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How To Live In Another Country

How To Live In Another Country
As we all know, living in a foreign country is not an easy thing? we may meet many difficulties but no friends or relatives can give us a help, because everything there is unfamiliar to us. We have to spend a long time on getting used to, including the basic language, and the common communication. Here you can get some tips you need note if you are living in a foreign country.
Learn to immerse yourself into the foreign country
If you are new to a country, immerse yourself: check out the public transport system, visit museums and galleries, drink coffee and tea at local cafes, join the gym, and talk to local people.
Learn the local language
Enroll in a language class teaching the language most people speak. This will allow you to slowly converse with the people at the shops, hair dresser, taxi driver etc. and will give you a good insight into the culture.
Stop to make a comparison with your home country
If you continuously compare your home country with your country of residence you won’t do yourself a favor. The fact is they are different, some things are better and some things are more challenging.
Write a trip journal
Write a personal journal about your experience living abroad. You might also want to stick in newspaper clippings or interesting things you’ve found on your field trips
Share your experiences
Entertain those people you left behind with news from the new world. You could write some of the news you’ve written about in your journal into a blog, upload some pictures and or send regular updates via email or mail.
Make new friends is essential
Depending on the reason you live abroad you might be working or be an expat wife. Both of those scenarios will bring you in contact with new people. Making new friends takes time but the advantage of living abroad is that there are likely to be other people in the same boat as you.
Keep contact with the friends in your own country
Another good source of emotional support is a good connection with loved ones back home. In today’s society it is very easy to stay connected via all the different social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. and the means of cheap of free call facilities like Skype, Viber etc. Use them!
Be an Explorer
Living abroad means that there is a whole new surrounding to explore. Treat yourself to holidays in places you’ve never been, visit the tourist attractions in the region, savour the local cuisine and become an explorer close from a new home.
Invite your old friends
Keeping old friends also requires nurturing those friendships. Offer your home, if you can, to visiting friends from your home country. You will be surprise how many intimate moments can be experienced while you’re hosting your friends.
Enjoy yourself
Make it your daily practice to enjoy the differences. Search out things to do you enjoy, like trying new cuisine, visiting new sites and local attractions, meet with people that you get along well with and that you would have never met if you stayed ‘at home’.
It is my first time going out to another country, these ten tips give me a great help, and make me get used to the new country rapidly. As long as we learn the language there and get along well with the people there, we can live better.


Real time Country Presents The Divas of Drag

Real time Country Gifts The Divas of Drag
Event on 2016-04-14 21:00:00

at home of Blues – Dallas
2200 N Lamar St
Dallas, US


Malaysia “?” A Country Of South East Asia

Malaysia is one of the important countries of Asia and the richest of South East Asia which is divided into two main regions or divisions Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia and is very close to the Equator; therefore Malaysia is among those countries having a tropical climate. The capital city of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur which is also a very well established and a popular city of the world. Geographically the two distinct part of Malaysia are separated by South China Sea giving this country a source of international trade through sea routes as well. This beautiful landscape contains several coastal planes, densely forested hills and huge and some of the beautiful rain forests of the world. Most of the visitors travel to Malaysia because of the outstanding beauty and astonishing landscape and book their flights to Malaysia Malaysia has become an important place for business professionals as well as many foreign investors are putting their money to invest in the country and to find out the heavy returns on their capital. Business professionals from Korea, Nepal, China, The Philippines, and Middle East are working on different mega projects in order to capitalize more and more to gain profits and to increase their share capital. These business professionals are always in search of their cheap flights to Malaysia and thats why these people are working in all over the country.

The climate of this country is tropical and considered to have pleasant and healthy effect for both the natives and the tourists traveling through out the year. Thousands of tourists from different parts of the world also visit Malaysia for their travel and tourism purpose and because of this reason they search for their cheap flights to Malaysia. There are two monsoon seasons in Malaysia as well, the first one is between October and February and the other one is from April to October. The temperature through out the year changes according to different seasons and climatic conditions. The average temperature doesnt fall too much and remains with in the range of 27 to 30 degrees Celsius so this country can be ranked among the warm countries of the world.

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I’m From Texas why dose every one think i like country music?

Question by Kevin b: I’m From Texas why dose every one think i like country music?
I am from Texas and i hate Contry music but i like Rap thats no wrong

Best answer:

Answer by Crystal
I work in a dock office and a truck driver said, you have a cute country accent, you must listen to country music. I was like umm… no actually I listen to reggaeton mostly and a little bit of everything else. I am from TN. I guess it is just a stereotype.

: )

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Q&A: How can I suggest to Yahoo that they make Texas Country a category on Yahoo! Music Launchcast?

Question by Christopher K: How can I suggest to Yahoo that they make Texas Country a category on Yahoo! Music Launchcast?
Does anyone know?
HTX I’m not talking about on answers. You know the music player that’s on Yahoo! Messenger? That’s what I mean.

Best answer:

Answer by htx
Go to the bottom of the page and you will see
“Help us improve Yahoo! Answers. Tell us what you think.” Click on this and tell yahoo what you want.

