Cool Broadcasting images

Some cool broadcasting images:

Makeshift studio
Image by NobMouse
I vlog daily over at nobmouse and ZJKR and most of the time my videosare produced using this small, makeshift setup. I use a broadcast quality microphone to record sound but I also record video through my iPhone 4 as it’s the highest quality video camera I have available right now. The results are pretty good quality, surprisingly.

10/25/09 Atlas Sound
Image by Wexner Center
Atlas Sound and Broadcast | October 25, 2009 | Wexner Center for the Arts | Photo: Alex Kotran

Diex & Wilma
Image by Passetti
Eurosonic in Groningen is not only the anual new years reception of Dutch (and international) music journalists, it’s also a great way to discover new bands.
Dance music is not big on Eurosonic, but every year you can find a few gems.
Read my reviews in DJ Broadcast here and here.

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