Do you know dogfriendly hotels /motel chains in the USA?

Question by Erdnusslöckchen: Do you know dogfriendly hotels /motel chains in the USA?
I m driving from Dallas to Vancouver(I can not my fly because my dog hates it) which hotel /motel chain, would accept a dog .

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Answer by droopydnyc
Motel 6 has a chain-wide “pet friendly” policy — you should be able to keep a well-behaved pet in your room with you.

From their website:

Other than Service Animals, one well behaved pet per room is permitted unless they are prohibited by state law or ordinance. Pets must be declared during guest registration. In consideration of all Motel 6 guests, pets must be attended at all times.

Definitely make reservations in advance and specifically ask if you can keep your dog with you, though. That way you can avoid any surprises!

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