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A Foolproof & Simple Email Sequence You Can Implement Today to Generate More Leads

A Foolproof & Simple Email Sequence You Can Implement Today to Generate More Leads
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Advertising and Generate New Website Traffic

Advertising and Generate New Website Traffic

Here’s a simple way to use “No Results, No Pay” radio advertising and build traffic for your website.

Step #1 – Understanding “PI” – Per Inquiry Advertising.

Radio has a unique advertising format known as “PI” or per inquiry advertising.

“PI’s” main benefit is that your commercial is aired and you ONLY PAY for inquiries phoned into the station from listeners !

Inquiries are in the form of callers asking for more information.

The radio station counts each caller, and re-directs them to your web site address.

Step #2 – How To Start a “PI” Campaign.

Find a good directory of all commercial radio stations where you intend to advertise.

Other online resources can be found by searching for keywords like “Radio Directories.”

Alternatively, visit your library and in the references section ask for the Yearbook of Independent Local Radio Stations.

Note details such as :

· Ad manager’s names,

· Telephone numbers,

· e-mail addresses

· Programming and schedules

Listener profiles:

· Age,

· Income,

· Sex,

· Location.

Step #3 – Decide on Strategy and “Wanted Response.”

Before you contact the radio stations, be clear on strategy, goals and have your draft commercials in outline.

* Are you advertising a product offer at your website ?

Specify product details fully to avoid paying for “tire kicker” inquiries.

* Is your “Wanted Response” to build an opt-in list ?

Decide how you will entice visitors to your web site. Will you offer FREEBIES, or a competition of some sort ?

* Are you advertising for market research purposes ?

Tell listeners how and why they should participate.

* Decide how much you are prepared to pay per inquiry.

Step #4 – Use Your Strategy To Build A “PI” Proposal

Two aims in this step :

· Make it as easy as possible for the station to schedule your commercial.

· Negotiate the lowest Per Inquiry cost during the best advertising time slots.

Keep in mind :

· Listener profiles you want to reach.

· Times you want your advert to go on air.

· Which commercial will best deliver your “Wanted Response”.

Write to the ad manager by e-mail or normal mail. In your letter :

· Introduce yourself.

· Inform them this is a “PI” Per Inquiry advertising proposal.

· Inform them you of what you are trying to achieve, refer to your strategy.

· Detail your product or service prices and how much you are considering paying for each inquiry.


If your “Wanted Response” is not selling a product, you must pay for inquiries out of your “own pocket”. Negotiate a keen cost per inquiry !!

* Explain how you will handle all the administration

For instance writing the commercial Outline, handling product fulfillment, dealing with refunds and product support questions.

Depending on your negotiation skills and size of Radio station you might be able to work a deal where you only pay for *Converted Inquiries*.

This is practically *FREE* advertising, because you only pay for referrals once a sale is made !

Step #5 – How To Deal With Radio Ad Managers

If you do not hear back within a few days, call the station.

Commercial radio is a busy environment. Be prepared to explain yourself and answer questions quickly and clearly.

Radio ad managers are always looking for advertisers. That is their job and advertising fees are the lifeblood of Commercial Radio.

However, “PI” is not the only money earner for stations, so be prepared for a polite but cool reception.

If this happens, pick another station and start the process again.

The rewards of a successful “PI” campaign will pay back your effort many times over.

Step #6 – The Commercial Ad

Write your commercial’s outline to maximize your “Wanted Response.”

Write the outlines for at least two 30 second, and two 60 second commercials.

Writing commercials for broadcasting is very different to writing ad copy for printed media. However, stations will help you by taking your outlines and turning them into finished commercials for a fee.

Alternatively, if your copy writing is good and you have time to tweak it for broadcasting, then do it yourself.

Listen to the station’s ads, jingles, and catch phrases and pre-record your own following a similar model. Ask objective people to listen to your ad and give you critical feedback.


When recording for radio you may or may not want to use your own voice. Radio stations have “Voices” to record your commercial for a fee before it goes on air.

They also have royalty free music to include with your ad.

Make your commercials memorable, with clear contact information for listeners to follow up on.

When such ads go on air during relevant programming, you cangenerate considerable traffic.

In closing, “just do it” and learn more than I can show you in a brief article.

Radio is often overlooked by online advertisers, but it can bring good results depending on your “Wanted Response” and at a surprisingly low cost.

Ad Managers are tasked with maximizing revenue for the broadcaster. They are flexible and as long as you demonstrate a financial benefit to the station, they will listen to your “PI” proposal actively.

