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2009 Hc Superman Electrical Appliances Carry The Chinese Line Zhongshan Luzhou Station

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2009 12 14, by the HC home network’s “energy saving, environmental protection, trip, 2009, Network Appliance HC fifth national tour complimentary activities??” China Household Appliance Industry Information Daquan “Chinese line” launched a comprehensive . The home network jointly organized by the HC “Zhongshan Superman” appliances, will cover 128 cities in the country, for five thousand free copies from the HC home dealer network published the “China Household Appliance Industry Information Daquan.”

More from 10 am to ride from Yibin, Luzhou, is more than 3 pm, Superman electrical Luzhou agent Tangjing Li and regional head of Manager Li received us warmly, and each time with the super agent or responsible for electrical human contact, have been touched by their professionalism, they will keep talking to you the profound poetic culture electrical Superman, Superman electrical


Reduction of the benefits to consumers.

2009 HC

Home Appliances



Electric Superman

Chinese Bank

 Luzhou Station

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Simple meal they eat a little, away from the home appliance market closing time and two minutes or so, so we can determine today to discuss the venue and invitations, to determine a good venue and time, we first fill out all the invitations and Tang Jingli car carrying to every household appliance market, we distribute, Tang Jingli on the market here is really well known, some more remote location appliance dealer he knew in his help, we very quickly completed the initial work .

2009 HC Superman electrical appliances carry the Chinese Zhongshan Station in Luzhou line

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Invitations at the time, many dealers see HC carry out his activities have been very enthusiastic, some would ask the sponsor in which any of our business activities, when we talk about is the 17-year history of Superman has electrical appliances, they are more interested in the invitation to hold electrical appliances look on Superman, Superman seems to electrical energy by ranking Oh really make the tour worthwhile.

2009 HC Superman electrical appliances carry the Chinese Zhongshan Station in Luzhou line

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Most interesting is that there is a do


Appliance dealers on the road to see our invitations, specifically stopped to ask is not HC’s hair appliances Daquan comes, said the last show we did not get, this must remain a given He is also active with our invitation to be the one to see these, we really happy, because household appliances Daquan, we have been very different places in the strange over the warm concern

HC Network

Daquan Chinese home appliance line, not only shortened the distance between manufacturers and dealers, but also reduce the distance between people.

9:00 the next morning, our activities in the city of Superman electrical appliances at the door on time, events soon completed. Although tired, but with the enthusiasm of dealers, we are very happy rushed to the next stop: Chengdu, Please pay attention!

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Social Media Networking on the Internet

Along with the birth and development of the internet arose the Social Media networking. There are several sites available on the internet that provide for interactivity between users. This interactivity ranges from the common chat interface to video sharing, podcasts or live broadcasts of recording and even online gaming. For each of these there is a specific site that has garnered the most popularity over the youth today, the main target audience for these kinds of establishments.

The Social Media circle has many advantages; it not only provides socializing but also serves as an enjoyable means of learning over the internet. Users can utilize many different kinds of platforms to educate themselves along with other people. Online instruction is no longer limited to basic reading and writing skills rather provides a whole different learning experience wherein users can make use of programs that rely on response or output from the user, much like the fun we enjoy from gaming online. Still if the user feels much more comfortable with the more basic forms of socializing like through chat, there is still an option to do so. Many social networking sites provide interactivity through the entire field, and chat is one of the most basic. Users may also post notes and messages in real time over either a private or public interface wherein other users may react or comment in response. There are also options to upload recording either video or audio, also where other users may interact through them.

To date there are still many advancements in technology that allow for more social interaction through social media networking on the internet, and there are already many to choose from. One has to merely determine which best suites him or her or go for what is most popular or trendy. There is something for everybody on the internet and one merely has to have the time to search for what best suites him or her.


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Zhengzhou Home Improvement Chain Stores Predators Stationed Change Pattern

Enclosure, expansion, commercial stores in the industry is not a new topic, but in Zhengzhou, the home store industry, such as Red Star? Meikai dragon so called “home improvement industry, the flag,” a high-profile presence of national chain predators also is a first time, last year’s 11 stores in Zhengzhou industry therefore created quite a stir at home.

