Where can I find entry level accounting/finance job in dallas?

Question by Timothy B: Where can I find entry level accounting/finance job in dallas?
Hello, I am a senior Accounting Major in Dallas, and have a year left until I graduate but am currently looking for full time employment now.
I have no experience in the accounting/finance industry, but some experience in Customer Service and IT.
Where should I look to find a job?
What type of job could I get in accouting/finance?
Does Anyone know of anyone hiring currently?
Thank you

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Answer by GETaLIFE
It’s a tough market but you should start calling around now to smaller CPA firms across the DFW metroplex and inquire about intern positions. Explain that you’re willing to work for “slave wages” if you can get practical experience. At your age, the experience for your resume is far more valuable than the pay. CALL them, don’t just send blind emails or resumes. You have to pursue and be aggressive. Tax season will begin shortly and you may get lucky to score an intern role with a good firm you an repeat for a couple years. Next, stay in school! The economy will continue to worsen for the next 2-3 years and it will be a terrible time to be searching for a green grad entry level role. Get your Masters and pass the CPA exam. With those credentials in about 3+ years, you will have a far better chance of landing a good position with better pay and you will stand out among the other green grads.

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