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2017 CaJoKai We Run It! Entertainment Conference

2017 CaJoKai We Run It! Entertainment Conference
Event on 2017-06-17 14:00:00
CaJoKai We Run It! Conference is a annual networking entertainment opportunity, which will take place Saturday June 17th, at the Hilton Inn Suites Medical Center located in Dallas,Texas.  This award show, artist showcase and music industry educational event, brings together some of the top industry professionals, from around the the country. Some of the panelists: DJ Johnny O – Nerve DJ founder 40 years experience Kermit "The Superstar Maker" Henderson – ECMD Music & Film  Terry McGill – CEO of TAM Music Group -Executive formerly of RCA and Motown  DJ Earthquake – NFL Superbowl private DJ – Founder of Vanilla Ice DJ Phreeze – Host – Core DJs DJ Papa Ron – Core and Definition DJ Charlie Mo – RealLyfe Production – RealLyfe Stars George Lopez – Dirty South Rydaz (DSR) Big Tuck, Tum Tum, Lil Ronnie and Fat B – Ttown Music – Block Banga Mixtapes – Jin Music Group  Sa'Tori Anada – W.A.R Media – Routte – Pharoahe Monch – SocialWerk To find out more visit www.CaJoKai.com

at Hilton Garden Inn
2325 North Stemmons Freeway
Dallas, United States


Terry Fator: The Voice of Entertainment

Terry Fator: The Voice of Entertainment
Event on 2017-06-17 20:00:00

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Comedian, ventriloquist and celebrity impressionist Terry Fator burst onto the national scene after winning America’s Got Talent. The Las Vegas headliner captures audiences' funny bones with his cast of hilarious puppet friends who know how to pull his strings.

  • One might think that with finding success after 25 years of performing at county fairs and oddball venues, the moral of singer-comedian-celebrity impressionist Terry Fator's story might be the cliché of: Never give up on your dreams. But, when it comes to Fator's story of success after 40, that old adage doesn't quite ring true.

    "I actually don't believe in not giving up," laughs Fator, 49, who was ranked No. 2 on Forbes' list of the top-earning comics just behind comic legend Jerry Seinfeld in 2013. "It's okay to give up because I did. I worked for 25 years playing every fair, small club and kids' party I could and it just felt like it wasn't going to happen. I resigned myself to just playing kids parties. That was okay for me. But, I didn't stop working and doing the thing that I love to do and getting better at it. Once I did that, something finally happened for me."

    That "something" was NBC's hit competition show, "America's Got Talent." After turning down a chance to compete on the first season of the show, his fans wrote the show saying they just had to have Fator on. Producers called Fator and invited him to audition. After seeing, and liking, Season 1 of the show, Fator went for it, and in 2007 the then 42-year-old comedian became the "America's Got Talent" Season 2 champ, taking home the million prize and title of "Best New Act in America."

    "It was the big break I had worked for my entire life," he says.

    It wasn't long before Sin City would recognize Fator as the headlining act he was destined to be. In 2007, he signed a .5 million deal to perform at the Las Vegas Hilton. The following year Fator signed what has been described as "one of the largest entertainment deals in Las Vegas history" to headline his own show, "Terry Fator: The VOICE of Entertainment," at The Mirage Hotel & Casino. In 2015, the show celebrated its sixth anniversary at the iconic Strip resort which followed a contract extension that finds Fator calling The Mirage home through 2016.

    "I'm grateful that I didn't find success until my 40s," admits Fator, who hails from Dallas, Texas. "I'm not sure I could've handled success at a younger age. It can screw your brain up. Just look at a lot of today's young stars. But at 42, you have perspective and you're more grounded so that when the time comes that all of a sudden millions of people see and like what you do, it doesn't go to your head too much."

