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2017 Human Capital Leadership Forum (Dallas)

2017 Human Capital Leadership Forum (Dallas)
Event on 2017-12-06 08:00:00
ALL ATTENDEES MUST REGISTER ON OUR WEBSITE QUALIFICATIONS: Director (or above) from a company with at least annual revenue 100 million USD  Argyle Executive Forum is bringing together leading HR executives for our annual 2017 Human Capital Leadership Forum in Dallas. Throughout a full day of thought leadership content and networking, we will focus on the most pressing issues that human capital executives are facing going into 2018, with an agenda geared specifically towards CHROs, Chief People Officers, Chief Talent Officers, Chief Learning Officers and Chief Diversity Officers, as well as VPs and Directors of HR, talent, learning & development, change management, and HR analytics in a leadership role. Key topics that we will discuss include: Corporate America’s evolving expectations towards the CHRO Designing the employee experience to foster efficiency, engagement, and empowerment Exploring how digitalization will continue to impact corporate structure, employee vs. employer expectations, and organizational culture Leveraging analytics to source the right talent, understand employee behavior, and predict trends Social media and mobile recruitment strategies to identify top talent Transforming HR into a critical supporter of key business initiatives   Our keynote presentations, fireside chats, panel sessions, and networking breaks will provide you with actionable takeaways to bring back to the office, as well as the opportunity to both strengthen and expand your network of peers. We look forward to hosting you alongside our community of Fortune 500 HR leaders hailing from the heart of Texas and beyond! For more information, and to register for the event, please visit our website:–dallas

at Uptown Dallas
2808 McKinney Avenue
Dallas, United States


Radiojar Wants to Add The Human Element to Online Music

Radiojar is a social music platform that allows anyone to create their own web radio station without spending loads of time finding the right software and hardware to get started. The Athens, Greece based start-up wants to add the human element to online music which we are currently lacking with services like Pandora, Slacker Radio and Spotify. Here is a interview I had last week with RadioJar’s co-Founder Stathis Koutsogeorgos about the his company’s creation, the future of web radio and the environment for start-ups with the instability in Greece’s economy.

What inspired the creation of Radiojar?

Our first idea was to build something that allowed online DJing among friends. Based on this concept in 2009, we begun researching what technology we could use to achieve it. We realized early in 2010 that there was a huge gap in the solutions available online for internet radio stations, and started to investigate this market further. We ended up developing a prototype for the server-side live stream mixing, and then continued focused on internet radio to come up with Radiojar in 2011.

Besides the lack of the human element, why do you think online radio is so stagnant?

People expect more interaction and control when they experience something online. The new, internet-only radio stations know this well and are adapting and we’re here to help them do it with a reduced cost. The terrestrial radio stations that simply broadcast the same stream online appear dated and non-interesting to an online audience: They are too corporate and standardised, and they are tightly regulated by playlists. We can help them get an internet strategy and expand on it.

I noticed that RadioJar is working on some pretty advanced technology. What has the development process been like?

We have been trying to find technological solutions that are as open as possible, trustworthy, reasonably priced, play well with others and allow us to scale. We’re implementing a complex platform, so we have to use many different technologies to achieve the result we’re aiming for and we’ve found the above guidelines have served us well in keeping things smooth and simple. We believe in open source software and we try to contribute as much as we can to the communities of the software solutions we’re using.

How has the start-up community been affected by the instability of the economy in Greece?

It is true that there is much pessimism and uncertainty for the future, but somehow networking forums and entrepreneurship events are blossoming. This caused a new wave of entrepreneurial activity in Greece and the future looks promising. We’re very optimistic. Things are tough, but there are always opportunities, even within a recession.

What do you think web radio will look like in the future?

We are witnessing a huge change in the web radio field. Numbers of internet radio listeners are growing every day (as opposed to terrestrial radio listeners), and this creates a need for quality, competitive online radio, strong enough to resist against other music related services. We believe that this, in conjunction with the new technology we’re bringing to the field, will lead to an increase in live, interactive shows that engage listeners in new and more meaningful ways.

