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Let’s Get Cheeky! Dallas Singles | Dallas Ages 32-44 Event | Relish Speed Dating

Let’s Get Cheeky! Dallas Singles | Dallas Ages 32-44 Event | Relish Speed Dating
Event on 2018-09-19 20:00:00
It's all about what you Relish and finding someone to Relish those things with. If you're tired of online dating, exhausted by meeting someone only to discover they're nothing like their profile – we offer an alternative. Bringing together comfortably chic venues with a cosmopolitan sensibility. A sophisticated no frills approach to singles events. We've done away with the whistles, name-tags and over the top party trimmings. Unparalleled service and personable hosts all in an environment – just your speed. A fresh alternative to typical events that seem more like a job fair than a relaxed way to connect.Enjoy what you Relish with someone you Relish! Speed Dating @ Pazzo Uptown- September 19th 2018 Ages: 32-44 | 8PM 2680 Cedar Springs Rd, Dallas, TX 75201 For more information visit us at: Or email us at: ~~ We think the best relationships are forged when we are comfortable, relaxed and free of pressure. Preferring instead to think of the evening as a casual night out where one can truly be themselves. We do not use traditional 'speed dating' offerings such as bells, whistles and name-tags. Instead we focus on creating an atmosphere conducive to meeting others; a great venue, a personable host and a staff to assist.  ~~~ Upon arriving at your chosen event – locate your event host. Your host will assist in setting you up with your scorecard for the evening. A simple and convenient way to keep track of whom you enjoyed meeting and those that you would like to see again. Should you have any questions – feel free to ask away. Take the time before the event starts to settle in – have a beverage if you would like and mingle should you wish. The speed dating portion of the event begins once all daters have arrived, checked in and had a moment or two to relax and unwind.  ~~~ During the event, Ladies will stay seated and the Gentleman will rotate from table to table every 5 – 6 minutes.  Our host will guide the Gentleman to let them know when their time is up and facilitate in seeing them to the next table. The goal is to find someone you would like to speak with further. Don't fret about figuring out if person is the one or the perfect person for you. Consider it the date before the date. Select those you would like to meet again and give the completed scorecard back to your host at the end of the evening. Our staff will tabulate the results and email you the following day with your results. If you choose someone and they chose you – it's a match. You will be given each others first name and email address. The rest is up to you.

at Pazzo Uptown
2680 Cedar Springs Road
Dallas, United States


4 to 6 Canadians (ages 35 to 45) want to go see our first NFL game, but can’t deside which team to go see?

Question by steeltrapca: 4 to 6 Canadians (ages 35 to 45) want to go see our first NFL game, but can’t deside which team to go see?
We want to pick a city with a great tailgate party (food and drink), atmosphere, stadium, history. Also we want to go see a College game on the Saturday before hand and a baseball game (or hockey game if later in the season) . Places like Green Bay, Dallas, Kansas City, Oakland, Arizona, Detroit, Ohio state, have all come in mind for offering a good college and NFL game ( baseball and/or hockey also). Please help us deside which city to go to, and if anyone has any connections with tickets for any of these events, please let us know. It would be greatly appreciated.

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Answer by Step into the light with Jon
go to oakland and cheer for the opposing team – thats a true american experience. bring beer – at least 2 30packs each – you’ll make friends. oh yeah – and be sure to paint your face with the opposing team’s colors.

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Collecting Diecast Vehicles is a fun hobby for folks of all ages

Collecting Diecast Vehicles is a fun hobby for folks of all ages

Almost everyone has played with diecast vehicles when they were a young child. When I went to grade school my friends and I collected ‘ Hot Wheels ‘ cars. We would make race tracks and construction zones in the dirt piles out back of our school and play with the vehicles at recess time. I remember having a holder that looked like a suitcase only smaller, it would open and inside I had probably 20 different vehicles, ranging from cars, to trucks and a few other things. We would play in the dirt with our diecast vehicles, racing them, or pretending we were construction crews, and we would dig tunnels in the dirt, and make hills and bridges to push are little cars and trucks around on. Probably most folks like myself lost or threw away them diecast vehicles we had as young children, or they got lost like all of the other toys we had when we were young. Some folks saved there’s and now days some of them are probably quite rare and valuable to diecast collectors.

