Himachal Tour Package with Hill Stations in India and Goa Honeymoon Packages

Trip to hill stations in North India can be a perfect reviving trip to rejuvenate your mind. You can admire the panorama of majestic mountains covered with snow capped peaks, meandering rivers, rivulets and pine trees. North India is a home to many hill stations. You can find the nature unfolding its beauty to the extreme in these hill stations. The great Himalayas in North India have some horrific unconquered peaks of tremendous heights, valleys, a wide range of forests, gushing streams, waterfalls surrounded in fog and mist and fabulous hill resorts. So, hill stations in North India offers you an opportunity to refresh you from within and out. Himachal Tour Package with Hill Stations in India and Goa Honeymoon Packages

North India hill stations are gateways to some veiled bewitching beauty of nature. It offers favorite tourists spot to the travelers. Most of the hill stations in North India are located at a height ranging from 600 m to 3500 meters above the sea level. From these hill stations in North India, you can witness the snow capped mountain peaks and many other fascinating sights of attraction. Shimla, located in North India is popularly known as the “Queen of the Hill Staions” is really an ultimate place with invigorate air. Likely the hill station, Manali that lies in the lap of the verdant Kullu Valley (Himachal Pradesh) is an enticing hill station in North India that never failed to enliven the soul of the tourist of the entire globe. Nainital, Kasauli, Mussoorie, Mount Abu, Srinagar, Ladakh, Gulmarg etc are some other beautiful hill stations in North India to name only a few. Delhi Shimla Tour Package with Delhi Sightseeing Tours and Weekend Getaways from Bangalore

There are many other fascinating hill stations in North India that have attracted the tourists of the entire globe. You can ensure your stay in various hill resorts near these hill stations. These hill resorts have widely spread throughout the entire length and breadth of North India. Also you can ensure all the modern facilities in these hill resorts in North India. To explore the various treasures in hill stations, you can avail the Shimla Holiday Package, Nainital Hill Station Package and many other packages. You can unwind a lot of eye-popping natural treasures in these hill stations in North India by availing different hill tour packages.

To make your tour to hill stations in North India more luxurious and hassle free, you can take the assistance of any reliable travel agent. There are lot of travel agents that provide different tour packages, hotel bookings and many other facilities.  Some travel agents also provide well trained guides who can assist you during your exploration in North India. So, never fail to witness hill stations in North India during your India tour.

Tourists coming to India, explore the magnificent unfolding beauty of nature at every step of Noth India in its amazingly charming hill stations Shimla, Manali, Kausani, Mussoorie & many more. Hill stations in North India, Shimla holiday package, India hill stations, Manali holidays, Nainital holidays

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Dallas Tech Fest 2017

Dallas Tech Fest 2017
Event on 2017-06-02 08:00:00
DALLAS TECH FEST brings the best and brightest speakers from around the country to provide one day of incredible, densely packed content, focused on increasing your team’s ability to successfully deliver projects.  Focusing on Modern Architecture this year, we'll be taking a deeper dive into microservices, event sourcing and service fabric. This one track conference will have an adjoining open space room where attendees can discuss specific topics.

at Addison Circle Park
15650 Addison Road
Addison, United States


Halloween Cemetery Walking Tour 1 PM

Halloween Cemetery Walking Tour 1 PM
Event on 2017-10-28 13:00:00
Halloween Cemetery Walking Tours with Dallas Heritage Village.  Tour Guide:  Paul McLin with Francis James assisting as health allows.   This beautiful cemetery in the middle of Uptown Dallas, which is still active, began as Trinity Cemetery in 1876.  The name was changed to Greenwood in 1896.  It covers over 30 acres and contains over 15,000 graves.  In addition to its hundreds of noted residents, Greenwood has one of the largest populations of Civil War veterans – both CSA and Union – and some of the finest monuments and mausoleums in the area.  History comes alive here!   This is a walking tour only.  Participants will meet at the designated cemetery for the tour.  Tour will include first person interpretations.