What are some of the challenges you guys are currently facing?

We’re self-funded, so we’re in a constant battle to meet our targets while staying in budget. We are looking into securing some investments that will allow us to grow in the long term. As our project gets closer to launch, we’re facing the challenge of how to better reach our target market, offer a valuable service and stay relevant.

Kelland L. Drumgoole CEO of

Seasoned music industry veteran focusing on evangelizing music innovation and disruptive technologies within the digital music space.

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SMART HUMAN HABITAT_Brescia Smart City Hackathon

SMART HUMAN HABITAT_Brescia Smart City Hackathon
Event on 2016-10-01 09:00:00
Dalla teoria alla pratica! A Supernova brescia arriva Smart Human Habitat – Brescia Smart City Hackathon è un contest promosso da A2A Smart City, azienda di servizi di pubblica utilità, in collaborazione con Brescia Mobilità, CSMT, Social Car, Gulliver srl e organizzato da Talent Garden con la direzione tecnica di Ultrafab, il patrocinio di Y4TP. Per 48 ore team formati da Marketer, Designer e Developer lavorarenno NO STOP per lo sviluppo dei migliori progetti per innovare la città. L'Hackathon La città è lo human habitat in cui la maggioranza delle persone vive ogni giorno, innovare le città è un elemento fondamentale, sia per sviluppare un ambiente sociale condiviso e connesso che per costruire uno sviluppo sostenibile con l’ambiente naturale. Cerchiamo idee in grado di migliorare i processi e fornire nuove soluzioni alla smart city, nelle aree: Economia intelligente, Mobilità intelligente, Ambiente intelligente, Persone intelligenti, Vita intelligente, Governance intelligente. I partecipanti avranno a disposizione una soluzione che utilizza un apparato hardware multifunzione programmabile in grado di raccogliere in maniera autonoma una serie di dati (temperatura, posizione, orientamento, movimento), di essere collegato ad altri apparati e di trasmettere via radio le informazioni raccolte a grande distanza. I partecipanti avranno inoltre a disposizione gli opendata per la città di Brescia del progetto SocialCar (, progetto finanziato nell’ambito del programma di ricerca e innovazione dell’Unione Europea Horizon 2020. In particolare saranno messi a disposizione i big data relativi al trasporto pubblico Bresciano (autobus, metro, parcheggi, bikesharing) permettendo ai partecipanti di progettare modelli potenzialmente scalabili su ogni città europea aderente al progetto. Attraverso l’utilizzo dei sensori a2a si chiede di sviluppare applicazioni in grado di: Smart mobility e SocialCar Effettuare la predizione dei tempi di percorrenza dei mezzi pubblici e determinare la loro posizione in tempo reale, in modo da permettere a Brescia Mobilità di migliorare il servizio di trasporto urbano. Registrare posizione e percorsi dei mezzi di trasporto in sharing in modo da comprendere le abitudini di mobilità dei cittadini bresciani, arrrivando ad elaborare un modello potenzialmente scalabile su tutte le realtà coinvolte nel progetto europeo Socialcar. Smart mobility e fitness Comprendere i comportamenti di chi si allena utilizzando gli spazi cittadini al fine di aiutare l’amministrazione pubblica a migliorare le infrastrutture a disposizione. Fornire strumenti di socializzazione durante le sessioni di allenamento e promuovere uno stile di vita sano e condiviso. Smart shopping Tracciare i percorsi che i cittadini effettuano mentre acquistano prodotti, i tempi di permanenza negli esercizi commerciali. Fornire strumenti di socializzazione e condivisione durante gli acquisti L'evento si svolgerà in quattro fasi: 1. Proposta. All’inizio dell’evento, gli hacker proporranno un’idea progettuale da sviluppare durante il weekend e la sottoporranno al voto degli altri partecipanti. Al termine di questa fase, sarà stilata una classifica e le otto idee con il maggior numero di voti saranno sviluppate nel corso dell’evento. 2. Formazione dei team. Gli hackers formeranno – in modo volontario o su indicazione degli ideatori – dei team di 4/8 persone decidendo a quale idea contribuire. I team resteranno tali per tutta la durata dell’evento. 3. Lavoro di gruppo. Dopo aver formato i team, gli hackers si dedicheranno alla definizione e allo sviluppo dei progetti con l’obiettivo di realizzare dei prototipi e un pitch da presentare a una giuria per la loro valutazione. Sarà permesso l’utilizzo di qualsiasi tecnologia. Gli hacker lavoreranno con il proprio computer portatile e con altra attrezzatura hardware (es. schede di prototipazione) che ritenessero necessaria allo sviluppo dei progetti.  4. Valutazione finale. Dopo aver ascoltato le presentazioni dei progetti, la commissione si riunirà per decretare il miglior progetto seguendo i criteri definiti in questo bando. Il miglior progetto e relativo team saranno proclamati alle ore 18 di domenica 2 ottobre. In bocca la lupo!       