In July of this year, another “home improvement industry banner” The home actually signed a contract, an official stationed in business all 6 news of the times when Dragon Square, home to major store industry will once again be pushed to the discussion of shock to a climax.

Although a new industry just sounded the clarion call of war, but a new map of the Central Plains home industry forces seems to have looming in people’s eyes a … …

Central China Red Star Army decoration was the end of easy times Throughout the home store in Zhengzhou

industry for many years, also civil wars, but mostly some small conflicts, started taking the national expansion of the movement is rare, most home stores life’s very moist.

Take home the largest concentration of stores Zheng Bian Road, in this way, up to a dozen major markets and shopping malls. Large markets and strong radiation throughput to live here than stores doing brisk business: Phoenix, Botswana, East Building, Oukai Long continued dislocation in the competition: wholesale furniture in the main Expo Phoenix mainly building materials, and set the wholesale, retail, Project In one of the East Building gradually shift to the retail-based furniture retail Oukai Long dominated by fine.

Worth mentioning is that after years of expeditions Oukai Long, following the establishment of 10 000 in 1997 and Furniture City, the golden sea stores, Wenhua Road, shops, stores, and the Yellow River Road, Songshan shops have opened, or high-end, or Parity, or fashion, four stores of accurate positioning, as laid Oukai Long a leader in the Central Plains home industry position in the industry thriving, many years, lived “the uncontested top dog” days.

As a whole, over the years, the Central Plains is more than comfortable home store industry, lack of competition. Until last October, Red Star? Meikai Long Zheng Bian Road, settled, calm years of home building materials store in Zhengzhou competition pattern was finally broken.

National predators enclosure Zhengzhou home market competition

It is reported that in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other cities already have nearly 40 stores in the Red Star? Meikai dragon on the “expansion” already very much at home. According to Red Star? Meikai Long car Jianxin, president of programming, 2008 will open 15 new stores, each store more than most of the 100,000 square meters, while in 2010, Red Star? Meikai Dragon will complete a total of 80 homes in the country store the number of plans. And actually the name of expanding home this year, “abacus.”

Thus, in 2008, home store chain is bound to this piece of battlefield smoke. National home chain store expansion wave has reached the people around Zhengzhou.

, However, should not be overlooked is that the collective local home stores to seek change, but also intensified competition in the industry. How in the Red? Meikai Dragon, actually home, Home Depot and other national chain’s “offensive” under the grab your consumer groups, which requires local home store to take effective countermeasures. “Local home stores only take the initiative to take the lead in fighting for market share can we guarantee their invincible, and this is the best countermeasures.” Provincial Association of Interior Deputy Secretary-General, Provincial Administrative Office decoration decoration Section Sun Dong Ming said the one hand, to constantly improve the local home store layout, started businesses, brands, improve marketing on the other hand should improve the “one-stop shopping”, “combined with multiple formats” management model to enhance the store’s core competitiveness.

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Drought Reflection: Competition For Water Resources In The Mekong Disorder Station

According to relevant reports Netease, since the beginning of this year, five provinces in southwest China suffered a severe drought, no rain for months continued into March, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia are beginning to have serious drought, which flows through the five countries Mekong River water level dropped to the lowest level in 20 years. To this end, the lower Mekong countries criticized China’s Upper Mekong dams in the drought intensified. In fact, the Mekong River since ancient times “is not and the water,” joked, but the debate on this issue has continued for decades.

Around the Mekong River water resources development of the three disputed

Controversial one: repair of dams in the upstream river will affect the ecological balance?

Environmental protection Organization: Mekong dams accelerated the reduction of water, water quality, changes in water flow has caused a series of questions: for example, Vietnam’s “rice bowl” Mekong Delta River erosion are due to seasonal flooding and the unique Arid Changes affected.

Thai fishermen: the unpredictability of salt to bring the production of agricultural and fishery losses. Thailand Parmon dam near the fishermen said, “when the dam burst the first time, Hanoi was scared to scattered fish. Dam projects after the beginning of the year, Hanoi has no fish.”