at Greenwood Cemetery
3020 Oak Grove Ave
Dallas, United States


Chris DiStefano

Chris DiStefano
Event on 2017-06-03 19:00:00

at Hyenas Dallas
5321 East Mockingbird
Dallas, United States


Qualatex Twisted Tour – Dallas/Fort Worth

Qualatex Twisted Tour – Dallas/Fort Worth
Event on 2017-06-25 13:00:00
Join us for this exciting educational tour featuring an all-star line-up of international and U.S. instructors teaching new design ideas and techniques that will rock your business. Each full day class will include: Class notes handbookDigital photos of designs taught in class Product lists for designs taught in class Top-notch education from the industry's best instructors Marketing and business tips to grow your profitsLunch TWISTED TOUR Get twisted, learn sellable designs, and increase your profits – all in one day! Join two master twisting instructors in this very special leg of the World Tour as they show you ways to increase your profitability, make designs that sell, and take your business to the next level. Don't miss out, register for a "Twisted Tour" Stop today! Instructors Derek WongDennis Scott Participating Distributor All American Balloonswww.allamericanballoons.net2406 E Randol Mill RdArlington, TX 76011(817) 469-9100 World Tour – Mystery Box Competition 30 minute time limit. 10 entries per location. 1 winner. Get ready for a competition that will stretch your creativity to its limits.   Competition Objective: Create a celebration design that can be easily delivered to a customer using balloons supplied in the Mystery Box . Show off your creativity and skills using a fantastic selection of balloons. The design can be air-filled, helium-filled, or both. The choice is yours! The top entry of each stop on the tour will receive a prize and advance to compete with the winners of all other tour stops. A grand prize will be give awarded to the world champion. Don’t forget to read the judging guidelines below!   Competition Brief: Each competitor will be supplied with a Mystery Box. Each box will contain the same selection of balloons, but it is not a requirement to use all the balloons within the box.  The Mystery Box competition for each location will be limited to 10 entries with a maximum of two people working on each entry. Competitors have a 30 minute time limit to complete their entry, and there is no fee to enter. In addition, there will be a Balloon Store where limited additional balloons will be available on the accessories table. This will include 160Qs, 260Qs, 350Qs, 646Qs, Deco Bubbles, 5" White, 5" Black, 12" Blush Quick Links and any other balloons that could compliment your design. It is not a requirement to use any of these balloons; they are available for those who wish to use them. The accessories table will also supply Hi-Float, balloon ribbons in various colors, balloon weights, and helium tanks with inflators suitable for inflating foil, latex, and Bubble Balloons. There are limited items at the Balloon Store. Therefore, it is important that they are selected carefully and not simply taken. Items selected from the Balloon Store must be used or returned to the store to give other competitors the opportunity to use, if needed. Points can be deducted from a competitor’s score for items not used during the competition that were taken from the Balloon Store and not returned.   Judging Guidelines: Overall Impression: Visual impact, originality, uniqueness. Does the celebration design clearly express the sentiment so that it is immediately apparent what the occasion is? Does the display have a strong visual impact so it demands attention when it’s brought into a room? Is the design exciting, pleasing to the eye with a newness of style, or uses a concept created along new or unconventional lines? Does the display offer a feeling of professionalism and creativity? Overall Design: Have elements and principles of design (colour, balance, rhythm, line, proportion, and scale) been applied and used effectively? Construction: Is the design stable and durable for transportation? Does the design demonstrate high quality of work and meet professional standards? Are all mechanics well hidden? Will the design last for more than 48 hours? Use of balloons: Has the competitor created a design that uses a good selection of the Mystery Box balloons in an exciting and creative way? Unity & Harmony: Do all the elements appear to belong together, resulting in a strong sense of oneness? Adherence to Rules, Regulations, and Guidelines: Was Smart Balloon Practices followed? Was the design completed within the allotted time? Did all unused items get returned to the Balloon Store?   Competitors need to supply: Hand pumps Scissors Markers and pens Wire and tape Any non-balloon related accessories you may be able to use with your design  Themes will not be disclosed prior to the competitions.  Deadline to enter the Mystery Box Competition in Dallas is June 5.

at Arlington Chamber Of Commerce
1500 Convention Center Drive
Arlington, United States


An Evening With! John Knott’s Cartoons with Ed Owens

An Evening With! John Knott’s Cartoons with Ed Owens
Event on 2017-06-15 18:30:00
John Knott worked for the Dallas Morning News from 1905 until his retirement in 1957. During this time his artwork amassed to over 15,000 pieces. The archives of the DHS holds more than one third of this body of work. His most famous character “Old Man Texas”, was devised in 1906 to symbolize rural Texas, honesty in government, low taxes, and property ownership. His work was reprinted in many major American newspapers over the years. His work encompasses every possible aspect of the public’s interest from the humorous to the social conscience of the state and nation. Come hear Ed Owens discuss Knott's life and body of work and view many of Knott's original cartoons from the DHS collection.  To purchase the entire series please go HERE.  To become a Dallas Historical Society member go HERE. 

at Hall of State at Fair Park
3939 Grand Avenue
Dallas, United States



Check out these radio station images:


Image by Nicholas Blake
High Halstow to Cooling Radio Station, 29 September 2013

Image from page 334 of “Radio for everybody; being a popular guide to practical radio-phone reception and transmission and to the dot-and-dash reception and transmission of the radio telegraph, for the layman who wants to apply radio for his pleasure and

Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: radioforeverybod00lesc
Title: Radio for everybody; being a popular guide to practical radio-phone reception and transmission and to the dot-and-dash reception and transmission of the radio telegraph, for the layman who wants to apply radio for his pleasure and profit without going into the special theories and the intricacies of the art
Year: 1922 (1920s)
Authors: Lescarboura, Austin C. (Austin Celestin), 1891-
Subjects: Radio
Publisher: New York, Scientific American publishing company [etc.]
Contributing Library: Boston College Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Boston Library Consortium Member Libraries

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Text Appearing Before Image:
geis impressed on the plate circuits of the two oscillatortubes by means of a reactance, which is common to themodulator and oscillator plate circuits. This modulationof the oscillator plate potential results in speech frequencyvariation of the amplitude of the antenna current. Thefrequency of the antenna current when not modulated isnearly that corresponding to the free period of the antennacircuit. A Record to be Proud Of Since the radio link is the only telephone channel be-tween the island and the mainland, it was very heavilyoverloaded from the day of opening until the cessation ofthe summer tourist traffic in the latter part of September,1920. Due to the methods employed, the high grade cir-cuit, and so on, a great deal more traffic is handled overthis circuit than is generally handled by a single toll line. A record of all of the interruptions to service is keptat both of the stations together with the cause of the delay,its duration, and other information. It is interesting to

Text Appearing After Image:
Vacuum type employed in radio transmission, especially forthe sending: end of the radio linli. 316 RADIO FOR EVERYBODY note that althouo^h the circuit was open to commercialservice during the worst of the static season, subscribershad but Httle or no difficulty in using the circuit. Trans-mitting frequencies! of 400 and 470 meters were chosen forthe stations after an extensive survey of the ether, so thatthe telephone would cause the least interfernce to and beinterfered w^th the least by radio stations in the vicinity.Some trouble was experienced from the Avalon sparkstation located about one mile from the receiving station.Avalon transmits on 300 meters, while the Pebbly Beachstation had its receiving apparatus tuned to 470 meters.Upon investigation it proved that the wave emitted by thespark transmitter was a broad one, and that when thewave is kept sharp and within certain definite limits ofpurity, so to speak, little or no trouble is experienced fromthis station. The circuit, due

Note About Images
Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.


Image by Donovan Henneberg-Verity
I would not want to run into whatever made this in a dark alley at night…

WUOG, the UGA radio station, did some volunteer work at the Athens-Clarke County Animal Control Center.

Check the animal shelter out here, and WUOG here


Everything was shot with a 50mm prime lens and f/1.8

Iso varied from 100 to 200 and shutter speeds from 1/3000 to 1/4000.

I welcome and encourage all comments, suggestions, and criticism.

Please, tell me what you think!


Dallas, TX – BollyX Instructor Certification Training

Dallas, TX – BollyX Instructor Certification Training
Event on 2017-08-27 09:00:00
BollyX Instructor Certification Training Ready to help others unleash their inner swagger? Become a BollyX instructor by attending an Instructor Training Certification. We’re looking for dynamic fitness instructors to join our team and share the BX movement. No prior experience with South Asian dance is required. In fact, our community is incredibly diverse and many of our most successful BollyX instructors are those experiencing Bollywood for the first time! We have created a powerful training program that will get you all the education and support you need.  Our Trainees Receive the Following 9-hour Instructor Training Session covering Bollywood, fitness concepts, South Asian dance styles, and more BollyX Instructor Training Manual BollyX T-shirt/tank top Preferred access to BollyX events A listing on our BollyX directory Eligible participants will receive 8.5 AFAA CEUs Eligible participants will receive 0.7 NASM CEUs Eligible participants will receive 0.8 ACE CEUs Evaluation of your practical exam video submission 30 Day FREE trial of our BollyX Online Portal (a value) For more information, please visit our FAQ page at BollyX.com

at Dallas, Texas, United States
Dallas, Texas, United States
Dallas, United States


TONI&GUY September Class Start Date

TONI&GUY September Class Start Date
Event on 2017-09-05 08:30:00
The cosmetology program at our Dallas area beauty school prepares students to pass the Texas State Board exam and be salon-ready upon graduation. Schedule a free tour of our cosmetology school today!

at TONI&GUY Hairdressing Academy
1921 Preston Road
Plano, United States


Portland Timbers vs. FC Dallas

Portland Timbers vs. FC Dallas
Event on 2017-06-10 19:30:00
MLS Soccer

at PGE Park
1844 SW Morrison St
Portland, United States