at Brescia
Via Branze, 45 , CSMT
Brescia, Italy


Do you agree with my description of the human mind?

Question by SaturnMan: Do you agree with my description of the human mind?
I have always said that the human mind (or brain) is not like a computer at all. Instead, it is more like a radio receiver. That is, it picks up ideas and thoughts from whatever “station” it is tuned toward. That means that an unknown “something” out in space is always broadcasting. Bad thoughts come from evil broadcasters; while good and productive come from the good, or God Himself. Do you agree?

Best answer:

Answer by Magley64…SF
nope, sorry…

the problem is that if you put people in solitary confinement, they will typically go insane, so your “cosmic radio station” equates to ones own thoughts, and no stimuli at all…

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Kendrick Lamar talks J Cole, XXL Freshmen 2011, Kid Cudi, Human Music Hard Knock Tv’s Nick Huff Barili sits down with Kendrick Lamar, this is part 2 of the conversation. Kendrick starts by breaking down what him and J Cole have been working on; Kendrick even gives us a sneak preview of one of the tracks. We heard 3 of them while in his studio and YES in this case you should believe the hype! Kendrick goes on to tell us who would be on the freshmen list for 2011 if he were to pick it. We would be willing to bet that he is going to be on there! Kendrick surprised us a bit with his pick for favorite albums of 2011, both good albums but neither is in our top 5 but hey everyone is entitled to their opinion. Part 2 of the interview concludes with Kendrick breaking down what he means by wanting to make “Human Music” and why he thinks that is missing in the game right now. Make sure to subscribe to to get our latest videos including part 3 of this interview next week.
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I recently start playing world of warcraft.I love playing with a dps warrior human so i made a talent tree!?

Question by christos: I recently start playing world of warcraft.I love playing with a dps warrior human so i made a talent tree!?
please take a look and give my your opinion!!

Best answer:

Answer by Nik
That’s a pretty good build. Very close to my dps warrior build (linked in Source below).

I’m curious if you are finding the points in Intensify Rage or Commanding Presence to really be worth it, though. I’m finding that Cleave is more useful as a rage dump in multiple-target scenarios, and I like being able to AoE slow (with Piercing Howl). Finally, I’m just too fond of the extra rage from Bloodrage, particularly Glyphed, to give up Improved Bloodrage. 2H Weapon Specialization does me no good if I’m rage-starved.

Other than those questions, though, I can see your build as definitely being viable (possibly more so than mine in raiding situations, honestly).

