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Superconducting Filters In Base Stations And Other Network Optimization Td’s Role

0 Introduction Superconducting technology is considered of strategic importance in the 21st century high-tech one, in energy, information, transportation, instrumentation, defense and other aspects important applications. Currently active in the world are in the application technology of superconductivity.

Superconducting filter using conductor at very low temperatures (-200 or so) when the conductor made of resistance similar to the principle of zero band-pass filter, used in mobile Communicate Base station receiver front end, significant improvements Mobile base stations Uplink performance, improve base station receiver sensitivity and lower band, the band all kinds of interference, thereby improving the signal transmission quality, extend coverage up to enhance signal transmission rate.

Of superconducting filter in TD-SCDMA base stations and other network optimization in the role of China is actively developing TD-SCDMA system and the 2G network optimization system is important.

1 mobile communications uplink and downlink analysis

1.1 Mobile communication is mainly limited by the uplink

Mobile phone base station transmit power is much greater than transmission power, and mobile phone base station receiver sensitivity and receiver sensitivity is almost the same. Therefore, mobile communication is mainly limited by the uplink, uplink coverage area are often less than the downlink coverage area.

In addition, as users continue to increase, mobile communication network is bound to increase the number of base stations. This allows access to the base station receiver interference and noise growing and increased the burden on the uplink.

1.2 to improve the general approach to the uplink

General approach to improve the uplink are: installation of the base station transmitter output cavity RF filter to suppress the base station transmitter spurious radiation. Base station receiver uses diversity reception mode, and also used in the RF input of the cavity filter to improve the receiver sensitivity and inhibit a variety of band interference.

However, the filter cavity Q value can only be reached around 5000, relatively large passband loss, stop-band attenuation is not enough, the transition zone are not steep. Therefore, this method can not effectively solve the problem uplink interference, the base station receiver in-band interference and background noise is still relatively high, the base station receiver sensitivity and capacity utilization is not high.

2 superconducting filter is the best way to solve one of the base station interference

Superconducting filter is to use conductor at very low temperatures (about -200 ) resistance is approximately zero when the surface characteristics of the filter is made, the Q value of up to 10 million, higher than the filter’s Q value cavity nearly 20 times. Therefore, the superconducting filter passband with minimal insertion loss ( 60dB) and very steep transition zone (-100dB/400KHz). After the superconducting filter

with the same working conditions in the ultra low-noise low-temperature release (LNA) (Gain: 12dB), with very low noise figure (

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Efficient Fpga Multiplier Used In Wireless Base Station (figure)

Based on WiMax and its derivatives in emerging broadband wireless standard protocol requires higher and higher throughput and data rate. These agreements made fast chip rate and digital radio processing program can use the FPGA hardware to achieve the best.

FPGA is very suitable Cooperation High-performance, cost-effective solutions to achieve these numbers in the physical layer protocol functions, as they include a wealth of resources:

1.DSP module can be used to achieve a variety of FIR filtering and FFT / IFFT operation of adders and multipliers required / accumulator functions;

2.SERDES transceiver, can support the wireless front-end and baseband digital board between the CPRI and OBSAI interface;

3. FPGA embedded RAM block important memory (EBR), can be used to store filter coefficients, perform block interleaving and FEC decoding to achieve (Turbo, Viterbi, Reed-Solomon, etc.);

4. Speed LVDSI / O, respectively, from the ADC and DAC support to a wide parallel interface. These converters are defined RF / analog functions and low-cost digital baseband logic between the boundaries. Interface, the higher the rate, low-cost FPGA solution that can integrate more statistics on the frequency / digital down conversion function.

This article focuses on the first resource that DSP multiplication module. Multiplication by reducing and optimizing DSP FFT and FIR in the module implementation, designers can minimize the use of resources to meet the throughput requirements under, allowing users to use the most cost-effective ready-made FPGA devices. The following four types of multipliers saving techniques in this introduction.

Functions for efficient complex multiplication WiMaxOFDM

WiMax system design, an important feature is to support orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM). FPGA makes use of IFFT and FFT, respectively in the discrete time realization of OFDM transmitter and receiver become particularly vulnerable. Such as 802.16a and other agreements require 256 samples of the FFT. The 802.16e The agreement calls for a variety of FFT samples, or the flexibility to adjust the FFT samples to meet the dynamic channel and bandwidth requirements (Extensible OFDMA).

