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Email Marketing Campaigns Course Dallas EB

Email Marketing Campaigns Course Dallas EB
Event on 2018-06-18 17:00:00
Click here for details. or directly to Video click here. Email Marketing Campaigns Course ?Learn how to create an email marketing campaign and review the statistics in 1 hour or less. Engage with your customers or prospective customers using a quick and efficient method that allows you to track the effort. This course is designed for busy individuals who need online marketing solutions without investing a lot of time. You will learn and apply immediately. By the end of this course, you will have a finished product. Imagine connecting to thousands of customers or prospects at once by running an effective email marketing campaign. Learning how to create a professional email template. Selecting between various types of email campaigns to use, including a campaign that is decided by the recipients (A/B). Imagine a way to determine if your email was read and if they went to your website. Learning how to use social media with an email campaign. Review other options offered by the email marketing software program, including Responsive and Autoresponders. Learning how to use your results to plan a strategy. Gaining a connection to a low cost method for blasting your business online. This course is a plus for someone who is working with a low budget. You can literally be up and running with little out of pocket.  We offer live demonstrations and a video library. If you like learning hands-on, then you will benefit from this course.  The live course is structured in a step-by-step email campaign creation order. This makes it much easier to retain what you learn.  We also use non-technical jargon. It's easy to understand and grasp the concepts. Dates & online class time:Offered daily. Anytime. Zarlun also offers the following courses (click on course to learn more): Small Business Online Marketing Bootcamp – learn how to fully market your business online. Web Design Course – learn how to create a website for your business. e-commerce Web Design Course – learn how to sell and market your products online. How to Make an Online Commercial – make a rockin online commercial for your business! Low Cost Internet Advertising – blast your business online to get as many customers as possible. Branding & Maximizing Your Online Visibility – a successful marketing strategy includes branding your business. Online Reputation Management – techniques to manage your reputation online (bad reviews, unwanted details about your business, private details, etc.) Internet Marketing Plan Course – learn how to develop a strategy for your online marketing, includes resources to help you be successful with digital advertising. Click here for full Course Catalog Hidden Discount.  Take 10% of Weebly website. Refer to for all course details and policies. Credits:  Email Marketing means Ecommerce Websites and Websites by Stuart Miles

at Arlington – Online
701 South Nedderman Drive
Arlington, United States


A Foolproof & Simple Email Sequence You Can Implement Today to Generate More Leads

A Foolproof & Simple Email Sequence You Can Implement Today to Generate More Leads
Event on 2018-02-20 11:30:00
This Lunch & Learn will feature an informative presentation that will show you HOW: Event Details: Free Lunch and Registration Tuesday | October 17, 2017 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM The Flying Saucer Addison | 14999 Montfort Dr, Dallas, TX 75254

at Flying Saucer – Addison
14999 Montfort Drive
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Email Marketing Software is an Important Ingredient For Restaurants

Email Marketing Software is an Important Ingredient For Restaurants

Email marketing software might not make your food taste any better, however it will help pack your tables and your reservation list. In the fiercely competitive food service industry, it is very important that you market your restaurant to guarantee that customers are frequently dining at your establishment. But, for many restaurant owners, they have a hard time competing against the multi-million dollar marketing budgets of the major national franchises. However, a new weapon in the arsenal of restaurant owners has emerged that helps level the battle field. This new tool, which restaurant owners around the globe are starting to take advantage of, is simple and effective.

By harnessing the strength of email marketing, all restaurant owners can effortlessly execute top-notch campaigns with just a few clicks of their mouse. The days of hiring over-priced designers or absorbing costly printing fees for conventional flyer campaigns are finally a thing of the past.

Establishments of all kinds have all started understanding the value of collecting customers’ email addresses, allowing them to follow-up with their clientele with the idea of bringing them back into the restaurant. From fast-food to upscale restaurants, asking for your customers email address in the way of a signup sheet by the cash register or comment card on the table is no longer the least bit invasive and is the initial step towards powering your. While your restaurant may not manufacture an extensive contact list overnight, after a few weeks of assertively gathering contact information, you will have enough data to upload into your email marketing software and to start reaping all the benefits.

The majority of email marketing solutions will allow you to easily add your contacts online. In addition, the top tier email marketing software programs will allow you to partition your data into different groups. With this ability, you can now separate your contacts by meal times (for example, lunch vs. dinner) which lets run a specifically targeted email marketing campaign.

Once you have successfully put together your establishments contact list (which is an on-going process) you can commence with your creative and marketing juices and run wild as you prepare to launch an email marketing campaign. A main reason that email marketing is very effective in the food services industry is because it lets the restaurant branch out and communicate with their customers in a face-to-face setting right in their inbox, and away from the mess of other mass medium platforms.