The Chinese government: the dam is the biggest ecological impact of sediment to flow downstream fewer, because the silt gathered in a reservoir, but this objective so that the Mekong River for irrigation and navigation more convenient. Former minister of China Ministry of Water Resources, Association of China Wang Shucheng more dams, “said the ecological water Environment Impact only on the watershed area, but if you do not affect the development and construction of water damage to the global ecological environment. “

Controversy II: repair of dams in the upper reaches of the river is dirty water will decrease?

Environmental protection Organization: Council. Construction of dam would change the law in each of the ups and downs the water, which makes water the downstream countries subject to the upper reaches of the state regulation of water demand. Mekong River in the past few months the region is indeed reduced precipitation, which is not only a natural drought, or by the upper reaches of the impact of large dams projects.

Mekong River Commission: no. Mekong River water level drop is caused by the drought rather than natural causes caused the dam. Rainfall in the Mekong River Basin in 2009 dropped by 30%, while the rainy season but end month and a half earlier than usual, which makes the Mekong and its tributaries, smaller volume of water. “Upstream flood control dams have a positive effect”, the Mekong River Commission President Jeremy Bird said, “If there are no dams upstream, downstream in January of this year is likely to have been shortage of water supply problems.”

Chinese government: no. Average annual runoff of the departure Lancang Mekong River to the sea only 13.5% of average annual runoff of the Mekong water main outside the Mekong River from China (86.5%). Water evaporation from reservoirs, small hydropower, hydropower does not consume water running. Moreover, China has no inter-basin water transfer Lancang River Basin Plan, along the very few industrial and agricultural water consumption, the demand on limited water resources. Lancang River Hydropower Development almost no effect on downstream water.

Controversial three: no effect after the completion of the dam, who is in charge?

Mekong River Commission (MRC): Mekong River Commission, an advisory in the form of Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, the development of water resources issues in four countries for data detection and information analysis, but on the national implementation of the project without any decision. At present, the downstream countries of dams on river water temperature conditions on the authority of the data, mostly from the agency on rainfall, river levels and floods clock of the periodic reports.

China: China’s Yunnan Province has its own testing system, but never in the past 15 years, the downstream country open. March 25 this year, China announced its willingness to offer the first time in Yunnan Jinghong Hydropower Station Dam and water level information Manwan. However, the Chinese government within the data provided only for the assessment of the dam.

Environmental organizations: Thailand’s “Siamese River of Life,” “Save the Mekong Union” and other environmental organizations, environmental groups are opposed to dam the Mekong River (especially hydroelectric dam) of the active non-governmental forces, they through the organization of the various inter-regional forums, published articles in the media side of “supervision” of China and its construction of the dam.

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Lighted Makeup Mirrors For Makeup Beauty Stations

Often you might see lighted makeup mirrors on video shots of film stars preparing their makeup. After doing this, these actors know that their makeup will look good under the harsh stage lights. These mirrors help artists put on makeup just right. For a woman who is about to put on her makeup, the mirror allows the best over all view of her face. The clearer and brighter the mirror is, the better aid it is for putting on makeup. Mirrors are an absolutely necessary part of beauty makeup stations.

Reveals Your Facial Features
A makeup mirror that is lighted has features that ensure that when one looks into it, all the blemishes, warts, moles, small rashes, fine lines and tiniest details are revealed. This is important when applying makeup. When you start a daily ritual of cleaning your face, toning and moisturizing, a lighted makeup mirror lets you know if you missed any places.

Kinds of Mirrors
There are different kinds of lighted mirrors. The magnifying makeup mirrors can have 10x magnification and many are distortion free. This is important when trying to see the tiniest and finest detail. Some mirrors are double-sided. One side is no magnification while the other side is magnified.

Wall Mounts
There are magnifying wall mounted makeup mirrors. One kind can be pulled back and swiveled to whatever side that one would want to see clearly. Another kind is the magnifying, double-sided wall mirror that extends a short distance from the wall with both sides lighted.