    Fator's story began long before "America's Got Talent." His first taste of entertainment came at age eight when he tried his hand at magic with the help of a hypnosis book. "I unsuccessfully tried to hypnotize my friends, but then in fifth grade I found a book on ventriloquism and that came pretty quickly for me. I was always fascinated with all forms of entertainment, but especially magic and puppets. But other kids in school were doing magic, and I wanted to be original so ventriloquism became my thing," says Fator, who rounded out his creative endeavors by taking on the lead in many school and church plays as a kid, and later fronted the band Texas the Band from the late '80s through 2001. He was close to signing a record deal with Warner Bros. until they told him he had to take the ventriloquism out of his band performances. That was a deal-breaker for the entertainer.

    As a young kid, Fator would practice talking without moving his lips in the privacy of his closet and while he was working odd jobs, hiding his rehearsals from his unsupportive father. At age 10, he bought a puppet from Sears, but its head and eyes didn't move, making it hard to really get his act down. His mother took the puppet apart, gave him a whole new body and slapped a wig on his head – Fator was on his way to practicing with a real puppet that he named Josh. He soon graduated to a semi-professional puppet, which he used until age 18, and onto his first real professional puppet that he named Walter T. Airdale, a country singer, who is still a part of his act today. Little by little Walter was joined by an eclectic cast of characters, including Winston, the Impersonating Turtle; Emma Taylor, the selfie-taking tween with the big voice; Maynard Tompkins, the Elvis Impersonator; Duggie Scott Walker, the annoying neighbor and many others.

    After decades of performing, Fator felt at the end of his creative rope. "It was just so discouraging because I felt I had something big to offer that millions would want to see, but I couldn’t find that break. Even five months before “America's Got Talent,” I did a show in 1,000- seat theater and only one person showed up. I was so down. I thought, 'Why am I doing this? It's never gonna happen. I'll never have millions of people that enjoy my gift.' But then I thought, 'Wait a second. I'm lucky that I get to do what I love and I do love this. So what if I always have to play for first graders or kids parties or county fairs? I'm still doing what I love and I'm not going to stop. It's better than going to work at a real job to just pay the bills,'" says the showbiz journeyman.

    Today, Fator impersonates more voices than he can count with the help of more than a dozen characters singing everything from Nat King Cole, Garth Brooks, Roy Orbison, Dean Martin, Elvis, Louis Armstrong, Bruno Mars and many more.

    Today, Fator finally has that audience of millions who enjoy his work through his sold-out and award-winning live show, multi-platinum selling DVDs (his debut DVD, "Terry Fator: Las Vegas" charted four times platinum), and numerous memorable television appearances. The industry has certified him a bona fide superstar, as well, with Simon Cowell declaring Fator to be "one of the best entertainers in the world" and The Best of Las Vegas Awards honoring "Terry Fator: The VOICE of Entertainment" with awards for Best Show, Best All-Around Performer, Best Impersonator and Best Overall Show.

    "The best thing about all of this is that now my creativity is not shackled by my lack of finances. Now, if I have an idea I can actually do it and do it right," he says. In 2013, Fator released a country music album “It Starts Tonight” as well as a children’s book Lamu, The Christmas Kitten which is a story of the life of Jesus Christ as told through the eyes of his cat. In 2014, “Terry Fator: Live in Concert,” a DVD showcasing Fator’s 2013 Las Vegas show, was released nationwide and simultaneously an updated version of the Las Vegas stage show was launched.

    What's next? "I just always want to entertain. That's it. I never had fans before and now that I do I just want to keep them smiling and laughing," he adds.

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at Mayo Performing Arts Center
100 South Street
Morristown, United States


Texas Sports & Entertainment Career Fair (hosted by the San Antonio Spurs)

