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Roadies 8 Delhi Audition 30 January Part 3 Video MTV ROADIES 8 SHORTCUT TO HELL

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Q&A: Is Delhi Public School (DPS) also called Delhi private school ?

Question by satis b: Is Delhi Public School (DPS) also called Delhi private school ?
I am interested in getting admission for my daughter in an good indian school in dubai(1st standard).

Best answer:

Answer by branddxb
i think the franchise in dxb is called that.

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Diwali Festival In Delhi City

Diwali Festival In Delhi City

With the commence of Autumn, festive season of joy, splendor, brightness and happiness begins in India. This is the time when each and every Indian, despite of all their worries and tensions, completely immersed themselves in the merrymaking moments.

Navratri, Dusshera, Durga puja, and Diwali are some of the most popular festivals of Autumn season in India. Among all of them, Diwali is a pan India festival. Though it is a Hindu festival but with the gradual passage of time Diwali is celebrated by every Indian, irrespective of their caste and creed, with utmost joy and gaiety.

According to Hindu mythology, Diwali is a festival that marks the homecoming of Lord Rama along with his wife Sita and younger brother Laxman after defeating demon king Ravana. They had returned to Ayoydha after a long exile of fourteen years and to welcome them people of Ayodhya has decorated their homes with earthen lamps. Due to this it is also known as “festival of lights”.

Eras have gone by but still Diwali festival is celebrated with same enthusiasm throughout the country. With the onset of Dusshera festival, the bells for Diwali festival starts ringing every where in India.

Delhi, the capital of India is famous in the entire world for its special Diwali celebration. From Dusshera, Delhiites starts their frantic shopping spree, spring-cleaning and white-washing of their houses and shops.

Be it a small shop or big multiplex shopping mall, Diwali is the time to do good business and to do so the shopkeepers of Delhi embark on shopping bonanzas to woo more number of customers. Various market places and shops dotted in every nook and corner of the city, overflowed with the latest clothes, accessories, electronic appliances, materials of home decor, colorful candles, earthen lamps and many more things.

Diwali is a five day long festival and Delhites celebrate each day of the festival with much pomp and show. The first day of the festival is known as Dhanteras. On this occasion, people usually purchases kitchen utensils or jewelry as it is considered as an auspicious day to buy some metallic things and pray to God Yama, king of death to save the family members from untimely death. The second day is known as Choti Diwali or Narak Chaturdasi. It is believed that on this day Lord Krishna has killed demon Narakasur. On this occasion people have to massage their body with oil to get rid of tiredness and bathe. So, that they can celebrate Diwali with full devotion and vigour.

The third day is the main day of Diwali festival. On this day people decorate their houses with earthen lamps and rangoli (designs made by powdered colour). They pay their homage to Goddess Laxmi ( the deity of wealth) so that she showers her blessings to the entire family. Another main attraction of this day is the bursting of various kinds of firecrackers by people of all ages. On the fourth day of Diwali, Govardhan puja is performed by Hindus to honour the first puja done by the natives of Vraja. Last but not least, the fifth day of Diwali is celebrated as Bhai Duj or Bhai fota. On this day, sisters keep fasting and pray to God for the well being and prosperity of their brothers.

Another prime attraction during Diwali season are the Ramlilas. These are the dramatic rendition of the Ramayan epic, which are staged in every locality of the city. Various local bodies organizes these shows on makeshift stages that displays the triumph of good over evil. Thousand of people attend these shows to witness the burning of huge effigies of demon king Ravana.

Even in the Delhi’s corporate sector, Diwali is celebrated with much enthusiasm. Its become a trend in the corporate sector to gift bonuses and sweets, dry fruits or other things to the employees as Diwali gifts. Not only companies, even family members and friends also exchange gifts to one and another.

In a nut shell, Diwali, the festival of light brings the moments of fun and enjoyment by erasing darkness from our life.

