Event on 2018-07-27 19:00:00
Battle for a chance to win ,000!  Finalists will RECEIVE complimentary hotel and airfare. Welcome to FARMSports Free Registration page.   Your entry fee of may be paid at the event or website at: Bracket of 64 contestant Head to Head (Double Elimination).  The Winner of each bracket (North, South, East, West) will advance to face each other in the semifinal.  The Finalist will shoot off at The Staple Center for Championship on August 14th with a chance to win up to ,000. 64 contestant bracket is required to have a shootout! General Rules: 64 Contestant Bracket (Double Elimination) – entry fee  – re-entry fee (for a second chance) Each contestant have 1 minute to shoot a total of 15 basketballs per round. -12 Regular Basketball worth 1 point each. -3 Money Balls worth 2 points each. Contestant Shoot From:  -Left Corner  -Top of the key -Right Corner  In the event of a tie, the total of number of money balls made will break tie. If still tied contestant shoot one rack top of the key.   If still tied contestant shoot off top of key first miss loses. Ball Size: 29.5 Projected Shooting Distance: -Preliminary (High School) -Semifinals (High School/College) -Finals (College/NBA) Shooting Distance could change based on the gym. Spots are not secured until entry fee is paid All prizes are based on 64 brackets being filled. Prize fund could vary if not filled.

at Multiple Gyms

Dallas, United States

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