Texas Sports & Entertainment Career Fair (hosted by the San Antonio Spurs)
Event on 2017-02-02 15:00:00
Please join us for the Texas Sports & Entertainment Career Fair (hosted by the San Antonio Spurs) at the AT&T Center in February 2017! Don’t miss this unique opportunity to get to meet executives from companies and organizations in the sports industry, looking to fill various job and internship positions.Schedule of Events: Thursday, February 2nd  3:00pm-3:30pm – Check-in/Registration 3:30pm – Career Fair Beings5:30pm-6:30pm – Escort participants to Courtside Experience6:30pm – End of Career Fair7:30pm – Spurs vs 76ers Game Companies in Attendance**:          San Antonio Spurs          San Antonio Rampage          San Antonio Stars          AT&T Center          SAFC          Austin Spurs          San Antonio Missions          Trinity University          Houston Dynamo          Houston Dash          Dallas Stars          Texas Stars          Levy Restaurants          RGV FC Toros          RGV Vipers **Subject to change. Registration:All attendees are provided a ticket to the Spurs vs 76ers game following the event. Tickets will be given to each attendee at registration, prior to the beginning of the event.  Tickets:Career Fair + General Game Ticket – .00 per registrant (before online registration fee)Career Fair + Upgraded Game Ticket – .00 per registrant (before online registration fee)Career Fair + Best Available Game Ticket – .00 per registrant (before online registration fee) Refunds, Exchanges and Cancellations: TeamWork Online will provide a refund if, and only if, a refund request has been made in writing to TeamWork Online no later than 72 hours prior to the event. Otherwise, all sales are final. All written requests for refunds must be made through a user’s personal Eventbrite account. Exchanges will not be provided of any kind. Should an event be canceled or postponed TeamWork Online will notify attendees in writing and do everything within its power to provide a refund.

at AT&T Center
One AT&T Center Pkwy
San Antonio, United States


Q&A: does anyone in Dallas know how to enter into the media field and or entertainment?

Question by Tse: does anyone in Dallas know how to enter into the media field and or entertainment?
i am looking for a job as a promoter in dallas, and also something in media. i have little experience but willing to learn from any stand point. it’s a job i am looking for not a school.

Best answer:

Answer by Mossy Jan
ask JR or Miss Ellie they should know

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HTC Desire S An Entertainment Device Rather Than A Portable Device

“Autumn Spills” Music Video 61
music videos
Image by jarvisphoto6

HTC Desire S An Entertainment Device Rather Than A Portable Device
The Desire S is the follow up handset to HTC’s highly popular Desire. The Desire was the basis for the original Google Phone, the Nexus One, and went on to be one of the biggest selling phones of 2010. The phone was so popular that it almost single handedly made Google Android the phone OS of choice for many people. The Desire S now seeks to emulate the success of the original by providing some …
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Video Trains Boys to Be Suicide Bombers
A new and disturbing video posted on YouTube shows a group of Afghan or Pakistani Pashtun boys role-playing the last moments in the life of a suicide bomber.
Read more on New York Times

Taliban Approve Training Boys to Die
A video on YouTube shows Afghan or Pakistani Pashtun boys role-playing the last moments in the life of a suicide bomber.
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Utah Concerts Offer Diverse Forms of Entertainment

Utah Concerts Offer Diverse Forms of Entertainment

Throughout the years, music has been a common thread that unites generations and had provided social commentary, individual expression, and a soundtrack for life. Music has evolved and changed as time has moved forward, and become, in some cases more of an art, and in other cases, less than one.

Today music has nearly universal appeal – though there are more styles and types of music than ever before, there are also a wider gap in ever between groups who listen to certain types of music. This said, however there are still millions of Americans who consider themselves to have “global musical tastes” meaning that they listen to numerous genres of music on a regular basis instead of focusing their time and attention on only rap, country, or rock and roll.

Concerts in Utah

In Utah, as in most other parts of the country, there are many people who listen to a broad range of music: from Oldies to Emo and from Blues to Hip Hop. These varying tastes in music are reflected in by the concerts in Utah during any given year.

Utah’s concerts range from the biggest names in Hip Hop and Country music to Rock and Roll acts that you might have thought had been dissolved in the 80’s. There seems to be just as much excitement for a Cyndi Lauper or Pretenders reunion tour as for a tour from Snoop Dog or The Foo Fighters. The shear dynamism of Utah concert goers – in age and musical taste makes Utah a “must stop” for most any musical act.

