Murcia And Its Amazing Festivals

Murcia And Its Amazing Festivals

Spanish holidays in villas

Tourists from all over the world go to Spain for their holiday and they all say they absolutely loved it. Why wouldn’t you be one of them? It is not as expensive as you might imagine, because there are a few ways in which you can lower your expenses. For example, rent a villa: it is luxurious, it is spacious and very private, situated in a picturesque location, but most of all, it is affordable. If you rent a villa in Murcia during one of Murcia’s famous festivals, the perfect holiday is guaranteed.

The festivals in Murcia

You all know that a very important aspect in Spain’s tradition and culture is represented by its festivals. The ones in Murcia are very famous and popular at the same time, because tourists love the fact that they can find out interesting things related to the customs and traditions of Spaniards and have a good time. July is a very hot month and it couldn’t have been designated to any other festival than to the Flamenco Song Festival of Las Minas. The festival takes place in La Union and you’ll have the chance to listen to the amazing flamenco music and watch the full of passion dance. September is the Mediterranean Folklore month; the festival where you will find out a lot of interesting things related to Spain’s past and learn how the dance takes place in this month. Theatre, Music and Dance are represented in the Almansa Festival; its unique feature is that the participants represent their disciplines in a very modern way, but accompanied by classical music. It is a fantastic show of lights and music which you will definitely love. Every January is the month when the music of Murcia is celebrated with a lot of joy and happiness and April celebrates the Holy Week. Those who are religious are invited to take part in one of the many processions organized for the festival. For those who love jazz music, the small town of San Javier is the one that organizes festivals starting from June until December in order to have the opportunity to give this type of music an important rank. Last but not least, taste the best melons in Spain during the festival that celebrates their cultivation; it takes place every July in Torre Pacheco. You should try a holiday during one of the many festivals in Murcia, as you will have a wonderful experience!   

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