How to Live from Your Heart

Daily Insight from the Story of The Little Prince

When we approach life from consciousness instead of from the way we’ve been programmed from childhood up, we become increasingly deep feeling individuals.

How can we not feel deeply, given that we are expressions of divine love?

The very nature of consciousness is an awareness that enables us to do the loving thing.

The story of the Little Prince has introduced us to the concept of “matters of consequence.” Those things which are of consequence are matters that flow from the heart, and therefore involve love, which produces deep feeling and often strong emotion.

Because the little prince feels a powerful connection with the flower he loves on his planet, the idea that her safety wouldn’t be of the utmost consequence horrifies him. As a result he becomes angry, his face “white with rage.”

Flooded with emotion, which is flowing from deep connection, the little prince is powerfully moved and yet not at all reactive.

The feeling of the heart is poles apart from the reactive emotion of the reptilian part of the brain. Reactivity divides and separates people, whereas feeling flowing from the heart invites us to know each other in a more closely connected way.

The difference between the two is illustrated by the little prince’s encounter with a businessman on one of the planets he visited on his journey to Earth. This gentleman is totally out of touch with anything of consequence, such as a flower and its scent, the stars at night, or love for another human being.

All he’s concerned about is money.

The businessman thinks he’s concerned with a matter of consequence, of course, which inflates his ego because it makes him feel important.

The little prince doesn’t see the businessman as a human being. He sees him as a mushroom!

Mushrooms can appear overnight and have huge heads, a symbol of the ego. However, in terms of the imagery of this story, they have little substance. The businessman is unaware that he has a heart, a caring center that can feel.

It’s a pretty good image of how business so often operates today, especially what led to the current economic crisis, with some getting rich during this crisis while others lose their job and home.

What’s truly important in life is to live from the heart. Whatever comes from the heart is a matter of consequence.

When something comes from the head, the product of thought, we are wise to sit in stillness until our thoughts quiet down and we can feel our heart instead of hearing our thoughts.

But I want to emphasize, as I have often in the past in these blogs, that the heart is very different from emotional reactivity. It’s the deep current of being.

The feeling we experience flows from our essence, which is very different from an emotional whim that’s triggered in the reptilian brain.

We are talking about feeling that’s an authentic expression of divine love, which takes many forms when it comes to emotional expression. But none of it is reactive, egoic, or alienating.


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