It seems that when I was a young boy, we only heard of ‘ Hot Wheels ‘, at least that is the brand that my friends and I bought, collected and played with. Now days there are tons of different companies and they make diecast vehicles of every kind, there are cars, airplanes, construction vehicles, boats, military vehicles, and more. When first starting to collect diecast vehicles, you must decide which types you really want because there are a lot of choices, you can collect a certain make and model of car, such as a Chevrolet Nova, or you may wish to just collect yellow diecast construction vehicles, or military vehicles, the choice is up to you.

Diecast vehicles are pretty inexpensive for a lot of the new ones in stores and for some of the older ones that are common. You can often find them in the local drugstore or any Kmart or Walmart, and even a lot of grocery stores have a rack or area where you can find diecast vehicles, they often sell new for under .00 each, and sometimes you can find them in a bargain bin or on sale for ‘ 2 for .00 ‘, or even less.

Probably one of the best places to find a rare or missing diecast vehicle for your collection is on eBay. Another great place to often find rare and unique diecast vehicles at very low prices is yard sales. I went to a few yard sales, last summer with my daughter and I saw a lot of diecast vehicles, and many were 25 cents each and some were less. If you look you can usually find a pile or box of assorted toys at a yard sale, these often have numerous plastic soldiers, trucks and cars, and some old non-clothed dolls, and if you dig or search through these piles or boxes of old junk toys, you can often find diecast vehicles at the bottom. The diecast vehicles are smaller and heavier then the plastic toys, so they tend to drop down to the bottom of the piles like gold nuggets in a stream.

Back around 9 years ago when I was still married, my wife and I bought one of them cheap metal detectors, the ones you can get at discount stores for around or so. We went outside and in our yard where we lived at that time, we found 7 old diecast vehicles. Once we took them inside and cleaned them up, they were all in great condition, despite being buried for a few years. The vehicles were all made by ‘ TOOTSIE ‘, I looked on ebay at the time and discovered that the vehicles were worth around or more, so if you have a metal detector, you can probably find some nice diecast vehicles for free, by searching yards and old school grounds.

Once you start building up your diecast vehicle collection, you should consider getting a display case to show it off. If you have some talent and a few tools, you can easily build a display case in your garage or workshop, or if you look on ebay they always have a large amount of diecast vehicle display cases.

There is computer software that is made just for collecting diecast vehicles. Anyone who has a small or large diecast vehicle collection can easily keep track of what vehicle they have, the color, condition, cost, value, scale and lots of other info for each record (vehicle). This is the most easiest to use software of it’s kind, and it is made 100% for diecast collecting. The software is described in detail and you can download a free demo version of it at this website address:

By Robert W. Benjamin

Copyright © 2006

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Robert W. Benjamin has been in the software business on the internet for over 5 years, and has been producing low-cost software for the past 25+ years. He first released software on the AMIGA and C64 computer systems in the late 1970’s-80’s.

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Indian Classical Instrumental Music In Varanasi : Through The Ages

‘Banaras is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend and looks twice as old as all of them put together…’-Mark Twain.

Sitting atop the trident of Lord Shiva , the Kashi, the luminous one, is the place where the eternal light of Shiva intersects the earth. The city of Shiva, the Mahashmashaana, the sacred circle of all Gods, city of Moksha- a place teeming with people, yet there is place for everyone. A civilization that historians have termed as one older than history, yet startles you when you come across its modern face