Utah Concert Venues

Utah’s concert scene consists of many small venues such as bars and private clubs that host touring acts year round, as well as a few large venues, both indoor and outdoor that host only the larger acts and are only open during certain times of the year – as dictated by sports team schedules and weather.

The varying degrees of concert venues in Utah makes for an additional plus for great musical acts to stop in Utah. There are obviously some acts, while very well received in bars and small venues, that just would not be able to fill a 20,000 seat amphitheater. Thus, the various small venues are perfect for lesser known or up-and coming rock and country acts that are not quite able to fill the bigger venues.

All things considered, Utah has a lot going for it in terms of creating a solid environment for musical acts as well as fans of music from a myriad of genres. As the state continues to grow and become a more mainstream culture, concerts in Utah will continue to be growing attractions.

Art Gib writes for Cold Leftovers, an entertainment blog providing information and analysis on concerts in Utah as well as movies and music.

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Primetime Entertainment 3-10-08?

Question by LAL: Primetime Entertainment 3-10-08?
Welcome every one to Primetime Entertainment’s first ever Monday Night Wreckless Intent show. Live from Las Vegas, Nevada here tonight we will kick off Wreckless Intent inside the Thomas & Mack Arena.

Vince McMahon and Stephanie McMahon are in the ring after the fireworks go off and welcome everyone to the show.
Vince McMahon says he wants Wreckless Intent to be a night no one will ever forget and so for the Main Even he has made a huge Fatal Four Way Match to see who will be the first man to be in the Main Event at PrimeTime live in 3 weeks from Dallas, Texas.

Main Event: Edge vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Batista vs. RVD
Winner gets spot in Main Event at PrimeTime for World Heavyweight Title

Tag Team Match: Dudleyz w/ Spike vs. Lance Storm & Chavo G.
First Ever Tag Team Titles Match*

JBL makes a comment about how he is a wrestling GOD and Brock Lesnar makes his entrance to brawl with JBL! Vince makes a stipulation tonight that Brock Lesnar gets a partner and JBL gets a tag partner.

No Tag Format Match: JBL & Farrooq vs. Brock Lesnar & Rey Mysterio

Paul London vs. Billy Gunn
Hardcore Match for the Hardcore Title*

Best answer:

Answer by Legend Killer
go to http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AjJ8VOD5.bHHEtxQGvZstR5MxQt.;_ylv=3?qid=20080310174525AArGYjY

to vote for the King of the Ring Matches!!!

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Radios: Best piece for entertainment and knowledge

Radios: Best piece for entertainment and knowledge

Radio is a wonderful object which requires only hearing capabilities and gives best entertainment to the whole body, mind and soul. The first radio was invented by Guglielmo Marconi and after that many other people engaged in modifying the features of radio to provide more entertainment and make it more useful. The other prominent inventors of radio are Alexander Popov, Julio Cervera, Lee De Forest, Nikola Telsa and Jagdish Chandra Bose.

We all are very well informed about it that the only requirements for radios is your hearing capability and voice can be heard without pictures also. Apart from entertainment and fun, these radios also serves as the purpose of gaining knowledge as well. These devices also provides knowledge through lots of informative and educative programmes which are broadcasted on it.

You need to built a regular habit of listening various information which is broadcasted on radios as it gives smaller information but they are vary crutial ones. Many leading companies such as Phillips, Sony and others are manufacturing radios which are preloaded with amazing features. The most recent attraction among the radios is Robert Dabs radio which is available in the form of iPod. There are many websites, from which you can obtain radio of your choice as well as you can also buy radios at cost effective prices.

You can also buy digital radios if you want to have distinguished radios for yourself. These are the most decorative items which enhances the beauty of the interior of your room. These items can also be given as gifts to the children which help them to get latest updated informations. So, buy these cost effective radios from different online stores from where you can also compare prices of radios. The items will give you fun by listening songs, live news and many other things.

