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Dallas Mavericks vs. Miami Heat

Dallas Mavericks vs. Miami Heat
Event on 2019-02-13 19:30:00
NBA Basketball

at American Airlines Center
2500 Victory Avenue
Dallas, United States


Reverend Horton Heat

Reverend Horton Heat
Event on 2018-03-11 20:00:00
with Unknown Hinson, Igor & the Red Elvises
Undeniably, The Reverend Horton Heat, aka Jim Heath, is the biggest, baddest, grittiest, greasiest, greatest rocker that ever piled his hair up and pounded the drinks down. Without question, for all of his outlandish antics, blistering stage performances and legendary musical prowess, the one thing The Rev always gets asked about is the story behind his unusual and rather clerical moniker. "Well, there used to be this guy who ran this place in Deep Ellum, Texas who used to call me Horton- my last name is Heath," says The Rev. "Anyway, this guy hired me and right before the show he goes, 'Your stage name should be Reverend Horton Heat! Your music is like gospel' and I thought it was pretty ridiculous. So I'm up there playing and after the first few songs, people are saying, 'Yeah, Reverend!' What's really funny is that this guy gave up the bar business, and actually became a preacher! Now he comes to our shows and says, 'Jim, you really should drop this whole Reverend thing.'"It's been an almost 20-year journey for Heath, whose country-flavored punkabilly and onstage antics have brought him and his band a strikingly diverse fan base and a devoted cult following, not to mention the respect of fellow musicians worldwide. Revival, the band's first release for Yep Roc Records, is a return to Heath's roots – musical and geographical.The album was recorded at Last Beat Studio in the Deep Ellum area of Dallas, just a block from where The Rev played his first gig and next door to where the group currently rehearses. Along with eating a lot of world-class Mexican food and BBQ, the band recorded the album's 15 tracks with a minimum of overdubs, bells and whistles. With tour manager/engineer Dave Allen at the board, they wanted an album they could duplicate live."I got this lick called the 'hurricane,' and I call back on the hurricane on this album for the sake of keeping things really rockin," he says. (The "hurricane" is a trademark lick where The Rev plays lead and rhythm guitar simultaneously to give the trio its full live sound.) He's also got a top-secret lick he'll introduce on this disc. It's so top secret that he won't even divulge the name, but listen up for it! Lyrically, the album's themes run "from death to silliness," says The Rev, who lost his mother earlier this year. "I'd been going through so much stuff, losing my mom so quickly, new baby, touring, getting back and having to work," he says of making the album. Revival finds the Rev dealing with these issues and more: The track "Someone in Heaven" is written for his mother, while "Indigo Friends" deals with a friend's heroin addiction. But the album's themes aren't only dark and/or serious: "Calling in Twisted" is about calling in sick to work and "using the fake cough," "Rumble Strip" is a truck drivin song and "If it Ain't got Rhythm", "that's a really fun one to play," says the Rev "it is classic RHH. And "Party Mad" is pretty self-explanatory.Reunited with legendary producer/engineer Ed Stasium, who mixed the album, Revival is a 40-plus minute slab of rockabilly, blues, R&B that shows an artist – and a band – in their prime. It's true that the Reverend Horton Heat have been called a great many things over the course of their storied career: Perpetual Carriers Of The Rockabilly Flame, Genre-Shattering Shit-Starters, Filthy Drunks, and The Most Electrifying Live Act In America (150 shows every year can't be wrong) among them."I think it's cool we've lasted this long," says The Rev. "People still come out to see us play after all these years and all the shows and tours. It's amazing. I mean, I get to sing songs about cars I love, drinking and chasing girls. Beats the hell out of the alternative."

at Mesa Theater
538 Main Street
Grand Junction, United States


Reverend Horton Heat Solo

Reverend Horton Heat Solo
Event on 2017-12-29 20:30:00
with Jesse Dayton, Rosie Flores
The worlds largest stages are no stranger to The Reverend Horton Heat.Be it International rock festivals such as Coachella , Glastonbury , Leeds or Reading, or Punks biggest events such as Riot Fest in Chicago or Denver, Rockfest in Montebello , or Country Musics flagship event , Stagecoach , and even Rockabillys call to the wild, Viva Las Vegas, Reverend Horton Heats presence has been a constant since the Dallas bands debut in the late 1980s. Delivering their unique fiery brand of 50s tinged country and jazz fueled punk and metal , the band has paved their way to global cultural iconic status .July 2016 saw the debut of Reverend Horton Heat Solo. For the first time in his storied career The Rev , AKA Jim Heath, performed a series of sold out concerts in select intimate theaters and showcase venues across the U.S. to adoring reviews. Combining new versions of Reverend Horton Heat classics with inside stories behind the music , the show flows like a version of MTVs unplugged. On full display will be The Rev's wit, Southern charm and some life stories that ultimately lead to the songs that made the band famous.Do not miss the rare opportunity to see Reverend Horton Heat Solo.

