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Living Healthy on the Journey to Success

As we go through our lives, we consistently hear there is a direct correlation between success and healthy living that cannot be ignored. In other words, by not living healthy on the journey to success, we may cut short many opportunities or outcomes which would have otherwise been fruitful had we paid attention to a very valuable resource – our health.

You are encouraged to examine each topic below to determine if there are weaknesses in your health success plan. If we carefully look at what actions we can take on our journey to success, perhaps the road can be made a little bit easier.

1. Read nutrition labels to be sure that the ingredients you and your family are consuming are pure. Artificial ingredients, consumed consistently will have a detrimental affect on your body. When in doubt, throw it out.

2. Lose Weight so your body can properly use the fuel you feed it. By being overweight, all body systems have to work twice as hard. Think of it like this. What happens when you try to carry someone who is of equal weight to you, on your back? Your heart races, your joins are burdened, you become fatigued.

3. Keep your mental and spiritual well being intact by guarding your own surroundings and thoughts. The bottom line is, crap in equals crap out. Toxic people should not be allowed to enter your space and the same goes with information. If allowed, toxic people and information can destroy a person’s self-worth and bring down a very critical resource on the road to success.

4. Find time for exercise every single day. Engage in an activity you enjoy and keep it up. Your body will thank you.

5. Weekly recreation and fun is essential to clearing out the cobwebs and reset the brain/work connection. Enjoyment and pleasure allows us to congratulate ourselves for working hard on our goals.

6. Build strong relationships with family and friends. A sense of community and trust between individuals brings us acceptance, love and value to our lives. Without community, our journey to success doesn’t seem to have much meaning.

7. Take care of your health. By developing a preventative maintenance routine like visiting our physician, dentist, dermatologist we can help to manage and find problems before they become critical. An MD can catch hypertension, diabetes, asthma and other diseases before you do. A dentist can help you keep a pretty smile and prevent gum disease by guiding you towards a more consistent daily dental brushing/flossing regiment.

8. Lastly, but not least, don’t smoke and limit your alcohol intake. Smoking is probably one of the worst things you can do for your body because the toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke triples your risk of getting lung cancer. You also risk developing very serious heart disease and breathing problems.

By following the tips above, you are on your way to better health and productivity on your road to success.

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Living Healthy – 3 Secrets to Healthier Living

Life is all too short.  Find ways to really live and enjoy it to the fullest everyday will help you make the best of every precious moment of it. Here are 3 secrets to living a longer healthier life.
Eat Well – What you feed your body determines how you feel, how you look, and how you feel about yourself. And all of these and directly related to how much and well you are able to really enjoy doing the things you love.
The term eating well has been used so often, it’s sometimes hard to define exactly what that means. A balanced is first on the list. This includes fruits, vegetables, high fiber, multi-grains, and lean meat, fish, and foods that are low in sugar and salt. Organic foods give you the assurance that chemicals have not been used in growing or manufacturing, and sumptuous taste is well worth the additional cost.
For those of us who love to eat, this kind of diet can sound limiting and even harsh. But a walk down different aisles of your supermarket will yield a pleasant surprise. There are delicious vegetable burgers, tasty low fat hot dogs, and dozens of yummy choices for dessert that are lower in calories but not in flavor. Gelatos, sorbets, and frozen yogurts are just a few delicious alternatives waiting for you to try.
You’ll find that a body that you thought was losing it, can look healthier, and younger again as you start thinking outside the box about the foods with which you fuel your body.
Keep Moving – A hundred years ago, daily life demanded physical activity. There were very few cars, elevators, escalators, washing machines, vacuums, or any of the other modern conveniences that make our lives so easy now. So there was no need to go to the gym because daily living required constant activity.
Now with vacuums that move on their own, multi-car families as the rule, subways, high rise buildings that demand use of an elevator, and remotes for everything, you can go through a whole day without moving very much at all.
Lack of movement may seem like a convenience, but is really hazardous to your health. If you don’t use it, you lose it has never been more true. What do you lose? Muscle tone, endurance, and energy are greatly decreased with limited activity. 
But with such a busy lifestyle, how can you work in activity without adding hours to the day that you just don’t have? Use half of your lunch hour for a walk. Park further away from the store and walk. If you love to work in the garden, do it often. Consider getting a bicycle and riding with your children. Dance with the vacuum as you clean the house. And my personal favorite, get a dog and go for a walk every day.
Breathe Fresh Air – An 88 year old perky friend of mine keeps her house absolutely frigid. Even in the winter her windows are always open just a little. She attributes her long life and good health to breathing fresh air. Wow I thought.
But where does one get fresh air these days? Depending on where you live, opening the windows may let in more pollutants than fresh air, but the concept of always introducing new indoors is a healthy one.
If opening your windows is not a possibility, a high efficiency particle arresting (or HEPA) air purifier is and excellent solution for keeping the air inside your home fresh, clean and healthy.
HEPA air purifiers can remove pollutants as small as .3 microns includes household dust, dust mites, mold and mildew spores, pet dander, and bacteria and viruses. All of these are known to trigger respiratory conditions such as allergies and asthma. And filtering your air 24 hours a day is even better than opening the windows because it allows you to keep the temperature comfortable all the time.
Making changes in these three areas of your life with make living healthier fun, and will make life more fun to live.

