Where is classical music “bigger”? Germany or Italy?

by afagen

Question by Sarah: Where is classical music “bigger”? Germany or Italy?
I need to choose a language for my minor, International Business. My major is Music, so I want to choose a language that relates to the classical music world in Europe. Where is classical music bigger, in Italian-speaking countries or in German-speaking countries? I love both languages, and I wish I had time for both, but I don’t, and that’s why I need to choose. I’ve had two years experience in German, and I really do like it, but I’ve also taught myself Italian through podcasts and CDs and such, so the scale is quite even now. If you could just tell me which one is better and answer my initial question, It would be splendid, and help me a lot.

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Answer by karo_80
I know Backstreet Boys, BSB have a song called Bigger.. they have instrumental music on songs on 4 shared and sites like that so hope this will help you

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