FMDallas Keep tuned on Dallas! Thu, 29 Jun 2017 12:22:09 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Cinderfella – The Bearded Princess 5K & 10K – Dallas Thu, 29 Jun 2017 12:22:09 +0000 Cinderfella – The Bearded Princess 5K & 10K – Dallas
Event on 2017-11-01 08:00:00
Why do Disney Princesses get to have all the fun?  In honor of No Shave November, we are hosting our second annual The Bearded Princess 5K & 10K.   This year’s Bearded Princess is Cinderfella! This is a virtual race, so you can participate from anywhere in the world and we will ship your medal directly to you.  We will also be donating  at least 15% of each registration to LOCKS OF LOVE,  which provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children under age 21 suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis. *THIS IS A VIRTUAL RUN! What: This is a virtual run (or walk) 5K or 10K to celebrate No Shave November and Bearded Princesses. When: Complete your race any time in November 2017.  *Medals will being shipping out in October.  Where:  You choose the course and you time yourself (you’ll report your finishing time to us). Why:  Because this is our way of celebrating No Shave November.  We will also be donating  at least 15% of each registration to LOCKS OF LOVE. Our goal is to raise ,000! *We are in no way affiliated with this charity, we like to choose a different charity for each of our races and are happy to raise funds for them. Cost: .

at Dallas- VIRTUAL
Dallas, United States

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Portland Army Radio Station Thu, 29 Jun 2017 11:45:42 +0000 A few nice radio station images I found:

Portland Army Radio Station

Image by Byteboy

Wolf Building

Image by Thomas James Caldwell
Delaware County National Bank Building (later known as the "Wolf Building"). Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1987, its unique architecture represents the city’s Classical Revival period. It has served as a financial institution and as a radio station in the early days of WVCH (The Voice of Chester). Built in 1884.

14th Connect.Euranet debate on investing in youth for the future of Europe

Image by connect.euranet
In cooperation with the European Youth Forum, Connect.Euranet went face to face with the European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Multilinguism, Androulla Vassiliou in a live debate. Young journalists and youth leaders from all across the EU quizzed the high profile politician on the EU’s plans for investing in youth. Hot topics ranged from promoting democracy and participation, with an emphasis on the 2014 European Parliament elections.

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Rise Against The Machine (RATM Tribute) Wed, 28 Jun 2017 19:22:23 +0000 Rise Against The Machine (RATM Tribute)
Event on 2017-10-14 21:00:00
Come on out for an authentic recreation of the baddest band on the planet, Rage Against the Machine! ..We are bringing these guys in from Dallas and they are spot on.. Only 15 dollars online or 20 at the door.   These guys sell out almost ever place they go..So get your tickets ealry if you like RATM. 