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Strategies for healthy living

by izqrdo

Do you want to lead a proper life? Many individuals are now interested to move towards a healthier life pushed mainly by the campaigns that are made for a better nutrition. Indeed lots of our current health problems are caused by our wrong diet and may have been prevented if we eat properly. For example by reducing our consumption of meat and rather concentrate on more vegetables, you can definitely reduce the risk of developing some health conditions. The goal of this post is to provide you more details on the changes that you can make and I hope that itâ??ll be useful for you.

Firstly it might be important that you consume some balanced diet. Some of us have a diet that looks like that of wild animals as evidenced by the amount of meat we eat. People can indeed benefit more from the consumption of more vegetables and fruits. This may prevent us from accumulating too much fat within our body and at the same time provide all the nutrients needed for the good working of our body. You can have a look at our French internet site on cuisine () because it carries some useful point.

Eating vegetables and fruits may also help in healing some health conditions. There are lots of individuals who suffer from flatulence and may benefit from altering their diet. In fact flatulence is mainly caused by poor digestion and changes in your diet can certainly be helpful in order to cope with such condition. Definitely reducing your intake of certain food can bring some additional benefits for you personally. Recently I have come across this French article on flatulence () and should be interesting for you to take a look.

If you really enjoy the changes to your diet you can also be interested to share it with your friends and relatives. I have been to some receptions where only healthy food was offered. This can be a good way for you to help your mates by altering their lifestyle. And if you know how to do it properly you may also make some savings on the cost of arranging your reception. In case you require more information about this topic you can take a look at this French article on reception planning () since it features some useful point.

In order to live a proper life then there are some changes that you will have to make to your way of life. And in many instances you simply must make some changes to your eating habit. For example you might like to reduce your consumption of meat and preferably increase your intake of fruits and veggies. Over time youâ??ll really reap the benefits of this change. This post has only supplied a short list of modifications and there are plenty more that you may find by searching on the internet.

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How To Order Healthy Take-Out

How To Order Healthy Take-Out
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CDC’s 2010 Sustainability Forum: How to Plan a Green and Healthy Conference

You can minimize the impact of conferences through limited consumption of energy and resources. On October 14th, the CDC hosted its 2010 Sustainability forum on “How to Plan a Green and Healthy Conference”. A panel of experts weighed in on how to choose healthy foods for conferences and how to incorporate exercise/ wellness into meeting agendas. By scheduling breaks for physical activity, providing healthy snacks, and locating meetings in central locations you promote a healthier, happier conference setting. A representative of a major hotel and conference chain provided information on green conference locations. Although hosting an entirely sustainable meeting may seem daunting, implementing just a few environmentally friendly practices can make a positive impact. Comments on this video are allowed in accordance with our comment policy: This video can also be viewed at
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What are some generally healthy chain restaurants?

Question by E: What are some generally healthy chain restaurants?
Now that chain restaurants must list their calorie amounts next to meals, they shock me at how unhealthy they are. Are there any chains that are relatively good for you, or at least have a decent amount of healthy options?

Best answer:

Answer by Dirk

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Q&A: What are some healthy restaurants in Beirut?

by wallyg

Question by Hi Ok Bye!: What are some healthy restaurants in Beirut?
I’m planning to quit eating junk food. I’m searching for restaurants where I can have a decent and healthy meal.
Don’t they fry their food at Chopsticks?
Is Italian food healthy?

Best answer:

Answer by Tristan©
I guess:
Chopsticks and Scoozi

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Where’s the beef? At Aspen Skiing Co. restaurants — and it’s healthy

Where’s the beef? At Aspen Skiing Co. restaurants — and it’s healthy
ASPEN — The Aspen Skiing Co.’s appetite for environmentally friendly business practices will make its mark on the lunch plates of diners this winter.
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The Biggest Loser Official Weight Management Program Kit For A Healthy Lifestyle Reviews

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What are the most healthy fast food restaurants?

Question by ???: What are the most healthy fast food restaurants?
Also, what is the healthiest choice at fast food restaurants?
I’m trying to eat as healthy as possible, even when i go to fast food restaurants. Thanks in advance!

Best answer:

Answer by James M

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