One type of vanity makeup mirror lights up when used, sits on a pedestal and is made of brushed brass. It is ideal for home use which you can use even when you just want to clean your face or fix your hair.

Another kind of lighted makeup mirror that you can use at home is the lighted, double sided, round mirror. It features a regular mirror on one side, and the magnifying mirror on the other side. Both sides use a halo light for added brilliance and clarity.

For traveling, a fold-away compact makeup mirror features a 10x magnification that mimics natural day and night light. It is made so that one can see clearly while cleaning and grooming. This compact design folds easily and can be placed in a bag.

A lighted magnifying makeup mirror that has 5x magnification with 4 light settings is another choice. This kind of mirror uses the available light. It can be used in daylight or evening, in the office or at home. The mirror has 3 panels to provide wide angle viewing, and has a side view mirror panels for custom viewing and can be closed,is compact for traveling.

Every woman has her likes and dislikes. Some women think that the mirror they use should show the tiniest detail even without their eyeglasses on. Because of this, women scour the market for the best, most convenient lighted makeup mirror.

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Merilee Paige is a Face Makeup enthusiast. Visit Makeup to Die For for
Beauty Makeup Stations and other resources you can use right now to put on your very best face.

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broadcasting riddles

Check out these broadcast images:

broadcasting riddles
Image by bru76

On Location
Image by derekbruff
Another shot taken during the State of the Union address by the President at the Capitol building. There were quite a few TV trucks surrounding the Capitol.


Seven Second Delay – Live @ The UCB Theater 7/25/12

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Seven Second Delay – Live @ The UCB Theater 7/25/12

Image by jvdalton
Seven Second Delay – 7/25/12 – UCB Theater 7sd-0581


Lastest Broadcast News

broadcast tower
Image by snap turtle


Mormon Temple Boston Massachusetts

Some cool radio station images:

Mormon Temple Boston Massachusetts

Image by More Good Foundation
The open house of the 100th Mormon temple captured media and public attention. About 82,600 visitors toured the temple prior to its dedication. A local radio station and newspaper working together produced the first on-line tours of a temple. It included narration accompanied by photographs of the temple’s interior.

Because of a lawsuit from local residents, the temple was dedicated without the planned steeple. President Hinckley was optimistic about the issue saying,

” We wish the steeple were on it. I regret that it isn’t. But we can get along without it while awaiting the outcome of the legal action. In the meantime, we’ll go forward performing the ordinance work of this sacred house.” 2

His optimism was rewarded, when in May the Supreme Court of Massachusetts ruled in favor of the Church. Previously, Judge Elizabeth Fahey had ruled that the building’s steeple was not a “necessary element of the Mormon religion.” Therefore under the law, the building height limit could be enforced. But the Supreme Court overruled her ruling saying, “A rose window at Notre Dame Cathedral, a balcony at St. Peter’s Basilica, are judges to decide whether these architectural elements are ‘necessary’ to the faith served by those buildings?” The judges concluded that, “It is not for judges to determine whether the inclusion of a particular architectural feature is ‘necessary’ for a particular religion.”3 And on September 21, 2001, the steeple with the famous angel Moroni was set in place, completing the Boston temple.

Source: Mormon Temple Boston Massachusetts

Views of City Tower

Image by tj.blackwell
City Tower (formerly known as the Sunley Building) is a 30 storey office block situated at Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester, England. It is currently the third tallest building in Manchester and is one of Manchester’s main broadcast transmission sites, hosting the antennas of local radio stations XFM, Rock Radio and Galaxy on FM as well as BBC digital radio.

Jane’s Addiction Ticket Stubs

Image by jimjones3
Here are all the ticket stubs I’ve saved from all the Jane’s shows I’ve been to. Use the note fileds on the pic for descriptions of each ticket.


Seven Second Delay – Live @ The UCB Theater – 4/20/11

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Seven Second Delay – Live @ The UCB Theater – 4/20/11

Image by jvdalton
Brute Force on Seven Second Delay – 4/20/11

Little Village Live Staff: Lisa, Matt, Drew – b&w

Image by Adrianne Behning Photography
Little Village Live
Public Space One
Iowa City
2011 07 13