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Calendar 2011 to Harmonize our Lives

Nobody wants a disorganized life. All the more, not one of us, would want to start the year in a disoriented and distraught manner. They say, starting the year right is one of the best way to assure yourself and others that this would be your year and that you would do well this year. Every start of the year is a big thing for all of us. It marks the beginning of a new chapter in our lives and starting another year is one of life’s giving us another chance to make things right. It is more like telling us how we can finally redeem ourselves from all of the lost opportunities and missed chances that we just had the previous year.

So, apart from positive thinking, what could be the other way or medium that we could do so that we could be sure that we could organize our life for this coming year?

One perfect tool to have such one awesome year would be having a very dependable and sturdy calendar 2011 by your side. A perfect calendar 2011 would help you get your priorities in order and eventually harmonize not only your life but your relationship with all the other people around you. Having a clear cut perspective on what you should do and accomplish this year is one important thing that you should consider and value at all times if you want to have, like what we have mentioned earlier, a fabulous and awesome year. If you would also get all your priorities and commitments straight, there is no way that you could mess up, hurt or offend someone else’s. Everything in your life would be smooth sailing if you would have a calendar 2011 by your side.

However, we all have different needs for a calendar. Some of us would want it small and handy while still others are comfortable in having a big and bulky calendar. There are indeed many kind of calendar 2011 available in the market but in as much as we would really want something that would cater to each and every need that we have in our career and personal life, there is not that one. Sometimes, we would really have to spend some money and invest on a good looking and reliable calendar, something that would suit our taste and needs. Calendar 2011 is a great investment. It would be something that we would be thankful that we spend for this at the end of the year.

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4 Questions for Sirius XM in 2011

It’s been a monster year for Sirius XM Radio(Nasdaq: SIRI) and its investors, but what will the new year bring? Let’s dive into the four questions whose answers will ultimately dictate the stock’s direction come 2011. The satellite radio giant ended a rocky 2009 on a cautiously optimistic note. Sirius XM closed out the year with 18.5 million subscribers, and CEO Mel Karmazin was publicly targeting 500,000 net additions for 2010. Sirius XM hit 19 million subscribers as Karmazin projected, but then kept going. It passed the 20 million mark earlier this month, likely closing out the year with more than triple the 500,000 net subscribers it was originally expecting.

Now is when things get interesting. Auto tracker Edmunds is projecting marked sequential and year-over-year improvement in new auto sales this month. This is naturally good news for Ford (NYSE: F) and General Motors (NYSE: GM), but it’s even better news for Sirius XM. Roughly half of the new car buyers who purchase vehicles with factory-installed XM or Sirius receivers stick around as paying subscribers after their free trials run out. Over time, more of these drivers will be simply replacing existing accounts, but it’s still a key driver for subscriber growth. Unlike Ford and GM, which have to build every incremental car sale from scratch, Sirius XM has a more scalable model beyond the initial subscriber acquisition costs. Healthy car sales now translate into healthy subscriber growth in the future. It will be a challenge for Sirius XM to top the 1.6 million net subscribers it is aiming for in 2010, but the improving economy and brisk auto sales will help.

2. Is this the year that mobile streaming matters? Sirius XM turned heads when it began offering mobile streaming in June of last year. However, those same heads began shaking when it was revealed that Sirius star Howard Stern would not be available for streaming subscribers, along with some of the play-by-play sports coverage. It didn’t help that Sirius XM was pricing its Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) application at the same monthly rate of its receiver-based subscriptions though existing accounts got a big price break for mobile streaming as an add-on feature. Sirius XM went on to roll out applications for Research In Motion’s (Nasdaq: RIMM)BlackBerry devices and smartphones powered by Google’s (Nasdaq: GOOG) Android. It didn’t really matter. The typically chatty Sirius XM hasn’t bothered to release actual mobile streaming data, likely implying that it’s not much of a needle mover.

This may all change come 2011. Howard Stern’s new five-year deal kicks in next month, and it now allows for mobile streaming. The broader adoption rate of smartphones also opens up the possibilities especially to those who aren’t heavy commuters though the pricing may still be an issue relative to the freely available smartphone audio content. It’s still an area worth watching, especially as it opens the door for eventual expansion outside of its satellite reach.

