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Halloween Cemetery Walking Tour 1 PM

Halloween Cemetery Walking Tour 1 PM
Event on 2017-10-28 13:00:00
Halloween Cemetery Walking Tours with Dallas Heritage Village.  Tour Guide:  Paul McLin with Francis James assisting as health allows.   This beautiful cemetery in the middle of Uptown Dallas, which is still active, began as Trinity Cemetery in 1876.  The name was changed to Greenwood in 1896.  It covers over 30 acres and contains over 15,000 graves.  In addition to its hundreds of noted residents, Greenwood has one of the largest populations of Civil War veterans – both CSA and Union – and some of the finest monuments and mausoleums in the area.  History comes alive here!   This is a walking tour only.  Participants will meet at the designated cemetery for the tour.  Tour will include first person interpretations.

at Greenwood Cemetery
3020 Oak Grove Ave
Dallas, United States


Halloween in Rome: The Absolute Most Desired Festival

What number of times perhaps you have heard folks stating that the other day of October and very first few days of November is the greatest time to go to Rome? It is because on 31st October Rome, the capital of Italy, celebrates Halloween Rome Day with great enthusiasm. Halloween is an excellent occasion that will be celebrated on 31st October in lots of parts of the world and it’s also celebrated to honor the dead. It really is believed that during 800 A.C., on 1st November, the church declares the vacation of all of the saints as All Saint Day. So, this day ended up being officially known as as “Allhallowma”. And everyday before All Saint’s Day become “All Hallowe’en” sooner or later generally Halloween.

All of the nations celebrate your day in an exact same fashion. They choose wearing scary costumes, decorate their particular homes, enjoy activities like technique or healing, having parades, going to parties, etc. speaing frankly about Halloween Roma, Romans are fond of events and great food. For that reason, about this day also they prefer fulfilling people they know and households, enhancing their particular houses, throwing a celebration and so many more. Let us discuss some of the standard things which give special significance while tossing celebration regarding celebration of Halloween’s Day.


Establishing a dress code may be the common tradition implemented in almost every Roman party and Halloween Rome isn’t any exclusion. All women and men are given one gown code which they need certainly to use while going to the celebration. For including section of fun and shock, later in the day, one person is awarded with “the best design” or “ideal outfit” award.


It’s rather apparent that each and every Roman celebration is followed closely by supper or lunch. Usually, Roman meals comprise of three programs. Salad, vegetables or shellfish includes the very first course and animal meat and roasted vegetables as a main training course. Not forgetting, all the classes are followed by products.


For providing household a “haunted” look, it  is decorated in a scary manner. For example, synthetic creatures like lizard, spiders, etc. are used for dangling regarding the front door. Phony cobwebs are used along side various colours of bulbs. For setting perfect party feeling, candle lights, bulbs, balloons, Christmas lights, etc. are utilized.

Therefore, it could be stated that Roman likes to celebrate Halloween inside most exciting way. And this they avail the solutions of professional businesses which make all celebration plans as expected because of the clients. For mastering more info on Halloween Rome, make substantial web search.

Halloween Roma 2012 è un sito informativo sugli eventi nella capitale per la notte di Halloween Roma. Ottenere informazioni sulle feste age gli eventi per la notte del 31 ottobre 2012.


What kind of new ideas and help you would like from web portals to celebrate your festivals like Halloween?

Question by bill: What kind of new ideas and help you would like from web portals to celebrate your festivals like Halloween?
Web portals gives us different ideas to help celebrate our festivals better. Your answer should be helping them to serve our community better, in regard to special free services that they can incorporate in their sites. Think of activities in the festivals like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year etc.

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Answer by loik l
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Halloween XII

What better time than Halloween for puffy nightgowns? When the Halloween dance is canceled a get together at the teachers house becomes the substitute. Ah Halloween, nothing but quiche, destruction of property, and the power of virginity. Watch hundreds of free full-length streaming movies and TV shows on www.crackle.com TWITTER twitter.com Tags: minisode square pegs sarah jessica parker waitresses boys sitcom 80s tv video game pac man pacman father guido sarducci watch free streaming television tv video


Any halloween parties (clubs/bars) in Dallas, TX.?

