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MEASURE | Big Data & Community Policing Conference 2018

MEASURE | Big Data & Community Policing Conference 2018
Event on 2018-08-23 17:00:00
Join MEASURE, Friendship West Baptist Church and Next Generation Action Network for the 2nd Big Data & Community Policing Conference, a three-day event where attendees will participate in panel discussions by experts in the fields of law enforcement, social advocacy, research and technology. In partnership with Mark43, this symposium will explore current and emerging efforts to improving the relationship between citizens and police through uses of data that increase transparency, build community trust, and strengthen accountability. Donations for Big Data & Community Policing will be applied to the cost of the conference and any remaining funding will help MEASURE meet its annual mission and goals. Who Should Attend? Law enforcement leaders, activists, tech developers, students, analysts, concerned citizens, and stakeholders. Why Attend? The goal of “Big Data & Community Policing ” is to highlight the best in thought leadership as we pursue the next generation of community policing. Check out an overview of our agenda below: DAY 1 | Thursday – August 23, 2018 5pm-7pm Networking Mixer – Fairmont Hotel Downtown Dallas DAY 2 | Friday – August 24, 2018 4:30pm-8:30pm Big Data & Community Policing Symposium – Friendship West Church Keynote Speaker: Chief Renee Hall of the Dallas Police Department DAY 3 | Saturday – August 25, 2018 8am-3pm Big Data & Community Policing Training & Workshops *All programming will be finalized by June 1 Check In begins at 9:30am breaking at 12:30pm for the Networking Expo What Will You Learn? Topics will vary by panel, but attendees will learn directly from experts about the advancements in smart policing initiatives and modern technology adoption that will be critical in ensuring effective community building through transparency and the collection of better data. Panels will discuss the following: How Big Data is helping police departments better connect with the citizens they serve How Big data can be used as a best practice for accountability and reform What can we do to promote and recognize the best behavior in officers and how can that be measured How Big Data can better tell the story of police engagement scenarios How Big Data can make connections and detect patterns so police can prevent and solve crime How Big Data is allowing police to better understand diverse cultures AND MORE! Shared knowledge is what makes Big Data work! Current and Past Participating Sponsors & Partners (List is constantly being updated) Mark43 Dallas Police Department Huston-Tillotson University Austin Police Association American Society of Evidence-Based Policing Renee Mitchell Urban Institute Vera Institute Austin Justice Coalition Austin Police Department Pflugerville Police Department Houston Police Department Travis County Sheriff's Dept Travis County Constable Precinct 1 Presenting Sponsor Mark43 BDCP Supporter ASEBP BDCP Supporter Huston-Tillotson University] BDCP Supporter Dallas Police Department

at Friendship-West Baptist Church
2020 West Wheatland Road
Dallas, United States


Tips For Interpreting Media Data For Advertising

Tips For Interpreting Media Data For Advertising

In order for your company’s products and services to be best placed when advertising on a radio station, there are certain things you need to look out for. Spending the advertising budget wisely is a hot topic for managers attending management courses. Radio advertising is still an effective way of promoting, however being aware of how to interpret the numbers when examining a radio station’s media data is a must. High values for the following categories: previous day’s audience, regular listeners and station’s rating are found on successful stations. This article gives you the opportunity to learn skills which will help you to look out for in these survey results, what analyses you should ask for and what can be read between the lines.

Radio stations that want to sell advertising time usually publish their media data. The results of listener surveys by study groups for media analysis are generally accepted European standard. These set out, among other things, three important figures relating to data about the station’s audience. Category A is known as the total audience, and relates to those who listened to the station in the last 2 weeks. Category B is the number of people who tuned in to the previous day’s broadcasting and Category C data refers to the number of regular listeners, that is those who tuned in on at least four out of seven days of the week. Category D is a measure of popularity.

A high value for category A is no indication of a station’s success. This figure often conceals occasional listeners who are hopping between stations or former regular listeners who are tuning in to their erstwhile favourite station for a change.

In fact, successful stations boast high figures for the number of listeners for the previous day, for regular listeners and for the most popular station.

If earlier studies have been done, ask for the comparative data: constant values for category A and decreasing figures for category B, category C and category D (popularity rating) are characteristics of a station in decline. Since the media data is already a few weeks old, this trend could have intensified.