at Numbers Night Club
300 Westheimer Rd
Houston, United States

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Leadership NOW Symposium 2017 Wed, 28 Jun 2017 02:22:14 +0000 Leadership NOW Symposium 2017
Event on 2017-10-05 08:00:00
Special Event Details O Ethical Bombs – How can I learn from other’s mistakes?             Thursday, October 5, 2017   8:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.             City Centre at Quail Valley – Magnolia Ballroom, 2880 LaQuinta Drive, Missouri City, Texas Our actions are always on display, ripe for evaluation and judgment. If one city manager acts inappropriately, violating ICMA’s Code of Ethics, it impacts the entire profession, undermining our ability to manage and lead. The same is true as when our staff do not live up to the profession’s high standards. What “ethical bombs” do professionals make? What traps do I need to look out for? How do I protect my integrity when a city manager creates controversy that reflects poorly on what I do? This session will answer these questions, reviewing several case studies of “ethical bombs” city managers and their staffs have made throughout the years. Learn tips to avoid these mistakes and how best to address the collateral damage when an “ethical bomb” drops nearby.  Additional areas to be addressed during the session include the following: Why are ethics important in the local government      profession? What are common ethical challenges and how can you      navigate them? What are best practices for promoting ethics in action? What resources are available to support you?   Presenter:  Martha Perego, ICMA Director of Member Services and Ethics Supporters/Sponsors:  City of Missouri City, City of Sugarland, City of Pearland, NFBPA, TCMA, University of Houston, and Texas Southern University. O City and County Managers’ Panel:  “Dealing with Changing Communities and Priorities              Thursday, October 5, 2017   11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.             City Centre at Quail Valley – Magnolia Ballroom, 2880 LaQuinta Drive, Missouri City, Texas Whether this is your second or twenty-second, year in this profession, the benefit of hearing lessons learned and insight from those who have walked in your shoes proves a valuable resource. Our five panelists have multiple years of combined service in local government, and will share stories of their careers, including what has changed since they started in local government and how they’ve addressed it, and how the role of a public administrator may change in the next 20 years, and how best to prepare. Panel:  Gary Jackson, City Manager, Asheville, NC; T.C. Broadnax, City Manager, Dallas, TX; Dale Fisseler, City Manager, Waco, TX; Bruce Moore, City Manager, Little Rock, AR; and Verdenia Baker, County Manager, Palm Beach County, FL, and Allen Bogard, Sugar Land, TX.  O Community Public Policy Keynote & Discussion:  “Raising Awareness and bringing attention to the crisis of the  HIV/AIDS Epidemic”            Thursday, October 5, 2017             2:30 p.m. City Centre at Quail Valley – Magnolia Ballroom, 2880 LaQuinta  Drive, Missouri City, Texas Join key community and corporate partners for a panel discussion that has been organized to raise awareness and bring attention to the ongoing crisis of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) reveals that more than 1.2 million people in the United States are living with HIV infection, and almost 1 in 6 are unaware of their infection.   Every 9 ½ minutes someone is infected with HIV in the U.S.  African Americans make up only 13.6% of the U.S. population, yet account for 52% of all new HIV/AIDS cases and 44% of new infections.  In 2014, an estimated 11,842 residents in Houston/Harris County were newly diagnosed, for the number of African American women diagnosed in 2014 for every white person diagnosed was 21.12.   Please join us for an informative discussion about the efforts to eliminate this infectious disease in our community including the AIDS Healthcare Foundation and the Houston Health Department. Come join us and learn ways that everyone can support this work or get involved. The panel discussion is co-presented with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, CIGNA Healthcare, and the Houston Health Department. O “Show Me City” Community Reception             Thursday, October 5, 2017             4:30 p.m. City Centre at Quail Valley – Magnolia Ballroom, 2880 LaQuinta Drive, Missouri City, Texas   Join Missouri City, the NFBPA Houston chapter, PFM, the Houston Health Department, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, and ICMA-RC as they welcome the Public Policy attendees to end the day with gold standard networking and smooth jazz sounds.   

at Quail Valley Country Club
2880 La Quinta Drive
Missouri City, United States

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Office chairs – Make the work station comfortable Tue, 27 Jun 2017 13:45:59 +0000
by skoop

Office chairs are available in wide range in market. Right selection of furniture’s can beautify your office environment.

Furniture plays a vital role in beautifying the look of your home or office. But if you have selected furniture only for style then it may harm your body. Apart from style comfort is the main thing which has to consider while buying furniture. Office is the place where every people spend almost 9 to 10 hours daily. office chairs has much importance because a employee sits on the chair and do his work. If it will not be comfortable then the body posture will be affected and it will harm the employee. Uncomfortable chairs will also distract their mind from work and they will also not enjoy their work but if it will give them comfortable they will feel the place like home and will enjoy their work to a large extent. Many manufactures have designed office furniture’s in different styles, designs and colors.

In office different types of furniture’s are used like for employees there is different style, for conference room its different and the same for guests and reception. The work station of employees is designed in two ways that is cubical style and bay style. In cubical style four employees can sit together but their privacy is maintained because it is divided by walls from three sides in the fourth is left free for entry and exit of employees. Nobody can disturb anyone in this. In bay style there is a stretched desk where all the employees work in a single row. The seating arrangement is done in such a manner that everybody can communicate with each other.

The person who has the responsibility of buying furniture’s should keep certain thing before buying. Firstly the height of chair should match the height of employee so that that he can comfortably do his work. Then comes the color selection, it should not be very bright that pinch the eyes, very eye soothing and decent color is best for office purpose. One more thing that is also importance is the style of chairs; it should be very stylish like you keep at home. Office furniture’s should have a decent look.

You should never compromise with the chairs quality; it should be strong enough to manage anybody’s weight. Some manufacturers offer much cheap office furniture which are easily affordable to anybody. So keeping these things in mind always select the right furniture for your office and make it look better.

Sophia is one of the many writers who creates interesting and thought-provoking content on all ranges of furniture. She is a complete source for any piece of information regarding furniture.Get the latest updates on Office Furniture, Office Desks, Meeting Tables, office chairs, Reception Counters etc.