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Human towers in Catalonia

Human towers in Catalonia
A common sight at Catalonian festivals, castells can be up to 10 human storeys high, with a small child usually being placed on the top.
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Dining news and notes: Bottle cocktails, anniversary parties and wine festivals
Dining news and notes: Bottle cocktails, anniversary parties and wine festivals Updated Nov 12, 2010 10:50AM MDT High West Distillery in Park City will unveil The 36th Vote, a new barrel-aged Manhattan, on Sunday, Dec. 5, at 5:32 p.m. This trendy, bottled cocktail is two parts rye whiskey and one part vermouth that has been aged in oak barrels for three months. The unveiling will take place at …
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Communities enjoy holiday-themed events
  It’s beginning to look a lot like… Local residents are beginning to hold festivals in anticipation of the holiday season, despite unseasonably warm temperatures lately and not too much of that white stuff falling from the sky (so far).
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TIFF 2010: Days 2 & 3
The stars premiered some of the festivals biggest films on Sept. 10 and 11.
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Are there any festivals that we can enter for Human Videos?

Question by thatcinderellastory: Are there any festivals that we can enter for Human Videos?
Our church drama group has all ages in it, and all the festivals we have found do not allow anyone oever the age of 18.
i find this rather stupid and unfair.
can you tell me if there are any that allow all ages to perform in competition?

Best answer:

Answer by derfini
In which country?

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Minnesota Human Resource Jobs

Minnesota Human Resource Jobs

Minnesota offers a series of opportunities for people who aspire to be an HR professional. People with the right qualifications and skills are in for some good times, as far as the job market is concerned in the region. Minnesota human resource jobs can be found in just about every type of industry.

One needs to know the techniques of landing a job; the places and the contacts for landing HR jobs in Minnesota. The techniques range from making cold calls to looking up in the newspapers while one can look at the HR consultancies; IT firms, and other industrial organizations for Minnesota human resource jobs.

Let us first take a look at the various techniques of landing a job in Minnesota. First, one can search for the HR jobs at the job portals by specifying the right criteria and the location.

Second, one can use the search engines to find the Minnesota HR jobs. Third, one can employ the technique of cold calling or direct approach to the organizations for a suitable position in the HR department. Lastly, social networking has been becoming really popular in securing the right employment by tapping the right contacts.

Let us take a look at the various Minnesota human resource jobs available right now:

ACS Inc is a multi services company with interests in various domains like Finance, Retail, and Accounting. One can expect good career prospects as HR professional with this organization. This is located in Dallas, Texas. This has excellent policies that ensure good career growth.

Aetna Inc is a multinational insurance major and is headquartered in Hartford. Aetna offers good growth up the corporate ladder for an HR professional with good skills and relevant experience. An HR professional can expect excellent career growth with Aetna.

Affiliated Computer Services, Inc, which is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, also has plenty of opportunities available for all kinds of HR professionals. Affiliated Computer Services, Inc has roles available that require skill sets of different kinds within the HR department and the requirements can range from a junior role to a very senior role.

American Express is a leader in providing charge cards and credit cards to people. This is headquartered in New York and gives plenty of opportunities for the HR professionals. An HR professional can expect to really rise up the corporate ladder if the performance is good enough.

However, one must note that prior to applying with the organizations, one must have the requisite qualifications and experience necessary. One can get in touch with the HR department of the company and have a discussion on the possibility of any future association with the company so that all relevant issues can be discussed.

Silas Reed, Writer for HRCrossing, writes articles that inform and teach about different HR job profiles. Please visit and sign up for a FREE trial to gain access to ALL of the many exclusive job listings we offer in the HR profession.


Cryogenic Shipping of Human Embryos to India Cryogenic Shipping (Cryo Ship) & storage of embryos for Surrogacy in India is discussed in this video. The success rate with frozen embryos is about half of what is in the case of fresh cycle. The special cryoship tank are rented from the clinic & shipped by DHL to the lab abroad for shipping of the embryos. Although fresh cycles are recommended for higher success rates, but where not possible this may be a good option with cryo-preserved embryos. the cost of travel & hotels may be saved, but the cost of embryo and sperm shipping will be added. International(USA, Canada, UK, Australia, India, Singapore, Japan etc) human embryo transport is available at all many places where the country laws may allow it and also DHL has shipment facilities.
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