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Country Thunder star to headline Cotton Days

Country Thunder star to headline Cotton Days
Coolidge Cotton Days will welcome well-known musician Harry Luge to headline the entertainment festivities during this year’s festival, March 4-6.
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Singing monks, sand paintings and ‘Opening Your Heart’
The celebrated singing monks of Tibet’s Drepung Loseling Monastery have been at Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts the past few days, performing ancient temple music and dances, hosting lecture
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Lastest Country Music News

Brooks & Dunn delivers

Image by Aberdeen Proving Ground
(August 27, 2009) — The nearly 8,000 fans that swamped Shine Sports Field at Aberdeen Proving Ground for the Army Entertainment Concert featuring Brooks & Dunn were not disappointed as the premier duo of country music delivered a shining performance.

Just days after announcing their pending split after 20 years together, Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn totally delighted fan who swayed to ‘New Moon,’ formed an ocean of lit cigarette lighters for ‘I Believe,’ and kicked up their heels for ‘Boot Scottin’ Boogie’ as the duo performed one hit song after another. Read more…


How to setup a radio transmission in a non mountainuos country?

Question by ABB: How to setup a radio transmission in a non mountainuos country?
Hi everyone.
What are your ideas for countries who want to setup their radio transmission but they have no mountains. What are the requirement to be met? What are the good instruments which are need to be taken in consideration?

Best answer:

Answer by Common Sense
You build a tower.

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Country: File under ‘Martina’ or file under ‘Trisha’ ?

Country: File under ‘Martina’ or file under ‘Trisha’ ?

A good friend of mine attended the CMA awards in New York last year and very kindly brought back a bunch of CDs which he thought may sit well in the ‘shelves’ of our Americana online music store.

Finally managed to get around to listening to the collection of fairly well known, and some not so well known names during some long drives this last weekend.

The prospects looked good – an open road, no deadlines to meet and looking forward to unearthing some hidden gems and the buzz that you get when you get to put a new name in the racks and wait for the reactions to your ‘find’.

So, track one of the first CD and … nothing – not literally you understand, there wasn’t anything wrong with the CD player – but nothing … no emotion, no tingle down the spine, not even an instrument to speak of, just that anonymous ensemble of strings, keyboards and mid-eighties sustain guitar that identifies much of the country-pop sound.

Tried a couple more tracks, shrugged shoulders and mentally filed under ‘Faith soundalike’.

Next up, a similar tale. Listened through a couple of tracks and mentally filed under ‘Martina’.

And so it went on, and by the end of the first hour or so I found I had a set of three ‘Faiths’ two each of ‘Martina’ and ‘Trisha’, a dubious early nineties ‘Shania’ and even a ‘Sara’ !

My heart lifted once as a fiddle and dobro laden ‘Alison’ chimed in with a promising start, but track two and beyond saw a return to the ubiquitous swirling strings and the inevitable guitar solos, with the acoustic instruments confined to their place at the back of the mix.

Now you won’t find me criticising Faith, Martina, Trisha, Shania, or any of the trailblazing ‘New Country’ stars. They have brought many, many new fans to Country Music and their legacy is instilled in today’s Americana women singers – my gripe is only with lack of originality in the new generation of artists.

Why, ten or twelve years on, are labels content to produce bland, formula-driven music, a pale imitation of what has gone before, made even more asinine by the instrumentation and effects layered over the songs like so much cake icing?

Okay, this is beginning to turn into a rant, and let’s be honest, it is always very easy to criticize.

Instead let’s note that none of the artists in my clutch of CDs got filed under ‘Lee Ann soundalike’. Ms. Womack is beyond reproach in the humble opinion of this writer in managing to retain the accessibility and innocence of the first wave of New Country, and combine it with true Country Music values without having to resort to token gestures of throwing traditional instruments into the mix just to dress it up and try to appeal to the traditionalists.

None of my collection of wannabees even attempted to try to reach the standard set by ‘There’s More Where That Came From’. Interesting, but that surely speaks volumes.

While we’re showering praise, honourable mentions please to Miranda Lambert and Julie Roberts for being new artists that do actually bring something fresh and worthwhile to the table, and let’s hope Gretchen Wilson manages to stick to her principles. Oh, and let’s take the chance to celebrate Kelly Willis for still being Kelly Willis – standing her ground, and still making exceptional music in that wonderfully creative Texan environment.

Shame about my friend and his kind gesture, I hope if he’s reading this he isn’t offended, but Americana Music has to mean something, it has to feel as though it was produced because the artist just had to make the record or (s)he would burst.

I’m looking for Something to file under ‘H’ for Heart’n’Soul

Sally Smart has run a successful Booking and Promotions agency for US touring acts in the UK for a number of years.

She has recently expanded her business by opening a dedicated CD and download music store at Smart Choice Music

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Does country music depress anyone else?

Question by Mrs. Ronnie Radke? ? ?: Does country music depress anyone else?
All country music reminds me of my dad (died April 08). It just makes me upset because the lyrics are so real. I went to Alan Jackson last night and his music made me cry. I listen to what people call “emo music”. It pumps me up and puts me in a good mood 🙂 Anyone else like this?

Best answer:

Answer by –
I love emo music.
My ipod is full of it, and it makes me feel great!
But country music… can’t stand it.
Sorry bout your dad.

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