Alfiedaniel is one of the famous expert who has been providing information regarding lg 42ld450, cheap Electronic and also on different type business risks. He has been working for comparison portals along time and thus has given countless quality articles on television, cameras and photography, etc. This article is about LCD TVs Deals

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What’s new in home entertainment in 2011

What’s new in home entertainment in 2011
Thawing out the ice dam of the mind with a look at what’s new, and what’s hot, for 2011.
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Bianchi: Christina Aguilera flubs Super Bowl National Anthem for Dud of the Week
That deserves a Dud of the Week, right?
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Christina Aguilera Fumbles National Anthem
Christina Aguilera says she flubbed a line as she belted out the national anthem at the start of the Super Bowl on Sunday night after getting lost in the moment and losing her place.
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Dj in Las Vegas Celebrity Entertainment

Dj in Las Vegas Celebrity Entertainment

Enter the official site


DJs / Emcees / Entertainers / Wedding Planners In Las Vegas

Making Your Night An Event To Remember!

DJ In Las Vegas Featuring John Dote’ of Celebrity Entertainment is committed to making your las vegas wedding or any party event a night to remember and a total success! You will be provided with a personalized format that will fit your needs; with entertainment that exceeds your expectations. Las Vegas Disc Jockey John Dote is also a lead vocalist who has rubbed shoulders with the biggest names on the planet and the “who’s-who” of the record industry. We have graced the stages of Las Vegas.

Most Requested DJ In Las Vegas!

From Clubs to concerts, record promoter to Vee-Jay on UPN, and owner of his own radio station, DJ In Las Vegas Featuring John Dote, recording artist and engineer to major labels and major hotels, now makes his living as the most requested DJ in Las Vegas. In addition, he holds an array of gold records with Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Liberace and Tony Bennett just to name a few. From the sounds of the 40’s to the sounds of the present, from the Big Band era to the hits of today in every format of music including Latin, this DJ takes entertainment to a higher level using state of the art sound systems and wireless microphones featuring the 8 channel NuMark mixer, Stanton Dual CD deck, QSC 1000 watt amplifier, 2 JBL 18 inch wolfers with tweeters and strobe color lighting by American DJ.

Call us now at (702) 649-6026 or email jodo777d@aol.com For your upcoming event in Las Vegas!

A Look At The Man Behind Celebrity!

Celebrity Entertainment is owned and operated by world re-noun Las Vegas Disc Jockey and record producer, John Dote. Dote played the drums on such monumental themes as Hawaii Five-0, Charlie’s Angels, Dynasty, Dallas and many others. He was the host of NIGHTBEAT IN LASVEGAS as seen on the UPN-SCREEN GEMS network featuring the biggest artists of today and tomorrow as well as filmed a pilot for Time Warner featuring The Back Street Boys, N Sync, Creed and other major groups that he has interviewed from several major record labels which he promoted for that include Capitol, MCA, A&M, Dreamworks, Warner Bros. and many others.

Over 20 Years Experience In Entertainment!

In Fact, when you hire this las vegas wedding dj, then you are hiring the man who helped launch the careers of Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Santana and many others. Having sold out audiences himself in concerts as a lead vocalist and entertainer, this dj in las vegas is the most energetic. His presence is the “epitomy of Las Vegas” according to KLAV Radio Disc-Jockey Demitrious Caramabellos. Dote has been featured on the front pages of many major newspaper and magazine covers from coast to coast as a legend in the record business. Television and radio interviews are well documented of his musical success. With over 20 years as a DJ, VJ and entertainer, he will guarantee your event to be a total success! Of course, John appears in a tux unless otherwise specified.

We are also Las Vegas Disc Jockeys, Las Vegas Disc Jockey, Las Vegas DJs, Las Vegas DJ, Disc Jockeys Las Vegas, Disc Jockey Las Vegas, DJs Las Vegas, DJ Las Vegas and DJ, in, Las Vegas!

Celebrity Entertainment Las Vegas brings only memorable moments to your party event. (702) 649-6026

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