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Acres of Blues

Acres of Blues
Event on 2018-09-01 10:30:00
Second Annual "Acres of Blues"
Saturdays line up:
Big Mo & Full Moon Band 5:20 pm – 6:50 pm
Tebo's Howlin Wolf Revue 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm
Dallas Hodge 1:40 pm – 3:10 pm
Jimi Jeff & The Gypsy Band 12:05 pm – 1:20 pm
Doug Fir & 2×4's 10:30 am – 11:45 am
Sundays line up:
Ray Charles Project 5:20 pm – 6:50 pm
Brad Wilson & Rollin Blues Thunder Band 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm
Ira Walker 1:40 pm – 3:10 pm
Uptown Kings 12:05 pm – 1:20 pm
Lone Star Junction 10:30 am – 11:45 am
Come Enjoy Some Authentic Blues
at the North Coast Premier Venue
for Music and Fun

at Redwood Acres Raceway
3750 Harris St
Eureka, United States


Chattanooga- 1st Annual BBQ Blues and Bluegrass Festival-VENDORS & ARTIST NEEDED

Chattanooga- 1st Annual BBQ Blues and Bluegrass Festival-VENDORS & ARTIST NEEDED
Event on 2018-03-24 10:00:00
SATURDAY , Date and Location TBA 2018 Come Out to Chattanooga, TN 1st Annual BBQ, Blues & Bluegrass Festival ONLY Admission Some of our proceeds got to the Local Chattanooga Boys & Girls Club Bring your Lawn Chairs –Expecting a large turn out!!  50/50 Raffle /ticket or 3 for . ONLY Admission for All —-1 DAY SATURDAY   NO BBQ Cook Off and Competition–AT THIS FESTIVAL Visit   OR FB for more Information 2017 PERFORMANCE ON THE STAGE AT DALTON'S 1ST FESTIVAL: The Band Antle Charlsey Etheridge Shellem Cline Austin Zackary Connor Priest Appalachian Travelers Sing For the King DLY2 Music AmeriCalypso NO BBQ Cook Off and Competition–AT THIS FESTIVAL ***ARTS, CRAFT, DIRECT SALES, AND BUSINESS VENDORS NEEDED**** Entertainers Needed (Singers, Bands, Dance, Dance Teams, Solo Artist, Martial Arts, Fashion Show, etc.) Pageant Participants needed as well. ****SPONSORS NEEDED**** !!!!!!CUSTOM MOTORCYCLE SHOW!!!!!     CORN HOLE TOURNAMENTS TEAM SIGN UP CURRENT VENDORS/TEAMS ALREADY SIGNED UP******* LulaRoe By Danielle Flinn Choo Choo Kettle Corn & Lemon Shakers Lipsense By Beverly Shirah Safe Diva Defense The Whole Lemon and Then Some Simply Boutique By Anna Phillips Kettle Creek Designs by Christie Hands on Heart CPR & First Aid Belhaven University Handmade By Heather Shannon's Snowcone Biz Chattanooga Allergy Clinic Pour, Paint & Play Art Studios Lighthouse Foster Care Sweet Chimney Bakery 88 Sauce – LoLocs BBQ Jasper in June Scentsy by Michelle Hatcreek BBQ & Cooking Emporium Royal Blue ATL J's  Smokin' BBQ  