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333 Tibetan Healing Bowls,Essential Oil & Raw Chocolate Experience, Sound Healing, Unity of Dallas (TX)

333 Tibetan Healing Bowls,Essential Oil & Raw Chocolate Experience, Sound Healing, Unity of Dallas (TX)
Event on 2017-11-11 18:30:00
333 Tibetan Healing Bowl Galactivation Experience including the ROSE Frequency We will have 333 Tibetan Bowls from the Gilung & Sindupalachoka Villages in Nepal. We are supporting these villages in recovering and rebuilding their homes after last year's earthquake. Be a part of this truly unique experience, using these hand crafted sound tools that will wash over your being and expand your consciousness. In addition to including our high-frequency, rose essential oil and 6 other oils, and 7 chakra chocolates, Dr. DREAM and his Band of Angels will have a selection of 33 Tibetan Bowls (Master Healer grade) at this event. There will be bowls available for sale also. Galactivation?: The Universal LOVE Galactivation is a multi-sensory journey utilizing energetic modalities to create a tangible spiritual experience. The energy provides you with an opportunity to align your energy to source, promoting healing, self-empowerment and authenticity. The Flow?: Dr. DREAM guides you through visualization and storytelling into a deep meditative state. The Band of Angels joins Dr. DREAM in facilitating this amazing experience. Dr. DREAM: Dr. DREAM has been gathering groups together for the purpose of raising frequencies and expanding consciousness for many years. In January of 2010, Dr. Dream officially began the Tour of LOVE. Since that time, there have been more than 500 Galactivation Experiences, in over 170 cities around the world! As one testimonial shares: "Dr. DREAM is an Angel in human form working for our Creator to bring more Love, Light & Healing to people ….as I have been there, experienced it, and am forever grateful for a God-send…" What is a Galactivation?: "Galactivation, for us, is the use of energetic frequencies, encompassing a powerful array of tools and modalities, with the expressed Intention of facilitating, for the participant, a deeper connection to Source and a more expanded awareness of the True nature of our shared reality, all leading to a more expansive experience of Universal LOVE." The modalities that are included in this experience are: the ROSE Frequency 111 Master Healer grade, Tibetan Bowls Raw Chakra Chocolates Sound healing Citrine Generator Crystal Essential Oils donation in advance at the door 

at Unity Church of Dallas
6525 Forest Lane
Dallas, United States



Event on 2017-10-18 08:30:00
EVENT DETAILS: Hosted and run by SIL International   DATES: 18-21 October 2017                         TIME: Wednesday-Saturday 8:30am-5:00pm, Friday evening 6:30-8:00pm LOCATION: International Linguistic Center                      7500 W Camp Wisdom Rd                      Dallas, TX 75236                       EVENT DESCRIPTION: This advanced session, the second of two seminars, continues the equipping process for facilitators in Bible-based Trauma Healing using the book ‘Healing the Wounds of Trauma: How the Church Can Help’ and its associated program model. This proven approach uses applied Scripture and best mental health principles to address spiritual and emotional wounds caused by trauma of war, ethnic conflicts, natural disasters, car accidents, abuse, and similar events. The book has been translated and taught in over 50 countries with more than 150 language groups in Africa, Asia, the Pacific, and the Americas. The advanced session hones the skills acquired at the initial session and during the practicum. By the end of this session, trainees should be better able to solve program issues arising in trauma healing as they carry out their ministries. They should understand the materials completely and clearly and be able to teach in a participatory way. Participants who have the necessary competencies are certified as training facilitators or caregiver facilitators at the end of the advanced session. REQUIREMENTS for attending the Advanced Equipping Sessions:      1.  Successfully complete an Initial Equipping Session, and     2.  Teach the five core lessons at least twice to groups of at least three           people, and send in reports on their activities.   Registration Deadline is NOON 16 October 2017 Fee 0–includes all training materials For more information: Contact Bryan Varenkamp (bryan_varenkamp@sil.org) For logistcs, & housing options: Contact Cyndi Conner (cyndi_conner@sil.org) For more details about this event visit www.TraumaHealingInstitute.org

at International Museum of Cultures
411 U.S. 67 Frontage Road
Duncanville, United States