By virtue of being the oldest living city, Benaras has its own rich history, tradition and treasure of music. According to mythology, when Renu, son of Vishwamitra and Mahagovind founded Kashi (Varanasi), they also brought with them the Aryan traditions and the Vedic culture. Going back to history, we find numerous instances of dance, music and drama evolving in Varanasi. Excavations at Varanasi have shown a terracotta figurine in which two musicians are playing percussion instruments. The literature of ancient and medieval times also point out to a great tradition of music in Varanasi as in 14th century’s drama ‘Vikrant Kauravam’. The ‘Bhakti’ movement in the medieval period also contributed to the development of music in Varanasi. ‘Jataka’ tales narrate the storyeof Veena competition in the ‘Sudarshan’ city. Ashwaghosh in his famous work ‘Sunderananda’ describes Ganikaas of Kashi. In the 16th century Govind Chandra ruled Varanasi and during his rein Dhrupad was the royal music. It is said that Mian Tansen took birth in Varanasi. Texts say that Jaffar Khan, descendant of Bilas Khan (youngest son of Tansen), invented the instrument ‘Sursingaar’- lower part of which was made of hollow wood and steel plates were set in the upper part and the strings used were made of steel and brass, and gave his first demonstration of this instrument in the court of Raja Udit Narayan Singh of Kashi.

Varanasi, the seat of learning, virtually reverberates with the chants of Vedic hymns that are said to be the oldest genre of musical form. Dixitar (1776-1835), whose signature is Guru Guha-the most recent of the trinity of Karnatak music, is said to have studied Dhrupad in Varanasi. Of more recent times, Sitar maestro Bharatratna Pt. Ravi Shankar was born in Varanasi on 7th April 1920. Music is an integral part of this city of Natraj. The city has credit of producing several music virtuosos liked legendary Late Pt. Anokhelal Mishra, Late Bari Moti, Late Pt. Mahadev Prasad Mishra, Bharatratna Late Ustad Bismilla Khan, Padmavibhushan Late Pt Kishan Maharaj, Vidushi Girija Devi, Pt.Chhannulal Mishra, Vidushi Purnima Chowdhury, Pt.Rajan Sajan Mishra, Pt. Balwant Rai Bhatt”Bhavrang”, to name a few. Varanasi, the cultural capital of India, has always possessed a central position not only in the sphere of Indian Classical Vocal scenario but also has contributed much to the field of   Instrumental Music. Among the pioneers of Instrumentalists of Varanasi, the most revered and noted name is that of Pt. Laxmi Prasad Mishra. His descendants and disciples gave a wide platform to Stringed Instruments.

‘Sangeet Nayak’ Pt. Dargahi Mishra, a stalwart amongst musicians, played a vital part in promoting Stringed Instruments by producing disciples in the fields of Veena, Sarangi, and Sitar. His two sons, Sarayu Prasad Mishra and Govardhan Prasad Mishra were well known artists in the field of vocal and Sarangi. Mithailal Mishra was an acclaimed artist in the field of Veena and vocal. Musicians like Chote Ramdas Mishra (Veena), Pannalal Sharma (Veena, Surbahaar, Sitar), Shivprasad (Vocal, Sitar, Mridang), Kanta Nath Vyaas (Veena) and Srichand Mishra (Vocal, Sitar) played an important role towards the upliftment of Stringed Instruments in Varanasi. Amongst the string instrumentalists of Varanasi, Ustad Vaaris Ali was a huge personality and following his tradition were Ustad Ashiq Ali, Ustad Mushtaq Ali. Pt. Debu Choudhury of Delhi, disciple of Mushtaq Ali Khan, is a world renowned artist carrying forward the ‘parampara’ of his Guru. Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma too is related to the Banaras Parampara.

Legendary musician Baba Alauddin Khan Sahab’s disciples Pt. Ravi Shankar and Pt. Jyotin Bhattacharya (Sarod) are related to Varanasi. Pt. Ravi Shankar, as already mentioned, was born in Varanasi and Pt. Jyotin Bhattacharya resides with his family in Varanasi. Renowned musician Late Pt. Lalmani Mishra is a well known name in the field of Vichitra Veena who is known for his scintillating renditions on such a tough instrument. Carrying on his Parampara, his son, Late Dr. Gopal Shankar Mishra and Pof. Pushpa Basu are musicians of great repute.

Varanasi has a rich tradition of String Instuments of which Sarangi is one. Among the Sarangi players of Varanasi, Tamakhu Mishra has been a signature. He was not much into limelight and performative glamour. Other Sarangi players who made Varanasi proud of themselves are Sumernath Mishra, Sursahay Mishra, Kashinath Kinnar, Siya Ji, Birayi Ji, Sheetal Mishra, to name a few. Late Pt. Hanuman Prasad Mishra, father of the world renowned vocalists Pt. Rajan – Pt. Sajan Mishra was an artist of great repute.

