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Baby, baby, baby, oh: Bids for Justin Bieber sneaker on eBay top ,000
STRATFORD, Ont. – How much is a sneaker worn by teen pop sensation Justin Bieber worth? At least $ 10,700 if a current eBay auction is any indication.
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NPR chief resigns in wake of exec’s video slurs
The president and CEO of National Public Radio, Vivian Schiller, resigned after a video surfaced showing an NPR executive apparently countenancing a remark that Jews control the media.
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NPR chief executive quits over hidden camera video
WASHINGTON (AP) — NPR president and CEO Vivian Schiller resigned Wednesday under pressure, a day after an undercover video showed one of her executives on a hidden camera calling the tea party racist and saying the news organization would be better off without taxpayer money.
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PBS contacted by NPR-duping fake Muslim group
PBS executive says it cut off discussions with fake Muslim group that duped NPR when credentials couldn’t be confirmed
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