Where is/are the best place(s) to look for evening gowns in Dallas,Tx?

Question by Star shower: Where is/are the best place(s) to look for evening gowns in Dallas,Tx?
I am going to be attending my first ever black tie affair and need an evening gown for the occasion. I have no idea where to even start looking! I need it for the first week in April so I need suggestions on places that have good quality, yet reasonably priced (under 0 if possible!), dresses that aren’t custom made or take long to get ready. Any tips on what styles I should look for or avoid will help too since I have no idea what I’m doing! Suggestions on shoes, handbags, and accessories are welcome too.
Anything in the Garland, Mesquite, Plano, Richardson, Sachse, and/or Wylie areas will be most convenient for me. (Between school, errands, & home those are the areas I’m usually in.)
The event is a formal evening for my boyfriend’s company. Dinner, dancing, lots of smiling, and hand shaking. Thank you sooooo much in advance for your help!

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Answer by sparkles_x
well most importantly make sure its something you feel comfortable in since you will be wearing it for a while and doing lots of things
you want to make a good impression also though so i would go for something sophisticated like a dress just below the knee but showing off your shoulders and neck
no clevage if it is formal, it will look really inappropriate and give off the wrong impression
i would also wear a wrap/shawl in case you get colder after and it also is great if you dont know what everyone else will be wearing and they all turn up more covered up

i would look in tj maxx

the shoes really depend on what dress you are wearing but i would definatly get the dress before you buy the shoes so you know how long your dress is with your shoes on

i would definatly go for something with a heel though depending on what you feel comfortable wearing, a small 1-2 inch heel would look good with a dress showing a bit of leg but if it goes down near your ankles i would go for something a bit higher

colours i would suggest are red, black, purple
just because it is black tie it doesnt mean you have to wear black!

if you have a strapless dress wear your hair down but if its halterneck or another type of strap it would look better worn in an updo

whatever you do though make sure you have a great evening
appearances arent everything and most people will be focusing on the event, not what everyone else is wearing

hope i helped!

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