Compare the stations in your region and do not be content if you find equal scores for Category B. When the duration of listening is a factor ask for the net hourly rating,. The more popular the station, the longer it remains switched on (resulting in a high net hourly coverage). As a rule, this value also decides the price per second. Request charts which show each separate hour of broadcasting, including the average coverage, over the course of the day. It important to analyse the data as taught in good management courses.

If you are in a position to choose between several equally competitive stations, give yourself an idea of the relative success of each station at different times of the day. For each hour add together the stations’ coverage and work out the percentage share for each station.

Depending on the type of listener you are after determines the optimum placement of your advertising. Ask for analyses of this kind to be broken down by age group, educational level and sex. A certain presenter’s programme may well succeed in reaching two thirds of all women listening to the radio, but it may be broadcast at a time of day when three-quarters of all listeners are men. This programme is losing out on coverage in spite of this presenter’s success. However, if your advertising is aimed primarily at women, this programme may – at relatively favourable prices per second – be just the place where you should advertise.

It is important to ask for analyses that cover the activities of the entire broadcasting day, including the listener’s activity at the time – if possible accurate to within 15 minutes. In this way you can achieve an optimum placement for your advertising. There are various sales, marketing and management courses which can also help you to develop a good understanding of effective marketing.

Richard Stone is a Director for Spearhead Training Limited that runs management courses that improve business performance.

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Music data management of CCTV

Music data management of CCTV

1, Present 1, CCTV music library Copyright Music Status quo

CCTV music library music CD of the existing copyright 1746, shows a total of about 2,000 hours duration, the future will continue to expand, the number of copyrighted music CD will be increased to 2000, maintaining an annual basis the total number of continuously updated to

Guarantee with the latest and most popular copyrighted music.

CCTV and BMG Zomba Make Music Asia Ltd. signed cooperation agreement, payment is approved, the enjoyment of these rights in the television program’s right to use. BMG Zomba Production Music Asia Ltd is the world’s two major production companies and the Zomba Group, a ZOMBA BMG joint venture formed in Asia Broadcasting Provide a comprehensive film and television production, a wide range of quality music. Production is pre-recorded music of all types, all kinds of rhythmic music, is required for creation of professional radio and television music.

BMG Zomba Music production is protected by copyright, BMG Zomba is the copyright holder, is the only other libraries Proxy Business, and the right to license music issued. CCTV annual license fee-paying access to use music, BMG Zomba after the collection of licensing fees, permits users to non-exclusive license within the time limit to the preparation of BMG Zomba music products to its own Works. BMG Zomba Music prepared using the program, anywhere in the world to exchange programs, the sale is protected by copyright.

2, Zomba Music Library BMG Zomba currently has more than 50 production music libraries. Each library because of their respective countries, different regions, so their own strengths, which more than 50 different countries, music library, music library to Zomba diversity and pluralism of content and style. The following to us.

ACCESS: from the United States, specializing in Advertisement Film music production. Length of 30 seconds and 60 seconds, style widely, especially for the TV schedule urgent trailer and TV commercial production,

ATMOSPHERE. From the UK, is currently the world’s most dynamic and contemporary re-libraries of music. To a very optimistic and clean sound mix is known. The strength lies in space travel and tourism knowledge series.

AMUSlCOM: from the United States, is an exciting new Film TV Music Library, produced in Hollywood, the industry has received high praise. It brings together the best music for music creation, from sports to music to French music, easy rhythms and country music, the type is very comprehensive.

ATLANTlCSEVEN: from the UK’s “niche” music library, the music is very modern. Contains very comprehensive type of music, keeping their areas Sell Record.

BMG: from Italy. A real “music library.” It brings together a wide range of emotional fragments and a large number of “resources” fragment, covering the style of different historical periods.

BlGSHORTS: from the UK music libraries, have inspirational and exciting movies and rock music, very suitable for ads and commercials.

BPM: BMG music produced three complete new series?? Classic series, Explorer series (from around the world learn the true essence of folk music) and music series (the series from RCA film archives, to capture the voice of classic movie , scenes and characters).

