Q&A: How come the Rolling Stones know?

Question by Fried Potatoes: How come the Rolling Stones know?

There’s the Rolling Stones singing a COUNTRY song. They aint’ singing no Taylor Swift crap!

How come the ROCK AND ROLLERS know what country music is and today’s so-called “country music” singers DON’T????

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Answer by isawmarty
The Stones know the difference, as do a lot of other rock acts. I suggest you look up the album “Almost Blue” by Elvis Costello (punk pioneer and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer) — there’s not a single song on that album that would be played on country radio today because it’s “too country.” I see a lot of punk fans at bluegrass shows, too. These people know the legitimacy of music. After all, punk was a rebellion against the plastic pop and disco of the 70s.

As for why…the only reason I can think of is money. People THINK that there’s no interest in country music that actually sounds like country music; however, Bear Family box sets sell well — and they are quite expensive. That should show people that there IS an interest.

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