Writing as a Healing Practice: a FREE panel discussion in Waco

Writing as a Healing Practice: a FREE panel discussion in Waco
Event on 2016-06-18 13:00:00
Writing as a Healing Practice presented by Veteran Writes, a project of The Writer's Garret at the Waco Public Library Genealogy Center & Meeting Room 6301 Bosque Blvd. #275, Waco, TX 76710 You are invited to a FREE panel discussion on writing's unique power to move, heal, and more deeply connect us to our own stories and those of others. All are warmly welcomed. Please join us on Saturday, June 18, from 1:00 – 2:30 pm. Guest speakers: Leila Levinson has led writing workshops for veterans and their spouses in Austin over the last three years. The daughter of a World War II veteran, she teaches writing and a literature of the Holocaust course at St. Edward’s University in Austin. Her book, Gated Grief. was a finalist for the 2013 Texas Nonfiction Book Award and won the 2011 President's Award from the Military Writers Society. Her website, www.veteranschildren.com, is a resource and forum for adult children of veterans. Jenuine Poetess is the founder of Waco Poets Society and ITWOW International–a writing circle project for womyn with chapters globally. Her debut collection, BloodStories: a cycle of 28 poems was published by Yellow Chair Press, May 2016. Jenuine is the founder, editor and midwife of truths for Unsilent an international blog where #courageiscontagious and there is #medicineinyourmetoo. She facilitates weekly creative writing programs for youth at Klaras Center for Families in Waco, and at the Texas Juvenile Justice Department correctional facility in Mart, Texas. Jenuine lives rooted in the fierce conviction that fostering the creative health of individuals & communities is a matter of justice. Find her online at www.jenuineartworks.com and @JenuineArtworks. Jack Woodville London is an acclaimed author, historian, and trial attorney. Honored as Author of the Year, MWSA 2011-2012, and winner, Indie Excellence Award, 2013, he is the author of the award-winning French Letters fiction series. His non-fiction book on the craft of writing, A Novel Approach, was published in 2014. Jack shares his love of writing with presentations and lectures at writing conferences throughout the United States and abroad. He lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife, Alice, and Junebug the writing cat. To learn more, visit www.jwlbooks.com. Ruth Pennebaker has written adult fiction (Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakthrough, 2011) as well as three highly acclaimed young-adult novels, Don't Think Twice, Conditions of Love, and Both Sides Now. Her essays and articles have appeared in The New York Times, Texas Monthly, The Dallas Morning News, Parents, Redbook, McCall's,Cooking Light, and other nationwide publications. Her most recent work is a collaboration with artist/cartoonist Marian Henley on Pucker Up! The Subversive Woman's Guide to Aging with Wit, Wine, Drama, Humor, Perspective,and the Occasional Good Cry. Ruth and her mad-scientist husband live in downtown Austin. Find her online at www.ruthpennebaker.com. Register or simply attend as a walk-in on Saturday, June 18, at 1:00 p.m. We look forward to seeing you. For more information, contact Maggie McCarthy at geemaggie@gmail.com. This FREE panel discussion for all those interested in learning more about writing as a healing practice is made possible by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Texas Commission on the Arts.

at West Waco Library & Genealogy Center
5301 Bosque Blvd. Suite 275 Waco, TX 76710
Waco, United States


Healing 501E Radio Receiver

Check out these broadcasting images:

Healing 501E Radio Receiver
Image by NFSA Australia
Dark brown bakelite broadcast band radio. Orange cloth and bakelite strip speaker grill above glass tuning dial. ‘Golden Healing Voice’ painted on dial. 4 bakelite knobs. Brown attached electrical cord. Serial No. 501E457. Approximate size: 320mm x 210mm x 375mm. Condition: Needs easy remedial work. Back cover missing. Operation method: Electricity, Manufactured 1948.

