Presha-Eudell Family Reunion (Activity Fees)

Presha-Eudell Family Reunion (Activity Fees)
Event on 2017-07-28 15:00:00
With all there is to do in Texas, some of the activities being offered during the PEFR will come at an additional cost. Like General Registration, Activities & Transportation have a deadline of June 24. Why is there a June 24, 2017 deadline to register? Final headcounts need to be provided in advance to the venues and any services we plan to use throughout the weekend. Registering late can is not only costly for you, but also for the organizer of the family reunion. This often leads to someone being generous enough to pick up the cost, cutting an activity, or dipping into seed money that has been set aside for something else. Most vendors will charge extra for making changes at the last minute. To ensure we are on-time and receive the best of service we are providing them with the information they need sooner than later. If you are having trouble meeting this deadline, please contact the family reunion organizer (Jennifer Edge) as soon as possible. Why is there registration fees and activity fees? For this reunion, we are doing this a little different! Based on observation and feedback from the previous two reunions, there wasn't a strong agenda with available activities for everyone, plus not everyone wants to do the same things as everyone else. Registration fees will cover the cost associated with an individual to attend and partake in the some of the basic activities. Activity fees will cover any extra activities in addition to (optional) the basic activities covered in the family reunion registration fees. Although the family reunion is about bringing us all together to learn our family heritage and create connections, everyone has different circumstances and may have interest to do more kid friendly activities, shop till they drop, or just want enjoy the big city night life. In the past, the family reunion consisted of a family meet and greet (Friday), family banquet (Saturday), and church services (Sunday). With the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex being so big and offering a variety of things for everyone of all ages to do, it was decided to identify activities that provided people with an agenda and options that are flexible and affordable. Do I have to attend/participate in activities that have additional costs? No. That's the great thing about having the registration fees and activity fees separate. In the past, everyone had to partake in the same activities. With there being so much to do in the area no one is obligated to participate in the additional activities. It is absolutely fine you are just coming to see everyone, get away for a little awhile, rest and relax. Remember, this is about enjoying yourself!

at Arlington, Texas, United States
Arlington, Texas, United States
Arlington, United States

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