BURTON: one of the pioneers of world music library, work depth, diversity, produced by the Songbalundun original studio, which attracted the UK, Europe, the United States and Australia’s top composers, musicians and producers to join, published 35 kinds of new album every year.

I am an expert from Frbiz Site, usually analyzes all kind of industries situation, such as cold rolled strip , magnesium anode.

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Verizon backs off $30 unlimited data plan for iPhone

?ertovka [devil’s stream] 9.27.07 – 53
Image by laura padgett

Verizon backs off unlimited data plan for iPhone
Take that, AT&T! Well, sort of.
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Australian Open 2011: Andy Murray Into Semifinals to Face David Ferrer
Australian Open 2011: Andy Murray Into Semifinals to Face David Ferrer: Andy Murray advanced to the semifinals of the Australian Open with his 7-5 6-3 6-7 (3) 6-3 win over Alexandr Dolgopolov Tuesday. The really good news for Murray is the surprise exit of top-seeded Rafael Nadal, upset by injury and David Ferrer. Now Murray is set to meet Ferrer in the semifinals with the winner moving on to …
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Second Patent Award in 45 Days Validates Reality Mobile’s Vision of Mobile Video Collaboration
Reality Mobile®, a Virginia-based technology company delivering enterprise-class real-time mobile video collaboration solutions, today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued to Reality Mobile its second patent, U.S.
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Vera Zvonareva: World No. 2 Showing Mental Toughness
Vera Zvonareva: World No. 2 Showing Mental Toughness: Zvonareva took heat for getting emotional during a doubles match at last year’s Wimbledon when her team got in trouble. But Zvonareva’s performance in the 2011 Australian Open is showing that she is figuring out the mental side of tennis.  During her quarterfinals match, Zvonareva was distracted by cannons going off nearby as a part of an …
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The sound of particle pings: Scientists turn Large Hadron Collider data into music

The sound of particle pings: Scientists turn Large Hadron Collider data into music
Until now the LHC, which lies deep beneath the border of France and Switzerland, has produced colourful images as it outputs the data.
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U.S. Army mechanic assures Afghans retain the power of information
The three-kilowatt generator lay dormant, except for the periodic clicking of the starter as the radio station’s staff worked feverishly to restart their much-needed electric power source; thereby, restoring an equally needed information source for the people of Baraki Barak.
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Sending data from Combo box to server asynchronously

Sending data from Combo box to server asynchronously

In this article, we will learn to send the options selected in the Combo box to the server asynchronously i.e. through AJAX. Through AJAX, we don’t have to select Submit button in the form to get response from the server instead, we get the response asynchronously (immediately) on selecting an option from the combo. For this article, we will make three files by namely: comboajax.php, comboajax.js and showcat.php :

comboajax.php – PHP script that will display a combo box
comboajax.js – JavaScript file that creates XMLHttpRequest object to send request to the server asynchronously
showcat.php – Server side PHP script to display the response

The coding of comboajax.php is as under :


Above program displays a combo box of name “Category” with three items : Camera, Mobile and Book displayed in it. If any change takes place, that is if any option is selected from this combo box, a method itemdisplay() will be invoked and the selected option is passed to it as argument. Also an element is defined with id : info for displaying the server response

The coding of comboajax.js is as under:


function makeRequestObject(){

var xmlhttp=false;

try {

xmlhttp = new ActiveXObject(‘Msxml2.XMLHTTP’);

} catch (e) {

try {

xmlhttp = new


} catch (E) {

xmlhttp = false;



if (!xmlhttp && typeof XMLHttpRequest!=’undefined’) {

xmlhttp = new XMLHttpRequest();


return xmlhttp;



function itemdisplay(cat)


var xmlhttp=makeRequestObject();‘GET’, ‘showcat.php?&Category;=’+cat, true);

xmlhttp.onreadystatechange=function() {

if (xmlhttp.readyState==4 && xmlhttp.status == 200) {

var content = xmlhttp.responseText;

if( content ){

document.getElementById(‘info’)[removed] = content;







Above program makes an XMLHttpRequest object and places request to the server (by GET method) for the file showcat.php, sending the category of product selected by the user (from the combo box) to it. This category is retrieved in showcat.php file using $_GET array.

