Troy Coulon releases 50th Law audiobook and Stunt 101 Music Video Remix

Troy Coulon releases 50th Law audiobook and Stunt 101 Music Video Remix

The humorous music video is a parody of the culture set forth by record labels and rappers doing their bidding in the promotion of values, customs, what is important, what is not important, bling, fronting, and so forth.

Troy Coulon has gotten into some drama recently due to his relapse mixtape. Basically, his work is now deemed inappropriate content because it seems as if the only people who can show violence on youtube and thee internet is people who pay for their work to be uploaded like Hollywood and company. Deflamatory or whatever and “insulting” is two more labels hence it seems the media and the public and the powers that be don’t have a sense of humor. If you think i’m just blowing off steam, check out pictures of “the inside job” and you can see our leaders smiling underneath their morbid frowns because everything about their wealth feels good yet they can not show a smile to the public as they bilk them for millions of dollars in bonuses each year and who suffers? Your 401K, pension funds, the middle class who keep our plutocratic oligarchy in power, and so forth. But I digress.

Coul Notes 12: The 50th Law is about overcoming fear. I’m not railing against the people in power because that won’t do us any good. The latest pictures of 50 cent is him in front of 500,000 dollars and him, as an artist, making it into shapes like hearts, etc therefore his earned wealth feels good and he overcame fear a long time ago as Coul Notes 12: The 50th Law points out.

Troy Coulon does a service for us in that he turns that book into an audiobook so a wider range of people who don’t like to read can listen and therefore absorb something meaningful and powerful instead of listening to the news and fear mongers in meetings, etc.

The audiobook is scheduled to be released sometime in early December assuming there are no hiccups.

Troy Coulon began…

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