It is Possible to Live Happily Ever After

by mallix

Until death do us part, is a phrase that is commonly found in the marriage vows of most civil ceremonies. Young couples that fall in love and make a promise to be with each other throughout their lifetime can wake up one day to realize that the person they fell in love with is not the person they married.

Although many people that once saw eye to eye and pledged their undying love to a member of the opposite sex wake up one day to the uncertainty of that love it is not uncommon for couple to drift apart. Having different interests and different goals for career and family plans can drive a wedge between to lovers that vowed to share their lives together.

There are many vices and outside forces that can contribute to the weakening of a marriage and in some cases people that thought they had found their one true love may discover that their love was blind to the real person they though they fell in love with. After the masks of dating come off and the reality of marriage sets some people feel that they were disillusioned by their feelings for their spouse and after a few weeks or months start to see what they did not see before.

The truth is no one is perfect and it is foolish to think that someone is perfect or that they will not have any faults, weaknesses or flaws. It may take years to recognize the reality that a marriage is not working and that splitting up is the only viable solution to resolving conflicting opinions. When a marriage falls apart divorce may be the only real solution for allowing two people to get on with their lives and find greater happiness than they did within the marriage. For some divorced couples happily every after comes at the end of a marriage not the beginning.

These Law Offices mediate divorces whenever possible, avoiding the anger, the high cost and Court. Billings Farnsworth is a freelance writer.

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