Team and Vendor Bruster Ice Cream-Chattanooga-Yolanda Finney Donna's Cotton Candy Earthly Indigo (Wire Jewelry) By Kaylyn Thirty-One by Kelly Hogsed Darn Good Seasoning & Healthy Food Champion Window, Door & Siding -Soaps, Scrubs & Candles Tupperware by Francine Thompson Sugar Rush by James H. Paparrazi Jewelry-Titia W- Laynee’s Walnut Butter- 1st Franklin Financial- Dalton, GA Lisa Graben-It Works Madaris Windows & Sidings Ringgold/Chattanooga Office CJ's Competition BBQ Team Duvall's Pit Pork Crew Team Smoke Stacks BBQ Team Burgess Farms Bruster's Ice Cream-Dalton, GA Jack's Gem, by Jack Staver Grandad's Workshop Rogue Studios by Dallas Ward Log Cabin Concessions Elk’s Aidmore, Inc. Broken Pieces-Handcrafted Jewelry Dale’s Southern Smoked BBQ-BBQ Nachos Highly Flavored Concessions-Italian Sausages/Dogs Fully Involved Heavy Smoke Showing-Team & Vendor Painted Expressions-Face Painting Pure Romance By Nikki D & K Concessions-Funnel Cakes, Nachos, Ribbon Fries Big Boy Smokin BBQ Concessions-Turkey Legs, Leg Quarter Perfectly Posh by Hollie Matthews Damsel in Defense by Belinda Burney Gourmet Hot Dogs by Trenton Leonard Premiere Design By Jenny Turley Knight’s Catering Pork Paramedics BBQ Team Smokin Pig BBQ Team Choo Choo BBQ Team-Brainerd Rd Chattanooga It’s The Pit BBQ Team Cobra Q-BBQ Team-Adairsville Lucky IQ-BBQ Team Eppy's BBQ Team & Vendor Knight’s Catering -Polish Sausages, Grilled Pork Chops, Chicken on Stick Divine Grill -Beef & Chicken Sausages with Onions & Peppers KPT Concession Food-Bratwurst,  BBQ and Cheeseburger sliders Plunder Designs By Rebecca Pritchard Maui Wowi-Smoothies, Coffees, Frappe Mugmania -Souvenir Mugs with Refills  Real South Concessions -Boiled Peanuts & Tea Mama Rita’s Italian Ice Rucker Family Entertainment-Bouncy Houses Alliance Therapy Dogs Complete Cash Poppin John Homemade Ice Cream Jail Creek Farms-Jams, Jellies & Preserves Becky's Name Rings Kid Fit Strong -Zorb Human/Hamster Balls Gutterglove South & Home Revnovations The Jar Bar-Pineapple Smoothies with Treats Georgia Girls Candles Bejeweled Outlaw/ Debbie Flowers Absoylutely Not Adventures Petting Zoo Cecil Wooden Toys Bunch of Butts-BBQ & Brisket Tacos by Scott Edwards The Sweet Tea Factory R & B Rustic Woodwork Comfort Zone Arts & Craft African Arts & Craft Louie's Pickles Kid Zone Gone Fishin' Red Wagon-Ribs, Wings and Fried Fish Dreamnation Us By Danielle Culberson Sweet Pea Crochet By Janet Gilespie Pixi Dust Jewelry Halo-ishous-gourmet jams, jellies & Fruit butters

