NFL Draft: Indianapolis Colts, Bill Polian Need To Focus on Offensive Line

NFL Draft: Indianapolis Colts, Bill Polian Need To Focus on Offensive Line
After a Super Bowl XLIV loss to the New Orleans Saints, Colts president Bill Polian credited the lackluster play of the offensive line as the reason for the 31-17 defeat. And after Nick Folk and the New York Jets kicked the Colts out of the playoffs in Wild Card action last Saturday, Polian again pointed his finger at the offensive line.
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News : Blog: Screwed and Tattooed: The Legend of Sailor Jerry Lives On
Hawaii is for lovers, lovers of music and tattoo art that is. Today marks what would have been the 100th birthday of Norman ” Sailor Jerry ” Collins, the godfather of tattoo folk art. Yeah, every piece of old-school flash you’ve got on your skinny, pasty little bod was influenced by him. In honor of this momentous occasion, pick up a copy of Homeward Bound , a limited-edition hard bound book …
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City folk might not understand how the workers in Voules Estate could live without satellite television, but they are …
LABIS: Sixteen-year-old V. Dinesh and his sister, R. Manimalar, 19, live at Voules Estate in Tenang, where their parents work as rubber tappers. Both teens have different outlooks in life, with ambitious Dinesh aiming to become a software engineer while Manimalar wants to take it easy.
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