Zhengzhou Home Improvement Chain Stores Predators Stationed Change Pattern

Enclosure, expansion, commercial stores in the industry is not a new topic, but in Zhengzhou, the home store industry, such as Red Star? Meikai dragon so called “home improvement industry, the flag,” a high-profile presence of national chain predators also is a first time, last year’s 11 stores in Zhengzhou industry therefore created quite a stir at home.

In July of this year, another “home improvement industry banner” The home actually signed a contract, an official stationed in business all 6 news of the times when Dragon Square, home to major store industry will once again be pushed to the discussion of shock to a climax.

Although a new industry just sounded the clarion call of war, but a new map of the Central Plains home industry forces seems to have looming in people’s eyes a … …

Central China Red Star Army decoration was the end of easy times Throughout the home store in Zhengzhou

industry for many years, also civil wars, but mostly some small conflicts, started taking the national expansion of the movement is rare, most home stores life’s very moist.

Take home the largest concentration of stores Zheng Bian Road, in this way, up to a dozen major markets and shopping malls. Large markets and strong radiation throughput to live here than stores doing brisk business: Phoenix, Botswana, East Building, Oukai Long continued dislocation in the competition: wholesale furniture in the main Expo Phoenix mainly building materials, and set the wholesale, retail, Project In one of the East Building gradually shift to the retail-based furniture retail Oukai Long dominated by fine.

Worth mentioning is that after years of expeditions Oukai Long, following the establishment of 10 000 in 1997 and Furniture City, the golden sea stores, Wenhua Road, shops, stores, and the Yellow River Road, Songshan shops have opened, or high-end, or Parity, or fashion, four stores of accurate positioning, as laid Oukai Long a leader in the Central Plains home industry position in the industry thriving, many years, lived “the uncontested top dog” days.

As a whole, over the years, the Central Plains is more than comfortable home store industry, lack of competition. Until last October, Red Star? Meikai Long Zheng Bian Road, settled, calm years of home building materials store in Zhengzhou competition pattern was finally broken.

National predators enclosure Zhengzhou home market competition

It is reported that in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other cities already have nearly 40 stores in the Red Star? Meikai dragon on the “expansion” already very much at home. According to Red Star? Meikai Long car Jianxin, president of programming, 2008 will open 15 new stores, each store more than most of the 100,000 square meters, while in 2010, Red Star? Meikai Dragon will complete a total of 80 homes in the country store the number of plans. And actually the name of expanding home this year, “abacus.”

Thus, in 2008, home store chain is bound to this piece of battlefield smoke. National home chain store expansion wave has reached the people around Zhengzhou.

, However, should not be overlooked is that the collective local home stores to seek change, but also intensified competition in the industry. How in the Red? Meikai Dragon, actually home, Home Depot and other national chain’s “offensive” under the grab your consumer groups, which requires local home store to take effective countermeasures. “Local home stores only take the initiative to take the lead in fighting for market share can we guarantee their invincible, and this is the best countermeasures.” Provincial Association of Interior Deputy Secretary-General, Provincial Administrative Office decoration decoration Section Sun Dong Ming said the one hand, to constantly improve the local home store layout, started businesses, brands, improve marketing on the other hand should improve the “one-stop shopping”, “combined with multiple formats” management model to enhance the store’s core competitiveness.

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