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Old Army-navy Hospital in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Image by Rennett Stowe
Buidling is currently the Hot Springs Rehabilitaion Center. Structure ended up being finished in 1933.

In October 1933, the newest Army and Navy Hospital opened as an imposing landmark when you look at the heart of downtown Hot Springs. Based on a brief history of this building by Carl Enna, the design for the medical center was the following: The morgue was housed when you look at the stone and concrete basement, which managed to get a perfect bomb protection, the very first in Garland County. The very first flooring was the health ward for men and kids. The 3rd floor ended up being the general mess hall, whereas, the 4th flooring served once the officer’s mess hallway. The working areas, considered during the time to be the finest in South, had been situated on the 6th flooring. Additionally located on the 6th floor had been a library and a backyard movie theater where first-run movies were shown two to three times each week. There is in addition a sundeck regarding the 6th floor. People got body massages and real therapy remedies in the halls of the north wing regarding the 6th floor.The seventh flooring housed an observation gallery overlooking the 6th floor working areas. The 7th floor had been house to X-Ray and also the radium treatment location. Obstetrics ended up being on the 8th flooring along with the VIP Penthouse for retired officers. The 9th floor ended up being home to KANH, the Army/Navy Radio facility that broadcast four different types of programs which were distributed through the entire hospital.The radio station used pillow speakers, an original technology when it comes to time (Arkansas Historic Preservation Program).

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