s pickle


Image by Multimedia Photography & Design – Newhouse School
Peter N. Toby, 38, at home with Baby-Girl Ture, 30, and their son Rdriffa T. Toby, 4. Toby spends each morning listening to Truth FM radio station for leads.


Day 48_ educate youth_empower communities through radio!

A few nice radio station images I found:

Day 48_ educate youth_empower communities through radio!

Image by Frerieke
A meeting at the oldest community radio station of the whole continent: Bush radio. It started (during the apartheid times) as a pirate station and become legalized in 1995.

Bush radios philosophy is awesome. Being their for the communities, having their voices be heard. Besides broadcasting they mainly do training in journalism/radio…so cool

We spoke about the Umthombo project, raising awareness, selecting children…we’ll be partnering in this..

Nice fact: founder of bushradio is married to a Dutch lady and lives partly in The Bush radio is funded for big part by Dutch organizations..


Image by Axisworks

33 Postcards

Image by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer
33 Postcards Movie Premiere At Randwick Ritz Sydney, by Eva Rinaldi

Tonight saw 33 Postcards enjoy its premiere at the Randwick Ritz, in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

The night was not only a movie premiere but also an event somewhat designed to raise awareness and funds for educational and arts programs, tied into the film.

33 Postcards enjoyed strong media support by popular radio station 2UE and benefiting Sydney Children’s Choir and their Bursary Program, giving disadvantaged kids musical and educational opportunities that would have otherwise likely been out of their grasp.

The acclaimed cast and crew of 33 Postcards enjoyed drinks and bites with their fan base, insiders, and entertainment media, and also lapped up performances from the Sydney Children’s Choir and Chinese Lion Dancers.

Then it was time for the Australian theatrical premiere of the flick.

The film was shot in both China and Sydney, Australia in 2010. It’s the story of Chinese orphan Mei Mei (Zhu Lin) who for a decade of dreams about embracing her Australian sponsor Dean Randall (Guy Pearce). It’s not until she reaches 16 years of age, when her orphanage travels down under to Australia to attend a Choir Festival, Mei Mei takes the opportunity to look him up. What she finds however is a far cry from the idyllic life he depicted in his postcards. Initially mismatched, together they begin a journey in search of belonging, family, redemption, love and acceptance. It’s trial, tribulation, and living to fight and survive another day.

Dean is actually a convict in prison for manslaughter, so you can imagine the issues that brings on.

33 postcards won the Community Relations Commission Award at Sydney Film Festival and Victor Dominello MP NSW Minister aptly stated "33 Postcards, inspired by real life stories, explores how two individuals come together despite two different cultures, ages and unexpected circumstances." This evocative film portrays sensitively how people of vastly different cultural backgrounds can interact effectively in our society."

This is an unique and touching story that is rarely told about the relationship that some Aussies have with Chinese Orphans.

It’s not quite for everyone, but if you like a story of survival, beating the odds and the world coming together as one sort of thing, this is likely for you.

Well done to everyone involved in making the event a success.


Guy Pearce, Zhu Lin, Claudia Karvan, and Lincoln Lewis

Produced by: Australia-China co-production


33 Postcards

Randwick Ritz

Eva Rinaldi Photography Flickr

Eva Rinaldi Photography

Music News Australia


It is Possible to Live Happily Ever After

by mallix

Until death do us part, is a phrase that is commonly found in the marriage vows of most civil ceremonies. Young couples that fall in love and make a promise to be with each other throughout their lifetime can wake up one day to realize that the person they fell in love with is not the person they married.

Although many people that once saw eye to eye and pledged their undying love to a member of the opposite sex wake up one day to the uncertainty of that love it is not uncommon for couple to drift apart. Having different interests and different goals for career and family plans can drive a wedge between to lovers that vowed to share their lives together.

There are many vices and outside forces that can contribute to the weakening of a marriage and in some cases people that thought they had found their one true love may discover that their love was blind to the real person they though they fell in love with. After the masks of dating come off and the reality of marriage sets some people feel that they were disillusioned by their feelings for their spouse and after a few weeks or months start to see what they did not see before.