Complex multiplication In the implementation of the FFT 256 and 1024 samples, the Radix-4 structure can be the most efficient use of multipliers. FFT Algorithm 4 samples by multiplex Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) butterfly structure decomposition. For example, a 16-point FFT can be extracted by time, by taking or other related frequency decomposition method with two Radix-4DFT structure to achieve. Level 1 4 4 samples from the DFT composition, level 2 4 4 o’clock from the same DFT component. Since the output of each DFT requirements before the next level in the feed for the results presented provide three phases factors, so the first 1 and level 2 the phase factor between the needs of 9 9 complex multiplication.

First glance, the implementation of a complex multiplication requires four multipliers and two adder / subtractor. However, the expression can be re-written in another only three multipliers, three adders and two subtraction expression. It is noteworthy that the adder is the core logic in the FPGA implementation, using a rich bit by bit into bit mode (ripplemode) generic programmable logic unit (PLC) chip.

If D = Dr + jDi is the plural of data, C = Cr + jCi are complex coefficients, then the standard complex multiplication expression as follows:

E1: R = D * C = (Dr + jDi) * (Cr + jCi) = Rr + jRi (1)

Where Rr = Dr * Cr-Di * Ci, Ri = Dr * Ci + Di * Cr

These standards require the use of four multiplier expression. The expression can be re-order algebraic methods to:

E2: Rr = Dr * Cr-Di * Ci (2)

E3: Rr = Dr * Cr-Di * Ci +0 (3)

E4: Rr = Dr * Cr-Di * Ci + (Dr * Ci-Di * Cr) – (Dr * Ci-Di * Cr) (4)

E5: Rr = (Dr * Cr-Dr * Ci + Di * Cr-Di * Ci) + (Dr * Ci-Di * Cr) (5)

Complex expression is the result of the new:

E6: Rr = [(Dr + Di) * (Cr-Ci)] + (Dr * Ci-Di * Cr) (3 times multiplication) (6)

E7: Ri = Dr * Ci + Di * Cr (reuse the product from the Rr) (7)

Shown in Figure 1, the optimal complex multiplication can be three multipliers, three adders and two subtractor realized. It is noteworthy that, in the FPGA, the addition / subtraction module relative die area used is less than 18 Ã? 18 multiplier module.

Figure 1: The 4 and 3 multipliers of complex multiplication.

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DISEGNO CAD 2D: Corso Base – Draftsight.

DISEGNO CAD 2D: Corso Base – Draftsight.
Event on 2016-04-11 19:00:00
Il CAD è il software più utilizzato al mondo per la realizzazione di disegni tecnici in qualsiasi settore di progettazione. Rappresenta uno strumento indispensabile per professionisti quali geometri, architetti, ingegneri, progettisti meccanici ed elettronici.  Durante il corso di Disegno CAD 2D apprenderete le basi dell’utilizzo di Draftsight, un software CAD 2D facile da usare e ideale per studenti, amatori e neofiti. Il corso si rivolge a tutti coloro che sono interessati a prendere confidenza con gli strumenti 2D e a comprendere la logica e la filosofia CAD.  Obiettivi del Corso I software di progettazione sono in continua evoluzione e le trasformazioni che si sono susseguite negli ultimi 20 anni hanno sviluppato nuove tecniche per il completamento dell’iter progettuale. Alla base di tutto questo resta però il disegno 2D: l’unico strumento universalmente riconosciuto e utilizzato ovunque. Questo corso vi fornirà le basi del disegno 2D attraverso l'utilizzo del software Draftsight: dall’uso dei comandi principali, alla creazione di geometrie semplici, dalla modifica degli oggetti alla gestione delle loro proprietà. Il corso vi permetterà di acquisire la dimestichezza necessaria per operare in autonomia nella realizzazione di un progetto. Verrà inoltre dedicato un capitolo specifico per la predisposizione di file per la macchina lasercut. Programma –          Concetti generali –          Interfaccia utente –          Creazione ed apertura del disegno –          Barre degli strumenti –          Strumenti di selezione degli oggetti –          Modifica degli oggetti –          Comandi principali –          Proprietà oggetti –          Gestione e strumenti layer –          Stampa disegno –          File per lasercut MATERIALE E REQUISITI Vi chiediamo di portare un computer portatile e di aver già scaricato e installato il software Draftsight che puoi trovare gratuitamente da questo link: Per usufruire al meglio del corso è necessario che già conosciate l’ambiente Windows e che abbiate dimestichezza con l’uso delle sue applicazioni base.  A CHI SI RIVOLGE A tutti, soci e non soci.  Numero massimo iscritti: 8 (minimo 4)  COME E QUANDO 3 lezioni (tre ore ciascuna) per un totale di 9 ore, così suddivise: Venerdì 1 Aprile, dalle 19:00 alle 22:00 Venerdì 8 Aprile, dalle 19:00 alle 22:00 Venerdì 15 Aprile, dalle 19:00 alle 22:00 COSTO  Biglietto: 100,00 €  Il prezzo si intende già scontato, sulla base del contributo J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation.  ATTESTATO DI FREQUENZA Al termine del corso verrà rilasciato un attestato di frequenza. 