3. Are subscription rates inching higher? One of the conditions that regulators imposed in approving the 2008 merger between Sirius and XM is that the satellite radio monopoly couldn’t increase its basic rates for three years. Well, that restriction is toast come next summer. Sirius XM has juiced up its rates elsewhere along the way. It introduced a music royalty fee. It jacked up the price that family accounts were paying on additional receivers. However, the basic $ 12.95 monthly rate has held up. Will Sirius XM bump its rates higher this summer? How badly will churn take a hit if consumers refuse the increase?

Investors generally applaud rate increases. Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) shares hit a new all-time high last month, after the flick flicker announced its first rate hike in six years. Despite concerns over defections, shareholders usually key in on the margin-widening potential of those who stick around to pay the higher ransoms. It’s also generally seen as a sign of confidence. Does Sirius XM have this kind of flexibility? We may find out as early as summer.

4. Will Sirius XM 2.0 be a game changer? One of the bigger wildcards is the next generation of satellite radio. Sirius XM has been largely quiet on the upgrade, beyond pointing to a rollout in time for the 2011 holiday season. Karmazin has also alluded to more content and greater functionality. More channels? More interactive features? Any significant improvements will help attract new listeners, retain existing subscribers, and give Sirius XM pricing flexibility. In an ideal world, Sirius XM 2.0 is the upgrade that makes satellite radio relevant again at the retail level and silences fears about the platform being a transitory technology.

Sirius XM 2.0 may be the ticket that truly raises the bar. The actual fruits of the upgrade’s labor may not be felt until 2012, but it’s a question that will be easier to answer once we know what Karmazin is bringing to the table here. Yes, 2011 is going to be just as interesting as the past couple of years. Investors are no doubt hoping that it will be just as lucrative as 2009 and 2010 have been.

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Watch World Golf Championships 2011 Golf Live Streaming

Watch World Golf Championships 2011 Golf Live Streaming

Golf, the fascinating game of club and holes captivates thousands of fans world over. To find out what makes this sport so interesting catch up with the best of golf when you watch World Golf Championships 2011 golf live streaming on http://watchgolfonline.net/. The Accenture Match Play 2011 Championship, the much awaited golf event is scheduled to happen at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club of Marana, Arizona from the 23rd to the 27th of February. 64 of the world’s best golfers will fight it out for the Walter Hagen Cup. Watch World Golf Championships 2011 golf live streaming on http://watchgolfonline.net/ to find out who emerges the Champion this year.



To start using http://watchgolfonline.net/ to watch World Golf Championships 2011 golf live streaming you will have to first register with it. The details that you furnish at the time of registration are maintained secure and confidential at http://watchgolfonline.net/. As the next step download and install the software provided by the site that is essential to watch World Golf Championships 2011 golf live streaming. It is very easy to install and set up the software. And then from the 23rd to the 27th of February you can enjoy live streaming of all the matches of the tournament. Bring the best of golf straight to your PC when you use http://watchgolfonline.net/ and watch World Golf Championships 2011 golf live streaming.



You can enjoy the Accenture Match Play 2011 Championship on your PC from anywhere in the world. This is because there is no problem of requiring of any additional hardware like TV card, cables or antenna to use http://watchnflliveonline.com/ and watch World Golf Championships 2011 golf live streaming. If needed you can also connect your computer to your television and enjoy all the finer moments of the tournament on a wider screen. This is possible because of the Smart Viewing technology that has been adapted by http://watchgolfonline.net/. http://watchgolfonline.net/ is the best choice to watch World Golf Championships 2011 golf live streaming while at home or even while you are on the move. Don’t miss any of the matches of the tournament and watch World Golf Championships 2011 golf live streaming on http://watchgolfonline.net/ to see who lifts the Walter Hagen Cup this year. Enjoy the matches on High Quality Definition. Treat yourselves to live, continuous and uninterrupted broadcast of the tournament when you use http://watchgolfonline.net/ and watch World Golf Championships 2011 golf live streaming.



The Accenture Match Play 2011 Championship originated in the year 1999 and is part of the World Golf Championships regulated by the International Federation of PGA Tours. Watch World Golf Championships 2011 golf live streaming on http://watchgolfonline.net/ to see the world’s best golfers in action. The current Champion of the tournament is Ian Poulter but the record score is held by Tiger Woods for his 8 and 7 in 2008. Will Poulter defend his title? Will new records be set? Find answers to these questions when you log on to http://watchgolfonline.net/ and watch World Golf Championships 2011 golf live streaming.