The truth is no one is perfect and it is foolish to think that someone is perfect or that they will not have any faults, weaknesses or flaws. It may take years to recognize the reality that a marriage is not working and that splitting up is the only viable solution to resolving conflicting opinions. When a marriage falls apart divorce may be the only real solution for allowing two people to get on with their lives and find greater happiness than they did within the marriage. For some divorced couples happily every after comes at the end of a marriage not the beginning.

These Law Offices mediate divorces whenever possible, avoiding the anger, the high cost and Court. Billings Farnsworth is a freelance writer.

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Manali City Guide: A Holiday in the Beautiful Hill Station

Its beauty and charm hardly need an introduction as Manali is easily one of the most preferred hill destinations in the country. A lovely hill resort in the snowy hill of Himachal, Manali is undoubtedly a paradise. Set high above the majestic Beas River the town overlooks the equally magical Kullu valley. It wouldn’t be hard to believe that it is an abode of gods and goddesses.


According to legends, Manali is the land of Manu, the Lawgiver of ancient India. As per tradition, when earth was flooded with waters, only Manu survived in his Arc, which after water recession landed in Manali. Associated with this legend, Manali has always got religious importance and has been a hub of many ethnic, cultural and religious activities.  Colorful festivals and fairs are a part of life here.


The Rohtang Pass here is a major tourist attraction.  Connecting Kullu with Spiti and Lahaul, it is a high road and affords mesmerizing views of the glaciers and mountains. The terrain provides exciting opportunities for trekking, hiking and mountain trails and has made the Pass a haven for adventure seekers. The Pass is however not open to public during the winter months when snowfall seals the area.


Hadimba Devi is the patron deity of Manali. According to legends, Hadimba was a demoness who married the Pandava brother, Bhima. When Pandavas returned from exile, she chose not to accompany them and stay back. It was then that she meditated and attained the status of goddess. Ever since she is idolized here and worshipped in the Hadimba Temple. The temple is in Pagoda style and is a masterpiece in itself. The Beas Kund is a religious as well as a historic attraction. It is believed to be the place where Vyas used to bathe. It is also the originating point of the River Beas. The spot is also an enchantment for those who love adventure. It has ample of scope for paragliding, trekking and skiing.

The only Manu temple in the country is located in Manali. A lovely shrine here is dedicated to Manu. The temple is accessible through a sandstone trail and is a delight to be at. The tranquility of the place and the spiritual aura of surroundings make it worth a visit. Another sacred spot around is the Vashisht Springs near River Ravi. These springs are hot water springs and have medicinal properties. The area has a number of ancient temples dedicated to Lord Ram and his Kala Guru, Vashisht.


Old Manali is the older part of the town which now forms the entire Manali. It is distinctly impressive and lures tourists with its old world charm. With its old bungalows, small-time cafes and modest inns, this is a nice place to stay for those who look for a good yet economical option. Some exquisite temples and ancient monasteries are also present in the area.


Manali is also a dream destination for all adventure lovers. River Beas offers excellent opportunities for river rafting. The staircase rapids can scare the most seasoned rafters too. Kayaking and canoeing is also done in the river. Manali also has some excellent trekking trails. Lakes, orchards and villages make for a good trail to walk. There are some particular tracks where only the experienced can trek.


The hotel industry has seen a boom in Manali seeing the large number of tourists who visit the town. As people from all sphere of life visit the place, there are hotels to cater to all kinds of needs too. From big brands to modest ones, Manali has all kinds of hotels.

Ruchira is an experienced travel writer, specializing in writing on Manali Hotels & attractions in Manali for Travelguru. Get all details on holidays in Manali and best hotel deals in Manali here: Hotels in Manali


How to Overcome Depression and Start Living the Life You Want to Live Now

For four decades I rolled around threw pity parties one after another and just lived in a low level depression – Through choices made life just became worse as time marched on and when thinking this has got to be the lowest level of life – it just became deeper and thoughts of suicide crept in and overtook my mind, body and soul. I didn’t even know that you could live a life cloaked in absolute depression and that’s what it was complete and utter clinical depression.

