What’s the name of this song?

Question by inuyasha42297: What’s the name of this song?
OK, one problem is that I don’t remember the lyrics. But I do remember two things.
1. the piece of lyrics I remember but know are incorrect: “don’t surround yourself with yourself” I’m sure the “don’t surround yourself with” are correct, but I’m not sure about the last word, but it sounded like that.
2. the piece if lyrics that I do remember that is correct is “do do do do do do do dodo”

If it helps, on the piano the notes [in letters] are (for number 2–one letter per ‘do’)

It’s sang by a man
Not country
Played on radio channel 107.3 FM “The Eagle: Tampa Bay’s Classic Hit Station” that plays classic rock.
YES that’s it! THANKYOU!!

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Answer by colechelios
Seeing that its a classic song, my best guess is “ive seen all good people” by the band names “Yes”.

Hope i helped.

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