Question by Bubbles: Any halloween parties (clubs/bars) in Dallas, TX.?
Hey me and my chick-friends are getting together this halloween for a night out. We are all dressing up and need a place to have some fun. Please let me know of any halloween parties or events that are taking place on friday (10/31) in the DFW metroplex at any club or bar. We enjoy all types of music but really wanna hit up something with some krunk music [hip hop]. *If they are any entrance fees, or certain items and things prohibited please include in your response. THNX

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Answer by roxybeach793
hey!! me and a friend are trying to find the same thing for friday night n dallas!! i’ll hit you back up if i can find anything as well! r yall 21?!

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What are some good music videos to play at a halloween party?

Question by Unknown: What are some good music videos to play at a halloween party?
I’m having a halloween party, and I want to play some music videos on the big screen. I’ve already purchased thriller and paparazzi, but i need some more, preferably halloween, scary, or horror movie related.

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Answer by oh wow
Rihanna – “Disturbia”
Fall Out Boy – “A Little Less Sixteen Candles..”

hope I could help 🙂

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Halloween tales: Chatterbox radio to offer frightful tales

Charlotte Centervall

Image by Anders Adermark

Halloween tales: Chatterbox radio to offer frightful tales
This evening will mark the return of Chatterbox Audio Theater’s annual Live Halloween Show. This year, Chatterbox will team up with five other audio theater companies from across the world for “Transcontinental Terror: An Express Train to Audio Horror.”
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Mike and Mike film on the Mohawk
Coast Guard Sector Key West Capt. Pat DeQuattro is not a regular listener of ESPN Radio, but that may change next month. ESPN is coming to Key West to film a special Veterans Day episode of its… read more
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MONSTER MASSIVE Halloween festival 2010!!!!

monster massive 2010 oct 23 2010 song info: Smiler (Andrea Di Rocco & Ivan Di Blasio Texas Hold’Em Remix) join America’s largest Halloween festival !!! www.monstermassive.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5


State Radio Takes Up Residence In Northampton This Halloween Weekend

State Radio Takes Up Residence In Northampton This Halloween Weekend
State Radio’s socio-political messages aren’t restricted to its lyrics. The Massachusetts trio practices what it preaches, participating in community service projects alongside fans and encouraging socially conscious behavior wherever it tours.
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Radio review: So Much For That
Lionel Shriver’s Woman’s Hour drama is a little improbable, but told with winning conviction It’s a dark art, the dramatised, 15-minute Radio 4 story. Ideally, you want one very strong voice, whom you could recognise 50 paces away from your radiogram, and creates a sort of calm delight. Unfortunately, the nation has only one Stephen Fry, and he is already doing Book of the Week (Radio 4, daily …
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Local radio stations receive 10 nominations
Radio One Communications’ Northwest Indiana radio stations havereceived 10 nominations in six categories in the 2010 IndianaBroadcasters Association Spectrum Awards competition.
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The Origin of Halloween: Samhain, the Celtic Festival of Darkness and Mystical Light

The Origin of Halloween: Samhain, the Celtic Festival of Darkness and Mystical Light

Celebrated at the beginning of November, the Celtic Festival of Samhain marked the coming of the winter months, with their dimming light and heightening darkness. The root of the word “Samhain” comes from “samhradh”, meaning “summer” in Irish Gaelic. While the exact etymology has not been confirmed by scholars, in Celtic tradition, “Samhain” corresponds to “end of summer” (a combination of samh “summer” and fuin “ending, concealment”).  Samhain and Beltanne (May Day) stood in opposition as the beginning of the season of winter and summer, respectively, but Samhain was a much more prominent festival and may have marked the beginning of the Celtic New Year as Frazer has pointed out.

Samhain was, consequently, a festival of deepening darkness and budding light. It was a meeting place between two opposites – the winter and the summer, the dark and the light, death and life. As such, the festival contained both aspects of existence – although the darkness, increasing at this time, was more profuse and substantial.