at Talent Lab Civitas Vitae
Via Monselice 15a
Padua, Italy


Texas Instruments Debuts New Pico Cell Base Station

Picture A Day October 10, 2009 – Giant Millipede in West Texas
Image by mlhradio
Following a summer thunderstorm in west Texas at Fort Lancaster, found this little critter crawling across the rain-soaked ground. A giant millipede, curled up after I had poked and prodded it (this is its defensive posture). These are generally harmless creatures (as opposed to the giant centipede, which is poisonous), and are often sold as pets. This one was roughly the thickness of a large Sharpie marker, but about twice as long.

You can view more photos from my 2009 ‘Picture a Day’ set at:

And the fun continues with a Picture a Day through 2010 at:

Texas Instruments Debuts New Pico Cell Base Station
Texas Instruments today announced a new pico-cell base station developed in cooperation with Azcom Technology that primarily focuses on 3G/4G wireless data. The new base station is capable of supporting muti-carrier HSPA+ as well as Long Term Evolution and uses MIMO (multiple-in, multiple-out) antennas. Texas Instruments says the new pico-cell is capable of delivering the performance of a macro …
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Texas Historical Commission in Jeopardy of Losing Funding
    The Texas Historical Commission is in danger of losing all of its state funding, which is what Governor Rick Perry called for in his State of the State address.
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Sul Ross University Fighting to Keep Pronghorn Deer in West Texas
Sul Ross University is joining the fight to keep pronghorn deer in West Texas. The school will be joining forces with Texas Parks and Wildlife to relocate pronghorn from the Texas panhandle to the Trans-Pecos.
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Cadet L. Deitz at the Naval Air Base, Corpus Christi, Texas (LOC)

Check out these texas images:

Cadet L. Deitz at the Naval Air Base, Corpus Christi, Texas (LOC)
Image by The Library of Congress

Texas Bluebonnets
Image by .imelda


Red River Between Shreveport and Bossier City, Louisiana, with Barksdale Air Force Base in Background

A few nice dallas hotels images I found:

Red River Between Shreveport and Bossier City, Louisiana, with Barksdale Air Force Base in Background
dallas hotels
Image by Ken Lund


McDonalds to Double Store Base in China

McDonalds to Double Store Base in China
Oak Brook, Ill.-based McDonald’s Corp. plans to double its number of restaurants in China to 2,000 by 2013, according to a senior executive for the company.
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Holiday options at area restaurants
Wholly Smokers Restaurant in Georgetown is in the spirit of giving this holiday season. The restau
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Non-profit group Arthur and Friends grows, sells hydroponic produce
Hackettstown Arthur and Friends, a program of NOWESCAP, is growing and providing premium quality lettuce and herbs year round to local restaurants, schools, hospitals and the public.
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Arthur and Friends expands, sells hydroponic produce
Hackettstown Arthur and Friends, a program of NOWESCAP, is growing and providing premium quality lettuce and herbs year round to local restaurants, schools, hospitals and the public.
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Is Arum off base throwing Floyd’s name out there for a big fight at the new Cowboys stadium?