at Winnebago County Fairgrounds
500 West First Street
Pecatonica, United States


Il rap blues di Kento & the Voodoo Brothers, per la presentazione ufficiale nuovo cd Da Sud

Il rap blues di Kento & the Voodoo Brothers, per la presentazione ufficiale nuovo cd Da Sud
Event on 2017-11-14 22:00:00
Unico rapper invitato al Premio Tenco 2016, rinominato dalla critica il "Guccini con il flow", presenta assieme ai suoi Voodoo Brothers il nuovo disco Da Sud pubblicato lo scorso novembre prodotto dall'associazione antimafie daSud, con la collaborazione di BandBackers e distribuito da Goodfellas. Se con il primo album era stata tracciata una svolta netta nell’interpretazione delle sonorità Hip-Hop che da un decennio hanno caratterizzato la produzione di Kento, con questo secondo lavoro arriva la conferma che la rotta è sempre verso il blues suonato, con incursioni di scratch, chitarre distorte e beat ancora più moderni e decisi. Le rime e il flow non mancano, e stavolta mirano al confronto aperto con il cantautorato italiano più classico e la slam poetry. Kento è stato l'unico rapper invitato ad esibirsi durante l'ultima edizione del Premio Tenco, questo per sottolineare il ponte unico che ha costruito tra la cultura hip hop e il mondo della canzone d'autore. Momenti caratterizzati da ritmiche serrate e contemporanee si alternano a episodi più intimistici e riflessioni su soggetti sociali, in un filo teso tra The Roots e i Rage Against The Machine. Durante il concerto saranno presentati tutti brani di Da Sud, dal singolo Ribelle alla ballad Seta, da Totò Speranza a La Barca, non mancherà poi qualche richiamo al precedente cd Radici che aveva scosso la critica per l'inedito connubio di rap e blues, creando poi un crescente interesse nel pubblico che ha portato la band a proseguire nella sua produzione. Da Sud è uscito in contemporanea con primo libro di Kento dal titolo Resistenza Rap, pubblicato per Round Robin Editrice. Per la sua prima fatica letteraria Kento ha raccontato la strada più difficile e autentica che porta al palco: racconti di viaggio e consigli per chi si avvicina per la prima volta al mondo del rap e alla cultura Hip-Hop. Il libro con artwork di copertina a cura di Masito (Colle der Fomento) e prefazione di Ice One sarà disponibile anche durante la serata. Durante l'evento anche jam session con i freestyle champions del fight con i campioni del fight club. Ospiti Dr Testo, Esdì, Holy Smoke, William Pascal e special guest. In apertura Ciarz.
Sul palco Francesco 'Kento' Carlo (voce) assieme ai Voodoo Brothers in formazione completa con Davide Ambrogio (basso), David Assuntino (tastiere), Alessio Magliocchetti Lombi (chitarra), Filippo Schininà (batteria) e Dj Fuzzten (piatti).

Sabato 14 gennaio
Ore 22
CSOA La Strada
Via Francesco Passino, 24 – Roma
Ingresso euro 5
Infoline 3803419255

at CSOA La Strada
Via Francesco Passino, 24
Rome, Italy


Kirk Franklin gifts Gospel Brunch at home of Blues (Dallas)

Kirk Franklin gifts Gospel Brunch at House of Blues (Dallas)
Occasion on 2016-03-27 11:00:00

at home of Blues – Dallas
2200 N Lamar St
Dallas, US



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Sita Sings the Blues (Full movie and subtitulos)

Sita Sings the Blues, by Nina Paley DVD NOW AVAILABLE! Get the Torrent here Or at the official website’s Wiki. For a playlist containing all 10 parts, try here: The movie is available for FREE download in 1080p, 720p, and 480p! For an updated list of download or torrent links, go to: Dear Audience, I hereby give Sita Sings the Blues to you. Like all culture, it belongs to you already, but I am making it explicit with a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License. Please distribute, copy, share, archive, and show Sita Sings the Blues. From the shared culture it came, and back into the shared culture it goes. You don’t need my permission to copy, share, publish, archive, show, sell, broadcast, or remix Sita Sings the Blues. Conventional wisdom urges me to demand payment for every use of the film, but then how would people without money get to see it? How widely would the film be disseminated if it were limited by permission and fees? Control offers a false sense of security. The only real security I have is trusting you, trusting culture, and trusting freedom. That said, my colleagues and I will enforce the Share Alike License. You are not free to copy-restrict (“copyright”) or attach Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) to Sita Sings the Blues or its derivative works. Some of the songs in Sita Sings the Blues are not free, and may never be; copyright law requires you to obey their


2008-06-07 Chicago Blues Festival 26

A few nice festival images I found:

2008-06-07 Chicago Blues Festival 26
Image by JanetandPhil
Chicago Blues Festival – 7 June 2008 (hand-held)

Nocturnal Festival 2010
Image by Caesar Sebastian
Nocturnal Festival 2010 Pictures by Caesar Sebastian

click all sizes

Sunflower Farm Festival
Image by The Suss-Man (Mike)
Some leftover photos from the Sunflower Farm Festival back in July that don’t have sunflowers in them.


History of the Blues

History of the Blues

Ah, the Blues. We say we have the Blues when feeling down. But the “Blues” is also a genre of music, one that is difficult to define but is most characteristically defined as something with a specific chord progression – one that includes the twelve-bar and the ‘blue note’, one that is flattened or bent in relation to the pitch of the major scale.