In its ‘dark’ aspect, Samhain marked a period of destruction and chaos. Perhaps the most dramatic illustration of this was the ritual killing of the Irish kings of Tara. According to Dalton’s evidence and interpretation, the kings that had behaved unsuitably or unpiously in office would be killed on the day of Samhain. Ritual killing was also effected against animals: Samhain was the season when the cattle that would not be kept through the winter were slaughtered.

On Samhain, the forces of darkness or chaos returned to rule. According to Irish mythology, 1st of November marked the day that the demonic Fomorian race oppressed the people of Nemed. According to another legend, the divine Aillen the Burner puts everyone to sleep at Samhain and burns the palace of the Irish kings at Tara. During the festival, bands of men, women and children dressed in masks and costumes embodied the havoc-causing divinities and inflicted their own terror and chaos on the neighbourhood. As Dalton points out, the tyrannical Irish king Conn Cetcathach was killed by fifty warriors dressed as women. The habit of cross-dressing was popular in various parts of the Celtic world as expressions of the breakdown of rules on Samhain.

Samhain was also a time when the dead came back to roam the earth. This happened because the normal order no longer applied, and hence the boundaries of the otherworld were broken. Freed from the rules that clearly separate one world from the next, the dead returned to visit the living. They were welcomed at ritual feasts where, as Kondratiev has noted, they were “actually” present. It was this custom of honoring the dead that made the Catholic Church adopt the date of 1st and 2nd of November as the Day of the Saints and Day of the Departed.

If Samhain was a dreaded time when rules were broken and demons roamed the earth, it was also a time when light was re-born. Samhain, as Frazer has observed, was not a festival of the sun: the sun is in retreat in autumn. Instead, Samhain marked the birth of a mystical light – a light that may originate in the first ray of sun at dawn or the first lunar ray after the new moon. In Ireland, a bonfire was started on the royal hill of Tara accompanying, perhaps, the coronation of a new king after the killing of the old one. The custom of lighting fires on Samhain was also pervasive in Scotland and Wales. In line with this new light, Samhain was also a time when the forces of good eventually prevailed: the demon Fomorians were destroyed, Aillen the Burner was slain. Divination was also pervasive as a practical translation of the ‘light in the darkness’ motif: the diviner would try to shed a dim light into the dark future.

This combination of darkness and light, fear and hope, order and chaos gave Samhain its particular coloring of a merry time of misbehaving. It was a festival where rules were briefly abolished and tension – whether communal, social, political or even psychological – could be released. It was also a time when new order was born – hence the competitions and games of worth that were practiced during this period. Figures of power were abolished and others replaced them; rules were destroyed and recreated.

It is perhaps of interest to see what has remained of this festival time in today’s Halloween customs.

The symbolic kindling of fires in the lit pumpkin;
Games of worth in the popular ‘bobbing for apples’ – a water ordeal.
The havoc wreaked by deities and the dead in modern movies like Halloween, Scream, Dracula and vampire stories, American Werewolf in London and other horror classics;
The identification of the living with deities and the dead in Halloween trick-or-treating and costume-wearing
The sacral fear surrounding the Samhain celebration survives in urban legends of ‘razors hidden in apples’ to harm children.
The tradition of Samhain feasts in Halloween parties, trick-or-treating and Halloween candy;
Mischief survives in the mild “tricks” played on those that do not propitiate the costumed revelers
Abolition of traditional hierarchy is still present in the ascendance of children over adults during the Halloween season.

Perhaps more investigations should be carried out in this aspect, yet what is certain is that Samhain has evolved into Halloween in subtle, but yet powerful ways, maintaining in the process its fundamental character of an out-of-the-ordinary time when rules become more relaxed and identities more fluid behind the mask. It is unfortunate that its spiritual core has taken second place to ‘ordered chaos’, yet the enduring power of the Samhain is witnessed by its innovative ways to survive and adapt in the modern world.

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