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Watch Dallas Mavericks vs Washington Wizards 2011 Games Online Free

Watch Dallas Mavericks vs Washington Wizards 2011 Games Online Free

Hello fellow sports activities fans – thanks for visiting this details article about watching Dallas Mavericks vs Washington Wizards on your computer or laptop. Right after missing Dallas Mavericks vs Washington Wizards opening day game since of the Rediculous Blackout guidelines, I have been reviewing the diverse techniques that we can enjoy live Dallas Mavericks vs Washington Wizards matches on my pc.

Watch Dallas Mavericks vs Washington Wizards NBA Live Game Streamcast

The only such avenue that I have been in a position to find so far is a program that will allow you to look at Dallas Mavericks vs Washington Wizards Game titles, and a lot of other sports on the internet. This can be a software product that provides ton’s of various channels to look at Dallas Mavericks vs Washington Wizards video games on your personal computer.

They’re listed effortlessly , to ensure that discovering, deciding on and selecting the video games we want to watch doesnt take too extended.

Together with the many unique channels for enjoy Dallas Mavericks vs Washington Wizards on your laptop or computer, there are sports activities channels that offer a lot more than just the video games -like interviews of players and coaches, standings and stats, and lots of team and player news as well. But there is even a lot more than just Dallas Mavericks vs Washington Wizards that you just can view on your own pc as well.

Watch Dallas Mavericks vs Washington Wizards NBA Live Game Streamcast

Personally, I juts wanted a way to make certain I could view my Dallas Mavericks vs Washington Wizards matches on my computer, becoming ready to look at so many other sporting events is actually just Icing on the cake.

Its like having a total Sports Entertainment Program at our fingertips and with us when ever we would like and wherever we go. All you require is really a laptop computer and an web connection and you might be all set to look at Dallas Mavericks vs Washington Wizards games in your laptop at all times.

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With fuel prices rising, United Continental drops 2011 growth plans and Southwest raises fares

With fuel prices rising, United Continental drops 2011 growth plans and Southwest raises fares
DALLAS – United Continental Holdings Inc., the world’s biggest airline company, scrapped its 2011 growth plans on Monday and said it will cut
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Best, worst fantasy basketball stretch-run schedules
With only six weeks remaining in the season, team schedules become an important factor in fantasy leagues, especially for those who play in head-to-head leagues with playoffs. Squeezing a few more games played out of your fantasy team can be the difference between a playoff win and the end of the season. This is something to keep in mind when working the waiver wire. You’ll have a distinct …
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Local gas prices rising
Gas prices have reached their highest March price ever. The highest gas prices in the area are at a station on Coit Road and LBJ Freeway in far North Dallas at $ 3.59 a gallon. That is higher than the nationwide average of $ 3.52. The amount spent for a fill-up last year will leave gas tanks nearly a quarter tank short at the current prices. There are no gas shortages, but that does not help …
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2011 Derby City Classic Pool Tournament Overview

Informational overview of 2011 Derby City Classic. The 2011 event will be held at the Horseshoe Casino and Hotel in Elizabeth, IN January 21 through Jan 29, 2011. See world’s greatest professional and amateur players competing in three events (Bank Pool, One Pocket, Nine Ball) simultaneously. Live video feed by Accustats. Total prize fund over 0000.
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Shop till You Drop at Dubai’s Mega Shopping Festival 2011

Shop till You Drop at Dubai’s Mega Shopping Festival 2011

Tipped as the world’s premier shopping event the Dubai Shopping Festival is also one of the biggest and most successful tourist events in the UAE’s already jam-packed tourist calendar.  Drawing a whopping 3.35 million plus retail hungry crowds from across the globe this landmark shopper’s event rakes in a mind-blowing 9.8 billion dirham during the 32 day long festival. Taking place for the 15th consecutive year, the first ever Dubai Shopping Festival took place back in 1996 attracting an impressive 1.6 million shoppers in its opening year. Having grown in size, scale and scope over the past 15 years the festival is now an international shopping event that guarantees the finest wares at reduced rates with great discounts and unbelievable bargains thrown into the mix.


Commencing on 20th January 2011, the festival which runs through till 20th February gives shoppers the opportunity to purchase tax free retail items and discounts on products such as textiles, jewellery, perfume, handicrafts, electronics and even cars. With the One World, One Family, One Festival as its theme, the participating countries will set up their own pavilions inside the aptly named Global Village.


