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The Music of ABBA – ARRIVAL From Sweden

The Music of ABBA – ARRIVAL From Sweden
Event on 2016-09-29 19:30:00
ARRIVAL from Sweden was founded by Vicky Zetterberg in 1995 in Gothenburg, Sweden. ARRIVAL from Sweden very soon became one of the world’s most popular and most selling ABBA show band. Since the start in 1995 the band has toured in close to 55 countries and has appeared in several TV and radio shows all over the world. Since 2007 ARRIVAL from Sweden has made 42 successful tours in the USA.

This show has sold out arenas and venues all over the world since 1995 and is the absolute best and most authentic ABBA show there is. Hits like: Dancing Queen, Mamma Mia, Does Your Mother Know, Take A Chance, SOS, The Winner Takes It All, Super Trouper, Money Money Money, Waterloo, Honey Honey, Fernando, I Do I Do I Do, Chiquitita, Knowing Me Knowing You,Summer Night City, Thank You For The Music, Lay All Your Love On Me, Gimme Gimme Gimme and many more are delivered with such accuracy that it’s hard to believe that it’s not the real ABBA on stage.

ARRIVAL From Sweden has also played with more than 60 symphony orchestras throughout the world. Successful shows with some of the finest orchestras in the USA such as Boston Symphony Orchestra, San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Houston Symphony Orchestra and Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.

ARRIVAL from Sweden has exact copies of the original staging clothes of ABBA, a permission granted by the ABBA clothing designer.

ARRIVAL from Sweden is also the only group who has been given an unreleased ABBA song directly from Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson of ABBA. The song “Just A Notion” is soon due for a worldwide release.

Millions of people all around the world celebrate this show as the best ABBA show in the world; in fact this is the only ABBA show the world needs. This production is the closest you will ever get to see ABBA!

at Wilbur Theatre
246 Tremont Street
Boston, United States


Tips For Traveling With Pets From Honda in Baltimore

Each year millions of drivers hit the open road, traveling to destinations across the country. Riding alongside many of these drivers is their much beloved pet. Traveling with your pet can be a fun experience for everyone, however there are certain safety measures that should be in place to ensure road trips end safely and with everyone in one piece. The folks at Honda in Baltimoreknow how much we love our family pets and offer the following tips for people traveling with their pets.

Identification tags- Before you leave your driveway, Maryland Honda recommends you make sure traveling pets have the proper tags for identification, vaccines and license. There are dozens of ways in which an animal can become lost while traveling. Identification tags can help reunite missing pets with their owners. Proof of vaccination can also thwart potential problems if your pet is involved in a biting incident.

Only drivers behind the wheel- Who hasn’t witnessed an individual driving with their pet on their lap? It is not an uncommon sight, however it is a dangerous one. It doesn’t matter how calm or predictable you think your pet is, they are still an animal. Animals react instinctively making it impossible to know with a certainty how they will behave. Pets riding in the laps of drivers are simply a distraction and potential hazard under certain conditions. For the safety of the pet and other occupants of the vehicle, invest in a pet carrier or pet harness to properly secure your animal.

Restrain your pets- For the safety of pets, family member and strangers, always have your pet properly restrained. Always attach a leash before getting out of the car and wait until all doors are closed before unleashing a pet. Baltimore Honda dealers remind drivers that animals not properly restrained have an increased risk of getting lost, hit by a car or involved in an incident with strangers. The most mild mannered pooch can get aggressive if they feel threatened in a strange environment. By making sure your animal is under your control at all times, you guarantee their safety and the safety of others.

Jim Coleman Baltimore Honda serving Columbia Maryland offers great prices for all new Honda & used Honda cars, vans and SUVs to all of our neighbors in Clarksville, Ellicott City, Baltimore, and Silver Spring. Our Expert Service & Parts staff assist our Maryland customers keep their Honda vehicles in great shape.


Time is a broken Record (clip from a video)

Check out these music videos images:

Time is a broken Record (clip from a video)
music videos
Image by Daniel Lofredo Rota
for the full music video visit:

This face collage was made using images from

de Desideri au Photomaton

an anthropological photography study published by PHOTO COPIES

the video is a compilation of ideas and images by Daniel Lofredo Rota. This music video Was made for Adaledge to download the album go to:

LOUD Tour TV Video Updates!
music videos
Image by spcbrass
Lets see in the past week I have posted Episode 6, Episode 6.5, and video review of the movie 300. There are also 2 new music videos! I Choose to Follow the Sun and Armando’s Walk! Enjoy!

View Them All Here!

Visit The Official LOUD Tour TV Page


Q&A: How do I get music and ringtones from my old phones onto my new one?