Among the Guitarists of Varanasi, Sri Shibnath Bhattacharya (disciple of Late Pt. Nalin Mazumdar of Allahabad who was the first to play Indian Classical Muisc on Hawaiian Guitar), Sri Gopal Das, Dr.Sanjay Verma , Dr.S.Kamala are known figures in this field.

Bharatratna Late Ustad Bismilla Khan Sahab, a synonym of Shehnai is the most revered and noted name in the field of Wind Instruments. Vilayatu Miyan had been a great artist of this field and caryying on this tradition were Ali Baksh and Samsuddin Khan and finally Shehnai was taken to its heights by Bismilla Khan Sahab. In the present days we have Sri Ramashahkar , Sri Sohanlal who have taken the instrument ,which is almost a synonym of Hindu marriage, to its heights.

Also, the flautists who have made Varanasi proud of themselves are Sri. R.K.Srinivasan, Dr.Prahlad Nath,  to name a few.

Varanasi has been a confluence of musical genres. Not only North Indian Classical music but Karnatak music has been flourishing here too. Way back in 1964 Late Pt. V.K. Venkatramanujam, a violinist of great repute came to Varanasi and thus started the flow of Karnatak Music. Another stalwart violinist from South, Dr. ( Smt.) N. Rajam ( disciple of ‘Sangeet Martand’ Pt. Omkar Nath Thakr) stayed for a long time in Varanasi and headed the Faculty of  Performing Arts,B.H.U., as the Dean. Her renditions are of the Norh Indian style.

The tradition of Instrumental music in Varanasi has gone through various phases. Many a noted musicians have remarkably made Varanasi proud, bringing home laurels. Some noted instrumentalists of recent times are Late Dr Ramdas Chakraborty, Pt. Surendra Mohan Mishra, Dr. Rajbhaan Singh, Pt.Amarnath Mishra, Prof. Krishna Chakraborty (all Sitar) ; Prof. R.P. Shastri, Dr. V. Balaji, Dr. (Smt.) Jayashree Roy,Sri Sukhdev Mishra, U.H.R. Pradeep, Dr. Swarna Khuntia Sri Vijay Choubey (all Violin) ; Sri Santosh Mishra, Sri Kanhaiyalal Mishra, Sri Sangeet Mishra, Sri Sandeep Mishra( Sarangi) ; Dr. S. Kamala, Dr. Sanjay Verma (Guitar) ; Sri Rajesh Moitra, Sri Vibhas Maharaj (Sarod).

The style of performance as compared to the ‘Chaindaari’ of yester-years has changed a lot. The present day performances are comparatively in a faster pace with not much peace of mind and soul, which fulfils the demands of a commercialized society. This is what is the symptom of  the ‘Pop’- or rather the ‘Popular’ culture. By the impact of a Globalized market, improvisations in the built of the Musical Instruments has been carried out for the betterment of performances by the musicians of Varanasi. Artists like Dr. Vishnuchittan Balaji has designed a Violin which has eleven strings and this Volin has been named “Bala Bela” by Padmavibhushan Late Pt. Kishan Maharaj. Dr. V. Balaji has designed another Violin which has twenty-five string and has named it “Triveni Bela”. He is now working on a new set-up of a violin that has two necks in a body. Another technical improvisation that has been done by Dr. Sanjay Verma is that he has attached the ‘Daand’ of Tanpura to his guitar. Dr. S. Kamala has also made improvements in her Guitar by adding strings and has named it Shankar Guitar. As per the rendition on Guitar, the Guitarists have evolved the style of playing Chotakhyaal instead of the age-old Razakhani Gat and is accepted well. Violinists like Prof. R.P. Shastri and his disciple Dr. (Smt.) Jayashree Roy present their recital with a blend of Tantrakaari and Gaayaki Anga.

The changes that have been adapted in the built of various instruments have changed the tonal quality, which is more pleasing than of the yester-years and these  changes brought in by the instrumentalists of Varanasi have been acclaimed all over the world and has taken instrumental music to its heights.