Restaurants can employ all kinds of promotions using simple and effective email marketing software. One of the most popular approaches is to send out an email marketing campaign with a coupon (often referred to as an “ecoupon”). The offer can range from a certain percentage off the customer’s meal, a free desert, two-for-one dining, or anything else the restaurant owner believes will entice people to come in for another serving. The two-for-one dining is an effective strategy because the establishment is promoting both repeat business and new business in one swoop. And, of course, the new customer has the chance to sign up to the restaurant’s mailing list, so they can now also receive these special email marketing ecoupons.

Email marketing can also be used to announce and promote new menu items, special events, catering options and more. Since the people receiving the restaurant’s email have presumably already had a positive experience, the email marketing campaign provides an effective tool to keep the restaurant name on the clientele’s map. After all, the more the restaurant can keep its brand in front of the customer, the higher the chance the restaurant is to be the answer to the question: “Honey, where do you want to go for dinner?”

When engaging in email marketing, every restaurant can obtain a competitive advantage without the need to break the bank. And, in this day and age, where every restaurant is competing for the same customer’s dollar, any and all forms of an advantage is a solid ingrediant when aiming at leveling the playing field between the big national chains and the smaller independent restaurants.

Robert Burko is President of, the top email marketing software trusted by restaurants around the globe. You can start harnessing the power of email marketing for your restaurant with a no-obligation free trial of our easy-to-use solution.

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Where can i email Fox Broadcasting for concerns, or even a mailing address?

Question by StopClock Productions: Where can i email Fox Broadcasting for concerns, or even a mailing address?
I am trying to find where I can get a hold of them. I need an email address, mailing address, or even a phone number.

Best answer:

Answer by LadyMerton
at their Website
scroll to the bottom and click on Ask fox

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Habu.TV – Confirm Email by Looking in Inbox for Email from “Habu.TV Team”

“www.Habu.TV” Watch Your TV Anywhere! Can’t watch Hulu overseas? Please confirm your subscription by clicking on the link inside your email from Habu.TV Team so we can better communicate with you and send you the requested information. Watch TV Anywhere, Watch your TV on PC, http

the darkest moments of eastenders


the MOST DANGEROUS e-mail virus yet. subject line “Badtimes?

Question by odessaroberts50: the MOST DANGEROUS e-mail virus yet. subject line “Badtimes?
delete it immediately WITHOUT reading it. This is
It will re-write your hard drive. Not only that, but it will scramble any disks that are even close to your computer. It will recalibrate your refrigerator’s coolness setting so all your ice cream melts and milk curdles. It will demagnetize the strips on all your credit cards, reprogram your ATM access code, screw up the tracking on your VCR, and use subspace field harmonics to scratch any CDs you try to play.
It will give your ex-boy/girlfriend your new phone number. It will mix antifreeze into your fish tank. It will drink all your beer and leave its dirty socks on the coffee table when there’s company coming over. It will hide your car keys when you are late for work and interfere with your car radio so that you hear only static while stuck in traffic.
Badtimes will make you fall in love with a hardened pedophile. It will give you nightmares about circus midgets. It will replace your shampoo with Nair and your Nair with Rog

Best answer:

Answer by ? IRISH and PROUD ?

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How do you send e-mail addresses and/or other info to “askers” without broadcasting it to others?

Question by Costa Rica ’03: How do you send e-mail addresses and/or other info to “askers” without broadcasting it to others?
More than several times in “Answers.Yahoo” I have seen answers where individuals ask to be sent an e-mail address or ask to be invited to some activity or location. Is there some way of sharing info with an “asker” or “answerer” without “broadcasting” it to all other viewers? Or are these individuals willing to do that and “don’t care?”

Best answer:

Answer by My YA
If you click on their avatar, some folks have their email, 360 or IM links open for contact. For the email, it is a ‘blind’ link — the email is passed via Yahoo Answers and you don’t get to know the other persons actual email address. That is pretty safe.

Others actually give out their info on the site, but that is against the Community Guidelines.

