Mormon Temple Boston Massachusetts

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Mormon Temple Boston Massachusetts

Image by More Good Foundation
The open house of the 100th Mormon temple captured media and public attention. About 82,600 visitors toured the temple prior to its dedication. A local radio station and newspaper working together produced the first on-line tours of a temple. It included narration accompanied by photographs of the temple’s interior.

Because of a lawsuit from local residents, the temple was dedicated without the planned steeple. President Hinckley was optimistic about the issue saying,

” We wish the steeple were on it. I regret that it isn’t. But we can get along without it while awaiting the outcome of the legal action. In the meantime, we’ll go forward performing the ordinance work of this sacred house.” 2

His optimism was rewarded, when in May the Supreme Court of Massachusetts ruled in favor of the Church. Previously, Judge Elizabeth Fahey had ruled that the building’s steeple was not a “necessary element of the Mormon religion.” Therefore under the law, the building height limit could be enforced. But the Supreme Court overruled her ruling saying, “A rose window at Notre Dame Cathedral, a balcony at St. Peter’s Basilica, are judges to decide whether these architectural elements are ‘necessary’ to the faith served by those buildings?” The judges concluded that, “It is not for judges to determine whether the inclusion of a particular architectural feature is ‘necessary’ for a particular religion.”3 And on September 21, 2001, the steeple with the famous angel Moroni was set in place, completing the Boston temple.

Source: Mormon Temple Boston Massachusetts

Views of City Tower

Image by tj.blackwell
City Tower (formerly known as the Sunley Building) is a 30 storey office block situated at Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester, England. It is currently the third tallest building in Manchester and is one of Manchester’s main broadcast transmission sites, hosting the antennas of local radio stations XFM, Rock Radio and Galaxy on FM as well as BBC digital radio.

Jane’s Addiction Ticket Stubs

Image by jimjones3
Here are all the ticket stubs I’ve saved from all the Jane’s shows I’ve been to. Use the note fileds on the pic for descriptions of each ticket.

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