Intelligent Radio Frequency Identification Of Parking Management Programs

by kengo

As social and economic prosperity, people’s living standard rising Traffic Tools has gradually become an everyday necessity. In recent years, various types of vehicles, especially the rapid growth of private cars has become an important indicator of economic level of increase, while the construction of transportation infrastructure, vehicles Security Management is the construction of each city planners increasingly face an important issue. The program design is based on the current international epidemic, the growing importance of domestic industries? RFID (radio frequency identification) of the mature and successful development of applications for the. It is not imitation of, interference, against fighting, quick recognition, intelligent identification of various types will no doubt provide a new depot management Solutions .

1. Project Features Project is the biggest characteristic of a mature combination of smart card technology, wireless Communicate Technology, advanced software technology, the organic integration of a variety of mature technologies, applied in practical engineering requirements.

In the management station, application contactless smart ID card to access the automatic vehicle identification management, smart card management system of information management is the management of various types of foundation and direction;

The user of the vehicle identification and rapid non-contact automatic identification of the user compared to ensure the security of personal property, as well as the normal entry procedures simple and fast.

Internal network via wireless bridge, or the Management Centre of information sources and the sub-center management system combining processing terminal.

2. System Function The device in two parts: Part of the microwave signal recognition device, the import and export of communications devices, which can be installed above the entrance in the control of vehicles. The other part is Electronic Tag, the system for each user is equipped with a parking tag after registration, it can be installed in the appropriate location within the vehicle windscreen, the module internal identification code. When the vehicles arrived at the cell entrance

6 ~ 8 meters, the Vehicle detector To detect the presence of vehicle, start import Communicator, testing of vehicles coming within the electronic tag identification code (ID), ID in the form of microwave load and launch the Communicator, Communicator in the information database that comes with pre- the owner ID tag within the code, indicating that the tag belongs to the depot, the brake automatically open quickly, the vehicle can pass without stopping, the system response time is only 0.9 seconds.

2.1 System Components By the body on the electronic tag attached to the garage entrance of the sending and receiving antennas, tag readers, launched by the reader control Video camera , The background and internal communications network management platforms such as composition.

Central control room equipment (computers, management software, etc.)

Entrance equipment (import of radio equipment, railing, vehicle detector, etc.)

Export equipment (basically the same equipment and entrance)

Tag (with the same number of registered vehicles)

RFID reader antenna controlled by the continued firing of radio search, when the vehicle through the storage transceiver, the vehicle transceiver is triggered, the only show that can be emitted through the vehicle identification code information (such as license plate number, vehicle Type type, vehicle color, license plate color, bank account number, unit name and user name, etc.), and also identify the test receiver, video store information, a storage management station transceiver to receive signals, transmitted to the computer system by processing carried out data management and archiving, reference. For information storage (storage) or information contrast (the library), confirmed by blocking the entrances of car railings control action.

2.2 Function RFID technology Parking lot Management, security provides independent, non-stop system services, to ensure that only authorized vehicles to pass through. Parking services and costs to achieve a digital collection management system.

Can be achieved on all vehicles in the control site;

Vehicle computer-based information management In the case of unattended, the system automatically records the time and access to vehicle license plate number

System parameter settings Transport of non-registered users

The problem of vehicles from time to time the police;

Collected by portable reader to fully grasp the situation and the vehicle garage seat information;

Accelerate the search and delivery of vehicles in a timely manner;

Strengthen the delay control of the vehicle rental management fees;

Provide a complete record of playing every time.

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