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Is it cowardly to tell someone (via email) that you’re not interested? Please read all the stuff below…

Question by KaL: Is it cowardly to tell someone (via email) that you’re not interested? Please read all the stuff below…
I’ve been talking to someone for a long time on the internet, and she’s a really nice person, really sweet, however, all she talks about is her (massively huge) hobby of “ham radio” – it sounds cool but I cannot afford to get started in this – I can’t pay to get a license to do this stuff, I can’t buy a radio, and frankly, I’m not really interested in getting into it – I don’t want to hurt her feelings…is it wimpy to just write an email to her?? She’s been calling me nightly at 9:00 because she has unlimited minutes…I don’t want her to call anymore…someone, advice? Some other pieces of info: she’s blind and I don’t want her to think I’m not interested because of that – I really don’t want to hurt her feelings, she says that nobody else seems to be interested in her because of her blindness, I don’t want her to think that’s a factor…I’m just…I don’t know!
To answer the question below – she has software that “reads” everything to her. “Talking software”
I feel like a wuss because I hate confrontation…I’m just extremely shy is all…

Best answer:

Answer by ditre06
be honest with her, tell her when she calls you

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Using Email to Market Your Restaurant

Using Email to Market Your Restaurant

I know that some of you will think that you are in the restaurant business, not in the internet marketing business.

However, let me tell you something that may shock you: you are in the sales business. If you don’t sell your food and beverages, nothing else counts, so you need to apply the same marketing and sales techniques that the rest of commercial businesses use.

Email marketing is one of the most effective communication and promotion vehicles on the Internet. 90% of Internet users and 56% of all Americans use email on a regular basis (source: E-marketeer. August 2006). Restaurants can benefit from email marketing because it’s fast, direct, cost-effective, and builds loyal relationships with your clients. Restaurant email marketing is perhaps one of the lowest cost marketing vehicles available to the restaurant industry to book tables and to build customer relationships. High quality email campaigns can deliver effective messages that drive action – and clients to your restaurant.

Email marketing can be a tricky proposition. People hate email spam, and often they delete email messages that they don’t think are useful or interesting to them. For your email campaigns to be truly effective, they have to be managed properly and conducted in a professional manner. This article will give you some practical information for using the email to market your restaurant in an effective way.

If you want your restaurant email marketing to be effective, it’s important for you to develop a targeted, permission-based database. Email addresses can be collected either on your restaurant’s website or at your place when your clients are visiting. Let’s look at both:

1. Collecting Emails on Your Restaurant Website: Create an opt-in form on your website so that visitors can sign up for specials and promotional offers. (If you don’t know how to do this, ask your website designer to do it for you.)

You may want to offer additional incentives to sign up, such as coupons, etc. In my previous article (Restaurant Online Marketing), I recommended offering discounts or gift certificates as an incentive to capture email information.

Once your visitors hit “send” on the opt-in form, they receive an email confirmation stating that they have been added to your mailing list. If they are not interested in getting your emails, they can simply “unsubscribe.” You need to give your clients always the ability to easily unsubscribe from your emailing list if they see that your emails don’t give them enough value.

2. Collecting Emails at Your Restaurant: In addition to collecting addresses on your website, you can also collect email addresses at your restaurant. Approach satisfied clients at the end of their meals and ask them for permission (on an opt-in card) to get their email addresses so that you can send them information, discounts, coupons, etc. via email.

If you have done your homework and have provided your clients with a memorable dining experience, they will most likely willing to share their email address with you.

This is very important now: Enter the client’s information directly on your website form (or ask somebody from your staff to do it for you). If you follow this process, you will collect the information the same way that your clients will enter it directly in your website.

Now what are you supposed to do with all these addresses ?

When you send emails, please try not to make them an obvious sales pitch. People hate to be told what to buy or where to go for a dinner. Instead, use email to communicate with your clients as follows:

1. To promote one specific special event or item in your restaurant. Please don’t abuse the frequency of the announcements or people will soon ignore your emails, even when you really have something important to say. Try no to email more often than monthly. Sending more often than that could alienate many people in your list.

Some examples could be a special event or gala hosted to raise money for charity, a special wine dinner, etc. You can also announce holiday specials such as Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

2. To send a birthday present to some clients. What better way to touch your best clients’ hearts than opening an email with your best wishes and an electronic coupon valid for a free meal?

Not only will they appreciate your thoughtfulness but they will also probably redeem the coupon, and bring along lots of family and/or friends to celebrate at your place!

Please notice that if you have the mailing address of your clients, it is better (and classier) to send them a printed coupon with a personal Happy B-day letter or card. You can have these cards pre-printed and just add a personalized note with the name of your client. Use email only when this is the only contact information that you have about your clients.

3. To send interesting information about your restaurant. Perhaps you have a new chef or you’ve introduced a new line of dishes or desserts, etc. Again, don’t abuse the connection by sending trivial information that nobody but you cares about. Always think from the client’s perspective: would this information be useful for them?