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Kalam to address Delhi Private School in Sharjah

Kalam to address Delhi Private School in Sharjah
Sharjah, Jan 23: Former Indian President Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam will preside over an event to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Delhi Private School (DPS) in Sharjah.
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Missing sex offender added to Most Wanted list
Authorities are searching for a ‘high risk,’ armed and dangerous sex offender who left a halfway house in Houston and never returned
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Couple wins .5M suit in son’s death
GILMER — A state district judge Monday approved a .5 million out-of-court settlement in a wrongful death lawsuit brought by the mother and stepfather of a 6-year-old Union Grove boy killed in a two-vehicle crash nearly a year ago.
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Mango Festival In Delhi

Mango Festival In Delhi

Its true that with the advent of summer season, nightmares of scorching sun rays started to haunt us frequently. But, as we know every coin has two facet, in the similar way summer season also enfolds some special attractions within its kitty.

Mangoes, the “king of all fruits” are the true gift of summer season and to celebrate the appearance of this delicious fruit, Mango festivals are organizes with utmost joy and gaiety throughout the country. These mango festivals are golden opportunity to witness and savour the innumerable varieties of mangoes under one single roof.

Every year during the month of July, Delhi Tourism Board in collaboration with the Delhi government organizes Mango festivals with great enthusiasm. Delhi Tourism Board is doing a commendable job by fulfilling the thirst of Mango lovers as well as providing an excellent platform to the mango farmers to display their products.

Mango festivals are the real treat of Delhi’s summer season. This year Delhi has celebrated its 21st Mango Festival. Dilli haat’ at Pitampura, Pragati Maidan near Nizamuddin Railway Station and Talkattora Stadium at Central Delhi are the three most popular places in Delhi which hosts Mango Festivals every year.

Almost 500 varieties of Mangoes are the prime attractions of these festivals that are produced in different regions of the country. Here, you will get to see some exceptional breeds of Mangoes along with the common ones like Dushehari, Langra, Alphonso, Kesar, Papitiyo, Tommy Atkins, Sensation and Nazuk Badan. Some of the unique varieties that are show cases here are Sirki, Suwarn, Neeleshwari, Royal SP, Raddy Pasand, Himasagar, Kensington, Neelam, Banganpalli.

Mangoes such as Abdullah, Ramkela, Aishwarya, Bombay Green from Kaleemullah Khan’s nursery. And one of the rare species of Mango, Gula by Tariq Mustafa from Purkazi in Muzaffarnagar are also the key attractions of the Mango festivals.

These festivals has lots more exciting activities and highlights, so that you can completely immerse yourself in the aroma of Mangoes such as Mango Quiz, Mango eating competition, sale of fresh mangoes and processed fruits like pickles, chutney, mango pulp, juice, jelly, aam papad, jam and aam panna. You can spree on the fruit for free, can buy a small mango tree or or can also purchase wide varieties of mango from the festivals.

So, if you are planning to visit Delhi during summer season, check out the dates of Mango festivals as you can’t afford to miss such unique and enchanting festival of India.

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Big 92.7 Fm, Delhi’ 100 Chartbuster Station Gets Delhi-ites High on 100 Chartbusters as Against Tobacco This World No Tobacco Day

Big 92.7 Fm, Delhi’ 100 Chartbuster Station Gets Delhi-ites High on 100 Chartbusters as Against Tobacco This World No Tobacco Day

BIG 92.7 FM, India’s 1st and Delhi’s Only 100 Chartbuster Station while spreading awareness on the hazards of smoking, today announced ‘Get high on 100 Chartbusters, Not on Tobacco’ – an innovative campaign to motivate Delhi-ites towards healthy living on the occasion of ‘World No Tobacco Day. As part of its awareness creation drive the BIG Ashtray was placed at 3Cs in Lajpat Nagar and breakfast jock RJ Sujata encouraged Delhi listeners stub their cigarettes in it.

