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Ian Jamieson presenting Breakfast on Alice Springs radio station c1990

Image from page 92 of “The design and construction of a radio station for the Armour Institute of Technology” (1920)

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Identifier: designconstructi00stev
Title: The design and construction of a radio station for the Armour Institute of Technology
Year: 1920 (1920s)
Authors: Stevers, H. D
Contributing Library: Paul V. Galvin Library, Illinois Institute of Technology
Digitizing Sponsor: CARLI: Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois

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\ \ fc ^ \ \ ^ si V \ N T N M Vi 1 0 ft ^ Q O ft ft «N b § s ft a ft. « .S^iZZJZi/- M19A&73VMVI 31. amounts of condenser for the various wavelengths. •?he primary inductance connections w»rethen taken off and leads were run from thevoltage transformer to a small gap in theantenna circuit in which was placed the sec-ondary of the oscillation transformer, read-ings of wave length against turns then weremade. A loading coil .vas inserted in thecircuit for lengths up to three hundred andsenenty-five meters. These results areplotted as shown in curves. These curvesserve to indicate the number of turns ofinductance to take to obtain a given wavelength. The clips however are then adjustedby trial to get the best radiation of energyfrom the antenna, correct wave length andproper coupling. 1or the three seventy-fivemeter wave three and one-half turns of pri-mary , three condensers, thirteen turns ofsecondary, and twelve turns of loading coilare used. She proper places for the clips

Text Appearing After Image:
. are marked by t . he t.vo hundred meterwave is obtained by us in . arns ofprimary inductance with one condenserand five turns of seconds On the shorter wave length an antennacurrent of 1.2 is obtained and for thelonger one 2 amperes . The fcliowin >• setof data was taken v/ith the set transmitting,direct current ammeter 4. act ourrent voltmeter 112 volts; alternatingvoltmeter 76 volts; alter, ammeter amperes; antenna current two amperes;wave 57 D_ If t] . factor ofthe antenna is denoted formula for watts radiated is 2= ih) I L _h_: .637 H )sin (h+L)90°2 . when L-30; ha70; -375; 1=2 then –.= 157 ^% S3, Substituting in the same values a result of2.16 ohms is obtained. JREMEHI – …._ If the effec- tive capacity 0? the effective inductanceL and the effective resistance B of an aerialare known the decrement per complete oscil-lation of the antenna circuit can be calcu-lated by the formula Substituting for 3 – .00096 and for x. – 8.7J- «u95 34.4,I . RECBIfiSH, – -_ Consider an ev

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