What do you do to over come depression? You quickly and drastically change your life – You literally rip of that mental handicapped Band-Aid and change yourself immediately and with no looking back. First things first – start some daily activity the completely engulfs your mind and body. Something that will not give you time to think about anything else but what is in front of you at that moment.. Things like learning to ride a motocross bike, rock or mountain climbing, kick boxing, or karate. I chose motocross because it requires the most physical abilities that you can muster and you have to be laser focused at all times to stay up right cross the finish line. Not to mention the flat out thrill you get from making thirty to fifty foot jumps and catch some air to boot.

Change your eating habits to one that will fuel your new activities properly. Eating lots of carbs and sugars and caffeine will only keep you in a cycle of being a loser. Drink tons of water and take plenty of vitamin supplements. Eat more seafood, raw veggies like broccoli, carrots, bell peppers, onions, etc.

 Get out of yourself and help others – Join organizations like Habitat for Humanity, get involved with your neighborhood charities and church. Helping others helps you by seeing that you really do not have it that bad at all.

 To recap: Plenty of Activities, Healthy Diet, Help Others and you have to make these three things a habit – “Thirty days makes a Habit” they say. In the past we have made a habit of doing and thinking negative things and this had become our life – You can chose what your habits are in life. Getting rid of depression starts by ridding your lifestyle of unneeded mental and physical handicaps we have imposed on ourselves.

Another must do is get professional help – Shop around for a therapist – not all are a good match – and believe it or not some therapist live in depression and do not even know themselves. So find a positive up beat person that you can see weekly or even daily if need be at first. Get everything out on the table with them – no secrets – cleanse your mental inventory and let them help you rebuild and reclaim a good healthy happy life without depression.

The above sounds good and in a perfect world we could just do it and there would be no problems – but our body and mind reject change a lot of times and this is where the fight for a good life comes in and must be paid close attention to. When it’s time to exercise, eat, work, or interact with family and we “don’t feel like it” – that’s the little guy or gal inside of you that holds you back and wants to keep you in your funk or depression. You literally have overcome all obstacles and get out of your comfort zone to accomplish this mental health miracle.

Changing your career may be a part of you healing yourself. For years I worked in a office and gained weight until I was almost 500 pounds of depressing blubber who only thought about the next break to get more food. Changing to a job that required lots of physical activity and being outside for eight to twelve hours a day was a huge key in getting rid of depression for myself. I slept better at night from being physically exhausted from a hard days work.

Sadly my spouse had to go as well – she was in the same boat I was in but did not want to overcome her depression. For several years I tried helping her to become a mentally healthy person – but her misery was her best friend and she did want to let go – Even though leading by example and showing her how my life had turned around, she only wanted the comfort of her helplessness and shroud of misery that was kept alive inside of her. Her eating habits also had her teetering at the four hundred pound mark and her heart problems and diabetes were caused by this unhealthy lifestyle.

Folks it not easy for everyone on this rock we live on – But it can be better by the simple choices we make. A woman that works for the same company as myself is one of the most positive and happy people that I have had the opportunity to meet in my life. Quite honestly we all thought she was on all kinds of medications to make herself this way. But getting to know her by talking on our lunch break, it turns out that she long ago decided to be happy no matter what life threw her way and it became a habit. Her mother suffered from severe depression and she decide that she was not going to live the life her mom had chosen.

Yes there are things that happened to us in childhood that deeply scar and crush our want to live or even survive. Some of us hang on these memories like a badge of honor as so to explain away why we are the way we are and live. “Stinking Thinking” is a habit of depression that helps us perpetuate the downward spiraling lifestyle.

Changing one’s life is a fight or flee type of feeling you get – In the past I would flee when change came upon my doorstep. Now, it gets a mental black eye and is not allowed to loiter in my mind. Constant change for the better can be made a great habit in it’s self to help you overcome depression and it will if you so chose to let that be your truth today.

Jonny Sterling is an Online Marketer – Seafood Chef – and a Seasoned Sales Veteran with over 30 years experience. Signs of Depression