4. To send discount coupons to a group of clients on some special occasion. Perhaps you’ve captured information about some of your clients’ anniversaries. This is a great occasion to email them, congratulating them and offering a discount if they celebrate it at your place. Other special occasions may be new jobs, promotions, name-days (very popular in some countries. You can check a traditional calendar to see the name dates and associate them with some of your best clients), professional “mixer” days (attract clients from the same professions so that they can mingle and network), etc.

5. To ask for feedback. Ask clients about a new dish that you’ve just introduced, perhaps new decor or some event that you are thinking of. Faithful clients will appreciate the opportunity to give you feedback and participate in the improvement of their favorite restaurant: yours!

As you can see, restaurant email marketing can be used very effectively to bring clients back to your restaurant and keep your place fresh in their minds, so that they will book your place instead of somebody else’s when they think about their next meal out, especially if you give them the motivation via discounts or gift certificates.

With your email campaigns, you will also build stronger relationships with your clients and they will have an opportunity to give you feedback that you can act on and improve your restaurant. It is a win/win situation for both of you!

Good luck and happy emailing.

Jose L Riesco brought top proven marketing practices to the restaurant industry, making a unique contribution to this business by creating unique client-focused Strategies. You can find more about his marketing offerings by visiting his web site: Restaurant Marketing Strategies


Email Newsletters for Restaurants – 10 Content Ideas to Make Your Newsletter Sing

Email Newsletters for Restaurants – 10 Content Ideas to Make Your Newsletter Sing

Thousands of restaurants are using email newsletters to build and engage their customer base and promote their offerings. Service providers such as AWeber and Constant Contact enable restaurants to quickly and easily deliver email newsletters and manage subscribers. But while an email newsletter can be a highly successful marketing tool for a restaurant, creating interesting, valuable content is a time-consuming headache for busy restaurant owners. The good news is that much of the content for your email newsletter already exists within your restaurant and with your customers. In this article, I suggest ten ideas for newsletter content that are easy to create and quick to engage readers. Keep in mind that you can later repurpose much of this content on your restaurant’s website.

1. Introduce your staff.Many of your staff members have interesting outside interests, hobbies or training. Did your cooks attend a culinary program? What are their favorite menu items? How long have they been with your restaurant? Having an area of your newsletter dedicated to personnel is also a great chance to introduce a new staff member or promote job openings.

2. Read any good books lately? Chances are, your email newsletter subscribers are just as interested in food as you are. Share books or articles with them that are guaranteed to be of interest. For example, if you run a regional Italian restaurant and a new cookbook is published featuring recipes from that region, let subscribers know about it. It reinforces your expertise in the cuisine and can increase customers’ appreciation of it as well.

3. Share a seasonal recipe. Your email newsletter may only go out several times a year. Showcase a recipe for a simple, seasonal cocktail or dish created by your restaurant. Don’t forget to include photos!

4. Sell your products. More than 57% of family dining restaurants offer retail items for sale. Increase profits by providing a link to purchase directly from your email newsletter. Subscriber-only discounts on these products also have great appeal to readers.

5. Feature photos. Email newsletter readers devour photography and even moreso when those photos depict people. Include photographs of large parties or events you’ve hosted in your newsletter. This can also help to promote your restaurant’s catering or event services. You can even feature regulars where you include snapshots of your favorite regular customers.

6. Offer coupons and discounts. Let’s be honest. The main reason customers subscribe to an email newsletter is the promise of special deals. By offering them exclusive discounts and VIP treatment, customers will look forward to your newsletter and keep coming back to your restaurant.

7. Celebrate your philanthropic work.The restaurant industry is one of incredible generosity, with many restaurants helping the community in ways their customers might not even know about. Note your participation in programs such as Share Our Strength or contributions to local food banks. You may even help attract more volunteers in the process.

8. Ask customers questions. Why should you do all of the talking? Your customers are a source of valuable information and offering a poll or survey in your email newsletter is a simple way to tap into their opinions and tastes. You may even ask them what they’d like to see more of in your email newsletter!

9. Answer customers’ questions. Solicit questions and feedback from your customers. They may have questions about your food, the history of your restaurant, or other insights that you can respond to as part of a regular newsletter feature. This transforms your email newsletter from a one-way communication channel to a regular dialogue between you and your customers.

10. Promote environmental consciousness. According to the National Restaurant Association, 62% of adults are likely to make a restaurant choice based on how environmentally friendly a restaurant is. A brief article on how you are making your restaurant more environmentally friendly is always attractive to customers.

Successful Restaurant Websites provides restaurants with educational resources to improve their websites and attract more customers. Sign up for a free e-course, Tips and Best Practices for a Successful Restaurant Website.

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