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“Cardi B” Hosts Sisu Uptown!

“Cardi B” Hosts Sisu Uptown!
Event on 2017-03-17 22:00:00
Dallas- Friday March 17th we're celebrating the birthday of INCrowd's own "Drizze Inc." Hosted by the beautiful "CARDI B!!!"   Doors open at 9pm- 2am sounds provided by Dj Santana and Dj Phife! for more info. Or table service please call or text 469-269-2394 Hurry and purchase your presale ticket before sale ends!!!  

at Rosewood Crescent Court
400 Crescent Court
Dallas, United States


Abbotsford hosts Disney on Ice Let’s Celebrate!

Abbotsford hosts Disney on Ice Let’s Celebrate!
Disney’s newest on-ice extravaganza is called Let’s Celebrate! and is a mix of holidays and festivals spanning the globe that features a host of modern music and old favourites from the Disney vaults.
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A look at E.C. Eldridge’s journey through the blues
When people look back on their 20s, they might recount some crazy, wild times that only come with youth.
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Anne Rice in Riverside
Plus, the Mission Inn will offer two packages related to the author’s latest novel.
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What Are Internet Radio Hosts Looking For In Their Guests?

What Are Internet Radio Hosts Looking For In Their Guests?

Copyright 2005 Black Butterfly Press

As an Internet Radio Host of On The Same Page on, over the past three and a half years, I
have interviewed such illustrious guests as Haki Madhubuti of
Third World Press, Dr. Rosie Milligan of Milligan Books,
Celebrity Mother Love, Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield,
(Chicken Soup For the Soul Fame), Dan Poynter, and other
writing/publishing experts. From the experienced to the
non-experienced guests, this much I have gleaned—these skills
are learnable. Even if you are a first-time author, you, too,
can become an exciting interviewee.

Why is Internet radio important as a media? For one, it has a
global audience. I’ve interviewed guests who were as far away as
Paris and in the Bahamas. Anyone with a computer and Internet
Access can listen to your show

Most of all, Internet radio is not only the wave of the future,
it is beginning to be heard in automobiles, so this is a good
place to start your publicity trek.

What are Internet Radio Hosts looking for In Their Guests?

1. Hosts are drawn to an energetic, upbeat, personable guest. If
you have a flat liner personality, be honest with yourself.
Practice on a tape recorder, even if it’s your own answer
machine, or in the mirror. If necessary, get a media coach. But
practice, practice, practice.

2. Host like guests who are well-informed and on top of their
game. Stay abreast of trends and provide updated new
information. (Read the newspaper, the Internet, do research. Be
an information junkie.) Consider different hooks and angles,
i.e. how has the Internet changed the way we do business? How
can writers market their books on the Internet?

3. Hosts like controversy, but not particularly of the “shock
jock” variety. If you are speaking on a controversial subject,
be non-judgmental and do not offend any particular group of
people. Make sure you learn how not to use language, which is
condescending or demeaning such as using phrases like “those

4. If you are a fiction writer, show how your novel addresses
social issues such as race, police brutality, crime, corruption,
drugs, AIDS, etc. Most of all, show how your story can provide
information that improves the quality of other people’s lives,
even if your story is fiction.

5. If you are from a medical, business or scientific background,
make your interview interesting and lively. Don’t make it a
pedantic lecture.

Tips for Improving Your Interview:

Send the host your press release and a review copy of your book,
including news articles or book reviews, before the show.

Send the host a list of questions or topics that you are well
versed in.

Become a guest who knows how to talk about his/her work and not
just all about “me.” Remember, people are always tuned into this
station—WIFM—”What’s in it For Me?”

Don’t just try to sell the store (your book, your seminar, your
product), but sell the story.

Learn to answer in sound bites. Do not go over one minute for a

Drop your voice to cue the host that you are through speaking
and waiting for the next question.

Give the host time to ask a question, without having to
interrupt, which means you are going on too long.

Learn the importance of pausing and deep breathing. Don’t run on
like a motor mouth.

Learn the power of the pause, even while you are answering. This
habit will make listeners lean forward to hear what you’re
saying. It also sends a message that you are a serious person
who chooses his words carefully.

