Slovenian Music Influenced By The Killers And Depeche Mode

Slovenian Music Influenced By The Killers And Depeche Mode

NONmusic steps onto the stage at the Hippodrome Ljubljana in front of 20,000 hometown fans to support top international electro alt rockers The Killers, and are instantly rocking the crowd with their cover version of the dark and thrilling Depeche Mode classic “It’s No Good”. For these four Slovenian boys it seems a long way since 2000 when as “Ksiht” they burst onto the local scene with their first song simply entitled “.” off the album “…in profit=duša” (…and the profit is soulfulness), as the freshest new act off Slovenia’s top local label Dallas Records. In pushing their progressive India rock sound with an electronic edge, the Nonmusical sound is driven by intense rhythms, electronic sounds and electric guitar riffs, while exploring deeper global themes and conscious understanding lyrically.

But this band was headed for bigger things and when UK based TV producer John Golley discovered the band and produced their first EP for the English speaking market. More lyrically involved and exploring ever deeper melodic and harmonic compositions the four members of NONmusic were facing a new challenge. Not only bringing the concept and statement of NONmusic to life at a whole new level of the band’s evolution, but bringing their sound to a new and wider audience while still maintaining what had got them there: dedication to their song craft, experience in performance, and a strong lyrical message. The change in name to NONmusic represented exactly what they were trying to say – a clear and concise message that instantly described everything the group despised in the world around them.

NONmusic is a contradiction – of love songs gone badly, poems of craving, lust, remorse, energy in vain all sewn and spun through a rich sonic synthesis of guitar and electronics. Make no mistake, this music is serious and so is the attitude. “Not Everything Is Made in China” is their first official release in English released worldwide trough Echozone / Sony Music. The album is a voyage featuring songs that are likened to a narcotic experience, an exploration of human spirit and interaction, a vision of the world through the eyes of a motherboard inside a vintage fender amp. One of the highlights of the new album is a cover version of the Depeche Mode song “It’s No Good”.

It’s a tribute recognizing the classic new wave electronic rock pioneers and yet the NONmusic version sounds refreshingly updated, part of continuing testament to the band’s skills make the album fun to listen to. The band took this project very seriously right from the start- shooting two videos “3rd” and “Gender Charger” with international film teams was just part of the efforts NONmusic are using to really step up to the next level. But the highlight of the NONmusic story though is their connection with top international new wave rockers The Killers, who after discovering the band , asked them to play as the support act for their open air show at Hippodrome Ljubljana in Slovenia in front of 20,000 strong home crowd. This massive show tested the band at the highest level and delivering under pressure, feedback from the show confirmed NONmusic as standard bearers at the forefront of new acts coming out of Eastern Europe, stronger than ever and matures enough to play their music in front of anyone on this planet. For more information visit us at:

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