As part of their on-air offerings, the 100 Chartbuster Station offered listeners a chance to support their favourite RJ – Sujata for her anti-tobacco campaign by stubbing their cigarette in the ‘BIG Ashtray’. The station will also air the top 100 anti-smoking messages penned by the participants of the campaign on 31 May 08.

On ground, RJ Sujatha was seen interacting with the local populace and urging them to stub their cigarettes while offering them the BIG Ashtray! People came forward in large numbers to support the initative and stubbed their cigarettes in exchange for chewing gums, to freshen their nicotine breaths. The Station also put up a huge message board around the BIG Ashtray, where people were invited to write messages against tobacco consumption. This innovative campaign was hosted on the eve of ‘World No Tobacco Day’, scheduled for May 31st.

This drive was not only to ensure a healthy life but to spread the message amongst the youth against Tobacco abuse.

Delhi-ites participated in this drive with much enthusiasm and fervour, which saw the youth come forward in large numbers to stub the butt and work towards giving up the habit. As a culmination to the activity, the Ashtray was poured water over, cleaning off the remains of the cigarettes.

While speaking on this innovative campaign, Mr. Punit Mathur, Station Director, BIG 92.7 FM Delhi said, “This is an innovative campaign to create awareness among the youth on the ill effects of tobacco consumption and we have driven the message through both the on air 100 Chartbuster music and the on ground offering. The support received from the people has been tremendous, which only encourages us to offer entertainment coupled with such awareness creation initiatives.”

BIG 92.7 FM – Suno Sunao, Life Banao!

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Top 10 Restaurants in Delhi

Top 10 Restaurants in Delhi

Delhi people are extremely fond of good food,be it papri chaat (Indian-style nachos) available at roadside stands or Mughlai food of top notch Punjabi restaurant, Delhites love it all!! Here you will find dozens of regional cuisines , but the most popular dish remains the concoction known as chicken tikka masala which combines baked chicken with a spicy gravy.

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Connaught Place is the hub of Restaurants in Delhi,here you will find a variety of restaurants, another famous place is The Village Bistro Complex at Hauz Khas Village also has numerous restaurants serving Mughlai, south Indian, Chinese and Continental fare. A restaurant boom—spurred by India’s strong economy—has increased the quality and range of stand-alone restaurants. Following is the list of top notch stand alone restaurant in Delhi:


List of Top 10 Restaurants in Delhi


The Karim’s:

Karim’s is an experience, famous for its mouth watering Kababs and other mutton delicacies, come here once and you would forget all others . The meat is available in a variety of sweet or savory gravies. Other delicious meals include the lamb stuffed with chicken, rice, eggs and fruit, and the fresh, hot curries. There is an interesting selection of traditional Indian breads, from stuffed naan to paper-thin romali roti, truly a heaven for non vegetarians. It was opened by a chef who claimed to have hailed from a family of royal cooks who served, among other guests, the great Mughal emperor Akbar.


Moti Mahal Deluxe:

Moti Mahal,a name as old as Mughalayi Food it self. Butter chicken served with crispy naan, will satiate all your senses. Another name for wholesome, overwhelming, rustic and original food is Moti Mahal,it surely is the first love of all Delhi-ites.


Diva :

Diva is one of the finest Italian restaurants in Delhi, it is Master Chef Ritu Dalmia’s restaurant.Launched in 2000 it is a perfect destination for Italian food lovers. With fine dining and a choice of 450 wines,this restaurant is a place to be in. The kitchen consists of enthusiastic young individuals, with an eye for perfection. Headed by Ritu, the team is dedicated to the art of creating a perfect meal.


Punjabi By Nature :

The is a hip and elegant place, with waiters clad in traditional Punjabi attire. The food is excellent, servings are generous, and the atmosphere warm and inviting. Real heart-winners dishes are its Tandoori Prawns, Chicken Do Piyaza, Paneer Makhani ,Dhai Ke Kabab and last but not the least, Raan-e-Punjab. It impresses all with the typical spices and high-calorie rich food.This massive restaurant has elegant and exclusive interiors.