Nobody knows for sure how the Blues got its name or how it originated but many theorize that it started with unaccompanied vocal music of poor black laborers between 1870 and 1900. Prior to this, many of Blues characteristics is said to be traced back to the music of Africa, most particularly in the way it uses a wavy, nasal intonation.

The progression of Blues from this early time then rolls into early spirituals or religious songs at camp meetings. Like Blues, spirituals were passionate songs that conveyed to listeners the same feeling of rootlessness and misery as the Blues.  Spirituals, however, were less specifically concerning the performer and rather instead about the general loneliness of mankind. Despite these differences, the two forms are similar enough that they could not be easily separated — many spirituals would probably have been called Blues had that word been in wide use at the time.

Country music was not country in its time as it too was considered the ‘blues’. Both types of music during the nineteenth century were also labeled ‘race music’ or ‘hillbilly music’.

As the recording industry grew, country Blues performers like Bo Carter, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Lonnie Johnson, Tampa Red and Blind Blake grew more popular. The first Blues recordings from the 1920s are now categorized as a traditional, rural country blues. Country blues performers often improvised, either without accompaniment or with only a banjo or guitar. Regional styles of country blues varied widely in the early 20th century. The (Mississippi) Delta blues was considered a rootsy sparse style of blues with passionate vocals accompanied by slide guitar. Robert Johnson was one artist who combined elements of urban and rural blues.

Boogie-Woogie was another important style of blues in the1930s and early 1940s. While the style is often associated with a solo piano, boogie-woogie was also used to accompany singers and, as a solo part, in bands and small combos.

In the 1950s, the Blues had a huge influence on mainstream American popular music. Music from Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry were catching people’s attention. John Lee Hooker made Blues more personal and with his rough voice and single electric guitar, his music was newly characterized as Guitar Boogie. His song Boogie Chillen reached number one on the R&B charts in 1949.

In northern cities like Chicago and Detroit, during the later forties and early fifties, Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, Howlin’ Wolf, and Elmore James among others, played what was basically Mississippi Delta blues, backed by bass, drums, piano and occasionally harmonica. At about the same time, T-Bone Walker in Houston and B.B. King in Memphis were pioneering a style of guitar playing that combined jazz technique with the blues tonality and repertoire.

White audiences’ became more interested in the blues during the 1960s with the Chicago-based Paul Butterfield Blues Band and the British Blues movement. Before long, Blues and rock began fusing and America was seeing Blues Rock performers such as Jimi Hendrix.

During the 1980s, the Blues also continued in both traditional and new forms. Today, there are more than 160 Blues societies throughout the United States, Canada and Europe whom are constantly keeping the perpetual Blues flame alive with their distribution of newsletters to keep their members of which there are more than 100,000 informed of all the latest information about blues artists and concerts.

While the Blues may have had its beginnings with one culture, it is now appreciated and enjoyed by many cultures, worldwide.

Jeff Bachmeier is owner of, an online music and online radio station network providing live streaming Internet Radio channels with music from the 50’s thru Today. Users can also choose to create their own customized on demand playlist through their own social media profile. For more information please visit

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How did Jazz, Blues, and Folk Music affect American society in the 1920s-1930s?

Question by Murad: How did Jazz, Blues, and Folk Music affect American society in the 1920s-1930s?
Effectively discuss the cultural, political and economic effects Jazz, Blues and Folk music had on American society in the 1920s and 1930s. Be sure to include a thorough discussion of the cultural history of the times and how each form of music dramatically shifted the social, political and economic landscapes of American History.

-we are to write a 3-5 page analysias, and i seriously know nothing about the topic, so if you guys can give me a hand that would be great!


Best answer:

Answer by William
Somebody shows up and pays to be there. Somebody with a job. So there’s for and against the jack nicholson to elvis presley effects on people. It’s nice to be nicer, but under it all, its brutal raquet. Eclecticism is more superior, but has rarely been performed. As for the music you have pre-big band and “Idlewild”, both turned out to not help alot in the entire populace, but some may have appriciated it anyway.

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Red Blues by Joe The Guitarman

Red Blues by Joe The Guitarman

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