If possible, use anecdotes, recite poems, or read excerpts from
your book. Tasteful humor always works.

Don’t forget to provide your web page and where your book can be

When you hear the music before the break, you have 30 seconds to
wrap up whatever point you were making.

Sharpen your axe. Attend Toastmaster’s or join Speaking Bureaus
to become a better speaker.

Learn how to adlib and speak off the cuff, particularly if a
caller catches you off guard.

Learn to disagree, without being disagreeable.

Listen to other shows as well as “On The Same Page” on

Before the show, confirm with the host. (Most of the time, I
confirm beforehand.) Email if an emergency comes up and you
can’t be on the show.

Although I usually email a thank you note, I seldom get them
back. Remember to send a Thank-you email. This could go a long
way if you get on Howard Stern’s Show or Oprah’s.

* “On The Same Page” airs on Tuesday at 6:00 a.m. Pacific Time
live, then re-airs at 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time, Friday 4:00 p.m.
PST and Saturday at 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

Dr. Maxine Thompson, Internet Host,
and and owner of . You can sign up for my free
newsletter at

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5 Great Interview Tips For Radio Show Hosts

5 Great Interview Tips For Radio Show Hosts

You’ve got a great radio show, but you want to make it even better. How do you make those interviews with your great guests really pop? Here are my top 5 tips for a great interview.

 Tip #1. Know Your Guest

You had to have some reason to have this person on your show, so presumably you know something about them, but the more you know, the more likely you are to get the kind of interview you want. You don’t need to know what kind of tea the drink (unless you are interviewing them in person) but you do need to know about the subject you will be asking them about. Listen to other interviews they have done if you can. Read their book, or at least a synopsis. Check out their website. Who is this person, and what do they have to offer to your audience?

 Tip #2. What do your listeners want to know?

You have a lot in common with your audience or they wouldn’t listen to your show. What things do you really want to know about this guest and/or their subject? Whether it is personal or professional, if you want to know it, then your audience probably does too. What first intrigued you about this guest? Why did you want them on your show? Use your most burning questions to get your audience what they want to hear. 

Tip #3. Have your Questions Ready

Often guests will have a list of questions they would like to be asked. If you your burning questions aren’t on their list, send your questions to them. Unless you like controversy on your show or enjoy shocking guests, it is best that both parties know what will get asked. It is fine to have follow up questions on the same subject, just don’t hit them with things like, “So, I hear you are getting a divorce!” unless you never want to interview this person (or any of their friends) again. Use your list of questions to keep you on track during the interview.

Tip #4. Set Your Audience’s Expectations

What do you want your listeners to get out of this interview? Make sure in your advertising beforehand that you set your audience expectations accordingly. If they come in expecting a hard hitting interview and you give them fluff, they won’t keep listening. If they are expecting a spiritual experience and you hit them with hard science, even about spirituality, it will jar them. Make sure that your audience expects the experience you plan to give them.

Tip #5. Know Your Guest’s Products/Books

Your guest is an expert in their field. Otherwise, why would you be interviewing them? Know enough about that field to ask intelligent questions. If their latest book just came out, take the time to read it. Your show isn’t all about selling, but if your audience is interested in the subject, let them know where they can get more if it.

Make sure your guest knows that this interview is not all about selling. You want good information and something useful your audience can have now, not just hype and a promise of more if they buy something. The more information your audience gets, the more likely they are to want more. Make sure your guest knows that, too.

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BravoTECH Hosts 2010 Microsoft Charity Challenge, Dallas TX.

BravoTECH hosted the third annual We are Microsoft Charity Challenge Weekend in Dallas, TX on January 15 -17, 2010. This incredible event pairs a unique team of developers with each charity selected (20 charities this year). The development team has one weekend (January 15-17) to take the business requirements and put together an end to end site for the charity. There are many people that work on the Steering Committee for months before the event to make sure sponsors are lined up for food (for 150+ people throughout the weekend), accommodations, software, website hosting, caffeine, etc… This event (Dallas 2008) was the first of its’ kind and has been so successful that new GiveCamp events are popping up in locations across the US.