This is one place in Delhi where East meets West . Shalom epitomizes the coming of age of Delhi’s nightlife. On menu are Italian, Moroccon, Spanish and Lebanese cuisines. If you want to taste the real italian and spanish food then Shalon is the place to be for you.


Smoke House Grill :

Smoke house Grill as its name is famous for its grilled and smoked good.. For vegetarians, the offerings include smoked artichoke ravioli; for others, smoked chicken and fennel soup, or prawn and calamari ajilo with a warm, subtle red pepper bite.



‘SWAGATH’ is a well known Brand of Restaurant chain in Northern India serving vegetarian/non-veg cuisine with a specialty in South Indian delicacies. It serves some of the best seafood in Delhi, and its spicy South Indian Chettinad curries are amazing. This is the only place in town where you can sample “Bombay Duck” (or Bombil), dried, crispy fish that makes a finger-licking starter.


The Yum Yum Tree :

The yum yum tree is a Contemporary Chinese restaurant located at the posh south Delhi’s New friends Colony. The food is influenced heavily by Chinese flavors from Singapore. The Yum Yum Tree creates dishes that are flavorful and well balanced. The tastes are very unique and robust with an extraordinary array of Vegetarian Options, including Seitan, or Mock Meat.


The Mainland China :


Mainland China started off offering a unique experience in Chinese fine dining. Right from entering the restaurant, you’ll get the feel of what is to come just by looking at the decor. It has an extensive menu, equally catering to the palate of the vegetarians as well as that of the non-vegetarians. If you are fond of Chinese food then Mainland China is the place for you.


Slice Of Italy :

If pizza is on your mind then Slice Of Italy is the best place in to have it. Try different varieties of delicious fresh, hot and crispy pizzas. From chicken kebabs to paneer tikkas you have a variety of toppings.

Sukrat Ray

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Delhi restaurants: Known for Yummy Food

Delhi restaurants: Known for Yummy Food

As Delhi is the city of foodies and adds to this, it is a popular tourist destination. These two factors call for large number of restaurants here. In fact, there are hundreds of large and small restaurants in Delhi which cater to eating desires of localities as well as tourists and travelers.

Delhi restaurants are the popular places for localities to spend their moments of joy and pleasure. Whenever there is a big event or celebration, they gather at a Delhi restaurants along with their family or friends. These restaurants are not just a place to gorge on yummy food but also a place to celebrate and enjoy. They offer a very exciting and inviting environment to guests. They just forget all the worries or tensions prevailing in their lives and they just enjoy. Of course delicious food served at those restaurants is an important part of celebrations and merriment. In addition, the music played at several restaurants make the people happy and relaxed. However, some restaurant prefers to play peppy music and others play peaceful and sober music.

Whatever be the kind of music, the mood at these Delhi restaurants is quite relaxed and inviting. You can enjoy food in company of your family or friends. There are all kinds of restaurants in Delhi; ranging from budget restaurants to very elite high class restaurants. Budget class restaurants are very basic, but they also offer quite delicious food. Each restaurant has its own special recipe which makes it popular, irrespective of its standard. You can find budget restaurants at every nook and corner of Delhi, in every market and in every locality.

On the other hand, elite restaurants are located inside the five star and deluxe hotels of Delhi. These restauarsnt in Delhi maintain the international standards of services, food and hygiene. These restaurants are frequented by most influential people such as business persons, political people and international travelers.

You can find a Delhi restaurant which offers your kind of food at the budget expected by you.

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Q&A: what the school code of dps dwarka new delhi?

by BillT

Question by Akanksha: what the school code of dps dwarka new delhi?
wanna check my bf’s result who just gave the 10th boards…. please help me out. it urgent!

Best answer:

Answer by Hummingbird
why dont you go and ask him? if he is your bf.

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A Night Out in Delhi! Al Jawahar ka Chicken Changezi

Kunal Vijaykar who is on a night out at Delhi looks for all different foods in restaurants and roadside shops throughout the Capital.