Since an asynchronous request is made to the server, the state of the request and the response to the request is checked. If the value of readyState property becomes 4 (meaning the request is complete) and the value of the status of the HTTP Request is 200 (which means there is no error), the response is then retrieved from the response stream and is assigned to variable : content which is then applied to the innerHTML property (property  used to display results) of the element with id : “info” . It is the same

element with id : “info” we have defined in web page for displaying server response. Hence, the response retrieved from the server is displayed at the place of element : “info”.

Note the response generated by the server is based on the execution of the file : showcat.php. Lets analyze what it returns


echo “Category selected is : ” . $_GET[‘Category’] ;


Above file returns the text : “Category selected is ” and the category name selected by the user. The category selected by the user is passed while making the XMLHttpRequest for the file showcat.php in the following command :‘GET’, ‘showcat.php?&Category;=’+cat, true);

The output of the program comboajax.php may appear as shown in below given figure.

Combo Box displaying various options

The moment, we select an item from the combo box, the message displaying the selected option appears on the screen as shown in below given figure.

The selected items is displayed on the screen

For more information, refer my book: “Developing Web Applications in PHP and AJAX” available at:

For more articles, visit my blog,






B.M.Harwani is founder and owner of Microchip Computer Education (MCE), based in Ajmer, India that provides computer education in all programming and web developing platforms. He graduated with a BE in computer engineering from the of Pune, and also has a ‘C’ Level (master’s diploma in computer technology) from DOEACC, Government Of India. Being involved in teaching field for over 16 years, he has developed the art of explaining even the most complicated topics in a straight forward and easily understandable fashion. He has written several books on various subjects that includes JSP, JSF, EJB, PHP, .Net,  Joomla, jQuery and Smartphones. To know more, visit his blog,

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Q&A: Any Jobs hiring in Dallas or Irving Tx. Customer Service or Data Entry Positions?

Question by Boss Biotcchhh: Any Jobs hiring in Dallas or Irving Tx. Customer Service or Data Entry Positions?

Best answer:

Answer by *Have you been naughty or nice*
Try,, or check your local news paper.


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What is a good design to develop a program that can read data from 3 different servers then broadcast via udp?

Question by Licursi: What is a good design to develop a program that can read data from 3 different servers then broadcast via udp?
I have to develop a program that will connect to three different servers that will be streaming data at certain intervals. I then need to put all that data together and broadcast it out via UDP.

I don’t need syntax, I am looking for ideas on how to design this. Please be descriptive. (ie. Number of threads to use and what each is used for)

Thanks in advance!

Best answer:

Answer by plavacek
I think the key here is how to share the memory space between the three pullers and the one broadcaster. The easiest answer to that is with a database. Depending on your data volume needs, you could go with almost anything – Berkley, the free version of DB2, …
Here’s my rough design – I’d need to know your language to go any further.

DB Design
Table Feed: feed id, feed timestamp, feed contents,
Table Broadcast: broadcast id (autonumber), broadcast contents, broadcast start timestamp

Thread 1: Scheduler daemon
Priority: Highest
Responsibilities: Spawn new Feed threads and Broadcast threads at appropriate intervals.

Thread 2: Publisher
Priority: Normal
-Query Broadcast table for last start timestamp
-Query Feed table for feed contents since last broadcast
-Assemble broadcast
-Update Broadcast table
-Send UDP

Thread 3…n: Feeder
Priority: Normal
-Connect to server
-Rip streaming data
-Commit to Feed table

So my Feeder and Publisher threads are single-use – they exist for one operation. The scheduler makes a fresh one every interval. This way, if a Feed interval comes up before the last one is done, or likewise a Publish, Scheduler can either start a new one to handle it or not, depending on your needs.

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Tips for Recovering Data On Failed RAID 5 Arrays

Tips for Recovering Data On Failed RAID 5 Arrays

RAID 5 arrays are the most widely used application because they are cost-effective and present a degree of fault tolerance. These technical devices should be dealt with care and regular maintenance. Many IT companies are using RAID applications. Dallas is home to many established and upcoming IT companies. RAID 5 failures and hard disk crash can cause serious damages to the information and operational flow of a company. Fortunately, there are many Dallas data recovery & IT solutions companies present to help your system recover data efficiently and quickly.