Image by The Green Party
Screengrab from the Green Party’s electoral broadcast for the 2007 general election


Pranic Healing Face Lift Featured on CBS New

CBS News Segment on Pranic Healing Face Lift. Pranic Healing is and Engery Healing System that can be used to improve health, wellness, and beauty.
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WoW WotLK: is healing the most difficult out of DPS/Tank/Heals?

Question by Jesse: WoW WotLK: is healing the most difficult out of DPS/Tank/Heals?
im planning on rolling a shaman for healing because i get bored of being DPS and a Tank and i was wondering if healing is the hardest out of the 3

i heard from some people its the easiest and some say its the hardest

Best answer:

Answer by Chip
Its harder to lvl up with a healer. I would say be DPS until your lvl 70 then reset your talent points so you can be healer.

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Holy Paladin Healing guide

tips & hints for healing .. my armory page www.wowarmory.com — if you are wondering why is it good to have lots of crit: 1) because you maintain bigger heals 2) more crits = more mana back to you (so that is great) –If you want to lvl up a holy pally do NOT start as holy (because its going to be rlly hard) be dps retri.. leveling up (prety easy since you can always solo).. and when you hit 80 go to dungeons (still as dps) and get healing stuff and badges to purchase them (you will be geared up in NO time) .. [own experience] 🙂 . ::::::: UPDATE ::::::: being crit capped was good, but i had to change to prot because of raid protection (divine sacrifice, improved sacred shield, improved devotion aura, aura mastery) and for more healing (again improved devo aura) my UI and addons… i changed everything i was using SpartanUI (for the ones that were asking) as you can see, its a BIG MESS and you cant see the fights or what happens, etc…. so i switched everything to a neat UI (i added the frequently used spells in the ui, for example im not going to put the seal of justice or hand of reckoning)…. check the image (image includes my UI + a huge [not crit ): ] heal in icc) Pic of my UI plus a big heal (check this one :P) img132.imageshack.us Another Pic of my ui in front of the LK (i have not been able to kill.. noob? maybe hahaha.. just need more time :P) —picture: img716.imageshack.us also a HUGE TIP that i forgot to give in the video is that ALWAYS use judgement of

I’ve got multiple requests to upload the DPS module that im using (the dps numbers in the middle of the screen), so here it is: www.wowinterface.com Alright, off to ICC with the new Crimson Halls and we go right off the bat with the Blood Prince Council! Please consider that not even 10% of us had the opportunity to test this on the PTR, so this wasn’t a clean kill, but a kill anyways 😀 Armory: eu.wowarmory.com


Sexual Healing – Marvin Gaye Cover

#3 on my “That’s How I Feel Tonight” CD is my remake of Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing. It’s played by DJ’s and internet and terrestrial radio stations across the US (from New Jersey and Pennsylvania to Texas and California) and Europe .
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Healing Hearts With Download Online Radios

Healing Hearts With Download Online Radios

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of deaths worldwide says the World Health Organization (WHO). Although heart diseases are set off by numerous factors, lack of resources is one of its greatest factors. Unfortunately, despite being in modern times, many do not know that radio player downloads are resources for those who want to improve the well-being of their hearts.


One of the most readily available forms of entertainment that is known throughout the world despite differences in race and culture is music. These days, with the invention of best streaming radios online, people with computers and Internet connections from around the globe have the opportunity to listen to local radio stations that are broadcasting over the Internet. This makes local music become available worldwide.


With the heart being one of the most important organs of one’s body, it is about time that people should find ways to keep their hearts in good health. People at risk for heart disease and those with actual heart diseases are constantly being told by their health care providers to take dietary and exercise measures. However, these are disciplines that need a lot of self-motivation for strict adherence. Thus, music as an easily accessible entertainment source is a perfect addition to these heart-saving measures. It is apparent that only a few know how much our hearts can benefit from music, though.


In reality, music is good for the heart. This is proven by a number of studies done over the years. One group of Italian and British researchers found that the musical tempo (pacing of music) and not genre had a directly proportional influence on the heart rate. In Finland, a study of stroke patients revealed that those who regularly listened to their preferred music genre recovered faster in comparison to those who didn’t listen to any music at all. Modern research also shows that lively music had psychotherapeutic effects.


