Q&A: Can smaller modeling agencies book jobs with top designers?

Question by failurexbyxdesignerxjeans: Can smaller modeling agencies book jobs with top designers?
There’s a agency in Dallas that’s interested in signing me called Campbell. Dallas is no NYC, so I want to know if a agency in Dallas will be able to book (eventually once I’m more experienced) high-profile jobs (like runway, major campaign ads, etc) with top fashion designers or do I need to sign with a top model management group like Ford, Elite, etc which are all in NYC?

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Answer by Kittysue
The Campbell Agency is the top agency in Texas with a great national reputation. If they are interested, go for it. They do lots of work with Neiman Marcus as well as designers doing trunk shows or shoots in Texas, as well as advertisers shooting national campaigns there. They also have connections with a lot of the big agencies in NY or LA if you do ever want to move to one of those cities in the future. I would spend a few years building up your book in Texas then trying to move to NY

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