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PARKING: Dallas Cowboys vs. Seattle Seahawks Sun, 25 Jun 2017 23:22:11 +0000 PARKING: Dallas Cowboys vs. Seattle Seahawks
Event on 2017-12-24 03:30:00

at AT&T Stadium
1 Legends Way
Arlington, United States

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Living a Creative Life Sun, 25 Jun 2017 15:45:54 +0000
by izqrdo

What does it mean to live a creative life? It means looking for new and better ways to live from day to day and year to year, rather than going along on automatic or doing what everyone else around you is doing. It means applying that brainpower to more than just paying the bills and winning those video games – and more than even creative thinking or writing.

For example, the usual approach to the problem of survival in a modern economy is to get a job. One’s creative impulses are usually limited to finding the “right” job and doing the things necessary or helpful to getting hired. But a person that is living a more creative life would approach this in an entirely different way. How? That depends on the person, and we can’t call it creativity if it is just a formula. But an example might give us an idea of a different way to think about this part of life.

Instead of looking for a job, a truly creative person could ask the question, “Do I really need a job?” or even the more fundamental question, “Do I really need money to survive?” Both of these questions will inspire different ideas about how to pay the bills and live in society – if they are pursued with an open mind.

There are many ways to make money that don’t require employment by a company. I have met people who pay the rent collecting returnable cans off the streets and from the garbage around the town they live in. I have had friends who made a living just working for individuals in whatever capacity they needed help, without ever having to fill out a job application. Others sell their handicrafts in parks and on street corners in major cities. I read a book by a man who started investing in real estate straight out of high school (and even while in it), and never worked a job in his life. Day traders and artists and prospectors have all found ways to make money – sometimes more than a job would have paid.

So there are options that can be explored. And as for the question about whether a person needs money to live in society, it doesn’t have to suggest that money is unimportant. It can lead one to question how much money is really necessary, or rather how little is necessary if a person makes managing it and using it appropriately a higher priority than making more of it. Some people can make less than $ 10,000 annually in the United States – poverty by normal measures – and still pay all the bills – and travel the world once in a while. I have known some of them.

There are many ways to live. A friend once lived in a tent. Others I’ve met lived in a school bus in the desert. I have known people who take care of other people’s homes as a way to live without rent. Some people build their own homes and cabins. Others get jobs that include a place to live as part of the deal. Still others travel and work when they can, living in any way that they can as they go.

This challenging of common cultural assumptions doesn’t mean that to be creative you have to live under a bridge and perform with trained raccoons in the streets for tips. This kind of questioning is just a start. Many very creative and unconventional people live in normal homes and have normal jobs. But  they are not there just because that’s how it’s “supposed to be.” It just happens to work well for them at the time. Many of these same people spent some part of their life traveling or volunteering in other countries or living on a boat perhaps. But if they live a creative life, they actually explore all the options they have for jobs, homes, relationships, politics, and for every other aspect of their lives.

Copyright Steve Gillman. For more on living the Creative Life, as well as invention and business ideas, story starters, political and economic theories, deep thoughts, and a free course on how to have new ideas, visit :

More Live Radio Articles

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PARKING: Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants Sun, 25 Jun 2017 06:22:09 +0000 PARKING: Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants
Event on 2017-09-10 03:30:00

