When will Christmas music be playing on the radio?

Question by KatGirl: When will Christmas music be playing on the radio? Late October, like last year. Mid-November If it helps I live near dallas Texas Don’t judge me, I’m the biggest Christmas fan you’ll ever meet! 😛 Best answer:

Answer by Maybe I’m Amazed
Oh, so it’s you who the malls play the Christmas music so early for! :) It seems like the music starts earlier and earlier every year. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving and it seems like its become the “forgotten holiday” anymore. Halloween has become bigger and bigger and then when those decorations come down, the Christmas ones go up. But, I’ll not begrudge you your favorite music, especially Dan Fogelberg’s “Same Old Lange Syne”. I love that song and tear up every time I hear the sax solo at the end. (enjoy!)

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