To take advantage of the presence of online radios, you can download online radio softwares as music therapy resources to promote heart health. The USB radio tuner software for example, gives access to thousands of online radio stations from around the planet, categorizing them based on their played music genres. With this classification, people at risk for heart problems can choose radio stations that have high tempo songs to exercise their hearts, and those with heart problems can relax their heart muscles with low-tempo genres. Also, since having a heart disease can be distressing, people diagnosed to have them are more susceptible to depression which is why they can benefit by listening to cheerful songs.


The radio tuner USB is an excellent technology for use by home health care givers as well, in caring for clienteles with heart disease. Because it can be installed in a computer as a radio player download, a health professional can just carry around a notebook, a USB FM radio, and a USB wireless internet connector to access a list of music genres provided by this best streaming radio software. This rich database of genres makes the radio player download an enticing add-on to other health optimization efforts. Those who are tired of dieting and exercising meanwhile, can use it as a music therapy to gain psychological motivation.

tine Meyer is an expert author and loves to write regarding radio software and new technology updates.


Benefits Of Music – Use The Title Actually ‘Intelligence, Healing, And Pure Joy: Music Offers all.’

Music has been a part of existence since time immemorial. And, it is everywhere -in the rhythms of nature, the chatter of animals and birds, the babbling of babies, and in the dancing of brooks. Listen and you will hear sweet tunes all weaving a magic of their own.

It is well known that the origins of music go back at least 50,000 years. Music seems to be ingrained in our genetics and tunes are rhythms that are integral to our lives.

Music seems to play many roles in our lives:

• Research indicates the children who learn music are more likely to become doctors, engineers, and computer professionals. Music learning develops areas of the brain responsible for language as well as reasoning. Music is known to sharpen memory. A Rockefeller Foundation study reveals that those who studied music have SAT scores of 427.

• If a child in the womb of its mother listens to music it is born with highly developed intelligence.

• Music molds people—it teaches coordination, teamwork, discipline, and self-expression.

• The therapeutic values of music are well documented. It heals people with mental problems, developmental and learning disabilities, Alzheimer’s disease, brain trauma, and hypertension. That music heals has been recorded in the works of Aristotle and Plato and in the centuries that followed.

• That plants respond to music is reality not a myth. Plants are known to thrive with music and also move towards the sound.

• Children who grow up in a music filled environment are happy, fulfilled, and joyous.

• Music takes the devout closer to god and in religion congregational singing has always worked. Singing hymns lifts any heaviness from the mind and frees the soul.

• When music is played in hospital waiting rooms and so on it ebbs tensions and calms the mind.

• Music has meditative properties and can be used for healing, exercising, and training modules.

• When music plays, people function better. Many find that they enjoy work or activities like cooking and cleaning when music is playing. It erases tensions and lifts weights off the shoulder. Music actually introduces lightness into the body.

• Music reflects the culture of a society and strengthens bonds. It creates a camaraderie and oneness as seen in football matches, military training, and festivals.

• Romance and love would not have so many hues but for music. Music and song have captured feelings, passions, agony, distress, and more succinctly. Through song many a romance have been immortalized. Mating calls and songs are universal in nature.

• Scientists are using music to map behaviors and unravel the many mysteries of the human mind and consciousness.

• Music settles down anger and resentment quickly and also helps us overcome feelings of sorrow and loss. It lifts the mind and spirit out of despair and gives hope. From centuries ago a mother has always sung lullabies to her fussing child lulling it to sleep with softly whispered songs.

• Music has other uses it can raise levels of excitement and cause frenzy. It is used to call armies to war by the beating of drums, to instigate raw emotions during revolts, and to drum up frenzy at football matches and rock shows.

Did you know that while classical music soothes and opens up channels in the mind, rock music can set pulses racing, and chants can send you into a trance. Music used differently has varied effects on human beings. Music can be a panacea or hell depends on how it is used.