This is good news for you because for minimal outlay and sometimes for free you can drive quality traffic to your site, product and services.

“PI” is the lowest cost form of broadcast advertising. Make this a new part of your overall advertising strategy.

My Self : – Narinder kaur

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Name :-Narinder kaur

email Id :-

Address :- SCF-113, Phase XI, Mohali – 160055.

Punjab. Inida

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How To Generate More Leads With Your Trade Show Displays At Packed Events

How To Generate More Leads With Your Trade Show Displays At Packed Events

Attending the most crowded events is a great way to find new leads, but the more people there are, the more difficult it is to turn visitors into customers. By following a few simple tips, you can ensure that your trade show displays remain effective even when you are facing a crowded hall full of other trade show exhibits and packed with visitors.

Step One: Your Trade Show Exhibits Must Stand Out

If you are going to expect any success, you must have the best trade show displays among the group. Great trade show exhibits start with a good concept and end with production by an excellent company. You should spend significant time thinking about your company’s presence at the event, particularly if you expect that it will be a big one. Consult with your design company, and consider creating a new booth design to accommodate more visitors.

Step Two: Ensure Maximum Exposure And Good Flow

The ability to move a large number of attendees through your booth seems trivial – until you’re suddenly faced with high traffic and find people getting held up by others. When you are designing your stand, be sure that there are easy access points. Limit blockages and choke points between islands in the booth and its main walls. If you experience a sudden increase in volume, even consider moving some elements in the center of your booth further to the outside, making it easier for more people to enter.

Step Three: Have Enough Staff At Trade Show Displays To Go Around

When you are expecting a large volume of visitors, choose staff members over anything that takes up space. People are easy to manage and move; when your booth becomes crowded, they won’t become blockades. If you are trying to move computers, heavy objects, or anything else overly bulky, it is not likely that you’ll be successful in the middle of a large crowd.

Your staff can not only help you with the actual moving, but will make every visitor feel that he or she has received personal attention in your booth. This personal attention may well be more effective than a computer display would have been, particularly amongst a large crowd.

Step Four: Always Remain Calm

Never let a visitor think that you’ve become stressed by the number of attendees coming through the booth. Never present anything but a calm, collected, and relaxed facade to those visiting your stand. Always smile and be ready to help. If you let your control slip, you will lose new leads, and you may even lose visitors.

Chris Harmen is an author for Skyline, the leading producer of Dallas trade show displays. Dallas trade show exhibits produced by Skyline always stand out, even in the biggest crowds.


How to Generate Sales Using Voice Broadcast Leads – Free Sample Script

How to Generate Sales Using Voice Broadcast Leads – Free Sample Script

Closing Voice Broadcast leads
Our voice broadcasting system is very powerful, but it cannot close any sales for you! This is up to you, or your representatives – so it is very important to work well on the phone with the calls that are transferred to you.

We cannot tell you how to best sell your service, but we CAN tell you, through much experience, how to best ANSWER the transferred calls.

Since your phone will be ringing, the calls will seem like they are inbound calls, but they are not! Please remember that as far as the transferred party is concerned, you placed the call to them. It is very important to answer the call accordingly.

When your phone rings, you will hear a brief recorded message that says “You have a transferred call – BEEP” – you will be immediately connected after the “beep”.

The best way to answer these calls is to simply thank the caller for responding, and to ask them a leading question – like this – “Hi, this is Dave, thanks for responding, would you like more information about _________?”

At this point, you simply should determine whether or not the transferred caller has a real interest in your product or service. If they do not, don’t hang up or argue, simply press the “*” key, and our system will play a recording stating “your number has been successfully removed from the database” and it then disconnects the call. Of course, if the transferred caller expresses a valid interest in your product or service, you would continue with your normal qualifying and closing process.

We strongly recommend that you decide exactly how you’d like these calls to be answered, and train anyone answering the calls accordingly.

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The Ultimate Generate Extra Cash, Marketing and Inner Game for Shortwave Radios On-line Businesses 3 CD Pack

The Ultimate Generate Extra Cash, Marketing and Inner Game for Shortwave Radios On-line Businesses 3 CD Pack



How to generate small business advertising ideas fast!

by isnoop

How to generate small business advertising ideas fast!

Adverting in fact is very necessary for the success of any company. Without effective advertising you can not reach your wide audience. That apart, you can not even aim to familiarize the target market with your product if you don’t have an advertising strategy to back your product or service. Advertising brings in customers apart from creating awareness. Hence, advertising is necessary.