Question by LPGI: How do I get music and ringtones from my old phones onto my new one?
I have music and ringtones on my old phone but when i got my new phone they weren’t accessible from vzwtones deluxe even under manage tones/music. How can i get my ringtones and music onto my new phone?

Best answer:

Answer by Sarah
100% FREE site

upload an mp3 file or an image
crop it online with their free step by step page
send it to your phone or download the free ringtone file

Give your answer to this question below!


Texas Wind Energy: Separating the Facts from the Hype

Texas Wind Energy: Separating the Facts from the Hype

One of the most exciting forms of renewable energy that shows the most promise is wind energy. Derived from wind turbines, wind energy generates electricity without the need for fossil fuels and the consumption of water, and produces no emissions during the process. This significant environmental benefit makes wind energy one of the most promising and fastest developing forms of renewable energy today.


At the forefront of wind energy development is the state of Texas, known for its oil and natural gas production facilities, but now leads the nation in the production of wind energy. The state can generate Texas electricity using wind energy with a capacity that is three times as much as Iowa, the second highest wind energy-producing state, and would rank sixth after the United States, China, Germany, Spain and India if Texas was considered a separate nation.


The Renewable Portfolio Standard signed into law in 1999 by then governor George W. Bush set Texas on the road towards renewable energy and a leader in wind energy, producing over 8,200 megawatts of wind-generated Texas electricity. According to ERCOT or the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, wind energy accounted for 6.2 percent of the state’s 2009 Texas electricity production.


The Facts and the Hype


Texas commitment to renewable sources of energy have generated hype from all levels: claims of the state exceeding all expectations regarding wind energy generation, generation of over 15,000 more jobs, and over billion in investments – the biggest “economic boon to the state” according to President Barack Obama himself.


However, actual figures from ERCOT, the state’s grid operator, indicated that only 708 megawatts of this total wind energy capacity is reliable, particularly during the summer where Texas electricity demands are at their peak. To compensate, conventional energy generation is still utilized to sustain the more than 72,648 megawatt demands during the summer months. ERCOT projects that wind energy will eventually have significant impact on the grid by the year 2014, after transmission constraints have all been addressed.

Status and Direction of Wind Energy in Texas

Recent figures have indicated a very promising outlook for the wind energy industry as 12.1 percent of the state’s total Texas electricity production by April of this year. Texas continues to have the largest wind farms and highest wind capacity nationwide, despite the problems and issues the industry faced.


Plans of building the largest wind farm in the world was discontinued due to constraints imposed by the lack of transmission lines that will bring Texas electricity from the various wind farms across the state and into the major cities that require this energy. To address this, the state is allocating over billion in investments to lay out a concrete transmission plan.


Most of Texas wind power farms are located in West Texas and the Panhandle. Now, there are not enough transmission lines that will bring the generated Texas Electricity from these locations and down to the big metropolitan areas such as Dallas-Fort Worth where consumption is the highest. Once these hurdles are addressed and an efficient means of transmission are in place, the state and surrounding areas will definitely benefit from this viable source of renewable energy.

About Shop Texas Electricity- Shop Texas Electricity helps consumers and businesses compare and shop for their electricity plans in Texas. Learn more about Shop Texas Electricity by visiting us at Texas Electric & Business Electricity & Houston Electric

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I’m From Texas why dose every one think i like country music?

Question by Kevin b: I’m From Texas why dose every one think i like country music?
I am from Texas and i hate Contry music but i like Rap thats no wrong

Best answer:

Answer by Crystal
I work in a dock office and a truck driver said, you have a cute country accent, you must listen to country music. I was like umm… no actually I listen to reggaeton mostly and a little bit of everything else. I am from TN. I guess it is just a stereotype.

: )

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Worth a look: Scenes from last weekend’s Tattoo Festival

Worth a look: Scenes from last weekend’s Tattoo Festival
Last weekend’s Hampton Roads Tattoo Festival attracted ink artists and fans from across the country. Watch Sangjib Min’s video to see what you missed!
Read more on Daily Press

Festival finds room for more events
Sports Film Festival: Professional and high-school filmmakers will have their short-form works about athletes projected on a big screen.
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Q&A: How does one start to like a football team from another state?

Question by the truth, do you hear me: How does one start to like a football team from another state?
I mean i bleed black and gold. my family has drilled the saints in my head since i was a child. I dont care if the saints never win they will always be my team. How does one start to like another team? How can you not like your hometown football team? I can understand if your state dont have a team then how do you pick?

