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Winless Eskies still talking a good game

Winless Eskies still talking a good game
Edmonton Eskimos quarterback Ricky Ray (15) passes the ball against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers during the first half of Canadian Football League action in Winnipeg July 24, 2010.
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Ohio State suspends Tressel for two games
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel received an e-mail last April telling him that two of his players were caught up in a federal drug-trafficking case and the sale of memorabilia, breaking NCAA rules.
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Q&A: When is the next time the longhorns will play?

Question by soldier: When is the next time the longhorns will play?
University of Texas

Best answer:

Answer by Aj
friday after thanksgiving against texas a&m

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The Morning Line, 3/3

The Morning Line, 3/3
Cincinnati is officially back to being the epicenter of Quasi-Amateur Hoop Universe, and it feels good. Xavier was in the tournament before last night; UC probably was, too. Now, definitely. Take a bow, boys. You could argue that Tobacco Road has better ball, but not this year. Duke is good, but Carolina isnt, especially. Wake […]
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KU beats Texas A&M 64-51 on Senior Night
Texas A&M frustrated Kansas for 30 minutes, and the Aggies trailed by just two points with 10 minutes to play. But led by Tyrel Reed, Brady Morningstar and Mario Little, the Jayhawks won 64-51 in the three seniors’ final game in Allen Fieldhouse.
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Purple hazed: Slumping Texas falls at home to Kansas St.
Texas’ J’Covan Brown tries to get to the basket past Kansas State’s Martavious Irving (left) and Curtis Kelly on Monday night. (Michael Thomas/Associated Press)
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Dauster: Nolan, Jimmer headline our awards
Dauster: Picking the 10 best players in college basketball isn’t easy. Sometimes, it’s downright impossible. So we cheated a bit. We choose 11.
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How are the Texas Longhorns looking for the upcoming season?

Question by Vernon H: How are the Texas Longhorns looking for the upcoming season?
I assume a National Championship is not in order. Will we win what’s left of the Big 12?
Do you have any insights? Why, is this just your hopes and dreams or what can you point to that the longhorns are lacking? I am looking for some opinions on the team, not just some bandwagoners please.

Best answer:

Answer by jcyr84
Nope, the Oklahoma Sooners will win the Big XII

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Smithy at Sports Personality of the Year – BBC Sport Relief Night 2010

Please donate at A new sketch featuring Smithy at the awards event of the sporting year.


City of Pilot Point, Pilot Point, Texas Historical Marker

A few nice texas images I found:

City of Pilot Point, Pilot Point, Texas Historical Marker
Image by fables98
Attracted by fertile land and abundant water and game, pioneers began to settle at this site near the edge of the Cross Timbers region in the late 1840s. The village, first known as Pilot’s Point, was named for a high point of timber that served travelers as a landmark. Near an early immigrant trail, Pilot Point was also a stop on the Butterfield State Route. A townsite was platted in 1854 on land originally granted to Charles Smith. Dr. R. W. Edleman (1825-1904) of Missouri came here to launch a medical practice and open a drugstore. James D. Walcott ran the earliest general store and became the first postmaster in 1855. Alphius Knight, a settler from New York, built and conducted the first school in the town. Established by three local residents in 1872, Pilot Point Seminary was later renamed Franklin College and operated here for almost 30 years. In 1878 the town’s first newspaper was published and in 1884 a bank opened. A marketing center for farmers and stock raisers, Pilot Point had a grist mill and a cotton gin. The arrival of two railroads, the Texas and Pacific and the Missouri, Kansas and Texas, boosted the local economy in the 1880s. Agriculture and light industry form the base of the town’s economy in the 1970s. (1978) Incise on back: Marker sponsored by Chamber of Commerce Researched by: Mavis Burton, Norma Cole, Clifton Irick, Judy Lewellen, Estelle Whitley

Back Lot – Texas Hollywood
Image by howzey
The back lot at Texas Hollywood in Tabernas. Those sheds are absolutely stacked with props

Geographic Center of Texas TxHM Vicinity
Image by QuesterMark
Geographic Center of Texas historical marker


Nice Dps photos

Check out these dps images:

Image by Kennisland


Billboard Hot 100 – Top 50 Singles (5/1/2010)

The top 50 Singles from the US Billboard Hot 100 song chart as measured by radio airplay audience impressions, digital and physical sales data and streaming activity data. This is the chart that is dated May 1, 2010! ENJOY!


Nice Longhorns photos

Check out these longhorns images:

Taking No Bull
Image by alfromelkhorn
The sentinel for this small herd of longhorn cattle "covers the back" during grazing in Walworth County, Wisconsin.


is windows longhorn the same as windows vista?

Question by Johnny R: is windows longhorn the same as windows vista?
i heard people talking about windows longhorn

Best answer:

Answer by life2death_sbc
Yes, and no. Longhorn was the ‘Beta’ of Vista’s codename. As Whistler was what became Windows XP. Neptune became Windows Whistler (Windows 2000 + Windows ME Experiment)

A lot of people argue that Longhorn had a lot more going for it. Also longhorn covers Windows 2008 Server AND Vista.

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