However, the problem with the small business is that of finance. They are usually very tight on their budgets and have a negligibly smaller advertising budget. In this case, these companies often look for small business advertising ideas that can help them put in least money and advertise their product or service simultaneously.

There are many small business advertising ideas that can prove beneficial for your small scale business. Listed below are some of the best strategies that you can adopt to make sure you get the most out of your advertising campaign.

Always choose your advertising medium after careful analysis. Whether print, web, radio or television, before you decide your medium for advertising your product or idea, it is better you check your budget first. Never ever over-step your budget while advertising and hence, chose the medium only that you can afford and depending on the audience you want to reach out to.

Local newspapers are the best advertising media for your small businesses. Small business advertising ideas include advertising in these daily newspapers and other print material that has a wide audience. You can easily reach your target audience if you advertise in these regular mediums. Advertise repeatedly for sometime.

This has a dual benefit. One it can get you discounts on regular advertising and secondly, it keeps the readers informed by repetition. This prompts your target audience to action.

Local Yellow Pages and telephone directories are also the cheap and quality methods to reach a wide audience. Large number of people depends on advertising in these two medium for a reliable service or company offering a product of their need. Hence, it lends a certain amount of credibility to your product or company.

Advertising through direct emailing is another one of the cheap and best small business advertising ideas. Emailing requires just a customer database. Through emailing you can spread your message to your audience all free of cost and it also lends a personalized touch to it.

By adopting these ideas you can effectively launch a small business advertising campaign that can really boost your bottom line.


The Insider’s Generate Extra Cash, Marketing and Inner Game for Pocket Radios On-line Businesses 3 CD Pack

The Insider’s Generate Extra Cash, Marketing and Inner Game for Pocket Radios On-line Businesses 3 CD Pack



What Results To Expect Using Voice Broadcasting To Generate Leads

What Results To Expect Using Voice Broadcasting To Generate Leads

A typical attitude among new voice broadcasters or businesses thinking about using voice broadcasting is that a great majority of their responses will turn out to be good leads. In most cases this is far from true. Yet despite the fact that a minority of responses turn out to be good leads, voice broadcasting can be employed profitably in many instances, given a thoughtful approach and good business metrics.

If a broadcaster is delivering a message to live-answered phones only, and accepting press one live transfers to sales staff, we’ve seen many successful campaigns that obtain only a 15%-25% “long call rate”. (Here a long call is defined as a call where both parties are on the phone together for a minimum of 1 1/2 minutes.) And this is not to imply that all of the “long calls” turn out to be classified as good leads by the broadcaster. Far from it. Some broadcasters have told us that often only 1/2 or even less of the long calls are good leads.

This is why it is so important that a business consider their business metrics carefully as they embark on a voice broadcast campaign. For example, if their effective cost for a “long call” is , and 1/2 of them are good leads, and they can ultimately close 1/4 of the good leads, then the cost of a sale for them is 0. If the profit for a single sale is not substantially more than 0, their own business metrics may make it impossible to employ voice broadcasting profitably.

These numbers will vary widely among industries, and are affected by both the message as well as the target audience. For example, the hypothetical firm “Wonderful Web Widgets”, wanting to sell website services to small business, would be ill advised to send a broadcast to an “all businesses” list, because such a list would include large businesses (which they’re not targetting), as well as many small businesses that have not found a need to have websites.

Why send a message to beauty parlors and accountants if these industries aren’t normally interested in websites? This just increases the cost of the lower number of good leads that are obtained.

Another thing to consider is the mode of the broadcast campaign. The example above was about a live delivered message. What about answer machine / voicemail campaigns?

For most industries, the response rate for the live delivery – live transfer campaign is between 0.6% and 1.0%. Meaning that for every 100 calls delivered to a live answered line, there is less than 1 transfer.

For a campaign that leaves messages on answer machine / voicemail, the numbers will be significantly lower, because the prospect will have to have enough interest to write the callback number down, and then call it back, taking much more effort than simply “pressing 1” during a live message. These numbers are impossible for us to track, since the calls back to the broadcaster don’t utilize our broadcast system, but broadcasters who use this method have indicated to us that the call back ratio is probably 1/4 to 1/3 of the live transfer rate for a similar message.

For a businessperson considering voice broadcasting as a lead generation system, the message is important, the calling list is important, and the basic business metrics are probably the most important factor to consider when planning a campaign.

David Seldon operates providing voice broadcasting services for businesses. Find more informative articles about voice broadcasting at Live Phone Leads.

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