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The Pump and Dump Show

The Pump and Dump Show
Event on 2019-05-02 20:00:00

at House of Blues – Dallas
2200 N Lamar St
Dallas, United States


Commission lets 36 states dump nuke waste in Texas

Commission lets 36 states dump nuke waste in Texas
share: digg facebook twitter The 5-2 vote by the Texas Low-Level Radioactive Commission came after last-minute legal maneuvering on Monday failed to delay the meeting, environmentalists warned the dump would pollute groundwater and more than 5,000 people commented on the plan. The expansion stokes the debate over where — and if — nuclear waste can be dumped in the United States, an argument that …
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1 dead, 1 jailed after E. Texas hunting accident
TYLER, Texas (AP) — Authorities say a 41-year-old East Texas man is dead and another is in jail after what appears to be a hunting accident. A Rusk County Sheriff’s Office statement says Louis Nicklas Conner Jr., of Overton, died from a gunshot wound.
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Dump Trailers – For Home or Business!

Dump Trailers – For Home or Business!

How many times have you loaded up your truck bed and sped off to unload it? Just how long did it take for you to unload your truck? If you haul very much at all then you can save HOURS of time by investing in a dump trailer. Just think of all the cash you can save if you pay employees by the hour! (Not to mention how happy your clients will be that the job is completed quickly)

Whether you actually need a dump trailer really depends on what you will be hauling and where you will be transporting it. The most common trailers that are used are van or flatbed trailers. Reefers, drop deck and dump trailers are also used quite frequently in the trucking industry. Before jumping in and buying a trailer, do a bit of research so you understand what they are each used for. Often manufacturers can customize a particular trailer slightly to include extra features you find necessary.

For hauling products that are sensitive to heat or cold, you may need an insulated or refrigerated trailer with an independent generator.  For moving large construction equipment, a flatbed gooseneck equipment hauler may be your best option. For transporting gravel, sand, dirt, or other loose materials a dump trailer is the best choice.

Now you may ask…why do I need dump trailer at home? For business, yes I can see a need…but why at home?  Well, as an owner of horses, cattle, and various other farm animals, I can assure you that you will be super happy you invested in a dump trailer.  They are so handy – just shovel or toss anything into it, drive it away and dump it!  Compost, limbs, trash – all moved and dumped in minutes!  As a person who has loaded AND UNloaded hundreds of flatbed trailers throughout my life, I can tell you I love my dump truck.  I have a little 6′ x 10′ trailer – http://www.texasbraggtrailers.com/trailers/dump/general-purpose-hydraulic-dump-trailers.htm and I love it.  It’s perfect for what I need.

I live in Mount Pleasant Texas, so it is super-easy for me to find a trailer. I mean, Texas Bragg Trailers, Big Tex Trailers, Longhorn Trailers, Diamond C Trailers and others are all right here! So why did I go with Texas Bragg? I visited each manufacturer. They were the nicest guys, had good prices, and most of all took the time to explain how they built their trailers, what options I can have added on, and more. Oh, and David actually talked me OUT of spending more money on a larger trailer.  He said that the one I selected would just be too big.  Even though I did have a use for it initially, David was right – the smaller trailer has been a champ, stores easily, and is perfect for everything I have used it for.  Thanks David!

One other option you have is to buy a used trailer. I have purchased a lot of used and cheap equipment over the years and I know sometimes you can get a good deal, but other times you can’t. Just make sure if you buy a used trailer you know what to look for (welds, rust, axles, tire shape, etc.).

Once you have determined whether to purchase new or used, be sure to find a site that offers specific information about the trailer you are interested in purchasing. Contact information, photos and a complete list of specifications should give you enough information to make a decision – or at least contact them to see what dealers are in your area (these guys ship trailers all over the US, Canada, and Mexico!).

James Taylor is the works in the logging industry as the owner of James Taylor Timber – located in North East Texas (Mt. Pleasant area) and also offers Search engine marketing services


Asphalt jobs in Dallas for dump drivers?

Question by lrktrucking92: Asphalt jobs in Dallas for dump drivers?
Thinking about moving to Dallas getting tired of bluestate politics here in IL anyone know what the average wage is for dump drivers in Dallas are? And names of some of the bigger asphalt plants in the Dallas area?
I also wanted to add I own my own truck/trailer 97 Mack with 22′ steel trailer

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