Best answer:

Answer by hootenburg69
you dont pick you just like a team or you dont

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How Misdemeanor or Felony Can be Removed From State Records

How Misdemeanor or Felony Can be Removed From State Records

Be it felony or any sort of misdemeanor, it has became a part of everyday life. Crime committed as a juvenile haunts even in the after years, there is always a lurking doubt that any shadowy glance at one’s yesteryears may cost the person his dear job. However very recently Texas laws have changed dramatically with an outstanding decision which may provide relief to many. The law aptly states that in certain number of cases the records can be cleared off or at least made unavailable to the masses.

Texas criminal records may range from grave crimes to minor faults but with the new law getting pace, expungement in Texas is not that difficult. People sometimes undermine the situation and are unaware of the consequences that may follow. Employees at work may be fired with immediate effect, eligible people may be denied a job, if made public the record may create a sense of discrimination between co-workers. Keeping all these drawbacks in view it is very necessary that in Texas expunction of records is a must and why not? When the law clearly states so. Expunging your Texas criminal record form is also needed for the fact that landlords or public housing authorities can deny one’s right to housing. It is not that misdemeanors in Texas are not recorded or filed by the authorities; they are duly taken care of and may land the person in trouble after a considerable time span.

Felony record Texas covers all sorts of crimes ranging from armed robberies, assaults, drug sales and possession and even murder. Sometime a minor brawl takes the shape of a serious assault and the concerned person gets wrapped up in lengthy legal battle thereby ending his aspirations of a promising career. These criminal records expungement may sometimes be a bit hassle some but minor or petty faults such as parole violation, probation violation or traffic violation can be easily expunged.

Various agencies are there to help these people sort out their difficulty, people sometime wonder “how do I seal my juvenile felony record in Texas?” The answer to this problem is as simple, one just need to contact the appropriate institution and everything will be taken care off. Dallas Texas criminal public records show very clearly the defendant’s name, date of birth, race, sex, disposition date and sentence are updated regularly. These records often became a cause of humiliation and embarrassment in the society. The need of the hour is if you are ever convicted in Texas its high time your criminal record sealing is done as soon as possible.

So if you were ever denied a good job, any loan from a financial institution or your housing rights were deprived off due to any criminal records, there is nothing to be worried about because the law is there to help you out. Now the only hitch about filling in the proper form and whom to approach is only a click on the web and we can get to the desired destination.

Isiah Payne is the author of this article on texas criminal records. Find more information relating to texas expunction of records , and expungement in texas here.

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Work From Home and Achieve Financial Peace of Mind

Work From Home and Achieve Financial Peace of Mind

Financial peace of mind?  What in the world is that anyway?  That is where you lie in bed at night fast asleep like a baby instead of lying awake thinking about money, your source of income, your job, your boss, your commute, possibly getting fired or laid off, and possibly losing your priceless source of income.  When you are in bed at night, you should be sleeping and not thinking about something your boss told you about possibly having to cut back on personnel and you might be one of them.  Your boss just wanted to let you know.  How nice!

It is 2009.  Reality is that a source of income is literally just a mouse click away.  Have you looked online at all the businesses that are available?  There are literally thousands of them.  Can you imagine if the internet existed in 1930 during the Great Depression?  Can you imagine telling people standing in line waiting for some menial job to do for maybe one day in order to feed their family that all they have to do is open up their lap top, take a look, and click on something they like in order to not just put food on the table, but to have complete financial freedom in the very near future?  Incredible!

Nobody should be lying awake at night worrying about money and their source of income.  Do a Google search, type in Make Money Online Now or Work From Home.  Find something you like, click on it, and you are going for your dreams.  You are not just earning money to put food on the table, you are going for your dreams.  There is a big difference.  How many adults have dreams these days?  Very few.  As kids, we all had dreams.  We were going to be rich, great, happy, fulfilled, and abundant.  What happened? 

The great majority of people stopped dreaming.  They associated with people who stopped dreaming, and since birds of a feather flock together, they adopted the habits of the flock and they too stopped dreaming.  They now think:  I will just be ordinary, I will just be acceptable to the flock, I will not really go for anything, I will have just a job, I will have a boss, I will lie awake at night unable to sleep.  I am so happy to be normal and acceptable. 

Stop it!  Go for your dreams right now.  You can have a completely secure source of income with an unlimited future to give financial freedom to yourself and your family.  You can start to earn money from this source of income within a couple of weeks.  You can be earning great money within a few months, or less!  Do not wait another minute, go for it now!  Sleep well tonight. 

 Dallas Cove is the author.  Are you looking for an excellent online, autopilot money making system with an unlimited income potential?  You can find one that is top notch by visiting this website:

Hi, Everyone, I’m Dallas, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m a business owner living in Southern California and enjoy sharing ideas about positive thinking, health, fitness and making money online from home. In my articles I’ll be sharing many opportunities for improving our well being which includes our attitude, health, wealth, and products for an enjoyable and wonderful life.

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