Part 1 of 10. Using vintage archival film and television footage, as well as newer (1993) interviews with some of the key participants and witnesses, The Discovery Channel’s “The End Of Camelot” provides a rich, textured look into the shocking and world-affecting events of November 22, 1963, the day that President John F. Kennedy was killed by a sniper in Dallas, Texas. This 90-minute retrospective program includes the very last interview ever given by former Texas Governor John Connally, who was riding in JFK’s car when the shots rang out in Dallas and was seriously wounded by the gunfire. Among those who put in an appearance in this documentary include: Ben Bradlee, Walter Cronkite, John Connally, Nellie Connally, Evelyn Lincoln, Malcolm Kilduff, Sargent Shriver, James Leavelle, Charles Brehm, and Air Force One pilot James Swindal. Released on VHS video as “JFK: The End Of Camelot”. ©1993 Discovery Communications, Inc. ALL 10 PARTS: www.youtube.com RELATED LINKS: DVP-Potpourri.blogspot.com Four-Days-In-November.blogspot.com http

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