at AT&T Stadium
1 Legends Way
Arlington, United States

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Dallas PetSaver: Pet CPR, First Aid & Care For Your Pets Workshop Sat, 24 Jun 2017 13:22:09 +0000 Dallas PetSaver: Pet CPR, First Aid & Care For Your Pets Workshop
Event on 2017-11-04 08:00:00
Will you know what to do when your animals need you most? "Guaranteed to be the most complete & comprehensive training in DFW!" Pet CPR & First Aid ProgramCaring For Your Senior Pet-izen™Dental Care For Your Pets (Most Complete Training & Absolutely the Best Value in DFW!) PetSaver Registration Includes Handbook,Starter First Aid Kit,Emergency Muzzle for Safety& Complimentary Water & Snacks! "Beth's CPR & First Aid Seminar is, without question, the most comprehensive and enjoyable pet care class I've ever taken. She uses her own experience as a veterinary technician and dog care facility manger to create meaningful scenarios and experiences that you can apply to your own pets. Beth ensures that every student understands each technique by allowing practice on both stuffed and demonstrations with live dogs, which makes the instruction more memorable. The 8 hour class simply flew by! It was a great value and I will be taking it every year from now on."  ~Yvonne Ybarra –  ___________________ According to the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) 1-out-of-4 more pets would survive, if just one pet first aid technique was applied prior to getting emergency veterinary care. WE TEACH OVER 50 SKILLS TO HELP SAVE YOUR PET! The Pet CPR & First Aid Program covers the following topics: Skill: Restraining & Muzzling "Any pet that is pain or is going to be moved into pain, can and will bite."PetSaver HandbookHands-on Skill Practice Skill: Primary Assessment "In the first 12 seconds of you being on the scene you will know what to do and what actions to take." PetSaver Handbook Hands-on Skill Practice Skill: Rescue Breathing "The pet patient had a heartbeat but is not breathing" PetSaver HandbookHands-on Skill Practice Skill: Canine & Feline CPR "The pet patient has no heart beat and is not breathing."PetSaver HandbookHands-on Skill Practice Skill: Choking Management Conscious Choking, Unconscious Choking (Witnessed & Found) Hands-on Skill Practice Skill: Bleeding & Shock Management Restraint, Muzzle, Elevation, Direct Pressure, Pressure Points, Immobilization, Shock Management & Transportation. Hands-on Skill Practice Skill: Snout-To-Tail™ Assessment for Injury & Wellness "A deliberate and systematic assessment from the snout to the tail of the pet with intent and purpose looking for any injuries the pet does not present to you or for wellness to create a base-line of your pet's health."Hands-on Skill Practice Skill: Assessing the Pet's Vitals "If you know what is normal for your pet then you will be able to quickly recognize when your pet is presenting not-normal." Hands-on Skill Practice Handbook: Pet First Aid Kit Contents Equipment & Supplies for Putting Together Your Own Pet First Aid Kit Lecture: Poisoning Definition, Causes, Signs & Actions For Survival Lecture: Insect Bites & Stings & Snakebite Definition, Causes, Signs & Actions For Survival Lecture: Heat & Cold Injuries Definition, Causes, Signs & Actions For Survival Lecture: Seizures Definition, Causes, Signs & Actions For Survival Beth Bowers Longest Active Pet Tech Instructor in DFW! Certified Master Pet Tech™ Pet CPR, First Aid & Care InstructorVeterinary TechnicianABKA Pet Care Technician Over 17 years experience with Veterinary Medicine,Canine Nutrition,Canine Behavior & Training& Dog Daycare/Boarding Facility Management! One of the skills we teach is the Snout-to-Tail ™ Assessment. Read how this saved one pet's life . . . A pet owner who took our class loved her little dog because she did her homework assignment of the Snout-To-Tail ™ Assessment. Where you go from Snout-To-Tail ™ with deliberate intent and purpose creating a baseline of your pet’s health. Also, so that you know more of what is normal for your pet, so you can more quickly recognize what is not normal for your pet. She found mammary tumors growing on her dog. She took her to the vet, who confirmed the diagnosis. Luckily she caught it early enough that treatment was successful. However, the vet did tell her that if she had let that go just another five or six months, the outcome may not have been as good. This simple skill that can take only a few minutes added thousands of minutes to this pet’s life. When I tell this story in the classroom, some people wonder how she didn't notice the mammary tumors in the first place. The thing is that she never really put her hands on her dog, from Snout-To-Tail ™ , with deliberate intent and purpose, like we teach in the class. She said she would come home from work, make her dog dinner, have dinner herself, her dog would sit on her lap and she would pet it. –Used with permission from ** Although no refunds are offered for our seminars, before or after the seminar date, your tuition is transferrable to another seminar. **Class may be filmed for internal and possible promotional use**

at The Cat Connection
14233 Inwood Rd.
Dallas, United States

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DPD Lets Talk Fri, 23 Jun 2017 20:22:09 +0000 DPD Lets Talk
Event on 2017-07-27 08:00:00
Join the Dallas Police Department as they host the 3rd annual Let’s Talk Police and Youth Forum on July 27, 2017 from 8:00am-12:30pm.  The Dallas Police Department will engage young people ages 10-15 in a discussion promoting positive interactions between the community and law enforcement. Let’s Talk will take place at the AT&T Performing Arts Center, Margot and Bill Winspear Opera House, 2403 Flora Street, Dallas, Texas 75201. This event is free to all participants. There will be entertainment, prizes, raffles and tons of fun for everyone. Lunch will also be provided.   The Dallas Police Department is looking forward to having an open dialogue and providing participants with valuable resources and information. This year the Dallas Police Department will also be shining a spotlight on several young leaders in the Dallas community. The city of Dallas would like to honor those individuals which are committed to giving back through community service and/or community oriented activities in their neighborhoods.   Email for additional information or to tell us about a young person you know that’s making a difference in their neighborhood.   Our official registration begins on May 23rd and ends on July 21st.

at Margot and Bill Winspear Opera House
2403 Flora Street
Dallas, United States

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