RAID 5 arrays malfunction for several reasons; some of them are discussed below:

Bad sectors and corrupt data: Damaged sectors on any disks present in the array are one of the most common reasons for a RAID 5 malfunction. Bad disks can cause the array to go offline. Data in the RAID 5 might also get corrupted due to a virus, errors caused by users, overwriting of stored files, and scratches on the face of disk trays.
Debased RAID 5 and deleted files: Loss or damage of any member disks can degrade RAID 5, resulting in dip in performance. Loss of disk can also take away fault tolerance of the RAID 5. You should not operate on degraded or damaged RAID 5 as it can affect entire array negatively. Data also might get deleted accidentally by a user. In rare cases, dissatisfied employee can also deliberately remove data. Dallas data recovery firms are experienced in recovering your data in a fast turnaround time.
Missing partitions and controller failure: Missing or omitted partitions and controller failure are two major reasons for data loss and misplacement. A corrupt partition table can result in whole partition to be unstable. In these scenarios, data recovery is necessary. Consult a Dallas data recovery firm to get the best solution in recovering your data by using their expertise and software.
Successful data recovery: In the case of serious RAID 5 failure, expert assistance is recommended. Minor mistakes can overwrite the parity data, written, and coded for member disks. Parity data is vital tool to recover your data. It is important to power off RAID server urgently in case of data loss to prevent further writes. Note down the responsible events. Make proper labels while removing member disks, to ensure a proper disk order. This step is particularly important in case of large member disks.

You should highly consider assistance from an IT solutions firm who has proven expertise in data recovery and backup solutions. For years, has provided quality IT services in the Dallas area. These services include data recovery, back up services, and IT solutions at competitive rates.

Dallas Managed IT Services : Find out best managed it services in Dallas, visit at



San Antonio Commercial Comparable Sales Data

San Antonio Commercial Comparable Sales Data

Commercial comparable sales data is essential for making well-reasoned decisions regarding buying, selling, financing or appraising commercial real estate. offers San Antonio real estate professionals the timely and accurate commercial comparable sales data they need to work effectively and efficiently.

O’Connor has more commercial comparable sales data for Texas than any other source. Commercial comparable sales data is available for more than 50 Texas counties.
Commercial comparable sales in San Antonio
Comparable land sales in San Antonio
Commercial comparable sales in Texas
Comparable land sales in Texas
Commercial comparable sales data is available for: San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Victoria, El Paso, Brownsville, Harlingen, Amarillo, Odessa, Midland, Longview, Tyler, Beaumont, Corpus Christi, and many more Texas cities.

San Antonio real estate professionals regularly use commercial comparable sales data from when:
Preparing documentation to offer a property for sale
Preparing an appraisal
Reviewing the asking price of property being considered as an acquisition candidate
Reviewing the reported market value of property offered as collateral for a loan
Setting the asking price when making property available for sale
Preparing a ratio study for property tax purposes
Reviewing capitalization rates for commercial property within a submarket
Determining trends for market value for property within a submarket
Reviewing the sales history for property being considered as an acquisition, or as collateral for a loan offers San Antonio real estate professionals access to commercial comparable sales data for office buildings, apartments, land, warehouse buildings, retail buildings, community shopping centers, malls, neighborhood shopping centers, discount stores, department stores, self storage properties, hotels, nursing homes, retirement homes, restaurants, convenience stores, fast food restaurants, bars, auto dealerships, automotive service properties, truck stops, car washes, medical offices, cold storage facilities, service center warehouses, auto salvage yards, schools, churches, hospitals, banks, funeral homes, veterinary clinics, day care centers, drugstores, and country clubs.

Thinking about buying a commercial property and need comparable sales. Find a wealth of Houston commercial comparable sales at OConnorComps. Need data to prepare acommercial comparable sales approach? OConnorComps has the data!

Patrick C. O’Connor has been president of O’Connor & Associates since 1983 and is a recipient of the prestigious MAI designation from the Appraisal Institute. He is also an registered senior property tax consultant in the state of Texas and has written numerous articles in state and national publications on reducing property taxes. He continues to set the standard in direction and quality of our appraisal products, adding services ranging from business valuations and business appraisals to cost segregation analysis for income tax reduction.


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