Due to Dubai’s well-known tax free import rates, the festival is also the perfect venue to purchase top rated imported items such as timepieces, jewellery and perfumes from the world’s most popular brands. The discounts on these items range from 5- 50% as malls and retailers compete to offer the best prices. Visitors can also expect to be bombarded with a plethora of raffle draws, free gifts and other competitions that give away fantastic prizes and surprises during the festival.


As an event that not only highlights Dubai’s retail prowess the festival also encompasses a range of equally engaging events such as book fairs, exhibitions and operas for the differently abled. Kids and adults can all enjoy the Children of the World Olympiad, Al Rostamani Aqua Fantasia and Cartoon Shows headlined by Casper, Pokémon, Tarzan as well as the Alligator and Dolphin characters. The Carpet Oasis, Fashion Week and Global Village shows are also fun filled events for the whole family while the jazz and dance events that are organized especially during the festival are a treat for all music lovers. Sports fans on the other hand can try their hand at rowing and skating contests that are held at the festival or participate in the open tennis championship, football and ice hockey tournaments or Hockey On Synthetic Surface competitions at the venue.


Those on the lookout for a Dubai hotel in the heart of the city’s shopping district should look no further than the elegant Raffles Dubai, UAE. Ideally situated within 15 minutes of the nearest airport and the town’s financial centre this is one luxury hotel Dubai considers among its most conveniently located rests.

Pushpitha Wijesinghe is an experienced independent freelance writer. He specializes in providing a wide variety of content and articles related to the travel hospitality industry.

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MLB: Can Year of Pitcher be repeated in 2011?

MLB: Can Year of Pitcher be repeated in 2011?
PHOENIX — Dallas Braden is never one to be bashful: The Oakland lefty is certain the Year of the Pitcher can carry on through 2011 and beyond.
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Winters From Hell
Sure, we had bone-chilling temperatures and record snowfall. But that was nothing compared with these monster storms, among the worst in U.S. history.
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NPPSF to honor school’s alumni
The North Platte Telegraph This weekend David Redding is going to Dallas with hopes of winning the Super Bowl. However, the assistant strength and conditioning coordinator for the Packers has already won an honor much closer to home. The North Platte native is one of three alumni the North Platte Public Schools Foundation (NPPSF) will honor at Education After Hours this year. The event, themed …
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Courtney Penry American Idol 2011 Ep.05 Austin/Texas Audition

Audition and Judges comment!! I do not own the rights of this video. They belong to FOX! And so it begins again. After one of the busiest off-seasons in American Idol history, Fox’s reality juggernaut returns promising that, despite last year’s questionable talent pool, sagging ratings and mass defections from the judges’ table, “the best is yet to come” in Season 10. Host Ryan Seacrest even trotted out the word “epic.” So, did the show live up to the hype? Let’s find out

Album: Everywhere (1997)
Video Rating: 4 / 5


$7,000 In Charitable Donations Up For Grabs On March 7th, 2011

restaurant gitanes – the czech alice in wonderland would have spent time here
Image by ankatank
Restaurant Gitanes
Tržišt? 7, Malá Strana, 118 00, Prague 1

amazing little restaurant with bizarre and quirky decor. it had a sort of fantasy/surreal, even czech alice in wonderland feel to it. objects hung from the low ceilings, and there were rooms in the back to discover, playing cards on the bathroom doors, and a 1920s(?) lady mannequin torso on the wall…

,000 In Charitable Donations Up For Grabs On March 7th, 2011
CharitableCoupons.com and The Roasterie are giving back 100% of their proceeds to local charities, schools and churches. (PRWeb March 05, 2011) Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/2011/03/prweb5129654.htm
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The Daily Cool: Leviathan of Lethargy
Your daily list of all that is cool and interesting from The Independent and around the web. We surf so you don’t have to 😉
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Take a bite (or 10) out of March
From egg-soaked toast to gravy-drenched pot roast, comfort food can lift spirits through the last blasts of winter. It’s cheap, a little gooey, not too chewy, and its mild, slow-cooked flavor summons memories of home. Count on certain types of establishments to deliver all that, especially diners and family restaurants with roots in the Industrial Age. Their booths and counter …
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Martinez Collapses After Candidates Forum
DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES – Rudy Martinez, the challenger to 14th District Councilman José Huizar in next month’s City Council election, collapsed last week following a candidates’ forum in El Sereno.
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