The Events That Would Highlight the 2011 Cheltenham Betting Festival

The Events That Would Highlight the 2011 Cheltenham Betting Festival

One of the most awaited festivals of this year for most punters and sports enthusiast particularly on horse racing is the 2011 Cheltenham Betting. This is the summit of all the betting season. And this year 2011 Cheltenham betting festival will be held at Prestbury Park this coming march 15 to 18. And with the final countdown that comes to an end this coming march of 2011 the thickness of all the most highlighted races are also increasing.
It becomes even more exciting that at the end of the Cheltenham festival trial day which took place on the same venue in Prestbury Park wherein it is also the last day of racing at Prestbury Park which ends exactly before the opening of the Cheltenham festival. It even becomes more interesting as top class horses and racers will be competing to obtain a chance to run in the upcoming festival. For the past years and up to this day, path of experiences was proven to be precious especially when it comes to a horse that gets to the festival, so therefore any horses that would win the race on the trial day will have a chance of a lifetime to race in the Cheltenham festival.

And during the trial day as well, there are long list of highlighted events that are being presented and are made open for any betting to punters and bettors that would be joining the said event. This is the time where punters will surely have the best days of their betting life experiences. And to give you some idea as to what events that you can probably expect to be part of the 2011 Cheltenham betting festival, here are the lists of some series of event in the trial day that you can expect on the 2011 Cheltenham festivity.

These are:
1. Argento chase – this is one of the most highlighted even during the trial day. Other than that it also serves as a vital trial to get a chance to compete in the upcoming Cheltenham festival. This event runs over three miles one furlong and with this kind of race it is no wonder why a lot of hopefuls are taking their chances in the Argento.

2. Cleeve hurdle – is considered as one of the main support races on a card at Cheltenham every trial day and it is also one of the important pointer ahead of the world hurdle come this march of 2011 Cheltenham festival. This event runs for over three miles since the year 2005 and as a result it has become one of a stepping stone for the staying hurdles.

So with all these events you will see in the trial day, surely you would know that come 2011 Cheltenham festival will have the nation mesmerize and swept by horse racing fever as punters and racing enthusiasts prepare themselves to embark on an unrivalled path of fun and excitement and be able to witnessed the greatest jump of horses from different areas of the world.

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