at Austin City Limits Live @ Moody Theater
310 Willie Nelson Blvd, W. 2nd Street
Austin, United States


Glen Rose Summer Concerts – Cool Heat Band

Glen Rose Summer Concerts – Cool Heat Band
Event on 2017-08-26 20:00:00
Join us at Oakdale Park in Glen Rose, TX each Saturday evening from June 3rd – September 2nd for our Saturday Night "Concert in the Park" summer concert series! August 26th, the concert will be performed by Cool Heat Band Dallas TX! Our Concerts in the Park are FREE and open to the public! Come on out, bring your chairs, blankets, picnic baskets, and enjoy the music with us!

at Oakdale Park
1019 Northeast Barnard Street
Glen Rose, United States


University Hospitals Case Medical Center testing innovative ‘heat therapy’ for premature ejaculation

Donald Duck gets a radio
Image by someToast
Inside cover of a 1950 Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories of my uncle’s.

0? That must have been some radio.

University Hospitals Case Medical Center testing innovative ‘heat therapy’ for premature ejaculation
( University Hospitals Case Medical Center ) University Hospitals Case Medical Center is conducting the first ever pilot study to test a new procedure using “heat therapy” or local radiofrequency energy to treat premature ejaculation. The procedure is called image-guided neurothermal modulation, referring to the energy produced by radio waves directed with a probe tomodulate or lessen the …
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T-shirt design contest winner to be announced live on the radio
Siskiyou County, Calif. — The winner of the 2001 Mount Shasta Fourth of July t-shirt contest will be announced live on the radio Tuesday morning.
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Celtics, Heat go to Kobe’s house for All-Star game

Celtics, Heat go to Kobe’s house for All-Star game
Kobe Bryant needed only a quick survey of the All-Star rosters for the names to jump out at him.
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Celtics, Heat go to Kobe’s house for All-Star game
Kobe Bryant needed only a quick survey of the All-Star rosters for the names to jump out at him.
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Celtics, Heat go to Kobe’s house for All-Star game
Kobe Bryant needed only a quick survey of the All-Star rosters for the names to jump out at him.
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How Heat Transfers

How Heat Transfers

All of us know that water flows lower hill. If you’d like h2o to move up hill you require to “do some work” to get it there. If you do not want h2o to circulation down hill you require to “do some work” to cease it like building a dam. “Doing some work” is like paying your power bill merely because it causes some discomfort.

The initial thing you need to know is that heat naturally flows from a scorching area to a cold area.

Warmth strikes in three methods

One way heat strikes is radiation. We all know that if we are exposed to direct solar radiation we are in a position to really feel the heat through the solar flowing directly to us. The sun is extremely scorching so the warmth flows from the solar towards the earth. Sunburn will be the result of photograph voltaic radiation.

The second technique of warmth movement is known as conduction. Conduction describes warmth shifting through a solid. The handle of an iron fry pan gets hot by conduction. We insulate our home walls and attic to gradual lower the conduction of warmth through the structure of the constructing.

Convection will probably be the last kind of warmth transfer. Convention refers to shifting heat by shifting both oxygen or h2o that has been heated.

An instance of convection that we use to warmth our homes is a forced oxygen furnace. The furnace heats oxygen that’s pushed via the home, by a blower, to heat up the home. This motion of heat air is an example of convection. Heat is carried, by the oxygen, through the furnace towards the house.

Convection might also operate in opposition to us. An instance is warm air flowing up a chimney that conveys heat out of a house in the winter.

Inside the summer, we have much more warmth than we want in our living spaces. We force heat to move the incorrect way by taking warmth out of our houses and putting it out in the hotter outside. This takes a big input of power to accomplish because we’re “doing some work” in opposition to the regular circulation. It is like pushing h2o up hill, it takes an excellent deal of energy.

Within the summer our furnace fan, strikes warm air to the chilly coil inside the ductwork. This is convection, utilizing air, to transfer the warmth from hot to chilly.

Energy Saving Action Items

Warmth flows into our houses when it is hotter outdoors, than indoors. We can slow it lower by shielding and insulating our house. Shielding and insulation is like constructing a dam to delay h2o from flowing lower hill.

By shielding, I mean shade trees and radiant barriers like aluminum foil or unique paint. Shielding that both blocks the sun or reflects radiant power back precisely where it was coming from stops the sun’s rays from heating our homes. Photo voltaic window screens act as partial sun blocks. Reflective radiant barrier materials act like a mirror and reflect or deflect radiant warmth away from your home. Reflective film on windows works this way.

We want the solar radiation to hit our houses when it is chilly outside inside the winter. Planting trees that give summer shade and let the sun shine in during the winter are a natural method to have seasonal shielding.

The other way warmth travels is by conduction via supplies. Insulation acts like a speed bump slowing down the movement of warmth through supplies like roofs, ceilings, floors and walls. The more insulation you have the slower the heat strikes. The R number rating on insulation supplies signifies how well they resist the conductive flow of warmth. The higher the R number the more it slows down the flow of warmth. For more info on this read my write-up titles.!.!….

