Living Life To The Fullest

by izqrdo

As we head towards summer time here in Australia, we have so many more opportunities to really get out and enjoy life. The daylight hours are plenty the weather is lovely and really there is no excuse not to enjoy yourself.


You see it’s not just the things we do that makes us happy, life fulfilment comes from a place within, a place that has all of our values, beliefs, habits and emotions stirring around inside us. A person can be really out their enjoying daily activities and still be quite unhappy and unfulfilled.

Life fulfilment starts from within and spreads outwards, it starts with understanding who you are and what you stand for. It also starts with knowing what you want. Most people in life just sail through day in and day out not really knowing what they want or how to get it. Before they know it they’re mid 40’s with not much to show for it. Anyone can live a life full of fulfilment and happiness if they choose to do so.

So where does this all start. Well it begins with knowing yourself.

First you must know what you want to stand for, your values. What is it that is important to you. Love, happiness, freedom, security, flexibility, health
Make a list of all the things you know are important to you. When you have a list of values ask yourself “Do I live by these values each day” “Do I do things that make me feel happy” it will become very clear whether you do or don’t.

Secondly you must be aware of your beliefs and change them to support your values. For example if you have a belief that ‘nothing good happens to anyone in the world’ but you have a value of love and friendship, then there is no chance that you could actually be happy and living by that value. Your belief just want allow it.

Thirdly your habits must be consistent to allow you to live by your values and beliefs. These are the things that you do. A habit can take all of 21 days to form and become a part of you, so it’s not a long time in the big picture. For example you couldn’t have a value of health and wellness, but your habit each Friday was to get junk food. Everytime you had that junk food you would feel disappointed with yourself.

Once you align all 3 areas up you’ll be amazed how much happier and how much more you get out of life.

Life fulfilment starts from within, you will always be far happier, more productive and more content when you understand yourself and what you want out of life.

Michael Griffiths is the founder of Secrets Of A Super Life. He works with hundreds of individuals to gain more out of their life and get the results they are looking for. To get your free life success resources visit

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