Question by Sean G: Is Arum off base throwing Floyd’s name out there for a big fight at the new Cowboys stadium?

Check this out! Why is he using Floyd’s name…hmmm.

Best answer:

Answer by JON
Bob Arum is just using Floyd’s name to sell. I think this is a disrespect to Cotto who has a chance to beat Pacquiao. But again, Bob Arum also said the name of Juan Manuel Marquez as a chance for Pacquiao to fight and not in this article but recently Bob Arum wants Pacquiao to unify the welterweight belts and fight Sugar Shane Mosley.

Floyd is a superstar, many people like to watch him, so throwing his name there and here sells even if Pacquaio is not the man he will fight. I am not going to give up, I hope Mayweather change his mind on Hatton, and actually Mayweather would still be in a lose lose situation with Pacquiao. He should fight Mosley, Cotto, or Williams.


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Reaching Out, Touching Base Via Airwaves

Reaching Out, Touching Base Via Airwaves

Reaching out, touching base via airwaves

RADIO is cheap. Too, the chief means of tuning in to everyday developments in the country. That ought to explain why hundred millions of pesos were coughed up and spread out at broadcast media by moneyed Senate-seat seekers in the campaign prior to the 2007 mid-term elections. It’s no secret that 80% of the Metro Manila populace or four of every five get their daily jolt of facts and factoids from the noise box—the radio.

By far, radio has the greatest reach and the widest grab on audiences from the coastal villages of Aparri to the hinterland communities in Zamboanga.

Radio’s grab-and-gab tack plus tug at people can be plied to generate added value. Take the Leaders for Health Program (LHP) that goes on air Sundays over DWBR 204.3 FM—Metro Manila’s leading business radio station—as a portion of the 9:00-10:00 p.m. show Executive Musings. It’s been on air since October 1, 2006.

In a nutshell, LHP works with the country’s dirt-poor communities, sharing insights and foresights. Imparting the importance of such must’s as immunization, clean water, hygiene, and waste management.

Show host Lu S. Moguel—the first moniker’s Chinese for “wanderer” and is apt as she rides the airwaves electric—admits that those “are the first steps to a changed local health landscape, the beginning of more productive and empowered lives striving for self-reliance.” As current government spending on public health is a pittance one percent—or a centavo for each one peso allocation for various national needs— a nationwide movement must be kindled changing how the Filipinos think, feel and behave about health.

LHP aims to do that fueled by the belief that the key to transforming communities is health—the key that opens doors beyond health, and addresses issues that affect leadership, governance and even poverty alleviation.

“Our work is about helping people understand that the power to be healthy is in their hands,” muses Ms. Moguel, a professor in one of the country’s top universities, an industrial psychologist, executive coach and an MBA degree holder who graduated with the highest distinction. She envisions Executive Musings as her contribution to nation building, sharing the wisdom gained in her more than 25 years of experience in her sphere of competence.

Aside from advocating public health, Executive Musings also caters to CEOs and key corporate officers in the tackling of issues, concerns, or experiences “they usually would rather not talk about or cannot find time to read on; from matters on managing people in business to handling personal relationships, to addressing current trends or concerns that helps shape informed individuals.”

Ms. Moguel’s Sunday show seeks to “uphold the relevance of self-governance, good judgment and heightened understanding of the self and social issues that can help them create an impact on our society.”

Executive Musings features a weekly guest speaker, an expert and a success in his or her own field in an earnest dialogue with the show host “in an interplay of perspectives on the featured topic.”

The show is produced by LSM International Management Consultants, Inc. which takes pride in its 30-year track record in human resources development and management, organizational development, and crisis management.

Executive Musings enjoys a niche following in the Metro Manila megalopolis, provincial and international markets due to its accessibility in the global information superhighway, reaching out in cyberspace via to audiences 24/7 anywhere around the globe.

An article about the author on the magazine Medical Observer, June 2007 issue.


Working on a plane at the Naval Air Base, Corpus Christi, Texas (LOC)

Some cool texas images:

Working on a plane at the Naval Air Base, Corpus Christi, Texas (LOC)
Image by The Library of Congress

Bonfire Memorial Under Bright Texas Skies
Image by StuSeeger