We like convective warmth switch when heat air moves via the furnace through the home. We also like it when warm oxygen moves from the home in the direction of the cold coil of the air conditioner. We do not like convection when it helps heat escape up the chimney, around windows, or beneath doors.

Saving power indicates having high efficiency gear to move heat only to exactly where we would like it to go. It also indicates doing the extremely best possible job of blocking or slowing lower the movement of warmth where we don’t want it to go.

Improving your home’s weather sealing, Dallas Radiant Barrier and insulation are some with the very best issues you are in a position to do to decrease your power bills.

Energy Improvements is the premiere energy conservation company in the United States. They have been in business since 1989 and know anything and everything about <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=”http://hubpages.com/hub/Dallas-Radiant-Barrier-Installation”>Dallas Radiant Barrier</a>

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Star power should heat up Dallas for Super Bowl

Star power should heat up Dallas for Super Bowl
DALLAS — The sheer star power headed to Dallas for Super Bowl week should help thaw some of the ice that has blanketed the area.
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AOL to Buy Huffington Post for 5M
Fallen Online Icon AOL Seeks to Further its Reinvention with Surprise Purchase of Hugely Popular News Site
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AOL-Hufington Post Deal Eyed Closely By Silicon Valley
In a move that is being closely watched in Silicon Valley, Internet company AOL Inc. is buying the California-based news hub Huffington Post in a $ 315 million deal that represents a bold bet on the future of online news.
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Abram Dean’s career continues to heat up

Abram Dean’s career continues to heat up
Since relocating to Dallas to pursue an entertainment career, Mechanicsville native Abram Dean has been making the rounds on the West Coast
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KU Announces Football Recruiting Class
* Already on campus this spring. Dylan Admire Highlights OL, 6-3, 264, Fr., HS Overland Park, Kan. (Blue Valley West HS) Graduated high school early and is enrolled at KU this spring…
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TV Land Celebrates Black History Month With “AfriCOBRA: Art For The People” On February 7
Phylicia Rashad narrates the half-hour special, airing next Monday at 8:30/7:30c.
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Miami Heat Odds: James, Bosh and Wade Instant Favorites

Miami Heat Odds: James, Bosh and Wade Instant Favorites

In one of the biggest NBA free agency signing periods in the history of the National Basketball Association, the Miami Heat landed the big prize as LeBron James will desert his hometown team in Cleveland and play for the Miami Heat, who will retain their own superstar free agent Dwyane Wade along with adding on yet another superstar forward Chris Bosh from the Toronto Raptors. The moves are likely to make the Heat an instant futures betting favorite in basketball odds at online sportsbooks to win the NBA title as well as a potential overlay on the board as they will instantly become a “public” choice along with the defending world champion Los Angeles Lakers.

In other big name NBA free agency signings, the New York Knicks forked out 0 million to the Phoenix Suns’ power forward Amare Stoudemire for a 5-year deal that is hoped to jump start the down and out marquee franchise of the league. The Chicago Bulls made big news with the signing of power forward Carlos Boozer from the Utah Jazz in an million 5-year deal. The Dallas Mavericks were able to keep two of their NBA free agent stars at home as veteran scoring machine-power forward Dirk Nowitzki re-upped for million over 4 years and center Brendan Haywood will return for million over 6 years. Bet the Miami Heat +180 as favorites in odds to win the 2011 NBA championship with up to a 0 bonus.

Memphis small forward Rudy Gay will also stay put as he signed a 5-year million deal. Atlanta forked out a ton of cash as well for shooting guard Joe Johnson, who decided to stick with his team for 9 million over 6 years instead of entering the NBA free agent market. The James, Wade, Bosh deal with Miami is interesting as it’s an agreement based on working out enough salary cap room to fit them all in. James has caught considerable heat for his part in hyping the decision which was broadcast over 4 hours on ESPN and for deserting the area that he grew up in. He claims that pending deals with Miami will give him a better shot at winning a title.

2011 NBA Championship Odds

Atlanta Hawks +4000
Boston Celtics +1000
Charlotte Bobcats +10000
Chicago Bulls +2500
Cleveland Cavaliers +10000
Dallas Mavericks +1500
Denver Nuggets +2000
Detroit Pistons +10000
Golden State Warriors +10000
Houston Rockets +2500
Indiana Pacers +10000
Los Angeles Clippers +5000
Los Angeles Lakers +300
Memphis Grizzlies +5000
Miami Heat +180
Milwaukee Bucks +5000
Minnesota T-Wolves +10000
New Jersey Nets +10000
New Orleans Hornets +5000
New York Knicks +10000
Oklahoma City Thunder +1500
Orlando Magic +700
Philadelphia 76ers +10000
Phoenix Suns +2500
Portland Blazers +2000
Sacramento Kings +10000
San Antonio Spurs +2500
Toronto Raptors +10000
Utah Jazz +2500
Washington Wizards +10000

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