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Cool Radio images

Have a look at these radio pictures:

Image from page 104 of “components of radio telephony” (1922)
Image by Web Archive Book Images
Identifier: cu31924031239589
Title: aspects of radio telephony
Year: 1922 (1920s)
Writers: Ballard, William Cyrus, Jr
Topics: Radio
Publisher: New York [etc.] McGraw-Hill organization, inc.
Contributing Library: Cornell University Library
Digitizing Sponsor: MSN

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Text Appearing Before Image:
tube _Jsocket

Text Appearing After Image:
filamentrheostat Fig. 39.—Single-circuit regenerative receiver. 80 ASPECTS OF BROADCAST TELEPHONY The circuit used in the set illustrated in Fig. 40 is similarto Fig. 38. The condenser Ci is diverse because of the big knobon the severe remaining in addition to big knob when you look at the center differs

Note About Images
Please note that these pictures tend to be extracted from scanned web page pictures that could are digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and appearance of those pictures might not completely resemble the initial work.

Kill Ugly Broadcast
Image by swanksalot
Frank Zappa tribute beer. Pretty good, a good brew.

This Ale is circulated in special event for the 40th anniversary of the release of Frank Zappa additionally the Mothers totally free.

and The music of Mothers speaks associated with the emotions of exactly what might be referred to as the vast minority – FZ

Vintage Novelty AM-FM Transistor Radio – Van Camp’s Beanee Weenee Novelty Radio, Circa 1994
Image by France1978
Mail-In advertising: broadcast was designed for 2 Beanee Weenee can labels and .95 in 1994.


Cool Musical Video images

A couple of good songs video clips pictures i came across:

BTS-Around the World-42
music videos
Image by danfrazier6
Behind the Scenes / Productions Photos for I’ve Been worldwide songs video

BTS-Around the World-50
music movies
Image by danfrazier6
Behind-the-scenes / Productions images for i am Around the World songs video


Cool Fm images

Some cool fm images:

Triciclo Circus Band @ 2º Aniversario Radio Mexiquense 91.7 FM
Image by navart
Triciclo Circus Band

Fm Belfast (16)
Image by alter1fo


Cool Folk images

Some cool folk images:

Bilyana Festival of Folk Rhythm & Light, Victoria, Australia
Image by poppalina
Tent wall – detail

Blogged here:

Japanese folk art; Temari???
Image by Conveyor belt sushi

Bilyana Festival of Folk Rhythm & Light, Victoria, Australia
Image by poppalina
Taco stand.

Blogged here:


Cool Broadcasting images

Some cool broadcasting images:

Makeshift studio
Image by NobMouse
I vlog daily over at nobmouse and ZJKR and most of the time my videosare produced using this small, makeshift setup. I use a broadcast quality microphone to record sound but I also record video through my iPhone 4 as it’s the highest quality video camera I have available right now. The results are pretty good quality, surprisingly.

10/25/09 Atlas Sound
Image by Wexner Center
Atlas Sound and Broadcast | October 25, 2009 | Wexner Center for the Arts | Photo: Alex Kotran

Diex & Wilma
Image by Passetti
Eurosonic in Groningen is not only the anual new years reception of Dutch (and international) music journalists, it’s also a great way to discover new bands.
Dance music is not big on Eurosonic, but every year you can find a few gems.
Read my reviews in DJ Broadcast here and here.


Cool Festivals images

A few nice festivals images I found:

Doha’s Spring Festival
Image by omar_chatriwala
Dancers perform a traditional Levantine dance on stage in Souq Waqif as part of the 2011 Doha Spring festival.


Cool Broadcasting images

Check out these broadcasting images:

Wimbledon Tennis Championships 2007 (Dave’s Sketch (Line Drawing))
Image by Kol Tregaskes
A shot from 2007’s Wimbledon tennis championship. This is Klara Zakopalova from the Czech Republic in her game with Hana Sromova against Anna-Lena Groenefeld and Tatjana Malek of Germany where she and Hana eventually lost. The original has been used on a home page for a outside television broadcasting company.

This is one image from a set of altered images each seeing me play with different free actions available for Photoshop. It’s best viewed large to see the detail, which is everyone’s favourite?
This action can be found here:





Broadcast Begins
Image by West Point Public Affairs
The Cadet Color Guard presents the American Flag while the Cadet Glee Club sings the National Anthem during opening ceremonies at the start of ESPN’s broadcast from West Point on Veterans Day. (Photo by Master Sgt. Dean Welch/Dir. of Public Affairs & Communications)

Image by \!/_PeacePlusOne
Television Broadcast on CCTV 9 of the 60th Anniversary of the founding of the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) – lots of military hardware on display for the first time.

Share the 3 Finger "Peace Plus One" Sustainability Symbol with your friends – it means PEACE, HARMONY and BALANCE between SOCIETY ENVIRONMENT AND ECONOMY_\!/

World Sustainability Project:

Photo courtesy: McMaster Institute for Sustainable Development in Commerce.


Cool Music Videos images

A few nice music videos images I found:

My Brother’s Keeper – STILL Photos
music videos
Image by SilverMythago
Production set stills for the music video, "My Brother’s Keeper"; music by artist Jefferson Fox. First use of the Phantom v641 High Speed digital HD video camera on a music video. Shot on location in Savannah, Georgia, February 19 and 20, 2011


Cool Festivals images

Some cool festivals images:

TodaysArt 2008 – 16n _ ƒ5³
Image by Haags Uitburo
ƒ5³ by LAB[AU] is an interactive kinetic light sculpture, extending the bi-dimensional screen space, by transposition of its pixel resolution to the physical space. Conceived as a modular infrastructure, 16n _ ƒ5³ is a communication and computation system, propagating in form of light and sound, the events it inhabits. Presence and motion create and alter the transmitted data, and propagation of this data becomes a space-time parameter.

Every year, for one weekend, the TodaysArt Festival brings a whole range of innovative and groundbreaking acts to the Netherlands. For two days, the city centre of The Hague functions as one big festival terrain, with performances both in the public domain and on several indoor stages. Interactive installations, projections and acts use the city centre as a stage and transform The Hague into an inspiring stronghold of audiovisual experiences.

World Bodypainting Festival Asia 2008
Image by Shawn Perez

Festival Classique tribune gisteravond
Image by roel1943
Het Festival Classique zette zijn beste beentje voor, gisteravond speelden voor een enhousiast publiek het residentie Orkest o.l.v. Neeme Järvi
Thomas Oliemans bariton
John Williams Suite uit Jaws
Camille Saint-Saëns Danse macabre
Franz Schubert (orkestratie Hector Berlioz) Erlkönig
Igor Stravinsky Danse infernale uit L’Oiseau de feu
Giuseppe Verd O Carlo ascolta uit Don Carlos
Paul Dukas L’Apprenti sorcier
Berlioz Songe d’une nuit de sabbat uit Symphonie Fantastique
meer info over deze en volgende avond


Images Of Black Women In Music Videos Harkens Back To Hottentot

Images Of Black Women In Music Videos Harkens Back To Hottentot

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